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    1. Disgusting cat, puking. Don't bother becoming lucid.

      by , 06-03-2021 at 10:56 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in the back yard and suddenly my cat walks through the gate. Her intestines are hanging from her butt and I suspect that she has done this herself. She walks into the house and I try to walk to her but I can't handle the smell and I feel a warm thick liquid in my throat, I need to puke. I run out and puke by the flowers but I never see the puke. Mom is also present.

      I'm in some dream and notice it's a dream but I don't want to become lucid because it seems very tiring. I wake up by the alarm (It was just a FA because I didn't set any alarm that night). Someone shuts of the alarm and I resleep.
    2. After school/2 sentimental dreams

      by , 06-03-2021 at 07:36 AM
      It was a hot summer day after school, and I wandered the messy, junky but sunny and inviting halls of abandoned radio labs and long blue rooms of waist-high library shelves and children's foam puzzle mats.

      The long room turned into an open, sun-baked park behind the school (repurposed into a football field), bordered by a short stone wall perimeter and surrounded by a Mission Hill-like neighborhood. I was pushing through a long row of dozens of tangled metal easels on the grass, climbing between the bars. Nori, David and someone else were standing on the field behind me, yelling advice on how to get through.

      After I got through by pushing a particularly loud one out of the way, an old white couple came out of their woody victorian house past the stone wall, to berate us and threaten to call the cops.
      We all run but I part to the right, down a sunny street facing the woods. And I turn right again, and my old dorm is there--except if you took the samoset ave house and narrowed it into smith hall's shape.

      I continue and head down a hill towards a main street and back towards the school, between some brewery-looking buildings and condominiums. I see the three others far ahead walking down the middle of the road, and the cops are cruising by but don't do anything to us.


      I had a dream that I travelled back to Springfield from across the state, and it was much more inviting, and I got there at dusk after walking calmly down a long hill lined with identical brownstones and raised shops, and it was close to Mardi Gras, so there were beads and lights in the windows.

      And between the gaps of the brownstones I saw a long empty train track and junction, parallel to my walk.
      I got to our building at the bottom of the hill and it was suddenly a bright calm afternoon, and I looked up at the brick facade to look for our window but the sun was in my eyes. So I pressed my face against the door trying to see into the dark wood stairwell and imagined walking up them and I wanted the creaks and the smell.

      (First time I've had a dream about our old apartment where I was actually re-visiting as an adult, and where I knew dad was gone and that I didn't live there anymore).


      Some sort of prom/end-of-the-year social event in an auditorium-like room, with Janet, going back and forth to the parking lot because we keep forgetting things from the car. Each time we exit, we run excitedly--there is a sunset and around us are acres of marshlands. We spin around and I play a song from my phone speakers. There's some storyline at the actual dance that I forgot.