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    1. ccxci. Exploring a haunted castle

      by , 06-26-2021 at 04:46 PM
      25th June 2021

      Unknown fragment at 8:30 but went back to sleep with dreaming intent around lucidity.

      Fragment (10:00):

      In a long rectangular building, it's like BL. There are lots of players here, including J and others I don't recognise. I feel he is ignoring me. Nearby someone is doing their "jackhammer" mining and someone in here is commenting on how it's a good thing there's no combat log to get spammed. J comments in a light-hearted way that AH's mining would have been worse. I see a fake-gold plaque mentioning her and some others?

      (recall gap)

      We're on a highway or something. At first in vehicles, I think? Then on foot or mounts, as we come off at a junction that leads into wilderness and dirt paths. It is evening/dusk, I think, just before sunset. The landscape feels like the Southern regions of my native country. We keep going along this path until I realise it's the wrong way and that we should have already turned off to the left for the castle we are supposed to get to. I'm a paladin and remember seeing myself in third-person on my mount for a while. I am the only paladin in the group.

      I use crusader aura and look at the minimap to help the people at the rear of the group so they benefit from it. One person in our group is Hillary Clinton? I think we address her as madam president. The castle reminds me now of Karazhan but it didn't during the dream.

      We go through several rooms. They are dark and seem to follow a normal house layout. Something about ghosts. Trying to help them by filling a sink with bleach, cleaning it while wearing some gloves; detritus is keeping the ghosts trapped here somehow. But this doesn't work and the ghosts complain of suffocating. I ask someone to open a window (double glazed, swings out on the top half from the middle) and we move on I think. Crossing some rooms sometimes leads into a loading screen of some sort. (Recall faded too much and detail was lost.)

      Earlier, or later, kind of with the same group, I'm looking through some old stashes of food. Mostly tinned or jarred stuff, but maybe some fresh things too. Under a man-made waterfall spout, in some kind of old metal receptacle (oxidised bronze?), there's jam in a jar and something like yogurts in plastic pots. Someone tells me not to bother taking anything, that it's all ancient. But I see on the jam there's a marking on the top indicating it has an expiry date of "28/2" or something which I infer to mean 2028 and so I take it.


      - There was a feel of Scholomance to the inner depths of the castle.
      -- The dark ambience was generally blue-ish.

      - The dried up man-made waterfall area was cliffy but was sort of in-doors, I feel. The rocks were mostly tones of grey, possibly with moss or lichen.

      - Not sure what brought about Hillary Clinton as a dream character. I am reminded while writing this that I was recently thinking about MoonageDaydream's name but unable to remember it at that time, realising that maybe it's Hillary, at least I seem to remember reading that in one of her dreams before.
      -- I haven't really been trying to think about any DV members specifically of late, but I do still check DV often especially before bed.
    2. Dreamathon 2021

      by , 06-26-2021 at 08:20 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Dream 1: I was running either away from or with patrick star across a city

      Dream 2: me and a dream character who I befriended were making plans to escape across a city from the government in a giant paper airplane

      Dream 3: The grocery store I worked at fell under new management and she was evil and made everyone wear gray uniforms, but I managed to convince hear to make them wear pink uniforms with purple pants and shoes instead.

      Dream 4: I was talking to Jonochrome, creator of riddle school, about Jonochrome without realizing he was the one I was talking to. Meanwhile, he was streaming live footage of him walking across an ancient chinese landmark that was the longest math equation in history that spanned across an entire canyon.

      Dream 4, part 2: I attempt to walk across the aforementioned math equation but it was made of reciept paper so I fell and nearly killed myself.

      Dream 5: I was looking out the bathroom door of my trailer because an elderly couple drove their minivan into a giant hole filled with foamy water. They blamed me on it, and my mom's boyfriend came out to reason with them. Afterwards, I taught them how to tap a musical composition on the side of the trailer with their hands and distracted them with how cool they thought it was.

      Dream 6: I was in my trailer park trying to get a picture of the sunset over the unusually cyberpunk looking scenery. I was specifically trying to take a picture of a point in the sunset in which the center of the sun is black and fractal like repetitions made the sun rays, and it seemed to rewind just to allow me to take the right picture. I showed my sister the photo and she thought it was pretty cool.

      Dream 7: I was walking around in the shopping center by the place I was born with my non-existent, heavily intoxicated transmasculine femboy friend. He was wearing a pink skirt with a layer of green showing just under the top layer, with a similar looking crop-top. I went into the pet store and saw my ex boyfriend signing papers at a desk by the checkout area. I tried introducing him to my friend but it went bad because my friend could barely stand, let alone talk to people.
      memorable , dream fragment
    3. Question After Waking ..

      by , 06-26-2021 at 05:23 AM
      Dream From Dec 26 '14:
      the location is a parking lot, like a ground level carpark, with multiple spaces.
      or, its a set of rear to kerb parking spaces in a main street somewhere; possibly like that of Warners Bay, on the east side of the esplanade, facing Lake Macquarie.
      its where the shops are.
      my back is to the screen, and im looking south.
      the cars are parked a few metres from me.
      they are parked at 45 degree angles, rear to kerb.
      i see the front left of a white car, parked between a van and another vehicle.
      the white vehicle, is a two, or four door.
      Jula's daughter, Angel, is standing, then crouching, at the drivers door of the white sedan.
      her face is clear to me, but not close, though i know its her.
      the driver door is open, or is opened so she can talk to the driver.
      angel wants to know about a horse.
      she may ask about the horse, or a horse, up to two times.
      i don't hear her ask the question, but i know she is asking about a horse.
      the driver doesn't answer, nor does anyone else.
      i envisage the horse as being in a paddock, and not as a race horse; it maybe a retired race horse.
      the horse is grey, or white.
      so, since she doesn't get an answer to her question, i want to help her.
      i don't approach her, but stay where i am.
      i want to approach, or i would have to, to ask her my question, because i don't want to shout from where i am.
      im about to take a step to approach her when the dream suddenly ends.
      im still in dream mode, but awake when i ask her my question.
      so, i whisper the question, which is "what do you want to know?"

      any comments or questions ?

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    4. Ghost leviathan sighting | [25.06.2021]

      by , 06-26-2021 at 12:21 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Ghost leviathan sighting
      Fragment. I see a ghost leviathan, maybe I am floating on the surface of the void in Subnautica.

      If any image of this thing wasn't so terrifying for me I would've had a great dream sign. Oof.

      Updated 06-26-2021 at 12:22 AM by 96397 (Fixed date)

      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes