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    1. Funny dream/desert murder

      by , 05-30-2021 at 08:41 PM
      Wake up with ra ra ra part of "Moondance" by Van Morrison stuck in my head

      I "wake up" as I see flashing lights under my eyelids. Raph's phone light is flickering. I get up and pull it away from his foot and give it him, as it accidentally starts playing some techno music and he scrambles to shut it off. Soon I seem to be in my own bed again, so tired and still that I cant imagine having just leapt out of the bed. I ask, not considering if he's asleep whether I dreamt getting up and he says no, seeming a little irritated. I'm not sure what to believe.

      Later there's a pounding/pressure on the door that seems to imply we have not paid our bills completely and someone is coming in to kill us. They call it the Connecticut apartment genocide. I'm indignant.
      It's covered by a news show and a mousey woman with a big forehead and shoulder-length blonde hair stifles laughter as she tells us about the latest victim, A middle aged man. The camera swoops to a disappointed male colleague next to her who begins to go off. Someone's head is blocking the bottom half of the frame.

      Soon I'm watching clips of survivor (including Janelle from Big Brother 7 jumping off a tall rowboat and paddling away in an escape boat into a glimmering dawn) and then reading about how there's been nationwide controversy over things the tribes have said to each other.
      Then I'm reading a Reddit AMA for one of the contestants but it becomes unclear whether it's her speaking, or a bot she programmed to speak about her survivor experience. I don't have enough context to know.


      An earlier dream starts with me (female teen) and my little sister having just run away from home to a large tropical desert. We're in the outskirts by the fences, looking for an opening or a gate to go through.
      It's pitch black out and we're navigating using a flashlight.
      I stare in wonder as the giant palm leaves cast long black shadows along the desert floor and perimeter fence. My sister comments this is my photographic wet dream. We notice someone close behind us in the bushes in a yellow shirt.

      The camera changes to an isometric view from above, and it becomes a sort of Sims game. My sister runs off to a house and I stay in the desert. I attempt to delete the man (now joined by a group of his friends) and type in some cheat codes to teleport somewhere else but to my surprise I am brutally murdered with an axe whack to the neck. I watch myself drop into a growing pool of blood.

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    2. cclxxvi. Sea turtle on the road

      by , 05-30-2021 at 07:27 PM
      30th May 2021


      In my bedroom at the old home. It's daytime, maybe early morning, based on the shadows and it's sunny based on the bounced light. I'm looking outside as if from the edge of the balcony but I think I'm actually not on the balcony. I'm talking to someone, maybe dad. I see a big sea turtle (an adult could probably sit comfortably on its shell) crawling towards our building on the cul-de-sac road below.

      I think to myself about how this happens from time to time.


      - I barely managed to recall this and only because of some random association, though not sure what that was anymore.

      - My dream self believed this type of sighting to be completely normal, hence the thought I had to myself in the dream.

      - Of my conscious recall between the ages of three and five (?) we had a relatively small pet turtle, living in some vivarium in what was the living room and which later became my bedroom. Oddly, I feel some sort of emotion writing about it, but I hardly remember any interaction with that pet turtle and I don't even remember how or if it passed away. I don't recall ever touching it.
    3. 30 May: Making a train fly, my dog is kidnapped

      by , 05-30-2021 at 04:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Some dream in which I was lucid but passively reacting and at some point I turn to my DCs and ask what should I do with my lucidity and because we are near some rail tracks and trains, someone suggests making a train fly. I find it interesting as I never did any such thing so I make a train fly, but it goes horribly wrong and crashes some 100 mt ahead. There is a fire and victims and the blame goes all to the poor train conductor. So then I and my DC friends try to help the conductor escape the scene and avoid a public lynching. We decide to hide her in a wooden box that is on the ground near some construction materials and take her away inside it. But the box is incomplete so I use my powers to duplicate the wood panels and finish the box. As I do it, I am surprised by how perfectly I can clone wooden planks and other materials but failed keeping the train flying.

      I am at some foreign country with my dog Hachi. I need to take a train and have no clue if dogs are allowed on the train so I take my chances. Then mid travel I see the ticket inspector coming and remember I forgot to buy a ticket to myself. As I go through a slight panic, some nice eastern European dude seems to want to help me by holding Hachi's leash, while I look for my purse for money, to try to pay my ticket now. The trains stops at some station and the inspector is gone, so I am relieved, but turn around and so is Hachi. I look for the guy and see him near the door, but he is not holding Hachi anymore. I go after him yelling and he points to a lady sitting some rows behind me and says she has the dog. Then he leaves. I run to the lady, but she is holding some puppy, not Hachi. I tell her he is not my dog and she says something like "so what? keep the puppy". I am mad and panicky because the guys who kidnapped Hachi got out of the train, which started moving again and I feel like I might never see him again.
    4. flushing toothbrush down the toilet. Fight as superman.

      by , 05-30-2021 at 04:17 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm at a house I don't recognize and about to trash my toothbrush. I see a toilet and flush the toothbrush down. I think about how it was stupid of me and I wonder why I did it instead of using the trash can. Some old people are present too.

      Notes: I didn't find my toothbrush at first last night.

      I got superpowers and fight three bad guys that also have superpowers but I'm stronger than them. We fly in the air as we fight. A color theme of red is present on everyones' outfits. One of them got really big arms and block my hits. One is really fast and the third one is also good at something specific. We fight by the exit route and we destroy a lot of things as we fight.

      Notes: I played a lot of volleyball yesterday which I think triggered this dream.
      Tags: fight, flying
    5. 29 May - False lucid and real lucid

      by , 05-30-2021 at 03:04 PM
      comment dream lucid

      Thinking a lot about dreaming before falling asleep.

      Driving a motorbike off a ramp, jumping into the air. It was supposed to test something, maybe how someone got killed. Beaches all around and low tide.

      Walk with V
      With V in the forest, talking about how often I go out. I told him I help my family walking their dog.

      I was talking with someone about which hairstyle I would like.

      False lucid
      I was walking down a path, playing some game. I think I did it for a second time and in an opposite direction, but that was just a vague memory. The rules were that you had to be lucid and do various tasks.
      There was a corner of a rock where the path led along a narrow ledge and I met a boy and a girl there. I offered the girl if she wanted to sit with me for a while and we crawled into this grassy alcove, letting the boy pass.
      I asked her what her name was and she told me her name. I told her I was Indigo. I asked how it was going so far and she said good, but she actually wanted to go so she wouldn't waste her time. So we said goodbye.
      It occurred to me that I've been lucid for a long time, that I've never had a LD this long, like 2 hours. But good for me - long LD = better chance of winning for me, while others have to do it in parts.
      I checked the paper with the tasks and it said to rubb our hands, so I did it, even though I thought I didn't need to, but I saw the organizer in front of me, so I wanted to get points.
      Then I saw more organizers around the corner and there was a fridge and I climbed on it and rearranged some food. I suddenly knew they were evil and decided to confront them - I told them I knew who they were and that they were serving the dark lord. They had a gun. I said they could kill me, but I had a plan to escape by waking up
      I closed my eyes and opened them and nothing, I was still there. That surprised me. I tried again and failed again. I remembered the reddit poll "can you wake up from a LD" and my answer "yes, reliably". That's what I get for that.
      I tried blinking really fast again, but it didn't work.
      Then I was in this labyrinth of big metal cabinets. I felt like I'd been lucid for an awfully long time, hours. I asked the organizers what they had done to my body in reality, that I was still asleep. They grinned, which worried me. Maybe I'm in a coma or something. But maybe not, and I have to wake up sometime. I figured there was probably a purpose for me there, something I needed to do. Somehow save everything and defeat them.
      I had this stick in my hand with some roots on the end. I've been poking around under the cupboards with it, seeing if there's some object that will allow me to save everything. I must have a reason to have that stick for...
      I felt myself waking up, and I thought "finally".

      I knew instantly that I was waking up from a false lucid.

      I logged keywords for the dream because I really liked it and wanted to remember.
      I felt confident that there could be a LD after this. I reiterated the intention to lucid dream. It took me some time to fall asleep again.

      Train to Birmingham
      I was at the station and it was about trains. Z said there was a train leaving for Birmingham and she was going to take it. I said that the train to Birmingham was useless to me, that we usually go via Manchester, and she was surprised.
      I walked with her on the way to the trains and there was the time and the Birmingham sign by the steps to the platform and it was flashing as if the train was about to leave. I hesitated for a moment but let it go, it wouldn't do me any good.
      I went back to the main concourse to look at the departures board to see what else was coming. The board was just changing.
      That's all I remember - the next was probably the transition into the false awakening.

      Real lucid - Meeting my dream guide
      I woke up in our bedroom and immediately suspected it was a FA. But as soon as I realized it, my vision got worse and I could only see two blurs. I was afraid I was going to wake up, but I knew I was still in a dream. It occurred to me to start picturing a deck chair and a beach or something, as what people do when they have sleep paralysis.
      Suddenly something disturbed me and I opened my eyes and I was awake and it was still a FA. Yes!
      I sat on the bed and R was awake next to me and there was also J. I knew I could ignore them, but I wanted to make them disappear with a snap of my fingers like in the daydream rehearsal, so I tried, but it didn't work, which I guess amused them a little.
      I started looking at what was the same in the room and what was different. Almost everything looked the same to me. There were these shelves and these pictures. I noticed that the frames of the pictures were a different color than they were IRL (actually, almost everything was different and we had no pictures or shelves IRL).
      There was also a wall cabinet with a brown fabric curtain and I had the feeling that something green was peeking out - an iguana. I went to look, but my cat came out.
      Goals! Verbal commands and then meeting my dream guide. I try "Clarity now!" but the dream already has great clarity, so what can improve? On the contrary, it gets slightly worse. But only for a moment. I leave the room and try "Increase lucidity", but nothing noticeable happens. I see a green jacket on the rack and I try to make it disappear. Might be easier than with humans. But nothing. I try again and the whole hallway to the living room disappears in a blur.
      I use the door to the second bedroom and walk into a large room that looks like a gym. There are mats, exercise equipment, and large windows facing the city street.
      I try to do a somersault on the mat, but I stop halfway through and just roll. The movement feels realistic.
      Goals! I walk across the room and shout "Dream, dream, give me my dream guide".
      I turn around and there's a curtain to the left of the windows (probably a mini room with more equipment) and my guide comes out from behind the curtain. She's a black woman, in her fifties, maybe early sixties (probably not, her hair is still dark brown/black and not grey), curvy but not obese, with big boobs. I met her once before in a daydream and she was an old white woman but I know itís her.
      I said, "You've been here the whole time." She nods.
      We go and sit down on the leather upholstered couch that's appeared there for us. I said I didn't know how much time we had, or maybe she asked, either way, I knew she wanted and needed to know.
      I replied, "I'm not going to lie to you. I didn't come straight here. But I tried not to linger too long."She nods.
      I asked: "Will you teach me something?" She smiled.

      I started to wake up. Maybe she wanted to teach me DEILD? But more likely I was too excited
    6. Transit dreams/senile dad/germany

      by , 05-30-2021 at 06:12 AM
      I was at a bigger version of the Longwood T stop, and it was bright and sunny out. I saw a 90-year old man standing across on the opposite platform with a baby in a rocker seat, by his foot. He looked like he used to be a professor but can hardly stand and looked like he should be in a nursing home, not taking care of a baby.
      Its rocker seat was very close to the edge of the tracks. I yelled, or did something that somehow pushed the seat away from the edge. But it rolled back on its axis and fell onto the tracks, and no one seemed to notice for a moment, not even the man.

      The train pulled over the crest of the hill silently and without warning, and a few men moved to jump onto the tracks but the baby got run over and we heard the crunching of plastic and metal. We all had to board a bus--the old man got onboard without any punishments and got the stink eye from everyone but that seemed to be it?


      The dream evolved into me taking the bus up to a town at the end of a peninsula, maybe H.
      Dad told me I was only supposed to be here to pick up something. The sky is rumbling and gray and for some reason hurts my eyes to look at, as I ride past a lodging place. I get to the tip of town and see mini cafes, and warehouses and shallow, rocky blocks of beach.

      I stay the night, and I'm running freely down a long path with the ocean below on my left, and a dark strip of park to my right lit up by streetlamps. I almost run off the edge of the path, which stops suddenly and drops 3 stories into a basketball court carved as a square block into the big hill. I clutch my chest and inch down the hill on the side.
      I reach a kind of bench rest area as the bay on my left begins to open into a beach, and I can hear the ocean but it's a black void. There's some teenagers a few years younger than me that am still intimidated by.


      Dad and I move to H, and there is a long window facing the length of the sun-baked driveway. Shady looking people are selling hard drugs there, and we need to close the blinds so they don't think we are going to snitch on them. Dad is laying back in a chair, and I have to repeat this to him slowly, like he is senile. His mouth is falling open.


      With Una, abroad in Germany outside a cloudy brick subway station carved out of the ground like in Harvard square, but it's shaped like a WWI trench. They are going to build a house for their family to live in. They recommend to our friend that she pull up her jeans to show off her knee high red boots.