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    1. Quick Eat the grape!

      by , 06-22-2021 at 09:12 PM
      Quick Eat the grape!
      Lucid# 4 - DILD

      I’m at a counter, I think it’s a pharmacist though it could be a food counter as I’m eating something. I’m standing and waiting and over hear a lady behind the counter talking with a customer. “You have to be aware” she says “yes you have to be aware”. I note what she says seems a little odd and then it clicks! “Aware! Be aware! I’m dreaming!” Just like that I have become lucid and it startles me almost. I look around to see if I really am in a dream but I don’t need convincing I just know I am. Then I feel a little distant and fuzzy and know the dream is fading. “Stabilise”! I say aloud and it seems to work for a few seconds but then the feeling comes back and I feel a trembling in my body. I rub my hands together and things become settled again. I rush now to become more connected with my environment and start by feeling a plastic barrier next to me and feel the smooth plastic and the flat, wooden top it has. I keep moving and think “so cool! I’m doing this again!” but also remember not to get too excited. Then I remember I’m eating something and start chewing. It’s already mushed up in my mouth and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe pizza? I then remember dream food is supposed to taste amazing. This tastes good but nothing special. I then see a bowl of grapes on a stand and think I have to eat something new. I hurry to chew and swallow the food in my mouth and then pick a nice juicy black grape from the bunch but as I do, the fuzzy feeling comes back and the image starts to fade. “No, no, no!” I think but it’s too late and the dream ends.

      Analysis: A lucid! It was short which is a shame. I really struggled keeping the dream stable. Maybe excitement got the better of me? The realisation was a amazing though. I didn’t even need to reality check I just realised as the women repeated “aware” just like I did in my mantra during my WBTB. It must have seeped into the dream and makes me wonder whether it was close to being a WILD? It sort of startled me and I was like “oh yeah! Of course!” Maybe that’s why the dream felt so unstable and the shock nearly woke me. I didn’t have time to focus on any dream goals I just tried to keep it going. So annoying that I never got to taste the grape! What did it taste like!!! I need to try it again in another dream.

      Waking Notes:

      Stability: Low
      Control: Medium
      Clarity: Medium
      Awareness: High
      Length: Low

      Trigger: DC repeating my mantra
      RC: NA
      Length: 30 seconds approx.
      Goals: none
      Techniques: WBTB/ MILD
      Time: 6 - 7am
      Lucid count: 4
    2. ughh

      by , 06-22-2021 at 07:32 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      not much to report here this week. Had a vague dream with Jamie in it. more of an impression.
      Tags: jamie
    3. Philippians 4 v 8 ...

      by , 06-22-2021 at 06:37 AM
      Dream From Oct 14 '14:
      its night time.
      the location is a house, which im inside.
      either im renting, or im paying it off, as my own.
      the time is after 21:00/9pm.
      the night time could be a bit cool; nights here in Newcastle can be cool in spring, towards summer.
      the inside lights are dim, though i can see a bit of inside.
      then, i decide to go outside, to do one or two things.
      the front door, is parallel to the street i live in.
      it must be a suburban street.
      so, i go out the front, and stand on the lawn.
      so, i stand on the front path, which leads out to the mailbox.
      as i stand outside, the front security light turns on.
      there are steps to the front door like that of (my Catherine Street address)
      the lawn may've been mown recently.
      to my left, is a two path driveway.
      the front light is shining over the rear of it.
      to my right, is the rest of the lawn.
      one room is protruding forward from the house.
      although the light is not getting past that wall onto the lawn, im pretty sure the wall is weatherboard.
      i think i want to check the mail, and the power box, which, is on the not driveway side of the house
      but i stay standing and looking at doorway, though the light is getting my attention.
      as i think about what to do, a young woman appears from the dark side of the house.
      she is Winsome D's daughter.
      i know its the daughter, by her physique.
      she doesn't even startle me.
      she doesn't say anything, she just appears.
      and then i see that we are both inside.
      we are in the hallway of the house, which is wide enough for two people.
      its like pop's in Arinya Street, where it starts at the front door, goes straight for a metres, and then turns right, to go to kitchen.
      this one thought, doesn't turn right.
      the lights inside are on, but are rather dim.
      its almost a black and white scene, with some colour light.
      near the front door, but on my left side as i walk away from front door to go further inside, is a buffet like mine.
      she is wearing a white buttoned blouse, with an unbuttoned red cardigan over it.
      i can only see the shoulder part of her upper arms and just below her neck.
      her blouse us buttoned, all the way up to the collar.
      surprisingly, i don't see her face, yet.
      she has two small packages.
      they are plastic, with a gold pattern on them*
      in these two packs are plain white square envelopes.
      she puts them on the buffet and steps past me.
      the two packs, are one on top of the other, flat.
      she is at other end of the hallway standing, but not looking at me.
      is she looking at a mirror?
      is she simply having a look around?
      i go over to the buffet and lift the top package up with its left edge on bottom pack.
      i look for her name on bottom side of top pack.
      she sees me do this and says "hey!" and i put it back down.
      then i see us in what could be the living room.
      going by the drawing, it would be where the kitchen was, in pop' Arinya address.
      im standing in front of a corner piece of furniture; is it another buffet?
      there seems to be more than one in this place.
      my back is to the corner and i see her to my right, heading towards me.
      the light is on, and i see her face, a bit clearer.
      she steps towards me, as though she used to live here.
      her body language gives me that vibe.
      is she visiting, to see what the place looks like?
      she stands to my right as i face the corner.
      i get to the point.
      i ask her "ok, what is your name, and what is your age?"
      wearing what appears to be a skirt, her answer is "well, Philippians 4:8".
      so i jokingly say to her "is that your age?"
      she snorts, like that of a laugh.
      what i don't do, is look at her as i talk to her.
      and thats not avoidance, its so i can concentrate.
      well, i hear her voice, so thats a plus.
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?

      *Suicidal thoughts-clear-plastic-package.jpg