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    1. 31 May: Sick at a GoT set and school reunion

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting the GoT set with the cast, been snacking with Daenerys (I don't even watch GoT!).
      Night is falling and people are going to sleep, right on the set, like a big camp. One actor challenges me for a jazz dance on the floor. I also try bonding with a cat who cuts my face real bad with his claws. As I clean the wounds I start swelling. I panic, but there is an MD and he examines me. He removes something from my neck that is kind of a yellow jello foam.
      I enter into shock and he lays me down, turns me over, injects something in my buttocks, then inserts a probe up my ass until I feel it reaching my throat and I start vomiting more of that yellow foam like there's no tomorrow. I feel relieved. He says that's what had been hurting me for some time.

      At a campus in London I re encounter school friends. We attend and art presentation, I spot Mara with a friend. I talk to someone from my university who is telling me stories about all the troubles he is getting with job interviews. Then I take a bus, it only costs 12 cents, find it cheap.
    2. 14 Mar: My guru makes me eat slimy creatures

      by , 03-14-2019 at 11:54 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Rinpoche comes to meet me at a University library. We're supposed to do some research on some books he previously asked me to pick up. He holds my hand and kisses it. I go pick up some more books and I encounter some people, like Axman, who want to know what I am up to. I tell them I am with Rinpoche, they don't believe me. I don't care. But when I join Rinpoche at the table he is already surrounded by other students. I have to seat quietly at another table and just hand him the books. He marks down parts of texts for me. Then we all pack our bags and have to go, but I am not in a hurry, so we exchange some languish looks as we depart.
      Then a colleague comes to me with a video on her smartphone that she wants me to see, about some weird animal sanctuary. Then it becomes like a live hologram in my hands and I watch a nest of hatching eggs as if they are in my hands. Rinpoche comes to me and asks what it is. Then the hologram becomes real and he tells me to eat some of those eggs. First I say I don't want to, because it is some living beings,
      but then I realize it is all just a dream, so no harm will be done. The creatures coming out of the eggs are viscous and slimy with tentacles. He grabs a bunch of eggs with creatures coming out and puts them in my mouth. One I swallow immediately, then he says to chew on the rest which I do, it's kinda bitter and slimy, but I don't flinch and eventually I swallow it all.
    3. Singing in the Rain

      by , 03-09-2015 at 07:26 PM
      Me and a few other family members, including my brother-in-law and aunt, were watching a movie inside the living room of my home. The movie was seconds away from being over and we were reeling in on the resolution moment of it. Me and my aunt were so much in to this movie that she almost held on to me as we both noticed a helicopter being shot down in the movie. There was a creepy vibe to it, not just what was happening on screen but something I felt going on in the living room. I'm not sure how exactly what I saw but, moments later, I showed up somewhere inside that scene along with the rest of my family members watch that movie.

      We were now in what seemed to be a parking lot of a small residential home. There was a long baseball field in front of it. There was also rain, but it felt like heavy rain. I had myself crouched down on the floor, watching what was left of the helicopter explosion that took place moments before. As I watched the flames and ashes floating away from the scene, I sang a tune as I slowly moved back away the explosion area.

      "When You're worried and you can't sleep, just close your eyes and count your blessings"

      I continued singing this tune as I moved up towards the stairs that would eventually led me towards the building that sat on this parking lot. My family followed.

      "and you'll fall sleep counting your blessings."

      The rest of my family were the first ones to run in to the residential home. I'm not sure what was in there, nor did I care much about it. All I wanted to do was listen to myself singing while being comforted with rain. Eventually, I began gaining consciousness of where I was. When I finally reached the building, I became lucid.

      After becoming lucid, I immediately ran in to the home, inside the garage. I walked past the garage and in to what seemed to be another garage in the same small building. I stopped and tried calming myself down. I told myself something along the lines of "This is a dream. I want to stay in this dream." I'm not sure what I said exactly but whatever it was, I felt a better sense of control of prolonging the dream. There was also someone with me. I'm not sure who. Probably someone who lived at the home? I'm not sure. He followed me as I went storming out of the house and towards the inner part of a high school.

      Once I reached what seemed to be a high school lunch area, I stopped and observed the environment. I noticed several students scattered all over the place, going on about their day. I saw several of my classmates standing around a drinking fountain, or so that's what it looked like - a fountain? The rain still went on, but not as much as it was a few moments ago. Suddenly, I felt this strange substance building up in my mouth. I'm not sure what it was, but I didn't like it. It started building up rapidly, eventually filling up my whole mouth. I put one of my fingers inside my mouth, hoping it would just be a bubbling type of food, but instead found a white-rice type of food. I don't even think it was rice, it tasted much more disgusting than that. I tried spitting it all out but before I could, woke up.
    4. The graveyard...

      by , 08-04-2014 at 04:12 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, Lucid

      .../The further memory I have, I'm in an abandoned farm where its owner is a little nasty guy who didn't take a shower for months, he looks dirty and covered in sweat. His partner gets in place and takes off a sort of leather necklace he's wearing. It's like he hasn't take that thing off for months. I don't like what I see. He goes out where all the vegetation has grown without control. I remember it used to be a beautiful place, I'm sort of disappointed. There are three big dogs out there, when I see a lion hunting down one of them. It takes the dog from the neck and takes it away. I follow the lion until my hand becomes its mouth and now I'm holding the dying dog. I let it on the floor, but it's too late. I put it where the cubs can start to eat it/...

      .../Now I'm in a car, with a friend of mine who recently I got to know he loved a Japanese TV series form the early 80's named Sankuokai. He's obsessed with the series and pretends this car is a space ship, although he's driving it backwards. I get concerned we can have an accident because of he's driving too fast. Finally I got to turn the car by changing the position I'm sitting on it. It's better to see things the right way. We get to the end of the road. We get out the car and see some hills in front of us. I remember this city was build upon what was going to be a huge burial ground in ancient times. I tell him, this place is a huge burial ground. Then I turn and see a known cemetery from WL which uses to be in my dreams. I point it and tell him that some disgusting things use to happen in that place when I'm dreaming it. It hits my head all of the sudden, what about if it's actually one of those dreams!? I look at my hand and I confirm it. I tell him laughing, actually it's a god damn dream. He doesn't seem to care. Another pal gets in, and they both start talking. I leave them and go to the cemetery, thinking about my sex drive that uses to screw things up. I walk next to the main gate, when it turns into a window and I see a couple sitting on a table. They don't look interesting, although I think perhaps I should force them to have sex in front of me, I'm sick of my sex drive. I ask them to do it, they don't seem to react. I take their clothes off and put the woman on the man. They start doing something although it's not enough. I'm starting to find the scene more disgusting than exiting. Another woman gets into the room. She looks like she has some sort of skin infection. It's getting worse, but I don't care. I want them to play dirty things in front of me. I lift her skirt, and the spectacle is too disgusting, because she seems to have a serious STI. I give up, I cannot see more of it. I go to the next room. There's a couple of friends from school times, they look better, at least they were the classic lovely picture. I'm not excited at all, I just one to fulfill what I wanted to do at the beginning, so I command them again to have sex in front of me. I help them to take their clothes off, it gets better although I don't feel excited, it's just fun to see that I can control it. I leave them in their game when an ex girlfriend, who appeared somewhere in a previous dream, gets into the scene. She start doing her hotter stuff, but what she says is disturbing me. I try to stop her but she's in ecstasy covered with slobber on a table next to a window. I'm surprised I didn't wake up with all the sex stuff happening around. I'm pleased I didn't wake up trying to control the dream, although I'm disturbed with all the disgusting stuff/...

      * Woke up before the alarm clock went off. And couldn't go back to sleep.
    5. Adrenaline

      , 07-21-2014 at 10:33 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I forgot to add a song to my last DJ entry!
      I can't think of any music that fits this dream, so instead, here's what I'm listening to as I write this:

      I'm at an office in a clinic. I'm sitting on a simple chair in the very middle of the room.
      I've been waiting here for some time, bored out of my mind.
      A nurse is supposed to join me in order to give me the results from some kind of medical test that was performed on me.
      After some time a nurse finally enters the room.
      She tells me that she has good news, that they have finally figured out what is wrong with me.
      The nurse suggest beginning treatment immediately.
      I'm ecstatic to hear this.

      However, I now also realize that this is a dream.
      The nurse somehow notices that I have become lucid. She seems sad because of it?

      We are interrupted by a doctor barging into the room.
      She immediately steals the nurses charts from her hands.
      After looking over them she sends the nurse away.

      "I will take care of this."

      I don't like this. The nurse seemed very competent and kind, whereas the doctor seems uninterested in my health.
      She is just here to do her job and get paid. She couldn't care less about who I am or how I feel.
      After grabbing something from a drawer she pulls up another chair and sits right in front of me.
      She holds a syringe and a vial containing an odd purple liquid.

      "Hold out your arm for me."

      I hold out my arm as she draws some of that liquid into the syringe.
      I want to ask her about what is actually wrong with me, and about what
      the devil she is about to inject me with.
      But I don't ask anything because I feel really uncomfortable.
      The color of that liquid strikes me as really odd.
      Are you supposed to inject purple stuff into people?

      She grabs my arm tightly, presumably so that I don't move.
      My skin offers little resistance to the syringe.
      The needle punctures it easily.
      I'm pleased that it doesn't hurt.
      She injects me with a large quantity of the liquid.

      As she retracts the syringe she smiles.
      And not the good kind of smile. The I just fucked you up and I'm a psychopath kind of smile.
      Blisters start forming very rapidly all over my arm.
      They quickly grow to the point where they are about to burst.
      There's a huge amount of liquid in them. And I sense them pulsating. (I'm not googling a fitting picture for that...)
      I notice the doctor as she attempts to go for my other arm.
      Oh hell no. I slap the syringe out of her hand and quickly get up.

      I am now in full panic mode.
      I turn towards the only door in the room and charge at it.
      Due to fear of the door being locked I throw my entire weight at it, attempting to break it open.

      The lock gives in under the force emitting a shattering sound and separates from the door.

      Blinded by a bright sun I try to reorient myself.
      Wait what? I'm outside?
      I quickly realize that I find myself stranded on top of a skyscraper.
      There's only one door leading back into the building and that's where I came from.
      This doesn't make any sense! Also the skyscraper is really thin. Like only 5 by 5 meters.
      I have nowhere to run.

      The doctor emerges from the room holding a much larger syringe this time around.
      Like, a meter long. She's holding it like an assault weapon.

      "Come over here. You need your medicine!"

      I don't think so. I look back at my arm and it looks even worse than before.
      The biggest blister bursts open and some thick yellow goo starts to ooze out of it.
      It is utterly disgusting. Oh but it gets worse. So much worse.

      Fat wasps start to climb out from inside the blister, through the puncture.
      There's goo all over them, and they immediately begin to climb my arm.
      I contemplate attempting to rip my arm off my body, but I understand that this is not possible.
      The doctor approaches me slowly, carrying the overly large syringe on her shoulder.

      But then, during all the panic, a short moment of clarity.
      I am dreaming. I try to forcefully forget about the condition of my arm, knowing that it will return to normal.
      The doctor is getting uncomfortably close to me, and I have no room left to move backwards...

      Oh for fucks sake!
      The name tag on the doctors lab coat...
      It reads "Dr. Faye"
      There is just barely enough time to go from full on panic to being seriously pissed.

      "Fuck this, I'm out of here."

      I stretch out my arms, and let myself fall backwards, down the skyscraper, looking at the sky all the way down.
      This scene is going to change before I hit the ground yes?

      My vision fades just before I hit the ground.

      OH GOD FUCK WHY...

      I thought I went splat there for a moment.
      But I actually just landed on my back in a new scene.
      I get up and begin to orient myself.
      My arm is back to normal, so we're off to a god start.

      Oddly enough I seem to have ended up in some kind of garage?
      Like, a pit box for race cars.
      Usually if I change scenes without thinking of a destination I land on a certain beach.
      I end up there quite often, but not this time for some reason.

      I rub my hands together, trying to purge my mind of the images of my arm.
      Then I spot it. A suspiciously large object hidden beneath a white sheet.
      I know exactly what this is!
      Pulling away the sheet reveals my xg bike.
      AWW YEAH!

      I walk around it inspecting it from all angles.
      The polished exhaust manifolds reflect the bright lighting in this garage.
      I touch them and slide my finger all the way back to the end of the exhaust pipes.
      Thinking about it, I haven't raced this in many years.
      I did have a dream about it a long time ago, but I don't think I raced it.
      Deep Dreaming - Barfight - Earth from Space - Exploring Childhood Dreams - Yuya - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I could use my lucidity to attempt to resolve my current dream issues.
      But I decide to postpone it. The dream is stable and I know that is going to be wonderful if I race.
      Yes. I need some me time. Dreams are about having fun. I don't feel like resolving complex issues right now.

      I climb onto the bike. It feels exactly right.
      I flip the switches on the dashboard. ECU, FUEL, IGN.
      And it lights up in vibrant neon colors.

      I spot a pair of noise canceling plugs, resting next to some sunglasses on the fuel tank.
      I promptly stick the plugs into my ears. This nullifies all sound completely. I also put on the sunglasses,
      which fit nicely. I detach the auxiliary oil supply, which was keeping the engine nice and warm.

      I gently feather the throttle, and kick the starter hard.
      The engine roars to life. The sudden sound pressure feels like a punch to the stomach.
      It almost hurts. My entire body vibrates, as it resonates with the sound emitted by all 20 cylinders.
      Even though my hearing is muffled, the sound is painfully loud because it is amplified within this garage.
      The sudden vibrations greatly increase the quality of my dream.
      My vision is colorful and sharp now. All of my senses are engaged.
      I am in a pit box. There's a race track right outside.

      I pull the clutch all the way back and shift into first.
      A loud mechanical "clock" is emitted by the transmission and the dashboard display changes from N to 1.
      I lean my weight all the way forwards, feather the throttle and just let go of the clutch.
      After some wheel spin I am propelled out of the pit box and begin driving down the pit lane.
      I flip on the "G" switch on my dash board. This turns on an odd device that provides high amounts of downforce without causing any drag.
      Almost as if gravity was magically increased for the bike.
      With a precise foot press the engine changes into second and the bike wobbles forward and backward a bit.

      I start to gain speed and once I'm onto the track I punch it.
      At first the revs climb slowly, but then once I make it past 7k rpm I hear both turbos slowly spinning up, providing an enormous boost in torque.
      This violent increase in power actually catches me off guard and I accidentally change into 3rd.
      There is some more wobbling and the engine emits a rather unhealthy sound as I have starved the turbos from their much needed exhaust pressure.
      This is to be expected as I shifted way too soon.

      I gain some more speed before I need to slow down for a sharp hairpin.
      The brakes are loud and cause some vibration, but they are perfectly precise and very powerful.
      I shift back into second and engine screams up for a split second as the internal computers match the engine speed to that of the gearbox,
      followed by a loud rumble due to unburned fuel exiting the exhaust pipes.

      I throttle up gradually as I am exiting the corner. The turbos spin up again. This time I'm determined not to shift early.
      I grab the handles tightly, holding on for dear life. The acceleration brutally increases all the way through
      10k, 11k, 12k, 13k rpm. The front wheel begins to lift off the track and I quickly shift into 3rd.
      This time there is no wobble. The gearbox computer executes the shift precisely the moment when my foot presses the shifting pedal.
      The front wheel slams back onto the track with a loud tire screech.

      Two lines of blue leds on my dashboard grow towards each other as the rpm increase, indicating that I am within the power band.
      I take it all the way up past 14k, until red leds at the end of the blue led strips light up,
      indicating that it is time to shift...

      I am now in 4th, doing close to 500km/h, as I enter a long corner. I lean my body into it, bringing the glowing orange exhaust manifolds into my field of view.
      The forces on my body increase, until eventually belts in my pants pull together automatically to cut off the blood flow to my legs.
      This just barely prevents me from passing out. I am unable to breathe until I exit the corner and the forces normalize.

      I lift my body up a bit, so that I emerge above the protective wind shield.
      The air pushes against my face hard. It hurts. I am so alive right now.
      I try to scream as loud as I can. My lungs can just barely overcome the air pressure.
      But there is barely any sound. The engine is just too loud. I cannot compete.

      But that doesn't matter. This is MY dream. I am alive. I am in control.
      After some laps the dream fades. I don't care.

      The contrast between "bad" and "good" adrenaline was quite interesting.
      Could have done without the bad part though. The images are still burned into my mind. x_X
    6. The Lit Match

      by , 01-01-2013 at 02:25 AM
      My last entry for the year... I woke up in a stranger's home during the night. I did not know most of these friends but I feel like I saw one of them on television before. Me and my family were hanging out here for the night.

      There was one room where I saw my parents and another married couple sleeping in the same bed just enjoying themselves. Now that I think of it, it's sort of creepy... Anyways, later on I ended up all by myself in this very dark room. There was no one in there at the time, so I expected something scary to pop up. This room also felt like one of the dreams I had before, one where I had to spend a whole night living a ghost town with demons.

      I walked around this room for just a few minutes. I was also smoking a cigarette and laying down on a bed at the time. I threw the cigarette to the ground a few seconds later after realizing I knew it was bad in reality. I had no idea how it happened but, I turned lucid when I first threw the cigarette to the ground. I still thought the dream was real and if I let that cigarette lit up, the house might not be able to make it alive.

      I couldn't get up from bed. I felt paralyzed to it. I tried using all my force to get up and destroy the cigarette but failed. I then laid there closing my eyes hoping it wasn't real.
    7. Night of 07/11 - Disaster night

      by , 07-11-2011 at 12:08 PM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hours of sleep: 7
      Recall: 1/5
      Vividness: 3/5

      I performed a WILD last night. Got completely wrong It made me at first 1h to fall asleep so I fall asleep around 00:30. The alarm clock went for 05:40 and perform a WBTB for 30 minutes, read over my DJ, perform every 7 minutes a RC. I went to bed and performed WILD, but found no good position to fall asleep. My back and my shoulder were hurting all the time and it seemed that I was to long awake to go back to the sleep. I failed WILD and fell asleep normally. But I awoke every half an hour, because here was a lot of trouble going at home: my elder brother went to work and was really noisy, my mother called my other brother that he doesn't go to late at high-school, and around 7 am the workers start to work on the construction site near our house.

      So it's no surprise that I just remember one dream

      I'm in a field near a wood or something like that. I want to take my car, but there is a farmer who seems to be in trouble: He has a group of dears stuck in his parcel and some of them are trapped in the barbedwire. I ask him if I could help him and he says yes. As I approach the dears grow up to 3 meters and look very aggressive. They have red eyes and kind of sharp teeth. The farmer dissappears. I ran away and hide in the near wood and I see how those killer dears panic, cut themselves wit the the wire and start attacking each other. They finally breach out but there is 5 Meter high gorilla attacking the creatures. He ends up tangled in some lianes and gets hanged.

      I awoke because of the alarm clock. I was kinda disturbed cause it's been a while I had a nightmare.
    8. February 10, 2011- Tapeworms

      by , 02-11-2011 at 03:55 AM
      This is arguably the most disgusting dream I've ever had. I had tapeworms- bad- to the point where they wouldn't be contained in my digestive tract and hung in a mass in me undies. They were squishy and gross and I was supposed to pull them out but that sounded even grosser so I just left them there. And then I woke up and spent the first half hour of waking life convinced that I still had them.
      Tags: disgusting
    9. Night of 10/22 - A weird party

      by , 10-23-2010 at 07:57 PM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hello :/ It's a bit late but I was too busy to write my dream down. And this dream just reflects the evening I had in my favourite club.... in some way. lol

      Hours of sleep: 6h
      Vividness: 3/5
      Recall 1/5

      I'm in my favourite club. There are a few friends hanging around. It's already late, a friend, who was the diver, said to me that it was time to go. We walked out, I had some kind of strange feeling. I had the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. But i don't care and we walk out.
      Outsides, there is a street. In front of us is a pub or club.

      This place doesn't exist in reality. I remember that this place was already a few times in my dreams. One time it was an hotel, an other time a pub.

      I know that something is different, but I don't question reality. I say to my friend we should go in, because it's an awesome place. But he is a bit angry: he wants to go home, because he's tired.
      I don't know what happened next. We ended up in a club. This strange feeling doesn't disappear. I know something horrible will happen.


      Well, something strange happened. Suddenly girl N. shows up. She wears an awful t-shirt, which is too short and reveals her belly. AND... it's a beer-belly!!!!!! I just think WTF!?!?!? She starts speaking and says that:
      - I don't care any more about my appearance. When no-one wants my body, I have the right to eat what I want and as much as I want. F*ck you guys!!!!!

      Note: I first remember the part of the pub. But the part with girl N. came into my mind as I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my coffee for breakfast. AND it gave me a strange feeling.OMG, what is my brain thinking subconsciously??? It's kind of disturbing

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    10. Night of 10/19 - Now seriously- WTF xD

      by , 10-20-2010 at 04:30 PM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Haha I just can't stop laughing when I remember that dream from yesterday. It was a bit weird xD

      Hours of sleep: 7h
      Vividness: 3/5
      Recall: 2/5 --> There are surely more dreams but I can't remember them.

      I'm standing in a great hall. I'm singing very loud and with full motivation. There are a lot of people around me. They are listening to what I'm saying.I'm surprised how good I sing this song. But I don't think about for a second (my friends say that I've really got no talent xD) and keep on singing. I'm very happy and end my song.
      The people give me applause, but I just see it but don't hear it. I know that after me comes someone other to sing a further song. I look to my right and see that a woman in a beautiful white dress is looking for something in a suitcase. She is really nervous and drops things out of the suitcase.
      I look to my left. There is a man in a suit. There also is a priest. They are talking to eachother:
      DC: I hope everything is fine.
      Priest: She's nervous, that's all.
      DC: I hope so... I hope that she doesn't make the same thing as her bridesmaid.
      (Apparently I'm on a wedding.)
      Priest: What did she do?
      DC: She ran away while the ceremony.
      Priest: What???? And you allowed here to be her bridesmaid? That scandalous!!!

      Now something really, I mean really odd happens.

      I see that in this hall or church (whatever) is a lake. There are swans. One of them listens to that conversation. As reaction of that bullshit-talk he simply starts vomiting at the DC, at the priest; than the swan swims to all the other swans and vomit at them. Finally it commits suicide by simply drowning itself in the lake.

      Now seriously. WTF? My subconscious is really weird lately.

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    11. Night of 10/14 - Ugly women, drunk people and Queen Elisabeth - an epic adventure :D

      by , 10-15-2010 at 09:39 AM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hello I had last night a very short lucid. The way I went lucid is quite a bit funny xD

      Hours of sleep: 9h
      Vividness: 5/5
      Recall: 2/5 --> Just remember a fragment

      I'm standing in a street of my neighbour-town. I'm waiting for the bus. Everything is so clear and looks perfectly normal. Every little thing looks so real, that I don't even wonder if it's reality or not. The bus comes but it's full: at least 200 people were standing in it, it looked so overcrowded that I had the impression that the people were standing on each-other . So the bus doesn't even stops. A friend shows up. He asks me: "Did you missed your bus?". I answered no I didn't.
      Suddenly a car drives with excessive speed on the road and stops in front of us. A bunch of really ugly women came out. Another friend, who is in the army, run towards us, he was in panic and screamed:"You have to run away from these ladies! They are so ugly that you will die when they catch you!"xD. The women start running towards us and yeah, they were so damn ugly! We ran away but they were quite fast. While running around the streets, a few buses drive past. I want to stop one of them, starts waving, but I see that it isn't the right bus. The driver breaks but I make signs that he had better to drive past. He looked at me a bit confused, than he sees the women and drives as fast as he can. The women run behind him.
      I'm quite happy that they had finally gone. My friend from the bus station asks me: "Do want to go to this awesome outdoor party? It's not far away from here." I agree. We walk through a huge gate. I meet some DC's, they look really drunk. we go to a bar. The barkeeper asks me what we wanted to drink. At the same-time a female friend shows up. She orders soda, my friend orders Guinness. I don't know what to order, because I'm a bit confused by the fact that she was here, because she really hats the places were drunk people are. The barkeeper serves Guinness, but it takes really long. I watch at my clock, but without paying attention. I say to the barkeeper he should hurry up, that I'm gonna miss my bus. He finally serves. I don't pay attention and take the Guinness and drink it in one stroke. It tastes really, really awesome! I say: That's the best Guinness I ever drank!" The barkeeper: "Guinness is always a win, just like bacon!" I agree. xD
      My friend is a bit angry that I drank his Guinness. I excuse my self and give him the money back. I start running towards the gate to get my bus. In the meantime I met some DC, they are vomiting because they are to drunk . I'm a bit shocked and I get for a moment sick. I ignore them and keep on running from this weird place.
      I run through the gate. And I meet The Queen! I don't realize it, I wave my hand in this special royal way and say with a Oxford-accent: "God save the Queen!" She looks really confused and awkward but I don't give a damn on it! I finally get to my station. I wonder when I did for the last time some kind of RC. I look around me. I have the feeling that everything is frozen. Than suddenly I remember this meeting with The Queen. I asked my self if it really was The Queen. I tried to find some logic explanation (first I thought that she went to a costume party..) I finally plugged my nose, but I didn't do it right. So I do it again...AND I'm able to breath! OMG I'm dreaming! I ask my self what I'm going to do next, but I get a feeling of over-excitement. Everything goes instantly dark. I rub my hand as fast as I can, I feel the heat, but it's still dark and I awake.

      Damn it! Why didn't I realize it earlier than it was a dream? And what the hell is the Queen doing there????
    12. Night of 10/13 - Hopefully back on track :D

      by , 10-14-2010 at 11:44 AM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hello I had two very long dreams where some crazy and confusing stuff happened. The surroundings were constantly changing, but I remember them in detail

      Hours of sleep: 7.5h
      Vividness: 4/5
      Recall: 3/5

      1. I'm near a lake. The sun is shining, there are a lot of people, mainly hot girls and a few who I know personally. We start some kind of weird game: everyone has to run through the water to escape some-one or something. I don't know exactly how the game went, but I had really fun (mostly because of the girls ). During the game, a group of students show up. They come from the states to study here in Luxembourg. They get also involved in the game and the game makes even more fun. I chat with some of them and I'm able to speak in an excellent English. This surprises me a bit, but I don't pay attention on it. We run now towards a group of birds. We want to attack them so we run as far as I can.
      I awake and look at my clock. It's 4:15. I look away to RC on the watch.

      I awake a second time. I look at the clock: it's 2:05. I plug my nose. It's reality.

      I'm in my grand-ma's house. I'm sitting near the table. My father is also present. My grand-ma comes in and shows me an aquarium. There are a lot of fish in it. She tells me, that a few fish are missing. I say that I don't know where they are. She keeps on repeating her question but than goes in the kitchen. She comes back and has a few glasses. She makes cocktails and shots. I drink them but they taste like water. My father is a bit shocked that I drink that much (4shots and 2 cocktails lol). I watch out the window and see the same lake as before. This doesn't surprise me at all. I get up and go outsides.
      It is dark and I keep on walking. I see some lights and I'm in front of a supermarket. I'm looking for my little brother. I enter and there are a lot of plants. It's a kind of jungle or forest. I keep on walking and I see everywhere shelves, busy people some cashiers. My brother comes towards me and we both go outsides through another door.
      Outsides it's still dark but I see that there is a restaurant. It's brand-new so we decide to take a look on it.
      We are now on a terrace, my whole family is there. Someone says to me that I have to help to get the dishes on the table. So I go insides and I'm now in the kitchen of my grand-ma's house I take a huge cup with strawberries with milk and go back. The terrace has gone and everything looks like the house of my grand-ma.I keep on walking but I nearly let fall the cup. I don't know how but all the milk ends up in my mouth I don't know what to do so I spit everything out in the cup (yuck!) and hope no-one sees it. I put the cup on a table. Next to table two guys are talking. They have a conversation about the noises a wooden bar makes. I find this conversation so interesting that I'm talking with them and explaining what noises such a wooden bar makes when it falls off a building (by making sounds like "klong-klong, boum krack and tong!"). They are impressed about my knowledge After some time, I leave them and I'm suddenly ousides on this terrace! There is a huge screen. I look at it.
      I'm now in the movie! It's Rain Man. I'm in the casino and play blackjack lol. And I win. Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) get's angry and kicks me in the ass. WTF is my thought. Suddenly we are outsides and there is a woman, who doesn't even act in this movie. She's quite beautiful. But I'm disturbed by the fact that Dustin Hoffman has kicked me out!
      I'm back at the terrace and I'm sitting next to a table. Someone next to me says, that my uncle who I've never met in real life, was here to see me. An old man comes towards me and we shake hands. He says that he's impressed that I have a good handshake and that I surely got it from my father.

      I awake and it's morning. My alarm-clock is ringing.
      The End

      P.S.: I don't know why all these things happened
    13. Night of 10/05 - Just a few fragments.

      by , 10-06-2010 at 11:08 AM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)

      Last night was a very productive night. In this first post I present the dreams, where I just can remember some fragments, here we go!

      1. I'm cleaning my carpet. It' looks very disgusting. There are everywhere used handkerchiefs, old magazines, a lot of dust. My father comes in and makes it even more dirty by watering the ground with oil. It now looks even more chaotic.
      2. I'm in a house and I look for the bathroom. I had eaten something, my mouth was filled so I could not speak. I go through the corridors and everyone asks me if I'm fine, why I had my mouth filled. I couldn't answer so everyone thought, that I vomited in my mouth and I'm now looking for the bathroom xD

      That's it. In the following thread are 2 other dreams, they are linked and much mor interesting than these fragments

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    14. 10/1/10-10/4/10: Four Dreams

      by , 10-05-2010 at 01:17 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      Non-Dream Non-Lucid Lucid

      Sorry I haven't been posting often. Our internet got messed up and it only works for a single computer now, and my dad uses it for work.

      10-1-10: Party Hard

      I was at a friends house, possibly R's, and she invited nearly everyone we know to her home and the surrounding block. There was tons of food from different places, burritos, lumpia, pizza, kabobs, etc. and everyone was having a good time. Once, the dream camera panned out and saw a huge amount of people just surrounding her block. I woke up because of the cat crawling out from under my bed (her fave spot to sleep).

      Vividness: 7/10

      10-2-10: Assassin

      [Dream Fragment]
      All I remember is having a fight with some Templars to rescue an injured woman. Possibly a courtesan.

      Vividness: 4/10

      10-3-10: OH HELL NAW!
      I remember walking down the school with my one of my usual groups of friends. Me, M, N, and R went down to the PE area and talked. It was some sort of special day as the school was decorated and stands were set up. I asked R, "Why are you so dressed up?" She was in a Hawaiian-style costume, with the leaf skirt , coconut bra, and flower hat. She spun around and replied, "It's Spirit day! Derr!" What shocked me was when she spun around, her skirt slipped off a little... and she wasn't wearing underwear. It gets worse. In this dream... she was a shemale. I thought 'OH HELL NAW!' (hence the title) and woke up.

      Vividness: 5/10 (THANK GOD!)
      One of my weirdest nastiest dreams to date.

      10-4-10: Anger becomes Awareness
      I was in my 7th grade science class, with my 8th grade science teacher. I was sitting between a whole bunch of assholes that I absolutely hate. One of them starting picking on me, so I ignored him. Finally, someone picked up a bag(?) of gelatinous blue goo and dumped it on my head. I wiped it off, then yelled out,"I can't see!" obviously because I couldn't see. I started to cry a bit and the assholes started teasing me. I punched one in the gut and the teasing stopped, and I could soon see again. I went back to work, and someone thought it was funny to continue teasing me. I got sick of it. I got up and yelled "YOU THINK THAT'S FUCKING FUNNY!" and slammed his face into a keyboard. Another kid laughed and I yelled once more, "YOU TOO DUMBA... wait...." I thought to myself, 'I never cry or freak out like that. I must be dreaming.' I tried to summon a portal or something, yet I couldn't. I tried to change the type on the screen, but no. I could somehow radiate some sort of EMP and cause all the machines a few inches from my hands bug out and fail, but nothing more. I walked out through an open wall, kinda pissed, and picked up my flying machine. I wanted to take a swim. I flew up and tried to get to a lake or something, but I must have thought of CODMW2 for a split second because I landed in Favela. My flying machine was a hand-glider type thing, so when I got off, it flew away. I picked up an umbrella and floated over a building and found myself staring at a crystal clear lake. I tried to land, but no avail. My hand seemed glued to the handle. I finally landed on the ground, and found a scaled version of a resort area on the sidewalk. I tried to either enlarge the resort area or decrease my size. No dice. I walked through a valley, really mad because I couldn't control my dream well. I woke up to my dad telling me to get up for school.

      Vividness: 9/10
      Kinda weird. I hope this doesn't happen again.
    15. Night of 9/30 - That's not good at all...

      by , 10-01-2010 at 11:58 AM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hello :/ Yesterday, I had such an unrealistic dream, that I ask myself why I didn't see that it was an dream

      Well the dream starts very logical: I'm walking through a forest. Everything is so peaceful and quite. A few birds are twittering and all this stuff.
      But suddenly, out of nowhere, I have a bag with a football (soccer) a towel and stuff to take a sunbath on the beach. In one hand I have an parasol, in the other hand a surfboard. Apparently I'm going to sunbath on a beach... My parents and my brother show up, we all are going together on the beach. I'm wondering why we go through a forest, when we go to the sea? I try to remember how I got there. I'm wondering why I'm not so exhausted, when we just arrived on the beach? (for information, we go to France in our holidays and we have to drive 10 hours or so in the car). I want to develop my thoughts but something unexpected happens.
      Suddenly a bird sh*ts on me! It's disgusting! But it just wasn't one bird, but ten birds were making it! I have the feeling that I'm sort of target. I try to avoid the sh*t but I fail every time! Finally I'm out of this f***ing forest. (I don't want to describe the feeling of having bird-poop running down my shoulders an my neck) In front of us is the sea, but it's so different from reality: it reminds me of the lac I used to go swimming this summer). In Addition, there were everywhere seaweed. A woman was swimming in it and it looked really disgusting. I just couldn't stop thinking of all these disgusting things and didn't realize that it's a dream.
      The scenario changes. I'm wearing the same clothes as previously, the poop hasn't gone. But now I'm in a sort of garage. An old man is working on a car. It turns out that's my grand-uncle from Illinois, although he doesn't look like him. He speaks but I don't understand what he's saying. I have the feeling that I have to help to repair his car. He wants to know, what happened to me, that my t-shirt is so smelly and disgusting. I explain to him the episode with the birds. He believes me and he want to take a close look on my T-shirt. I take it off an suddenly I'm standing in a white room. It's a consultation room and a doctor is there. He says: Yes, there's no doubt it's bird-shit!
      He gives me a ticket and I open the door to leave. I'm suddenly at a train station. My brother is there and he he's smoking a cigarette (by the way, he's 11). My parents show up and shout at him, because he's smoking. "It's unacceptable!" says my dad. He puts it out and they leave.
      I'm alone now, I'm really nervous, look if my parents aren't there and I take a cigarette-box out of my pocket and take a cigarette. (as non-smoker) I think: " Yeah he's to little to smoke, but I'm the master of my own decision" (very ironic). I put it in my mouth but I have no lighter. I want to ask someone for a light, but there's no smoker. I suddenly realize that I've got some matches in my pocket. I take them out and it turns out that they are matches to put the BBQ on. I wonder how I have to use it. I find in my pockets some kind of chewing-gum, that burns by friction I manage to light the match, without burning my-self. But I don't manage to light it. So I put the match out and throw it on the rails and put the cigarette out of my mouth. It has transformed into a cokkie (aha sure) and I eat it.
      I walk down the station and meet a friend. He takes my ticket and we arrive in a room, where a lot of seats are. It's some kind of plane, the people who are there are excited to take off. I sit down next to another friend, who gives me popcorn.

      I awake HOLY CRAP! WHY didn't I realize that this was a dream? ARRRRRRRRRR

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