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    1. Friday, May 14

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:36 PM
      Melissa has had a baby. I’m looking at it in her arms, obviously newborn, and realize that it’s happened all of a sudden. There seems to have been no idea of it happening and even no gestation. After a little while I realize that it is mine too, and think about what this will entail in regards to my life.
      Tags: baby
    2. Saturday, May 1

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:36 PM
      I am in some unfamiliar town with Jackie Greene. I think the town may be in Arizona or Colorado (I had been looking at a digital map of the US and zooming in around that area, surprised by how much of it was forested). It sort of feels like a mountain town, small, isolated, buildings with large wood exteriors, yet not high in elevation. We’re walking through the town and it is very pleasant out. We’re talking about his music and/or me seeing him. I tell him the first time I saw him was at Strawberry and then add ‘2007’ or ‘2017’ to be more specific. I hope I’m not being too annoying about anything, but don’t think I am.
      Tags: music
    3. Friday, April 23

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:27 PM
      I’m at work (I’m not sure where, but it feels like some kind of retail store). I notice a quiet Asian girl wandering around and, as I perceive it, ‘scoping out the place’. I make a mental note of it but don’t do anything else. Now, I see her in a small garage (right outside of but still part of the store?), crouching down by a car. She’s taken off its license plate and is measuring it. I think this is too suspicious, so we go out and stop/talk to her.

      I’m with Melissa and Brooke in what seems like downtown. We’re by the river and a large bridge. To the side of the bridge is a large tree or tree trunk protruding out almost parallelly over the water. I think this tree is some sort of monument (911?). We walk out onto it to have our picture taken, but end up breaking it, which feels very serious.
      Tags: bridge, car, river, tree, water, work
    4. Thursday, April 22

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:26 PM
      I am with Makayla in what looks like Dad’s neighborhood. It looks very similar except that it’s on a fairly steep hill. We’re walking around an exposed bend and through a red truck’s window I see the silhouette of a female figure. She appears to be putting on clothes, or at least that’s what it looks like from my brief glimpse. We get closer and I see that it’s a young girl and boy (~10?) in the truck, and after a moment I wonder how that could be. Now, we are past the neighborhood. This area looks like open Nevada desert with slight ravines here and there. Down in one of the larger ones I notice a house. It looks like the past’s idea of something futuristic - sleek and vertical pipes/tubes, slightly sprawling and complex. I think this one is all a dull red. There is really nothing on or around it that would designate it a house. The whole feeling of and around it is lifeless. I think we pass a few more odd structures that I label ‘house’. I think or say something like ‘oh Nevada, you’re so weird.’ There is now a large rock pile visible at the top of a slight incline. It looks like red rock and/or granite and is maybe 30 feet tall. They’re arranged so there is an open space beneath them. I briefly see someone passing through this space, overriding the thought of being completely alone out here. We approach it and see that there are a few ornamentations on it, one being a series of steel rungs to form a ladder. I climb up a few, turn around and hang from one arm, lifting my shirt to just above the nipple, telling Makayla to take a picture. I think I’m making fun of Ziah? A few people, a type I definitely wouldn’t associate with, arrive, and Makayla is instantly preoccupied with them. This kind of annoys me. I’m in the open space beneath the rocks now, and it is filled with different stickers, posters, pictures, writing, etc. It is strange and I really like it. I am alternately wearing a mask, wearing it below my chin, and holding it at my side. I notice a man without a mask walks in with a baby stroller. He’s now with a woman in the corner of the ‘room.’ There is a window above them and a man tapping at the outside of it, apparently to get their attention. I look at the man and point to the couple (*though this makes no sense, as he’s already seen them).
      Tags: house, mask, truck
    5. Getting chased lucid | [12.06.2021

      by , 06-16-2021 at 03:06 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Getting chased lucid
      I am with multiple people in a sort of changing room with many lockers. I do the nose plug RC and realize that I am dreaming. Since this dream is a nightmare, I am a bit worried, and try to get out of the situation first. I end up on a high mountain.

      I didn't have motivation to write down this dream for many days, which is why it's not really detailed.
    6. Gough Whitlam ..

      by , 06-16-2021 at 11:23 AM
      Dream From Oct 25 '14:
      the setting or location is that of a room in a conference centre or perhaps an RSL.
      its a function room, for people to gather in for, a function.
      the folding doors for this room, are to my left, and the windows are at back of room, to my right.
      in the middle of the room are some tables, which are circular, and can sit up to about 6 people.
      the function could be a reunion, or something similar to that.
      sitting at one table, with his back to the windows, i see a man, (front view and left side), who looks like or is that of Gough Whitlam.
      he passed away earlier this week.
      i can see his face, so i know its him.
      he is clean shaven, and looks about 50 years of age.
      initially i see him by himself.
      then, to his left, sitting next to him, is his twin or his replica double.
      "he's beside himself".
      this twin or double is also a "good" version of him.
      there is a white square plate in front of him, with some pasta on it.
      the top few strands seem to have pink on the top side of them.
      every other strand is white.
      then i see sitting opposite him, and facing him, is that woman in the mental health admin, who sits next to that Stephanie woman.
      this woman is tall, slim, wears glassed and has long black hair.
      she turns around to her right, looks at me, and smiles.
      i can see her facial features.
      not sure of her relationship to Gough Whitlam.
      she is that Daya woman from the mental health admin.
      does she represent a daughter figure, a girlfriend figure, a niece, a carer, or something else?
      the lights seem to be on inside, even though i can see sunshine through the windows.
      there could be some grass outside, regardless of any driveway, or any recreational facilities outside.
      the wall colour inside, is a plain colour, such as white.
      as for what the woman, and what Gough is wearing, not sure.
      she could be wearing her work clothes.
      are they in an rsl, or are they in an aged care facility?
      the tables are a creamy colour, are stable, and designed for such a room.

      any comments or questions ?
    7. The Iowa House

      by , 06-16-2021 at 08:21 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I had a dream that was set in my trailer park, although the entire layout was different. The trailers were laid out side by side in circular arrangements instead of the square or rectangular blocks they're usually in. It was the day after My neighbor's birthday party and I see her and a bunch of friends come out of her trailer with something. Me and whoever I'm talking to are kind of watching them from a distance, up until a heavy-set arab looking guy comes up to us and gives us advice about our car in a southern accent and abruptly leaves. My friend notes that he was probably a muslim given the accent he spoke in and I said that he actually sounded pretty southern. I then looked to my right and saw him moving in to the lot next to ours, and wondered if I should continue to talk to him in case he's a muslim who just happens to be transphobic. I am not that far into hormones and this guy would start noticing changes and maybe not respond favorably to them.

      At another point in the dream, me and my mom are either going somewhere or driving home from somewhere while someone on the car radio is talking about controversy surrounding "the softest alpha male". I decided to connect my phone's bluetooth to listen to music, but abruptly noticed the interface in the car say that data charges may vary due to being outside of state lines. I looked and it said we were in a state that abbreviates to "I", only to later realize that we were in Iowa. I saw a very large golden Taj Mahal/white house/stereotypical persian castle/mansion in the scenery and jokingly pointed at it and said "oh look it's the iowa house". I then woke up within the dream after the radio started talking to me directly. I didn't leave my room but I did look to see what the news radio stuff was coming from.

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    8. June 15, 2021

      by , 06-16-2021 at 01:39 AM
      Another nap dream

      I was at a hotel where we were filming, kind of resembled the Hilton Hotel in the south of Amsterdam, I can't recall exactly what I did in the dream again but for some reason, the security guards stationed in the small building across the hotel couldn't stop laughing at me after something I did. The film crew had finished the scene and got on the bus to move locations, they left without me. So I walked all the way to the next location.

      The street I was running at resembled the busy street behind the neighbourhood I was born, as I kept running the location randomly went from that street into an alleyway from what seemed to be some sort of theme park castle. In the castle, there was an Elvis Presley impersonator working who was annoyed with me as I had to go down the stairs next to him, but he started jamming on his guitar and a large crowd of people slowly went down the stairs step by step while bumping on the rhythm of the guitar. I lost my patience and slid down the stairs via the railing where I exited through a window. I tried getting back into the building through other windows, but they were all too narrow for me to fit in. When I was finally able to enter one of the windows, I ended up in a storage space for a theme park. It had a bunch of decorations and animatronics stored on there behind security bars.

      As I was walking through the storage space, I was completely visible to the outside public of the theme park, so I tried running back to the window but made the grave mistake of looking back if anybody saw me, and suddenly I hear police sirens and notice on a large monitor that there was a news report playing that showed live camera footage describing me as a "fugitive without a face mask" and I was so scared that I pretty much forced myself to wake up as I was hoping this was all a dream, and relieved when I did wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable