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    1. 06/21/21: The Return of the Movie Theater Dream

      by , 06-21-2021 at 11:16 PM (Journal #86)
      06/20: I find myself leaving someone's house in the evening hours. The scene shifts to what appears to be a restroom in one building, which looks as if it were left unattended, as it was completely filthy, where I apparently go by accident, only to find what appears to be a bounty hunter putting someone or something in custody.

      As soon as that scene ends, I find myself walking to a movie theater after being told by someone in the first scene that Van Helsing (the 2004 action film starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale -- which I actually have on DVD) was being remade with different actors, and it released in theaters. I didn't go in, but I did see a colorful cast of characters hanging outside the premises dressed in an unusual fashion (punk, Goth, emo, etc.), just like what I saw leaving a movie theater 17 years ago in 2004 with a group after seeing the exact same movie in May of that year. The dream also ends there.

      I rarely get dreams of movie theaters nowadays, as the last one I had was on May 30th, 15 years ago at the age of 20. In addition, this dream was in the perspective of two people: a colorful teenage girl who went to see the movie, but was distracted, and a mysterious person who went to an unclean restroom by mistake and couldn't unsee what was going on. All I can remember now out of the two characters is the girl. I believe the girl eerily resembled a cross between Vanessa from the Syfy television series (played by Kelly Overton), Claudia from Warehouse 13 (played by Allison Scagliotti), and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams in the days between Riot! and Brand New Eyes when her hair was dyed red-orange.

      Before waking up, I had noticed flashes of purple and orange as well.

      WM86/DFW signing off.
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. cclxxxvi. Inferior laptop, Accidental exercise

      by , 06-21-2021 at 10:25 AM
      20th June 2021


      Outside, walking through a town area of some kind, it's mostly flat, maybe with some downwards incline. I'm with someone I know closely, maybe J or L. There's something about a lan party of some kind. Walking through the town, maybe food or fast food is mentioned. There are eight of us in total? I am carrying a laptop around in one of the laptop bags we have here at home in waking life. In the dream, I am aware of my laptop being inferior to everyone else's.

      Something about eating beans? There's some kind of sauce, maybe chilli, but no rice. There's a familiar taste.

      While reading the exercise on p.78 of Dream Gates:

      I'm sitting down and reading this exercise thinking about desert, then beach and then home. From the windows of many of the flats people are banging pots and pans, my awareness or focus on this quickly fades and then I'm focusing on the cars parked around the cul-de-sac, which are warm to the touch from the sun, but there is a morning light so actually most were in shade. Suddenly S appears, her lead is in my hand and she licks my face; I lick her back for good measure because I always feel she needs to have perspective of how it feels. She reels a little as she would.

      Then she starts pulling hard on the lead, barking or growling at some passer-by and making me trip over and fall to the floor, vaguely feeling myself being dragged along but without any of the friction I'd expect. She makes her way to the hills behind the garages, it looks as it did after the shanties were removed but before the supermarket built. The scene changes to be next to the eucalyptus on that hill. Then, I have a vague intent.

      It changes to unfinished highway that would be visible from the hill. I'm under the unfinished underpass of a concrete bridge. I know there's a door to my left but I cannot turn or see it from my point of view. I feel it's a metal door, painted a deep blue, maybe a little rusty. Like ones I've seen somewhere before in my childhood.

      I sort of unintentionally break away from this and then just continue reading a bit more and then write some notes down for this.


      - Although the exercise asks for thinking of natural places and afterwards I found that my old home felt natural enough, because there's vegetation and bush in several parts and the building of where I used to live has always been pretty much on the edge of town, so nature of some kind has never been very far.

      - The visualisation came about mostly unintentionally but it was pleasant, especially because although I couldn't see S very well, I appreciated the fact that she was there as some kind of animal guide. I was always told by mom that black dogs are considered luck charms in certain cultures, so I suppose that was present in my mind on some level. Thinking about it now, S appeared very well and despite vague visuals, she seemed just as I have always known her.

      - The concrete underpass was shady and the unknown door could be a such a figurative entrance to the underworld and so on as the exercise suggests, even though the door might not lead down, it would go through earth.
    3. Woman And Light Stand ..

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:17 AM
      Dream From Dec 21 '14:
      seeing a woman, sitting on a two seater lounge.
      she is sitting upright, and on the left side of the seat.
      i am standing behind her, and look down to her.
      she is wearing a green tee.
      i only see the back of her, so i don't know who she is.
      her hair is short and black.
      to her right is a three legged wooden light stand.
      the cover of the light is like a plastic bowl.
      the lampstand is about 1.5 metres high.
      its upside down, with the light at the floor, and the feet above the woman's head.
      im not sure a power lead is attached to it.
      i see the stand like that, so im guessing the woman didn't turn it upside down.
      ah yes, apparently the lightstand wants to get into forensics.
      or, does this mean the woman wants to get into forensics?

      any comments or questions ?
    4. AFL, Seagulls, And Wooden Spoon ..

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:15 AM
      Dream From Dec 21 '14:
      it is daytime.
      it could be winter.
      im sitting in the grandstand in an AFL Stadium, for an AFL game.
      it could be winter, because on the ground, to my right, half of the stadium or half the ground is in shade.
      to my left, in front of me, is sunshine on the ground.
      there is a big crowd.
      am with dad, close to ground level.
      as for an AFL game being played, not sure of that.
      i can't or don't see any players.
      however, im guessing that the Hawthorn Hawks are playing.
      it could be like the 2014 AFL Grand Final, when they played the Swans.
      well, there may not be a game being played.
      anyway, i turn to my left, and look up the grandstand.
      flying above the ground, and some rows up, is a flock of seagulls.
      for whatever reason, the Pelicans NBA team comes to mind.
      the birds are definitely seagulls and not pelicans.
      they are flying, like that of being at an AFL game.
      not sure what they are after, because dad and i don't have chips.
      then, thinking out loudly i jokingly say that "they'll win the next thousand wooden spoons (in the AFL)".
      i know its the seagulls because of the Manly NRL team.
      then, i turn around to my right.
      a few rows behind me, i see a woman, and i think her folks.
      they are all a bit vague to see, especially her.
      she does look like the woman who sat next to NZ Warriors coach Daniel Anderson, in the 2002 NRL Grand Final.
      is this woman, my lady?
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    5. Talking In Shopping World

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:10 AM
      Dream From Dec 10 '14:
      the location is similar to that of shopping world in tamworth.
      i don't see myself enter the complex from the front entrance, from the carpark, or from any side entrance.
      i do see myself enter big w, at the main entrance and not at the checkouts.
      the lights are on.
      the checkouts are on the front carpark side.
      and the main entrance is on the shops side.
      where i came from, may have been the carpark, because i turn left, to enter big w.
      what i do know, is that i don't know why im even going to big w.
      i have no plan, no intention, or thought to buy anything from there.
      all i know, is that i enter the store.
      i get as far as the first few steps inside.
      the customer service counter is to my left.
      the perfumes and women's products are to my right.
      the floor isn't tiles that i know of, but its shiny or polished.
      well, i only get about two steps inside when a swarm, mob perhaps of young people gather around and in front of me.
      there are hundred's possibly thousands of people gathered in front of me.
      ok, maybe not that many, but a lot have flocked to be in front of me.
      they stand in a semi - circle and they are one metre from me, which is good because the space is necessary.
      i think most are teens, boys and girls.
      as for who any of them are, i have no idea, but they seem to know me.
      some of them maybe wearing school uniforms; could be the Kotara sports uniform, which is worn on Wednesday.
      these people have gathered of their own choice.
      i havent done the Fonzie "finger click" and everyone gathers.
      and i haven't demanded for them to gather in front of me.
      i have done absolutely nothing, for them to gather in front of me.
      all ive done is step inside the shop.
      its as though my influence or something about me, has drawn them to me.
      thats a first.
      anyway, i say something to them.
      my voice is like that of a young male, used in a computer game, or in an XBOX game.
      my voice sounds funky, and could be from a motorbike game.
      so, i speak to them, and, they do listen, but they don't question me.
      i stretch my arm out in front of me, flat, to them, with my fingers pointing to them.
      and i speak to them.
      what i say to them, is not something i would say regularly to them.
      its something, that i can only speak to them, just once.
      im not a teacher, or someone of authority who interacts with them on a daily basis.
      its not prophetic as such, but like that.
      what i say, which i do hear but don't recall, is both effective for their response and their reaction to me.
      instead of grumbling, they all smile, maybe nod, and decide there and then, to rectify what they have done in store, and/or to each other.
      its as though i have spoken to their hearts.
      and then i leave.
      so i leave, and walk towards the corridor, towards the Woolworths end.
      that walkway to the undercover carpark, is to my right.
      again, there are some teens, possibly students from Kotara.
      again, i point at them, not rudely, but with that influence.
      i see one male, side on, right side.
      he could be facing his girlfriend.
      he is with 10 or more other people.
      i say to him "you haven't paid for your food".
      i thought he would've paid for it as he ordered it, and not after.
      my voice is like an excited or enthused game show host.
      he looks at me, smiles, rolls his eyes, and then proceeds to pay for his food.
      that seems to trigger his mates to do the same.
      not that i stay to watch it occur.
      i don't recall going along the walkway but i may see woolies from about the donut shop, before the escalators at that end of the complex.
      i don't recall pointing with all my fingers at anyone or a group of people.
      i only see the takeaway shop, the one time.
      as for big w, i may go inside, up to 3 times.
      not sure i point to people in the complex and speak to them.
      the words that i speak, aren't mine, so it must be the H.S speaking through me.
      as for what i say, i don't recall everything that is spoken.
      i guess its prophetic.
      its stuff like "treat her right", "tuck your shirt in" etc.
      it seems so basic and yet it has a profound effect on people.
      i enter big w one final time, and see joseph at the doorway, near customer service.
      people are gathered.
      its like im a rockstar or someone.
      Joseph is to my left.
      he looks like that boy, who at age 3 or 4, was trained by his father, to do body building.
      i see that Joseph is young, and has thin arms.
      i jokingly say to him "i want you to do 20 billions push ups" on the spot.
      i almost stumble or say another word when i say billion.
      i say that, because joseph may have irritated a friend of his, which i didn't see.
      i say it, as i think it up as i go along.
      well, 20 billion pushups is way too many and would take a lot of time.
      and i dont have time to watch.
      and, im sure Joseph's arms arent up to it.
      so, i get him to do ten instead.
      he could do more and looks keen to do a lot, but 10 should do.
      as for what i say, it was to the solution, and not to the fault.

      any comments or questions ?
    6. Alma Road Traffic Lights ..

      by , 06-21-2021 at 04:50 AM
      Dream From June 28 '14:
      it is daytime.
      the location or setting is that of Alma Road in Lambton.
      the exact time isn't known.
      whether it is summer or winter i don't know.
      what i do know, is that im out the front of Leiluna or one of the shops on either side of it.
      the bus stop is to my right, be it a few steps from me.
      the school zone sign is to my left.
      i think the Westpac Bank or another bank is across the road from me.
      i know that the locale or that im looking diagonally up the road, and see the locale.
      its external wall is yellow that i know, even though the sun is shining rather brightly on that wall.
      the angle that i see the wall, is about 50 or 60 degrees, or whatever the angle is.
      there could be cars parked along alma, on both sides.
      where the double white line are, along the bitumen, to separate the east bound and west bound lanes, there is a rectangular section of green grass.
      it goes from the Regent Street pedestrian crossing, down to about or in line with the bus stop, or possibly as bit further.
      it doesn't go as far as the laneway.
      the patch of grass, is about the width of a cricket pitch.
      the grass is really green, good quality, and short.
      at the crossing end of it, is that of a grey brick wall, made of thin grey rectangular construction bricks.
      its a single thin wall, going across the width of the pitch.
      its like the wall of an overpass, which is supposed to link Alma to Rugby over the Regent Street intersection.
      the wall isn't tall, itd be about 1 - 1 and 1/2 metres tall.
      it seems to make a momentary appearance.
      it blocks my view of the primary school, but i can see up Rugby Road a little bit.
      what i do knows, is that i want to, need to, not so much have to, perhaps can, go swimming or learn to swim.
      to do that, it seems i can only turn right into Regent from Alma, going north.
      i do know the leagues club, is around the corner to my right.
      turning right isn't legalistic as such, but i think going up Rugby or even turning left into Regent, going south just wont work.
      i know that the Indian Restaurant, and Dowling R/E are in Regent street.
      what i do notice, is that the traffic lights for Alma, are different.
      they start on the locale side, and take a design detour, to my side of the road.
      then i see myself on the Rugby side, facing Alma.
      im at the lights and in a car.
      the grey wall isn't there.
      and i don't look to my right, to see the school.
      as with Alma though, not with swimming, i can only turn right, from Rugby into Regent, going south.
      i guess i need to "see" the right turn from both sides.

      any questions or comments ?




      Reggae-traffic-lights-alma-rugby-road.jpg .. it is something like that.

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    7. Dad taking sister's money?

      by , 06-21-2021 at 04:42 AM
      The other night I had a dream. I was in my house's big bathroom which is almost oppiste of my Dad's bedroom (Mom sleeps elsewhere). The parents were both in the room, and they're literally counting coins (toonies, loonies, quarters, dimes and nickles). Some reason, one of our cordless phones were in the bathroom (I'm going to guess Dad left it there after talking with one of his friends). Someone calls and I answered it and then I get Mom. When Mom is talking on the phone in the bathroom, I see Dad taking all the coins and putting it in his pocket. Mom gets done on the phone and I said Dad took the money. We both go into the room and Mom says to Dad "You took (sister's money) let's hope you don't take her booze bottle as well" dream ends