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    1. Portal to Rome

      by , 09-25-2022 at 07:06 PM
      I had a few lucids last night. But only remember the first well. I had planned to try to create a scene change, and asked that my dreaming mind show me "something I need see".

      G/C + LT

      Portal to Rome (INRALD)

      I wake from a non-lucid dream. I figure it's best to open my eyes and check the kitchen night light. Turns out it's off, which is a sure sign I am dreaming. At first, I have a bit of trouble getting up. But I do manage to roll over and slowly get up. Making my way to the front door. When I exit, I leap in the air. Attempting to mentally pull myself toward the top of a number of tall trees in my view. This works pretty well at first, but then fizzles out. So I rely on my backstroke approach to fly horizontally. Faster and faster until I induce a scene change.

      I am now at a doorway that leads to a patio that is elevated. A woman greets me and we exchange brief pleasantries. The patio lead to a fairly steep stairwell. In fact too steep for a person to traverse. The stairwell lead down to a flat segment of land the is busy with many people on an open air square of sorts. There are buildings as I change my view farther and farther. But the buildings are not modern. They appear to be more Roman era. And quite pristine. The people however are not wearing Roman era clothes. Rather they are dressed in a more modern manner. It's an odd dichotomy. The woman somehow manages to go down the steep steps almost instantly. It looks too dicey to try to repeat her performance. So instead I leap off the patio and fly downwards toward the square. Eventually I am flying across the square at about 3-4 feet off the ground.

      As I continue to fly in this manner, I am blown away by the scene I am embedded in. It is just exquisite. The pristine Roman buildings with all their intricate detail. Just stunning. I fly for a minute or so enjoying this scene, when the visuals start to fade. In an attempt to re-stabilize the dream, I wrap my legs around the next person I fly past. A young and attractive woman. So I am still horizontal with my legs now around her waist. We greet each other. I don't recall who made the first move, but before long we are face to face and kissing quite passionately. Normally I would be put off by the other nearby people. But not this time. I return to the ground and start to take my clothes off. Which takes longer than hoped. By the time we reconvene I am no longer aroused. So she sits on my and start to manually stimulate me back to an aroused state. This is very nice, but the dream becomes unstable
      and I wake. (another FA).
    2. 2022-09-25 vivid, long, lots of frisky time

      by , 09-25-2022 at 08:30 AM
      No supplements, to bed not too late (15 mins after preferred), big vivid waking around 5 hrs, that plus major life stress meant I didn't get back to sleep so I just got up about 1.5-2 hours early and lay on the couch with the dog waiting for it to get light outside.

      + I was simultaneously me and some other guy in bed with his/my wife, getting frisky, we're kissing, she falls out of bed and laughs about it, gets back up, then our daughter comes into room, we say we're just playing, she jumps into bed and says "I want to play, too!", I roll my eyes thinking no "fun" tonight

      + rotating the handle to close a 2-part skylight that was leaking in the rain; two dishwashers, they recommend to use the less-automated one with the round dish holder. The entire dish tray is circular like a large donut, it's a strange form factor. The more normal dishwasher had something wrong with it

      + a purple couple being frisky, I tell them about the birds and the bees, they say "well THAT would have been good to know earlier!" and pull out a string of their (purple) kids from underneath the bed, I get frisky with the woman, this goes on for quite a while, it's pretty good

      + frisky time [detect the theme for the night?] with another woman who's in a room with some other men, then we're sitting around in a group talking about how it went

      (MEO 2022-09-25)

      +[f] there is blood on a crane, and it has turned blue

      + strategizing about how to defeat an enemy using advanced technology in the form of a car, and the enemy comes and steals the car

      + a pile of small, odd, round-ish gray devices on a wall, they are computer chips embedded in some sort of solidified powder

      + former work place, meeting with people sitting around a large table, meeting head says something like "and what about status from A, B, <myname>," my [former] manager who is sitting with me away from the table says "oh, he [me] is off the project, now 'Dale' is handling that", I wonder about this 'Dale'. I think Dale is a woman, and probably of Indian decent, I wonder how talented she is (I assume pretty good to be working there)