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    1. 30 Oct: Abused by my father and being in a movie

      by , 10-30-2022 at 06:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Sleeping in my bedroom with a friend who's staying over. We're at my old parents house, in my parent's bed, because it's bigger for the two of us. My mom is sleeping in the couch or not at all. Then I wake up very early morning and my dad is laying behind me, I have no panties and he is penetrating my anus. I feel totally disgusted and get up in a jolt and punch him, saying that it was the last drop. My friend wakes up spooked. I make a scene dropping all my anger on him and saying I am no longer treating him as my dad and that I lost the last ounce of respect I had for him. I go to the bathroom to wash myself. Meanwhile my mom heard some noise and woke up and came to see what's up. I hide in the bathroom and don't want to tell her. My friend doesn't know what to say and my father comes up with some excuse. Anyway, the dawn comes, so I pretend I just woke up early and I am preparing for school normally. After I get dressed, I go to the kitchen to have some breakfast and through the open window enters a raven. At first I try not to scare it away but then he makes sounds as if he wants some help, so I grab some food and approach to see if he wants. Then I notice he has a broken jaw and a broken beak and looks awfully thin. Was probably hit by a car and is in pain. I pick him up and take him to my bedrooms' balcony. I look for some box to put him in but all I find is some pillow. I drop him on it and tell him I will be back soon to care for him. I think about calling the wildlife protection services when I cross paths with my mom in the hallway and she is with three male and a couple female brazilian teens from her evangelical church (when she attended church). The guys come from the bathroom where they were washing hands and the girls have a tiny kitten in their hands and they are all saying they adopted him and she begs them not to abandon him when he grows up. They seem a bit overwhelmed with the long term commitment. I see my dad again coming out of the kitchen and wanting to make amends with me and I yell that I'll never allow him to touch me again and he may stop expecting us to have any sort of relationship. My mom hears this and she doesn't understand what's going on. Thinks I am being harsh with him and makes a sympathethic look towards him. I still don't wanna tell her what happened, just say this is how it's going to be from now on.
      [Note: my dad was always a bit of a creep, but I have no conscious memory of him abusing/raping me, despite my dreams about it]

      I'm watching Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie. At the end, when I think they died I get the message that they actually never die and that there are multiple films after this one in which they always come back miraculously from their apparent death at the end of every film. I am surprised and happy to know it. The I am actually the lady who is their lover in the film and I am at home waiting for them. I casually tidy up the house which has some active fires from some small explosions that took place earlier in the movie and then I start putting food in a fridge. When they return, I scold them but I really feeling happy that they are alive.
    2. Lots of dreams, some meaningful.....

      by , 10-30-2022 at 05:01 PM
      My usual stack of supplements...Valerian, Melatonin and 100 Mg of 5HTP. Lots of dreams, some quasi-lucid, but not quite. Archetypal images of alligators and figures trying to intimidate me. I reached a state of near-lucidity as I confronted one threat. I may kick up the 5HTP tonight. 100 mg seems to be a threshold dose.
    3. 29 Oct: Family meeting, human sacrifices and reality dissolving

      by , 10-29-2022 at 07:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At my paternal grandma's house, fighting with the front door that I think is locked but at the minimum touch just falls out of place. My aunt Ana comes by, very distressed and says I should try again to close it, but only after she goes outside for a bit. She goes outside and warns me about my cousin Cris who is apparently causing mayhem inside, with threats to her parents and whatnot. Then some shadowy figure passes by me and I think it's her, but it is actually Duarte. He doesn't even say hi to me, just seems to want to avoid our family altogether and also heads outside in the semi darkness of dusk, to stand alone and quiet. Then my uncle is in the kitchen, quietly avoiding talking about it when Cris erupts from inside the house and heads outside to lash out on my aunt. I try to rationalize what is going on and say to myself they just need to talk. Then I go to the living room to meet my mom. The corridor light is off and the living room is also in total darkness. I feel goosebumps because of the ghost at the end of the corridor, but knowing my mom is in there calms me down. I enter the room touching around blindly, and hear my grandma's voice. She is clearly hallucinating, talking about some past job and arguing that she can do some task. I am not sure if I should tell her the truth or play along, then my mom suggests that I should pretend, so I sit down on the floor besides the sofa where she is laying down and I put a hand on her body, and play along with her story, making up replies to whatever she says.

      I'm in a world where people of different tribes are ruled by fear of some thugs who took control. Every month or so they select one tribe and ask them to offer a bunch of people to sacrifice. From that group they usually only kill two, but it depends. If people volunteer, then maybe they don't pick others. This time is my tribe's turn and I am part of the group who volunteered to go. I have managed to convince them to actually start an uprise. All of us are willing to die for it, but we want to succeed, so we contact the leaders of other tribes before going. We don't manage to get even one to join us, but I am convinced they will if we start something and show them we can win. When we're there, we're almost caught conspiring but we manage to pretend we're just preparing for our sacrifice. The guy who almost caught us, has a huge crush on me and I know he will not let me be chosen, but he hints that in exchange he will probably be able to keep me as a slave for himself. I wonder how I can use that to our advantage on the day of our revolt, but it isn't clear. For now, it allows me to get closer to him and he takes me to see the location and stage of the sacrifice event, so I use the chance to study details that might be useful. One thing I notice is that a big storm is coming and might wreak havoc the next day, helping us. On the day of the sacrifice, our leader decides to offer himself and he leads the way. Then he kills the guards and starts the fight. The storm had happened at night and left damages in a dam nearby. So we sent someone to blow it up and it breaks apart. The water floods the district where the dominant tribe lives, killing and scattering them. These images are broadcasted to everyone else who then joins us in the fight. We win at the end.

      With my mom attending some conference in a big tent in some exotic place. People from all over the world and it is all in english. I ask if she understands what is being said, and she says it's ok, but I can see she is making a big effort to follow. It is supposed to be about facing climate change and adapting as a society but soon I recognize the speakers and realize it will be a bunch of disinformation and new age BS about changing consciousness and moving to other dimensions. I tell her that, but I think she knows and doesn't care. I cope with the first session, but at the break, I go outside to breathe deep and I am amused at the kind of people who are there. There is a group sitting on top of a wall focusing down on a rock trying to make it levitate. Just for fun I tell them "try me" and then I start levitating. Unlike what happens in other dreams, they actually gasp and are shocked. They immediately know it wasn't their powers that did it, so it could only be my own. Soon I am surrounded by every attendee, begging me to share my secrets and how I developed my powers. But it doesn't happen, because we're attecked by some white planes that look more like disks. People say they are chinese planes but look more like spaceships. They drop some kind of bombs that bury in the ground and implode colapsing everything on top. The ground seems to dissolve in big pixels that and then dematerializes. People run in all directions and just nearby is the city limits. It also gets attacked and entire streets and the subway system collapses pixel by pixel, as if it is a simulated reality being deleted. I am getting tired of running and remember again that I can fly, so I shoot up and land in some other city area by the sea where people seem unaware of what is happening on the other part of town. I need to know where I am, so I pick up a map from some tourists and see a bunch of islands with Tenerife marked in one of them.
    4. Quick Lucid

      by , 10-29-2022 at 02:12 PM
      Walking in the backyard of my old house. I come across a garden, which I apparently planted. It has been covered to protect it from frost. I look at the garden, and it reminds me of a dream sign. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I can still breathe. I think I do another one to be sure, and then realize that I'm dreaming. I decide to go look for Synthos, I think. I try to fly, and might even succeed in getting off the ground, but then I seem to lose the dream.
      Tags: lucid
    5. 2022-08-28 LD #271 DILD LUCIDD infiltrating girls' team practice

      by , 10-29-2022 at 11:10 AM
      [quick entry placeholder, haven't transcribed the voice notes yet]
      + LD #271 DILD LUCIDD Infiltrate a lady's (gymnastics?) team practice, pretend I'm the maintenance guy for the building, they ask me things, I try to BS/put them off, brief ST, they catch on to me, and I make an escape, try to fly away but they're holding on to me, I mange to break away and get away
    6. 2022-10-29 LUCIDD #272 truck, pool, competition, walking around huge building, some ST

      by , 10-29-2022 at 10:52 AM

      + I need to drive a large truck and trailer in reverse gear into a parking garage to (unload/load) some items with another vehicle on the other side of the garage. The cab is white and large and tall. I think this is a very large truck. I get up inside and begin driving, but the brakes don't seem to work [DS!!]. Next thing I know, I've backed up all the way up on to a hill outside (on a ski/snow hill?).

      + [vague] I was with my [deceased 1st] wife, [nothing else remembered]


      + swimming in a public pool. Walk out into the pool area, including a 90 degree turn to the left heading to the long, narrow pool area. I'm in the water and putting on mask (under water) [MEO #1]. I hear and see FrFshr, recognize his voice and his face, and I do not want to speak with him, I swim by him a couple of times and manage to avoid detection

      + LD DILD LUCIDD #272

      in a large open area after coming in from an outside area talking with a group of young people [don't remember the opening/beginning part well]. People are walking around. See a very tall woman. I think unusually tall. I'm really amazed at the clarity and vividness and detail of the scene. I get lucid from the location being very vivid (and not waking). Confirmed with nose pinches. There is an information counter here and I ask for instructions to <something>. I have to ask several times as I don't hear/understand the answer from the woman sitting there. The instructions are to go downwards and inside. I take a flight of stairs down to a platform overlooking a huge open area below me, hundreds of feet below and spreading far and wide before me. I jump/float down to a middle level platform, and notice how I land feather-light on me feet, no jarring at all. I look over the ledge down to the next level very far below, lots of people are walking around down there. I jump down now as well to the bottom level, it's a really far fall but and I move fairly quickly down but land very very softly on my feet again. Look around, there are a lot of old people like old women, and I tsk at my dreaming brain for trolling me and not providing beautiful people. Find an attractive younger woman, engage with her, she's enthusiastic, dream fades
      [MEO #1]

      ... and then I'm back in the scene, at least semi-lucid, and look for some more people to interact with, find one, brief encounter, then the dream fades

      + Later: ST scene [MEO #2] Cartoony-style graphics

      + Some sort of team, we're in competition with them, in an outdoor but covered area with large (playground-sized) pipes running diagonally up to the roof. Someone asks me to perform, I (sneeze?) and feel a huge pile of snot land on my upper lip, I ask for a handkerchief to wipe it off, but my agent abandons me at this point and goes with the other team and will promote them instead of us, I feel betrayed
    7. 26 Oct: Lucid explorations, tiger turns into beautiful girl and we make out

      by , 10-26-2022 at 08:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I get lucid while at some old building and I admire the intricate details of it and feel the textures of wood and other materials. I feel like this place is absolutely identical to some place I have been in RL, but in actual fact I don't recall any instance where I have been at this building, at least not in this life. I walk into a large balcony, don't know what to do next, so I just observe and think about it a bit more. Then I see a beautiful tree with pink flowers and I feel like making rain such beautiful flowers from the sky. But instead, I just make it rain, normal water. Then I float down to the open ground below and I get surrounded by people of different african tribes coming out of nowhere. They seem startled by something. At first I think it is of my powers, but then a couple white ladies erupt through the crowd and they come dragging a tiger which apparently is unconscious. That seems to be what was making everybody nervous. Unexpectedly, the tiger regains consciousness and everyone runs in panic. I run to the tree. Then I remember tigers can also climb trees. As I struggle to hop on the lowest tree branches, and not exactly suceeding, I feel the tiger behind me and that dreadful feeling that I am about to die. Then I remember I am just dreaming and I can do anything. So the tiger becomes a beautiful lady, completely naked and a bit feral, but harmless. She does climb the tree and I manage to join her in a flat area between tree branches which makes a very solid platform. I get aroused by her simple beauty. I touch her and she likes it. I kiss her and give her pleasure. Then she retributes.
    8. 2022-10-26 some scenes, had to delve for them

      by , 10-26-2022 at 06:55 AM
      BT ~22:45
      final waking: ~05:30
      out of bed ~06:30

      No recall instantly on my mind, it took some delving/digging, but the memories then came

      + arrive at an orchestra rehearsal late, other players wonder why I've come at all because my part is really boring, just holding a bunch of whole notes

      + my [deceased 1st] wife is playing <instrument related to mine> in the orchestra, she's young and attractive, she's sitting in her spot in the orchestra group and is holding the instrument in her hand. I think how these instruments are closely related and one person who plays one can at least get a sound out of the other

      + flood on the bathroom floor. I'm looking down and at the intersection of the floor and wall I see a large amount of water, and a bunched up pile of rubber gasket. This was a deva vu as I'm pretty sure I saw the same scene earlier in the night. This time I reach down and pull out the rubber gasket, which unblocks thet water and it seeps into the floor. I think this is also bad as the water in the floor will still damage the house. I'm looking down the row of where the water was before and see (white PVC pipes?)

      + Yogurt/burger joint. I'm standing at the counter of an increasingly crowded frozen yogurt place where you can also order burgers. I'm waiting for my chance to order from the worker and more and more people arrive, some of which stand in front of me, and I say "there's a line!" Some people are ordering burgers. I consider doing that but think that that will take longer. I eventually get my frozen yogurt (white/vanilla) and take it to a table. I see all the gaming (pool) tables all around me are occupied, then I notice that my table is a tiny/toy version, and I think my [current] wife will not be impressed with this toy version of the game. Then I'm playing a sort of fantasy hockey game with a lot of very colorful moving pieces, and where the rules are that I have to keep bringing back my puck back over the half-way line before moving it back into the opponent side. I take a number of shots on the goal. I recall a shiny purple color. [to be continued]
      [continued] My wife arrives. Then a guy comes up to our table and wants to take some chairs. He's very aggressive. I think my wife doesn't want me to give him anything, but I decide that it's better to give him a couple chairs. "here, you can take these two, we're not using them" I say, look down, and see that actually our stuff (backpacks/coats) are draped over them.

      + [earlier, vague] with a bunch of guys who are aggressive towards homosexuals, including signs that read "no effeminate sitting [on the toilet]"

      + View a team of young people standing under a canopy about 40 yards away, they are working on a solution to some problem. then one of the team members is standing fairly close to me, I think I may recognize him
    9. MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

      by , 10-25-2022 at 02:39 AM (MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon)
      Dream Eleven (10.12.2022)

      I had a dream that I was looking at a map of Russia. It didn't look like real life. Russia was divided into multiple parts that other countries were now ruling. I distinctly remember there was one part that was super tiny. Russia had retreated to a small section around Moscow. I got a weird sensation when I realized that was what that map represented. The dream glitched. My mom was sending me to the grocery store for her. I ended up in the theme park district but all the rollercoasters were by the road and impossibly tall. I was like "oops" and went inside SeaWorld. I promptly forgot what I was supposed to be doing and got in line for Mako.

      Updated 10-25-2022 at 02:42 AM by 99520

    10. 2022-10-24 some fairly vivid dreams at the 6 hr mark, but no back to sleep

      by , 10-24-2022 at 09:16 AM

      + putting on socks which turn out to be very wide, colorful, all-toe socks that look like a jester's hat; a group of people is going up an external, half-story elevator on a building

      + I'm arriving to a (new?) tennis club. There are people forming up into pairs to play. Up on a higher landing there is a giant who is severely deformed, he's looking for a game but nobody's playing with him he turns to leave through a door, I think that I should offer to play with him. Then we walk around a bit and I'm on a court with the giant. He's serving, and he does so by leaning over the ned and pounding the ball directly into my side of the court, I have no chance and I can't return any of his serves. It starts with me on the right side and trying to return forehand, then we move to the left side and I prepare to return backhand. I think when it's my turn to serve, what kind of serves I'll try to do.
      I see my [deceased 1st] wife trying to make a diving shot, extending her racquet out as far as she can and diving to the ground. There's a young woman there with a bottle of wine, I think all the people here drink heavily, the club is just an excuse to get together to drink.

      + attending astronomy class at university: I have an idea (talking to?) the prof, and I enter the classroom, up at the front, around where the blackboards are, I see through to the planetarium mechanism that he'll use to project the stars onto the ceiling during class. I take my seat and start listening, the prof though is not the one I expected, I think maybe they made a last minute substitution. But he's talking about subjects that are not astronomy and I figure out that I'm in the wrong room. There is a test going on where the answers to the questions is simply an indication of how much you like the question. I move to another room, at the entrance there are men's & women's restroom doors, I take the 3rd door which leads to a small classroom. There are students already sitting, there are not many seats available, and there are no pairs of seats available, so my friend JoTy (company 3) won't be able to sit with me. I sit next to a guy in an open seat on the aisle. I wave to my friend (don't really see him) to show him where I'm sitting.

      + young guys discussing bad luck practices in a crowded bar setting, me planning to say something in French, walk by Zelensky who says something briefly, I keep going

      + talking/walking with real estate professionals (they ask if I understand the "in/out" principle, I say obviously I understand the words "in" and "out"), they explain why they don't work with kids: it amounts to a litmus test question that must be answered before breakfast, and the test is administered in a small separate house.
    11. Rudely Interrupted

      by , 10-23-2022 at 07:10 PM
      Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflict in all my dreams. Lucid and non lucid as well. So while this one was fun for a while it did not end that way.

      G/C +LT

      Rudely Interrupted (WILD)

      I have a series of vibrations. When they subside I roll off the couch and onto the floor. Night light is out so I am surely dreaming. I get up and start walking toward the front door. But my knees are stuck together and my lower legs are bowing outward. It's very awkward and painful. I am having a real hard time making progress. I wake.

      I realize that by sleeping on my left side my right knee is leaning directly on my left knee and that pressure caused the sensation of my knees being stuck while dreaming. So I shift my right knee back some, relax and wait for vibrations. They arrive in due course and I repeat the previous process. This time I manage to walk OK and exit via the front door. There is a Jeep Grand Cherokee that just pulled into my neighbors driveway. Odd that such a thing would occur so late at night. I run and leap in the air and try to fly. But it's very belabored. I can only fly in small circles about 10 feet in the air. So I spin on my back and "backstroke" faster and faster, trying to change the dream scene. Which generally works just fine. This time as well.

      I am now in what appears to be the lobby of a hotel. The front desk is circular and in the middle of the room, not fall from a hall and group of elevators. There are several customers and guests. I am talking with a woman who is very scantily dressed. She is wearing a see thru purple bra, her nips clearly visible. Purple panties and a purple see thru blouse. It's very arousing so I ask to speak with her in private. She exits the desk area and we walk into a side room. Here I tell her how attractive she is, and some kissing and caressing ensues. However we don't have full privacy. There are other people up and about. So we get further behind a privacy screen of sorts.

      This all continues, and before long she's on her knees servicing me. It feels good but it's still quite awkward that someone could see and interrupt at any time. I am quite close to climaxing when some rude guy walks over with an unwrapped condom and suggest I could at least put this on if I'm going to "jizz in her mouth". There is a sense of conflict here. I sense he is just looking for a fight and not terribly concerned about the woman. I sense he's about to strike me and I calculate where to strike him first to do the most damage
      . But I wake.
    12. October 23rd 2022 - Going into homelessness after a fight, and getting lucid

      by , 10-23-2022 at 11:12 AM
      The first thing I remember is that I was at my mom's house (the house that I lived in when I was 3-4). In the dream she was already divorced, and she was talking to her brother Fer about how my younger sister was really ill with seizures getting worse and worse, and cannabis oil helped her. Then I think she said something out of line, and we started arguing. And neither of us instead of letting it go, we kept escalating it... I wasn't going to let go because she was dead wrong and that behavior to me was unacceptable, and she didn't let go because (from my perspective) she's used to being stubborn like that. So it got to the point where we were going to get physically violent, and at that point I thought that it was just better to leave, and go homeless (because I didn't have anywhere else to stay) [Maybe my uncle endured a similar situation in his life. I know for a while he went homeless.] So I left with some food for the day, and with the resolution to not come back.
      When I left, I left jumping through roofs. Apparently the houses were all close together and that was the way to get to the streets. By the way, a detail is that when I left, I checked out. It was like I was checking out from a motel. Anyways, as I was jumping through the roofs I realized I could be dreaming, because jumping through roofs is unusual. Even though I was confident I might be dreaming, I only relied on the logic, so I wasn't completely certain. After all when you're dreaming dreams seem like waking reality. I didn't rush to do a conventional reality check. Instead I kept my mind open to look for any signs that would confirm I was dreaming, while I found out what it was that I should do next. So as I was staring around I saw nice gardens in the houses, and there was an empty, kind of abandoned house, so instinctively I decided to jump to the garden, but since it was like a 2 meters jump I decided to hang on the electricity cables that were hanging across the houses. And as I was hanging and swinging that's when I realized: "Hold on... If this were (waking) reality I would be fried. The fact that I'm not fried means that I'm most likely dreaming." So after that I was very confident I was dreaming. And so I swinged towards a wall, and decided to go through it as I was swinging. Since I was able to go through I confirmed further I was dreaming. So next thing I thought was: "Okay, so what should I do? (Since it's hard to think of anything) maybe I could do the DreamViews lucid dreaming tasks." I knew there were a few, but I couldn't really remember them, until I remembered (wrong) that one of the tasks was to ask a dream character what is it that they wanted? (When in fact the task was asking them how can I help them). So I stood on the wall again, and stared around, and saw many people: some on a playground, and another at a bar nextdoor. So I went to the bar, and from the wall I addressed a group of guys that were drinking beer, and I asked them "Hey, what do you want?". There were like 4-5 guys, and only 1 payed enough attention to reply. And he said "I want the sun and moon". And I was like "Okay (challenging), do you want me to get those for you?" while at the same time I was reflecting on what it meant: "(The sun meant something I cant remember yet [but possible options could be discernment, mindfulness or something else...], and the moon meant understanding)". And before I could do anything I woke up, because of being sensitive to a sound in waking reality.
    13. 22 Oct: Meeting Nighthawk at a party and we get down to business

      by , 10-22-2022 at 08:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Meeting Nighthawk at some party at a friends' place. We end up alone in a room and when I am sure no one is coming and the ice isn't breaking, I approach him and decidedly show him my desire to kiss him. He resists, saying he can't or mustn't, but I insist. He clearly wants it to, but he claims that if he caves in, his desire will become violent and uncontrollable and it won't be possible to turn around. I say I don't care, so we start kissing and unzipping our pants and we... fuck. It is very detailed and graphic, like at some point we talk about how deep he is in and I say he could be more. So, NSFW content... Then some nosy kid enters the room accidentally and sees us. We ask him not to say a word to anyone and he swears he won't, but we know he is going right away to tell everyone and soon a bunch of people will barge in this room, so we quickly zip our pants back and we run out of the room to avoid that embarassment.
    14. Quasi-lucidity

      by , 10-21-2022 at 05:25 PM
      Intense scene of walking down an alley, very dark. I am being attacked by a succession of, what I seem to know, zombie creatures. I am moving my sword perfectly and I marvel at how powerful my cuts are. Around this point I become aware it's a dream. I am still fighting two creatures and after I cut them down they embrace each other as they reanimate. They congratulate each other on the lessons they have taught me.

      Sorry, if this dream seems violent or disturbing. There was no fear or any other negative feeling. I'm interpreting it as my Deep Self telling me I am on the right path.
    15. Two Short Lucids

      by , 10-20-2022 at 10:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on a college campus. It doesn't seem similar enough to mine specifically, but vaugely feels like it. I am chasing some kind of cyborg who has stolen information. This isn't a serious situation, its some kind of ARG. I have another dream character with me who is trying to help me with the chase but he is so unfit that he is unable to be much help. I keep telling him to run a different direction and head off the person were chasing but he stops being completely out of breath.

      I continue the chase on my own. As I move I notice just how agile and floaty I am. I am no longer running, but kicking off walls and ceilings and hurling through the air like I'm in zero gee. The chase follows outside and into a large parking lot, then into the university library. I think I have him cornered but instead arrive in a room of random students studying. Its awkward so I quietly apologize and leave. I go back out in the parking lot and let myself float down.

      Then I say to myself something dumb along the lines of
      "I know I've been dreaming for awhile. Maybe it's time I become lucid."

      I then properly remember my dream goal. I decide to summon Manei, knowing that will help boost my odds of success.

      "Hey, dream. I want to see manei, Right now please."

      A classroom bell chimes and a whole bunch of college students come out in a big mass. I am able to spot her in the middle and get her attention.

      "Hey, hey Manei. Did you... make friends with the whole class?"

      "Yes!" She shouts excitedly. "The people here are so friendly!"

      "That's great. Hey I-"

      Very abrupt awakening.


      My dad wants to visit his new church and it saking me with him. He says he doesn't want to influence my spiritual beliefs but that I do have to wear a uniform to go inside while he does his business in it and hands me a red shirt with a starfleet logo on it. He then explains that this is the church of Startrekism and they are rivals to the church of Jediism. It is a small and unassuming building on the outside but on the inside its a massive mall food court type location with a huge model of the Enterprise (I don't know which version) on a rotating stand. Its about the size of a large car.

      He goes off and leaves me to hang out there. Everyone is wearing star trek clothing and some people look like aliens with pointy ears and stuff. I ask the guy at the counter what he has to eat and he acts like a robot. I see in one serving tray there is a double chocolate muffin. I ask for it but the guy is busy with another customer. I am mildly frustrated that he started attending to another customer before getting me the only item I wanted.
      I then become Lucid of the dream state. My father comes back, and tells me that lucid dreaming is borgonistic (which is the church of startrekism's way of saying something is satanist) and that I shouldn't do it. I decide that this will only lead to the dream becoming a pointless battle and decide to escape.

      "Dream, take me to a new reality."

      Bad choice of words.
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