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    1. Aimless Lucid Dream and other things

      by , 09-01-2022 at 04:49 PM
      Bug Infestation turned Lucid Dream
      I was in the kitchen of my home, but it more closely resembled the kitchen of my Grandma's old house. I was by the dogfood container and I was going to feed my dog when I noticed a flat, round glass object on the ground that was completely covered in small bugs, it was either baby spiders or tiny brown ants. I jumped back and went to get bug spray, when I saw across the kitchen, through my open sliding glass door into my room was a lifted up carpet, and tons of baby spiders were crawling about, there were a few baby roaches and even a large grasshopper, too.
      I've been having quite a few bug infestation dreams, so I actually made it a dreamsign, so while in awe of the sheer amount of bugs I immediately did a reality check by plugging my nose, and was pleasantly surprised when I still managed to breathe through my plugged nose. I used my lucidity to expel all of the bugs, and then there was a bit of a dream reset or something, I don't know, but I was suddenly on my bed in my room. My room, however, was stripped down to the bare essentials. There was my bed, but of a smaller size and rotated 90 degrees and now perpendicular to the wall with gray-blue covers, and in the corner across from it a small desk with my computer desktop, however where there were once three monitors there was now only one. Also rotated 90 degrees, now facing the wall. I began walking around my room in circles, the walls were a light gray and a soft light illuminated the room. Judging by my room primarily being lit by the light, I assume it was very early morning outside and the sun had not yet risen or completely risen. I was mainly focusing on trying to either add more detail to the setting or imagine a new one entirely, but since it's been a while since I lucid dreamed nothing really happened. I decided I would go flying around, so I flew around in an empty yet well lit void til I eventually lost lucidity.

      Invisible car dream
      I was at my dad's old house, the one I grew up in. It was night time and I wanted to go out to get a bite to eat, but my car wasn't out there, so I was waiting for my sister or whoever had it to come back. It was night time and the street and part of the yard was well illuminated by a bright, orange street light. There was no porch light however so it was fairly dark, but my brother was on the porch playing online chess. Despite there being a monitor it was still pretty dark. He was in some kind of chess tournament. We talked but I don't remember any dialogue aside from him telling me that he used my car, but he left it in "invisible mode". He told me you could see the reflections of the car. I looked out to the street and I could vaguely make out the top of a large, box-like shape due to the streetlight reflecting off of moisture on it. Apparently my car was now a UPS truck. I can't recall anything else from that dream.

      Dad's New Dog
      Once again I'm living with my dad at our old house. This time it's early morning. The sun is just rising, it's cool and humid out, and I can still feel the wetness from the dew on the grass. I walked around to the back of the house and saw my dad up on a ladder, and then an american bulldog with brown spots came running up to me. He was huffing heavily but mostly friendly. My dad said he got us a new dog. The dog kept following me very close behind and nudging me with his snout. I then walked back towards the front of the house and now it was completely different. Instead of grass, there was a cobblestone walkway. There was a bit of a roof overhang with pillars holding it up, and the house had an off-white, stone grainy texture and a red clay roof tiles. There was some woman with two kids that I "knew" and I was now worried that the dog might jump on them or even hurt them, so I kind of kept him back while they went inside the house.

      Dream Fragments
      I remember being on the corner of my dad's old property once again, outside the fence on the dirt road. I was behind a few trees and I remember a truck coming down the road. It was beginning to rain. In fact, it was raining super hard. I think the guy in the truck told me I better try to get inside. I remember floating up to the top of the tree and I think I tried to fly to the inside of the house.

      Another fragment had me inside of a house that I didn't recognize. It was pretty comfy though. Lit entirely by natural light from outside, it was a bit dim because of the rain. The furniture was a grayish color. There was a thin but long living room that connected to a dining room and kitchen with a bar. I think I was waiting for someone and I was home alone.

      I was in my room waiting for my sister to get back. I think she was bringing chocolate milkshakes.