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    1. A private elevator

      by , 08-31-2015 at 08:07 PM
      I'm occupying someone else's body, and I-the-character am not entirely clear on the body's identity. A woman greets me in Korean, and following her expectations, I enter an elevator. I-the-dreamer am aware that the body I'm occupying owns this building, he's the president of a company, and this is his private elevator to his penthouse suite. There are no buttons inside the elevator; I-the-dreamer am aware it uses facial recognition, I-the-character am surprised when it starts to move.

      The elevator opens onto his suite. There are a number of people in the bed, clearly after a party; the body's owner recognizes one of these people, the rest are strangers. I order everyone out; only that one exception stays. He's sitting up against the headboard, wearing an animal's pelt draped over his head, a wolf or a coyote. (It occurs to me after waking up that we were both wearing something else's skin.)

      Another man appears, and he grips this man by the throat. I recognize him; he's the reason I-the-character occupied this particular body, in order to meet with him. He speaks to me, believing he's speaking to the body's owner. I-the-dreamer switch to third person because I want to see the expressions of me-the-character.

      Speaking in English so that we won't be understood by the man with the animal pelt, I-the-character chide him for being "so eager to sink your teeth."

      He says, "Not the only thing I'm good at. But surely we'll still eat this-"
    2. Stupid Coyote Women D:<

      by , 02-09-2015 at 12:05 PM
      I remember standing out on my porch (I'm dreaming at this time) and my dog let out this howl like a wolf, and others responded, mind you my St. Bernard is most definitely not capable of such a sound, damn, I might've been able to use it to become lucid if my brain would actually have noticed it. Anyways, he then ran off the porch to the lawn in the middle of the night, and a coyote attacked him, he ran back to the porch quickly, but died at the footsteps. With which I was rushed over with a tidal wave of sadness, and walked down by his side, I noticed there was a health bar that was completely red above his head, arcade style. I then noticed this woman, who looked very menacing, and I somehow knew that this woman was responsible for the death of my dog. I remember saying, "You bitch..." and pursuing and attacking her. I shot these cables at her feet from my hands and they coiled around her legs, but somehow she got the best of me and escaped the constraint, constraining my arms and legs with her own cables, and throwing me out a window. It was a very, very long fall, and I never hit the ground, instead, I woke up after my what seemed to be a 10 second free-fall.
    3. Including gods, shapeshifters, and captivity

      by , 08-28-2013 at 07:46 PM
      A fragment of dialogue: "And you will be trusted with it. Again."

      (Woke up at 7:50 am, after getting to bed at 4:30 am. Back to sleep.)

      I'm reading a multi-volume autobiography. This particular chapter is describing a vision the author had at a young age, and what he thought about that - not about the content of the vision, but the act of having one.

      A man is being held captive by a coyote god, or rather a coyote spirit which has temporarily become a god, taking on a human but coyote-headed physical form. They're surrounded by baby spiders acting as helpful servants. This man had been searching for his wife, refusing to believe the reports of her death, and his search led him here.

      As Haruka/Onikui, I'm chained in a cell, with Minamoto Raikou standing over me with the keys.

      (Woke at 9:04. Back to sleep.)

      "They had more passion, ordinary things; and it didn't do to tempt the passions of ordinary things in passing." The thoughts of a woman who had a man over to eat together with her mother and her daughter, flirting and enjoying it, but with this thought in her head.

      (Woke at 10:28. Back to sleep - but I woke up roughly every half hour after that, and I kept running into that problem where, half-awake, I think about writing a dream down and mistake that thought for having actually done it, and so forget the dream. Nonetheless I wound up with two more pages of notes, mostly too dull to bother writing out in detail.)

      Very dull dreams from the rest of the night included discussions of my control issues, a man taking the shape of a three-eyed bat with a green-and-gold mask, watching the sunset, farm work, bear hunting, anatomy studies, a vampire movie starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, the death of Mickey Mouse while he was nobly saving Donald Duck, my IRL civilian sister as a military police officer in training, a werewolf-hunting father and daughter giving a werewolf shelter in their home, and a sitcom about hobbits with fangs.

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    4. yes i know.. im behind on the times.. sept 28 bombing of an abandoned highway.

      by , 01-05-2011 at 01:15 AM
      going to blow up a bomb (call of duty like bomb) with conor on an abandoned highway. There was a skinny coyote walking around about 15 steps away from the bomb, i was look out and keeping the coyote away i guess. conor was planting the bomb near a dead end of the highway that dropped into water about 15-20 ft below. Conor hits the coyote and the coyote bites back but i grab it to hold it down. then i woke up
    5. Zombies, eat some shoe. Sept 19...Im behind :/

      by , 01-04-2011 at 03:58 AM
      It's night, but not necessarily too dark though. I was outside kicking zombie ass near a man made lake about the size of lake arlington in a more natural setting. I ran to the left side but realized i needed to activate a gate. so i ran back the path to the right side kickin zombie ass along the way. then i ran back after i did whatever to the left side passed through a grassy and natural area almost covering the nights sky, I headed toward a highway and saw a coyote come, i scared it a little, but it kept coming back more and more pissed. eventually i got bit, so i kicked it.