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    1. 5 Dec; Shoes, shoplifter and a Korean movie

      by , 12-05-2018 at 10:00 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Once again at my friend Zilla's home, actually her mom's. I go outside on the neighborhood for a walk and find lots of new shoes from a shop discarded by the dumpster. Some are still in the original boxes, but I will need bags to carry them with me. My friends, Zilla and Licas, they come by and we arrange to go get bags at home to rescue those shoes. At some point I am there guarding it so that no one else takes it and a couple of policemen comes ask me what I am doing. They think I am responsible for all those shoes on the ground and I could get a fine for it. But I explain what I am actually doing and ask if they can wait for my friends to come with bags.

      Later on a department store, a vintage thing, looks like it's the 1930's. I am with a friend, a cute curly blond lady. She sees another lady she dislikes, paying for some very luxurious towels and leaving them unattended at the cashier's balcony. In a moment of distraction of the cashier, she steals the towels and runs towards me, so we go away before anyone notices. I become accidentally involved. We head to an elevator and she acts all paranoid as we descend to the garage level. I actually think she might have gotten away with it. I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie. I go home by train. Unfortunately there must have been witnesses or something, because days later I receive a notification to pay for the towels she stole - they considered me accomplice - and they even charged me 9€ for a pen I took by mistake that I had used to sign a cheque.

      Some epic story, I think in China , but could be in Korea, Mongolia. This one felt a bit like a Bong Joon-ho movie. It was about some invaders, from another kingdom or tribe, and some people being driven out of their lands and persecuted. Their rulers are probably dead but there is a prince and a princess whom they believe are still alive but were captured. They escape through the mountains and reach an arid plateau. they are walking in two parallel lines along a path crossing the plateau, when their prince and princess appear at the end of the lines, running, looking beaten down. They rejoice, happy that they escaped. Unfortunately they were being followed by the enemy army, which is coming ready for an ambush. They have like a giant white sleeve-like trap they pull along the line of people, capturing them like fish in a net. I don't know how it is possible, but it works. And I am trapped with them.

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    2. #19: Theoretical / Languages / Amusementpark / Wacky village

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:09 AM

      Fragment: Theoretical
      My exam period is coming up, so I've spent most of my day studying. As I drift off to sleep, thoughts about what I studied today come to me. It's a highly theoretical subject. I'm not a 100% sure, but it definitely feels like I was dreaming instead of just thinking. I remember being impressed that [..?] knows all of these things and knows how to explain it [my course material]. I don't remember there being any images. Not real sounds either. Just.. thoughts. Something abstract. Fits well with the abstractness of the course material

      Dream 1: Washing the laptop
      I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, except it's my laptop that I'm washing. It looks exactly like it should look. First I'm scared for a moment (my laptop is wet!), but then I quickly start to believe that's totally fine. It's still functioning, it's turned on. It should be turned off while I'm washing it though, for safety reasons.

      Dream 2: Languages
      I'm with one of my best friends, an Asian guy. He's really into animes, to the point where he has learned a little bit of Japanese from them. I see a couple of books on his bookshelf. One set is about learning Japanese. The other.. I believe Korean. They all look similar, as if they're from the same series of books, but on different languages. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he's learning 2 languages at once. Also by the fact that he's learning Korean. I didn't know he cared for the language.

      Dream 3: Amusementpark
      I'm with my girlfriend, somewhere outside during the day. The weather is slightly depressing, a bit dark. We're near a station. We're going to take what looks like a subway. I have to help her climb into it, as the entrance is just an opening perhaps a metre of the ground.

      We are in the amusementpark, inside a shop or another building. We've decided to stick together with a girl and a guy. Not so sure what's going on right now. We're having fun, that's for sure. I think at one point we decide to rent bicycles.

      Dream 4: Wacky village
      It's dusk and I'm on the streets of a weird village. There is no electricity. Or any other type of modern convenience it seems. I do see an electric motorcycle driving, which makes me wonder where he gets his electricity from. Perhaps he needs to go out of the village for it. I pass two people who are sitting at a round(?) table on a sidewalk. I ask them a time related question. Something along the lines of how they know that X is open or how they know if it's Sunday if there's no way to tell time. One of them replies that every villager asks themselves if the synagogue is open today. But there is no synagogue here? Yes exactly. I find the whole experience strange and can't make much sense of it.

      EDIT: remembered another dream

      Dream 5: Bars
      I'm hanging out in a bar with a couple of my Dutch friends who I met in Indonesia. Something tells me that we're in Indonesia right now. I talk to the bartender in Dutch or English and this feels odd, because I'm not talking in Indonesian. The bar we are in changes at least 1 one time. At one point I see everything as if I'm watching a video, seeing myself hanging at the bar, with some friends. At the end of the dream I walk away from the bar, and perhaps 5 people make a certain move, all together at the same time, as if they're dancing. One of my friend is sat on a barstool and doesn't join in on the movement. The view sorta zooms in on her face and the way the colours of the disco reflect on it. She is sat perfectly still, staring up into the distance.

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    3. A private elevator

      by , 08-31-2015 at 08:07 PM
      I'm occupying someone else's body, and I-the-character am not entirely clear on the body's identity. A woman greets me in Korean, and following her expectations, I enter an elevator. I-the-dreamer am aware that the body I'm occupying owns this building, he's the president of a company, and this is his private elevator to his penthouse suite. There are no buttons inside the elevator; I-the-dreamer am aware it uses facial recognition, I-the-character am surprised when it starts to move.

      The elevator opens onto his suite. There are a number of people in the bed, clearly after a party; the body's owner recognizes one of these people, the rest are strangers. I order everyone out; only that one exception stays. He's sitting up against the headboard, wearing an animal's pelt draped over his head, a wolf or a coyote. (It occurs to me after waking up that we were both wearing something else's skin.)

      Another man appears, and he grips this man by the throat. I recognize him; he's the reason I-the-character occupied this particular body, in order to meet with him. He speaks to me, believing he's speaking to the body's owner. I-the-dreamer switch to third person because I want to see the expressions of me-the-character.

      Speaking in English so that we won't be understood by the man with the animal pelt, I-the-character chide him for being "so eager to sink your teeth."

      He says, "Not the only thing I'm good at. But surely we'll still eat this-"
    4. Robot War

      by , 08-26-2013 at 12:19 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Two parallel universes. In one universe, I was single. In another, I was married with kids. Transport.

      Student. Koreans. Karaoke. Field. A kid. Parallel word. Hiding food.

      Batman. Helicopter. VTOL plane. Building or house. Shield.

      I was partially aware that I was dreaming, and I was trying to interpret my dream while I was dreaming. I was telling myself about people who are just looking for someone to apologize to. I was looking at a hallway.

      Robot fight. Five humans who are 'embedded' with robot structures. Cyborgs. Like a hull with tentacles. It connects them to this super cool, white-colored robot. I saw one of them, a female, lying dead still attached to her robot. Water world. Animated move-like scene.

      I was with a group. We were on a couch. I was lying down. They're beside me, talking. They talked about how only 3 out of 5 survived, and one who died was the daughter of some super rich person.
    5. Korean Ice Cream

      by , 08-01-2013 at 01:37 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trip or a retreat of sorts. There were people of other nationalities. I remember getting an ice cream from a Korean shop, with two Korean women. Dad was there somewhere.

      I sat down by grocery area.
    6. Board Game Online

      by , 10-26-2012 at 01:56 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Last night, I dreamt that I was going to play Board Game Online with my friend Geoff. I don't remember what his username was, but it was all in caps and had the word "REAL" in it. For some reason, each of us was represented on-screen by a Vocaloid shimeji; I had Rin, and he had Kaito.

      I think I also had another dream about trying to read something in Korean.
    7. Snippets 1 - I would have remembered it all, but I needed sleep!

      by , 02-27-2011 at 06:32 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      Snippets 1 - I would have remembered it all, but I needed sleep! (Non-lucid)


      I didn't recall any full dreams today. I would have recalled every last part of each of these dreams if I stayed awake but I was so tired that I kept falling asleep after each one without being awake enough if you get what I mean. I did try to tell myself to do a reality check when I was falling asleep after one of the dreams, but it must have failed.

      Snippet A: Korean
      I've been playing Crysis 1 a lot recently. I think that's why a Korean soldier appeared in this dream. Two videogames merged, actually. The base in STALKER where the guy tells you to get out of here was the location, and the Korean from Crysis was walking on the platform. He got taken out by somebody and brutally murdered. I don't want to know if it was me or not.

      Snippet B: I'm not your buddy, guy
      I'm not sure what this snippet meant, if anything. I remember seeing the warehouse area from the previous snippet being here, except now we (I'm fairly sure I was in a group) were on an iceberg. There were several civillians on a peninsula-esque area and we blew up the ice to send them adrift. There was blood in the warehouse.

      Snippet C: Super Bus Escape
      I was in a very familiar dream location that I often forget. There's this ASDA in Bournemouth that I always got dragged to as a kid, and thus it entered my dreams when I was that age. I completely forgot about it. It's like a giant hole in the ground that connects to what I think are docks, and there's a huge-ass parking lot nearby it too. It's amazing how it works and I always used to have the same dream about it when I was little; my mum would park there, we would go up in a huge lift (elevator) and we would do some shopping. But this time, I was my current self, and I was very lost in the lower levels, where I've never been before. I made my way up to the top using my phone's GPS and I remember going through a garage and picking up a mop at some point

      Snippet D: Kidstuck
      In this snippet, some little kids walked past me at a bus stop and I called them something which upset them (not sure what I said). Then they all cloned themselves and pinned me down arm by arm, leg by leg and then ran off with my bag. I grabbed one of them and started scanning the nearby shops (it was downtown) for my bag back.

      So those are the strange but exciting snippets from yesterday. I don't consider this to count towards my amount of dreams recalled as they were all tiny snippets, but they were possibly the most vivid dreams to date that I've had. 100mg b6, 15mg zinc and a co-operative B-complex were taken about half an hour before sleep.
    8. Precognitive dream of a certain kind of letter

      by , 11-06-1996 at 05:06 PM
      Morning of November 6, 1996. Wednesday.

      I opened one of my journals randomly and noticed that it included the usual instance of precognition (of which I did not always record in detail as it was too common - in fact, there were days when it was almost continuous on a conscious level, but spontaneous and usually impersonal).

      I have that November 6th (Wednesday) in 1996 was a “good day” but had recorded a strangely negative dream of being a homeless person; an “old drunk”, I think (which is about as far from my real nature as conceivably possible) of a completely different background (white Australian, I think), and being yelled at by a Korean woman from a nearby church mission. I do not understand what she is saying. I am mostly sleeping on the sidewalks in a larger city - not exactly sure where, perhaps Sydney. There was no reason for me to have dreamt this.

      On the next day, Thursday, November 7, 1996 - I had gotten a completely unexpected missionary-type letter from a Korean church. We had not gotten any other letters of this nature and we had not been living there at that address that long. Normally, though, precognition of this particular nature unfolds within the same day, often an hour or two after waking. Similar events have happened often before throughout my life, sometimes involving me taking on the odd emotions and ideas of a letter or cassette tape I had not gotten yet and did not know was on its way. In one case, I actually found myself inexplicably yelling about something (I did not even seem to be “me” at all in mood) when I lived in Wisconsin and some of the exact phrases I used were on a cassette tape an adopted sister (A Snowbird, from California) sent me that I had no idea she recorded - from a disillusioned male (relating to Native American rights) talking who I did not even know and regarding some of the same detailed unusual events. Events like this have happened continuously throughout my life, both picking up on someone before I knew of them (even “unwillingly” projecting their mood), and some sort of remote viewing from an unknown consciousness that seemed a part of me - usually with exact details of an “already known memory” of what I could not have possibly known.

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