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    1. Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage?

      by , 03-16-2012 at 04:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Northgate Fight, Blackout at Parking Garage? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Northgate Fight

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      Some guy in a jacket I believe is facing some random DC that I can't remember. He grabs the person and literally throws them down on the ground.

      He starts moving around a bit, waiting for the person to get back up again, and he is watching the person like a hawk. Then I see a flashing image of Elder Toguro, where he's going to extend his fingers and has a cutlass just like in the DJ entry a few days before where I posted a picture of him.

      Then the same person that throws the person on the ground, for some reason, I'm suddenly on the ground, and I have my arms up to try and defend myself because I think he might attack us next.

      He isn't even paying attention to us, but he turns to us, and I think he tries to attack us, but he was just faking it just to make us flinch.

      Dream 2: Blackout at Parking Garage?

      Name:  Enclosed-parking-garage-2-s.jpg
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      I am walking with someone, it feels like I'm walking with Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, but I'm not too sure on that, I remember him walking somewhere, I saw him in a perspective where you see his bottom region up close while he walks slowly towards my view.

      I only remember something causing a blackout, and a few lights going on and off of what seems to be me inside a parking garage.

      This dream probably is related to the first one because Traditions at Northgate in College Station has a parking garage for people who rent rooms there.

      Oh, and apparently, Kaomea had some guys help me when I barely remembered much about being in the parking garage, so I might as well add a tag for Kaomea.

      Here's her entry:

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    2. Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus

      by , 03-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus


      Dream 1: Building & Glass Elevator

      I remember going to a huge building and I'm walking with a few DCs. In my backpack, I have some statement verifying I have funding for college, and it's a lot of money for me.

      I go inside and I see a lady that looks like she would be someone at a Help Desk. She looks like she's in her 30s wearing a short full body skirt.

      There were other DCs that had statements for funding from different banks as well, and I wanted to show her mine, but I decided that I should go up somewhere.

      I wanted to use the restroom, and it was designed for one person to use. There's someone occupying it, and the door is slightly open.

      He's washing his hands, and he sees me and tells me I can come in since it looks like he's almost done anyway. I tell him "Thank You" and he responds "No problem."

      Then when he leaves, I do my business, I have trouble aiming at first, but I get it on target. The door is still slightly open. A male peeks and I notice this, and then I get mad at him and start to close the door quickly with fury.
      (Funny how someone lets me use the bathroom while they're almost done with it, and I get mad when someone tries to come in. But I guess if the other dude was still doing his business, he would be bothered too).

      After that, I was going up a lot of stairs and felt like a corporate building, and a I knew I met a female along the way, and when I get to the top after talking for a while, the fire alarm rings, and we all decided to go on.

      I wanted to go down the stairs but someone tells me that I should come to the elevator with them. I think it was my mother, and I ignore whatever she's trying to telling me next.

      We're in a glass elevator (sort of, I can see outside though), and I'm waiting for it to go all the way down, and it's pretty bright outside.

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      We go outside and I see an Asian guy that looked Viet that I used to know in High School. He's going after this girl, and it seems he likes her. There's another girl behind him sitting down watching him make a move on the girl.

      She starts to follow them, and they're probably 15-20 feet away from me, I look at her for a while and then I shift my attention to going forward somewhere.

      Dream 2: Sportsmanship at Bar

      I see a group of males that looks like they are on a football team, but they're just wearing athletic shirts like Powerhouse shirts. Two males look like they have the same body structure, and they all gather together.

      The whole environment seemed to be in a bar late at night.

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      One guy comes up to join in on the victory, but since the opponents are close to them, he portrays some sportsmanship and stays quiet until he reaches his group.

      After that, he even shakes hands with the other team to just help them not feel like they're complete losers.

      Dream 3: Mechanical Insect

      I'm inside a building again, and I see this monster in front of me. From my view, it looks like it's around 6-9 feet tall, and it's weird.

      It looks like an insect, but it's a mechanical insect, and most of the colors that coated the metal were blue and green. It starts releasing green goo, and me and another guy are dodging it.

      One person tries to stab literally straight to its heart. One sword goes on the top section, and the other goes on the bottom. A lot of goo is spewing out from this creature, but it just won't freaking die.

      The person sees this isn't working, and tries to go for the right torso region this time, there's more goo spewing out, but it is still alive. The guy decides he has to make some kind of radial attack to cover all sides near its heart.

      It finally dies, and I swear the guy who killed it looked like Zolo from One piece, but I'm just going to presume it was him.

      The dream shifts to where this a male has some cleaned metal base from the creature and it's black. Whenever he adds oil to it, it makes this really hot flame.

      I can literally feel the heat as it radiates and I cover my face and neck region, and I tell the male that he should stop doing that, and he's like "Ooooh okay" in a stupid hippy accent.

      Dream 4: Keiko

      I'm in a building again, and there's this anime girl outside. We (I'm with random DCs again) had to keep her safe somewhere because she's tied up with white rope.

      We decided to lay her somewhere, and then as I start to turn to follow whatever group of DCs I'm with, I see some being near the girl.

      The person looks like Elder Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, and before he could do something horrible to her, a random anime chick comes in to save the girl, but I think she vanishes, which was really no point in her coming in the first place.

      Elder Toguro vanishes and gets closer to the same girl being bound by white rope, and he starts to form a weapon, kind of like a cutlass from his arm.

      He has the girl by her neck, and I see Kurama is behind him, and he's talking like Kazuya, one of Shinobu Sensui's personalities. I found that a bit odd for another character's voice to be one of the main character's accent, but I just go along with it.

      Kurama does a rose-whip attack on Elder Toguro's head, which apparently kills him. We leave the girl safe again, and we loosen up the white rope a bit so that she could move.

      She looked a lot like Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      Dream 5: Aang Crying

      I'm riding down a huge slope with a bicycle, and it's daytime. The road is really wide, and when I have to go up, I end up flipping some object all the way to the top.

      Once I reach there, I see an image of Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender crying as Katara is holding him.

      Dream 6: Bus

      I'm going inside a bus and I go to the back end of it. In the middle are three seats. There's a DC to my right that's sitting on one end. I'm not sure if it's a male or a female, but I sit in the middle of the seat.

      I feel like I took someone's spot, but I didn't care.

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