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    1. Semi-lucid testing the senses, and vampires.

      by , 08-05-2013 at 11:38 PM
      (Technically lucid, in the sense that I clearly knew I was dreaming, but there was no more control than usual and no particular moment of becoming lucid that I remember, I seemed to have simply started out that way. Then again, I can't remember how this scene started. Background info: I recently read something claiming dreams usually don't include all 5 senses, mostly just sight.)

      I want to test out that bit about how senses work in dreams, so I float up to my bedroom ceiling and run my fingers over the ridges of the plaster. My sense of touch seems to be working fine to me. I even break off a piece of the plaster and taste it - the taste is probably not what plaster really tastes like, and it's very bland, but the sense of taste is certainly present. I decide I need to wake up to write this down.

      (And I did. Rather than being any more aware than usual, it seemed more like I'd unintentionally programmed my dream self to complete this task, and my dream self was just carrying out those orders, without me having to take any active control of the dream. I went back to sleep for a few more hours.)

      I'm playing the role of Louis de Pointe du Lac and watching a performance of Les Miserables in french. The girl playing young Cosette reminds me a little of Claudia, which makes me remember the songs she used to sing around the house. Their voices are similar. But Lestat's distracting me, talking as we watch the performance, telling me about his run in with Daniel and how he'd given him that 'choice I never had' line. And then he says to me that really, that was something of a lie; Daniel was already 'for the blood' as he puts it, since he'd met me.
    2. Assorted Fragments and the Cruise Ship Adventures of Obi-Wan-jolras.

      by , 01-25-2012 at 08:59 PM
      1. Something about a rivalry between all the planets

      2. Something about re-reading some books I'd read previously as a child and finding them far too heavy-handed in their message

      3. Something about really strange water-slides, including one with a robot polar bear that launches you into the water and one with antelopes that push you up the hills.

      4. I'm on a really big cruise ship. I decide to go explore, just to see what there is. First I eat some leftover cheesecake from a party. Then I find an indoor train that tours the whole ship and board it. The train passes several interesting-looking shops, and I stop at one (whose name was something like "Cossette Boutique") that sells replicas of stage costumes from Les Miserables. Finding I look quite sharp in an Enjolras costume, I buy it. Next thing I know, I'm being chased around the ship engaged in a lightsaber duel with someone who can't seem to decide whether he's Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or James Moriarty. I run up stairs, slide down banisters, weave around dinner tables, veer off into hallways, and even try ducking into a bathroom to take off my vest and attempt to hide my Force-presence. No dice. The duel makes its way back into a dining room where Darth Whatever activates a switch with the cork from a bottle of wine. I head to the end of a hallway with an elevator, but the elevator won't open, and all the doors in the hall were locked. I'm cornered. I ask if I can have a moment to telepathically bid farewell to my padawan (because apparently I have a padawan now...) and make my peace. He obliges, then runs me through.

      Then I decide to run around the ship topless because I'm totally a ghost now and I'm so sure nobody can see me. But everybody can (though they apparently don't notice the seminudity), and they congratulate me on my excellent theatrical performance.