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    1. Drugs and fighting

      by , 11-19-2017 at 05:22 PM
      Hi everyone!

      I had a dream last night..!

      I had moved into a new area, it was on the wrong side of the city. I was a new member of a group, learning the ropes, and I had always be on guard. It was because people kept slapping drug patches on people's necks. You had less than a minute to remove them, or the drugs would kill you..!

      People were constantly trying to beat the other, so it was a case of trying to stay one step ahead of the others.
    2. Police officer

      by , 10-25-2017 at 11:50 PM
      I had a dream last night!

      I was a male police officer who lived alone, and took in trouble children to try and help them have a better life.

      I remember bringing them to school, and watching from the balcony as the teacher taught them.
      I was constantly in trouble though as I was on the bad side of criminals for doing that with their gang members..!

      A lot of chasing ensued..!
    3. Rotting?

      by , 05-21-2017 at 12:22 PM
      In my dream there was a disease that ran rampant, not like a zombie apocalypse but if you got the disease you rotted from the inside out. I remember clans that lived outside of designated safe spaces that would do anything they coukd to make these safe spaces no longer safe. They would cut fences, leave open gates. One day I was walking in a facility and I wandered into a wrong room. There were large cultures of the tests we all were subject to. The petridishes told another story. We were all infected,we were all rotting from thr inside,just at a much slower rate. One day someone csme after me. I had to hide so I went into a room of the safe house I had never been in before. It was dark and I could not see the person chasing after me,but I could see the green fungus that caused the rotting, gleaming like it produced glitter. Then I wake up.
    4. Stab stab stab

      by , 12-29-2014 at 08:09 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 28, 2014

      I was running around the roof of some strange, giant building that was reminiscent of the Sky Tower in the new Pokemon games. (I've been playing them pretty much nonstop since Christmas...)

      I was running because I was being chased by a giant monster thang. It was like Rayquaza, but had Benedict Cumberbatch's voice (well, the mind-knowing-not-really-speech equivalent of his voice). If you were completely still, this creature couldn't see you... Unfortunately, I had moved a slight amount, and it locked onto me.

      I ran inside, and saw a friend of mine in a pile of pillows. I hid under a table nearby, hoping the creature wouldn't be able to find me. But it had my scent or something, and easily spotted me. I ran back outside, onto the roof/balcony. I stood very, very still, hoping the wind would wash my scent away or something. It came out soon after, looking for me. But there were now many other people, all standing completely still. The creature went past me, and I dashed inside. There was a magnetic knife rack on the right side of the doorframe, and I grabbed the biggest knife I could, and pressed myself against the wall as flat and still as I could. I waited. I could hear it coming back in, having fought my movement. It was now in the form of a human-like woman, but I knew it was still the monster. It had a smaller knife, and lunged at me with it. I somehow held the knife off with one hand, and then stabbed the creature in the chest. It staggered backward, then fell onto its back. I knew it was dead, but I straddled it and stabbed it at least 15 more times, over and over again even though it was very, very dead.

      I don't usually get all that violent in my dreams (and if I do, it's almost always with good reason) , so this was disconcerting for me...
    5. Being Chased and Pain

      by , 02-23-2014 at 04:33 PM
      My dream started off with me at my home. My dad was trying to make something in the kitchen but I messed him up somehow than he told me to leave and I did. After doing something I don't remember I appeared at a apartment. A young cousin of mine told me I had to sleep there with them for the night. He said my brother called and said be careful because of the 1970's killer. That the 1970's killer came into the apartment before with a gun. Than my cousin showed me a gun. I was like OK... Than someone else said keep the door closed. Well, I was laying on the bed and turned to see someone sitting on a baby. I was like oh my god! Move! When was this baby here!? I grabbed the baby calming it down and the person next to me said they don't know. I than got up and left and found myself in my brothers room in the basement. I could see a 2 little girls and their mom but I felt somewhat transparent to them. I became aware I was dreaming and tryed to jump/fly upstairs without them seeing me. But the little girl turned to her mom and said she saw me. The little girl took a broom and tryed hitting me and so I got scared. Than a thought popped up. A long time ago when I wrote about a airplane dream on dream central the guy said it was good I didn't stay downstairs. So I thought it might be bad and ran for the stairs. But someone chased me from behind screaming no! Than grabbed me when I was on the stairs so close to reaching the top. She grabbed my stomach and held me tight. I actually felt real pain and I was like stop! Trying to get up. I looked up and I could see a basketball court with players but than I woke up. It turned out my neck was actually in pain and I could smell smoke. There was a fire somewhere I don't know but not close enough to where I live. So we were safe but my dad closed my window for me cause it smelled bad and I went back to sleep. It was like at 4 or 5 I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    6. 1/30/14 - dirt bike

      by , 01-31-2014 at 05:27 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the front yard, it's sunny as fuck. There's these cracked brick walls everywhere that usually aren't. My dad is in the yard with me, and I'm trying to hide from him. I ducking with my back against a brick wall. I have aerial view and I see him sneaking over. I run from my hiding spot and he runs after me, I hop the front gate, and steal his gmc jimmy (an suv). I get into it an hope that he left his keys in the car. I find them still in the ignition. I start the car at the car doesn't go fast at first, I try to hurry away before he catches up and gets in the car, I drive and see him running behind me after the car, and I see him stop because the car finally accelerated at a decent speed. Then the jimmy turns into a shitty dirt bike,and it's going so fucking slow. I'm driving through cobble stone streets between houses, and through alleys, I go through a short cut trying to make difficult directions so he can't find while the whole time worried at how slow the bike is going. Then I go through this alley that leads to a driveway with this girl washing her car, I frighten her, but i tell her I'm just trying to get away from someone. Then she points me through some trees to a dirt path, I tell her my bike is slow, she put gas in my bike, and then my bike goes faster, and then I realized it also goes faster when I turn the throttle, I think how dumb that I was just rolling and using the throttle or putting gas. Nor the dirt bike is fast as fuck, and I go down that path the girl pointed me to and it lead straight to my house and my dad is still in the street, so I make a u-turn and he begins chasing me, he's faster now, but I'm faster to, he chases me longer this time, but I still get away.
    7. 1/28/14 - people after me

      by , 01-28-2014 at 08:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this government type experiment lab, it's as if I've woken up here in this insanely lit up room. I see a person in a white lab coat messing with stuff on a table by the wall. I get up off this table I was laying on and I go for the door and open it and sneak out without that person knowing. I wander through some dark halls that look that of a hotel. The floor is carpeted with dark maroon and navy blue. I turn a corner and see two female workers in white lab coats, they panic with fright at first, but then they turn aggressive towards me and chase me and yell for other people that I escaped and to come get me. I run back around the corner I cam and into this door, and there's another female in a white lab coat and she panics at first then chases me so I run around into another door and shut it and lock it before she gets to me. Then open a different door and see stairs, I run down the stairs as fast as possible and now the stairs are going down in a spiral. I get the the lowest level, and I sneak into the lobby, I see only one worker at the front desk, he's preoccupied by the computer so I make a mad dash for the glass door, and sprint into the streets of my childhood neighborhood. I hear cops sirens coming from a short distance away. I know they're for me. I run straight in the middle of the street and it's a very dark night. For some reason now I have this long stick, and I'm still running towards my old house so I can get cover, but I see this man in the distance but its dark I just see his silhouette. I hide my stick behind me but at first it's side ways so I think her can see it, So I put it long ways behind me. Then I come up to him and I expect him to attack me, but he asks me what the fuck am I doing and I tell him that people were after me and now the police are coming for me, then he says I can hide at this place he was heading. So I follow him just to the left into this building lit up from this inside with gold light. When we are in I here people singing in unison. I think it's a church. He takes me passed the other people and into this back room, he tells me I can go to sleep in here. I see this woman who looks to be in her late 50's sleeping on this bed, and there's ratty blankets all over the floor and a teen girl laying in one area, and a young boy about 7 laying on the floor behind the door beside a open sliding closet. I take care not to wake up the older woman, I fear she'll freak out that I'm in here, but the girl and boy are awake and smiling at me, they seem happy to have a visitor, the girl motions me over to sleep by her, so I walk quietly over, but the older woman slightly wakes up and looks at me. I expect her to kick me out, but she just seemed annoyed that I was up and she told me to lay down and get to sleep so I do, even though the blankets are so cold, so I lay near where that girl warmed the floor blankets.
    8. 1/25/14 - running around the house

      by , 01-25-2014 at 07:44 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom and sister are whispering about me, so I run into my moms room and go to climb out her window because she is enslaving us. I accidentally knock three glass cups that were stacked on this black thing by her window to the floor. They shatter and glass goes everywhere, I think none of it injured me so I continue to climb out the window because she probably heard that. Now I'm outside and it's just after sun down, there is only slightly light and purple left in the sky. I run to the cement on the side of my house and am ducking the whole time trying to keep out of site. I feel this thing in my foot, I look down and see glass sticking out, it only hurts a little but it is an annoyance more than anything. I lip a little forward on my hands and feet, then I hear the neighbors laughing, They must see me through the fence, then I realize I look a mess I don't even have shoes on and I'm limping and my hair is messy. I hurry around the corner of the house because their laughing was probably grabbing my mom attention, then I hear the side door slam open, so I run around the house once and hear her behind me so I run around the house again, and then another time, then I quickly hop the fence and hide behind someones car and hear nothing.
    9. 1/23/14 - army genocide and hide

      by , 01-23-2014 at 07:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and some random DC's, about 2 woman and three men are hurriedly walking through this cafeteria, it's dim and loud and it looks futuristic. Then we barge into this door and walk into this room that it brightly lit up, we all sit down, I don't know what's going on but I just float along, they're making plans for trying to find someone, someone bad. Then one of the guys shows us a video of who we're after on a little video recorder, we see in the video this blonde girl and this brunette guy who has this man strapped into a hospital bed, and they put a shot into him and say it's to paralyze him and that they need to to do experiments on him, then suddenly as we are watching one of the guy in our group seems enraged he points to the blonde girl in our group and says "That's you in the video!", then we all look at her, he says how could she because he became closer to her than all of us in fact he had a crush on her, she looked worried and innocent and kept saying we don;t understand and that she can explain, I got the vibe that she was right, because the guy who showed us the video seemed suspicious and conniving, and he had this dirty smirk the whole time the guy was yelling at the girl, so I knew we didn't have the full story and that it was probably necessary, then the girl said that the guy strapped up was a zombie and that it was necessary for the sake of all the people, but the guy who liked her was to infuriated and reached for his gun, and by the time we all looked back to her she had ran through the door that led to more brightly lit up lab rooms. They all took chase after her, and I followed, we got into a room that had three doors with windows, one door was from where we came from back into the lit building, one door that led outside to the left gated area, and one in front that led outside to another gated area. This room is lit with outside day light. The girl ran out the front door straight ahead, and she jammed it shut, me and the others realize it's of no use and importance so they go out the the left outside area. I stand in this a room a little longer watching the guy who loved her and the conniving guy angrily try everything to get into that room, she's just looking through the window with a pained look on her face, then she walks away. The guy who loved her climbs up the wall a bit to the vent that leads to her outside area and brakes the glass above, I'm not worried because I know she's probably gotten away so I lose interest because my interest was the blondes safety, so I go out the left outside door, and go sit with my comrades I guess you say. I see them sitting in the shade against the cool brick wall. Then we see the army commander on this tall stage area, he is so mad and he's angry about one of my comrades, he wants to kill him, I turn to him and tell him we need to sneak away because now the commander has ordered his men to search this area, so I grabbed him and we walked through this crowded area around the corner, I hear the commander yelling in a microphone that his enemy only has a shitty shot gun, and I look to him and see he has a sawed off shot gun, I realize this will draw attention to us, but surely he needs a weapon so we keep going into crowds of people trying to hide, then we hear the commanders men shooting multiple rounds into all of my fellow comrades and people begin to run in our direction trying to get away and we begin to run away as well.
    10. 1/18/14 - stay at school

      by , 01-18-2014 at 07:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I realize I'm at my middle school, I'm with DC's I assume are my friends. The bell rings for us to go home, I know my mom is probably waiting to pick me up in the dirt lot across the street, but I want to hang out with my friends, we're exploring the campus. Then we walk near the exit and see this little blond boy, he looks like a 5th or 6th grader, he begins to chase us. I run over to this fence pocket with plants and wait, but then I see him come around the corner and I panic and hop the fence, I know he can't hop the fence so it bought me time. I'm at the bus pick up zone, there's 3 busses, and kids walking every where getting in the busses and I'm aware of the kids already in the busses staring at me from the windows. I realize I've noticed the area too long because here comes the boy. I run in between two of the busses and shove passed students. I get to the end of the busses and see my moms car in the dirt lot, I stand there wasting precious time thinking whether or not I should run to my moms car and go home, or still stay with my friends, but then the boy gets too close so I run across the street towards my moms car and the boy follows after me but gets stuck in the street with cars trying to drive and I hop into my moms car expecting her to be angry with me for being late, but she says nothing and just drives me away.
    11. 1/17/14 - crazy lady

      by , 01-18-2014 at 02:09 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream: I was riding fixie bike, I saw that I was coming up to this what looked to be a daycare center, there was this lady going berserk in front of it, there were police and she was saying there was a pervert or something trying to get the kids, then she pointed at me and said "theirs one", I laughed because I didn't take her seriously, but then she started chasing me and I thought it the worst thing for her to lay a finger on me so I sped my bike up but she was keeping up, in fact passing me, so I rode into a field of dead weeds and she too went in and was gaining on me, so I turned into a neighborhood that I knew well that eventually led to my house, but then I thought I shouldn't lead her anywhere near anything I know because she'll bring the cops there later, so I made a u turn as did she, and I went into the backyard some how of some house, and went into the house and shut the door behind me and locked it and there were a little boy a little girl and their mom was in the garage, i didn't want to get caught by her so I went straight out the front door, but i heard the crazy lady get through the back door so sped into other backyards and got away.
    12. North Korea

      , 08-08-2013 at 04:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 8/8/13

      Last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      As I was falling asleep, I thought I'll try to have a DILD that night. So I was looking at back of my eyelids while saying "I'm dreaming".
      I thought I got lucid 2 times last night in a DILD. But there was no excitement and I'm leaning towards these being false lucids.

      DR 1 - I'm on a street car/trolley, going up slight hill. I sit on the driver's side, by the window. I'm marveling at the architecture of tall buildings with red tile roofs in typical Korean/Japanese style. I'm thinking how cool it would be if it was North Korea, but I know it could also be South Korea. That's when I realize I forgot my camera again (this is becoming a recurring issue for 20 years now).

      I hear the tram's bell ringing and we switch to going backwards. I'm not worried, thinking trains do that sometimes. But then I see the guy in front of me looking back with worry and lady on my right is kinda screaming.

      I look back and as we are rolling backwards, a truck that's all silver chrome is coming up the hill. It is just a few feet away and I cradle my head to brace for impact. I'm trying to think how else to protect myself and I move my leg a little to different position. At the same time I know we are gonna hit, but we will be ok.

      We end up not colliding after all. But we start rolling again, I look back, and there is an elefant coming up tha hill, just a few feet from the back of the trolley. Some light purple liguid is squirting from his feet to the ground, as a street sweeper truck. Again, people scream, I brace, but we don't crash.

      DR 2 - I'm sitting at the table with two man. Son and father. They are dressed in black. I'm still in North Korea. They cooked a feast for me and I feel so bad, because I know they have very little and don't want them to give it to me. There is a boiled/grilled chicken quarterd up on a tray, and something that looks unapetizing, like soft brains or something. One of the man lifts from the chair and in broken english tells me that that dish or recipe is from his grandfater. I'm telling him not to give me a lot, but he says "eh, no, here is another scoop" and puts another spoonful of goop on my plate. I start eating the chicken but I know I have to eat the other thing too as not to offend them.

      One of the man walks by with an IV bag for his son.

      That's when I say "hey, you guys, this is a dream, I'm in a lucid dream. That's when you realize in your dream that you are dreaming". With these words I'm already standing at the window, one leg out the window and a smile on my face. I fly off.

      I cross the street and enter a buildng. I'm fying through some corridors and large rooms of what looks like an underground warehouse. I'm still in North Korea and I thing police is after me now. I'm flying between and over some large stacks of pallets, looking for a corner for me to hide in.

      But nobody is rushing after me so I decide to get out of there. I'm stopping at crossroads and looking around, then turning to direction where the most light is coming from.

      I'm out of the warehouse, flying up some short stairs, ending up in a large marbled hallway with deli shops. I thinking if this is still North Korea and I feel bad for all people there who are not privileged enough to shop and eat there.

      I'm sitting someplace when I say "oh, this is still a dream". not sure what I did after. I feel like I was fighting to retain lucidity.
    13. Early bed time nightmare

      , 07-22-2013 at 08:17 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 7/22/13

      I went to bed at 8pm. Was just so tired from last 2 days not getting enough sleep. Had a bunch of dreams. Then finaly woke up from a nightmare.

      Started out not so bad. Cops were chasing me and two others. Normally, this is fun, but tonight, I was scared and uncomfortable. i think I have done something really bad. So I'm running away up the sidestreet, while cops are on the main street. I'm hoping the will drive by and not notice us. I can barely walk, like walking in a tar. So i turn and walk backwards. This has usually helped and I'm making some progress.

      Then we re running through some corridors. Now I know I have done something bad. A geman shepherd walks in front of me and flashlight he has attached to him illuminates the corridor with weak yellow light. I prod him with my assault rifle and even before i do it, I feel bad about it. But can't stop myself.

      Then a booming voice echoes from the end we are running from. Something about "they are coming for us". I start to yell in panic and others come back for me, because I can barely walk again.

      I watched tv for about an hour before going back to bed. Decided to say my mantra "next time I'm dreaming I realize I'm dreaming". And I also decided to add "when I see blue star, I realize I'm dreaming". There is something about visualizing blue star on the Yoga Nidra cd I practice. So I thought I add it as something new. Perhaps my mind will pay attention to it because it's new.

      So as I'm reciting these two mantras, suddenly I hear mysef saying: "Next time Karl is not there I realize I'm dreaming". LOL I had to get up and write it down. Where it came from, I have no idea. I don't know any Karl.

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    14. short WILD

      by , 05-18-2013 at 12:59 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I entered into a lucid dream, when I started seeing things in my eyelids I decided to make the eyes into something not threatening so they started to form into the eyes of a kitten until I was in a dream and holding a little black kitten with blue eyes, I jumped out of bed and ran to my door with the kitten. (I don't know why I sprint for my door whenever I WILD) I opened the door before I could think up of a scene or place to go but it was to late anyways because I then lost the lucid and began dreaming that this man was chasing me through this house with many rooms, I ran to the back and ran outside on this porch/dock and saw many people on little one person speed boats and I held out my thumb thinking maybe one would give me a ride before the man caught up, then all the people pointed guns at me, and a women laughed and said please please please let me do it let me just do it. and I looked at her shocked and said no and then ran into the brush she kept her gun pointed at me the whole time. woke up
    15. Beach; escape from hospital; old lady wants a ride

      , 05-10-2013 at 07:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 5/10/13

      Last night bed 1:40am - 10:15am Watching The Galaxy Quest

      DR1 - I'm with a friend of mine in a beach hotel. it's already second day, and I realize I have not gone to the beach yet. I look out the door and ocean on the left is in distance. The sandy beach between us is very wide. Some people are sunbathing nearby.

      Something happened to my shorts, so I'm looking for new pair in a drower. There is a green pair and salmon colored one.

      DR2 - I'm in a long, one story building. Feels like a hospital or clinic. I'm getting away. I make it past the main door and outside in a park I'm hiding from a nurse that's following me. She runs towards me and I can't run fast.

      There are some gorillas at the front door. They are friendly and I pet one of them as I walk by.

      Back inside some building. There is a guy in upstairs room and some guys friends of mine. I ask him if he is running from police. I wanna help him.

      Police and FBI are taking positions outside. All you can see from bushes are shiny barrels of sniper rifles. And big, shiny badges and medals. I unwrap an old piece of cloth on the table next to this guy to take a weapon to help him defend himself. To my disappointment, there is about 5 samurai swords, only 2 shotguns. I take one of them and I'm checking out how it works.

      Police chief walkes in to negotiate. I think the guy is doing to surrender.

      DR3 - I'm at the wheel of an riksha type of a vehicle. 3 wheels, one place at the front. But in the back is a bed with comforters. I think a child is there with me, maybe my younger brother. We are in town K, where my gramma lives.

      We are about to take off, when this old, skinny lady lifts up a tarp that serves as sides of the vehicle and gets in. She wants me to take her to the cemetary. I don't have a heart to tell her I'm not a taxi, which I think she has me confused with. But I also have a feeling, she exactly knew who I was. I feel like she as another agenda.

      I tell her to sit down or lay down. She lays down and I cover her with a comforter. She gets up and fidgets. I'm worried she falls out through the tarp side. I see she is cold, I tell her to lay down again and I'll give her another comforter.

      I tell her in hungarian, that I don't really know how to get to the cemetary. She says she will navigate. I tell her in my broken hungarian, that she needs to tell me couple streets before we need to make a turn, what street we need to make that turn at and if to the left or right.

      I'm also asking my brother to navigate. He sais he never been there. I tell him sure you were. Then I'm trying to remember when, and I tell him we were there for our godfather. I'm thinking hard who else, then I remember my godmother.
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