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    1. Insectoid spider-like creatures and my father going insane | [22.07.2019]

      by , 07-22-2019 at 04:56 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Strange insects
      Somehow, in a sort of void which is seemingly somehow between some sort of piping in my flat, I find a bunch of strange spider-like creatures(*). I know, in the dream, that their presence near somebody damages their mind like black mold(**), so I thought of ways to get rid of them. I went away from the bugs to laying on the living room couch, telling my mother about the insects. I then notice that the bugs are walking around behind the couch. Back to the void, I find a sort of mushroom and eat it(***). In my "inventory"(****), which suddenly appeared, it was marked as something with a name beginning with "Momma". For some reason, this mushroom was supposed to help against the insects. I then find myself at a doctor, with him assessing what damage the insects did to my mind(*****). Most of the room was a very bright white color, a strong light above and a sort of chair which could be set to have somebody in a more laying or more sitting position. He pointed at an MRI image of my brain, specifically at an abnormal part of it, using a sort of long stick.

      My father going insane
      I'm in my father's car, my mother sitting behind me and my father left of me. We were driving along a long road towards a sort of small shopping street and a school. I didn't know where exactly we were going, though. Suddenly, for some reason, my father gets so mad he just somehow launches himself out of the car at low speed into a sort of field at the side of the road, somehow from the right side where I was sitting but not, even though he was just at the left side. I and my mother were panicked. I asked her which pedal was the brake again, but she was so panicked she didn't answer. A turn was coming, so I steered into it as hard as I could, nearly losing control of the car. We then heard police sirens. Then the dream ended.

      *They appeared because I had a startling encounter with a very, to me, gross spider I had encountered a day before. Before I went to bed yesterday, I had looked at it again, which was the reason it appeared in the dream in a stylized fashion.

      **As I fell asleep, a sort of crime documentary show had an episode running about babies becoming infected with an unkown disease. In the end, the episode concluded by revealing that black mold is what made them sick. That is what created this part of the dream.

      ***Inspired by an addon in Garry's Mod.

      ****Reminiscent of the Rust inventory.

      *****This scene was inspired by when I went to a doctor to check on a possible pollen allergy.
    2. 2/2/14 - shower

      by , 02-02-2014 at 06:30 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: So the same friend in the other dream fragment who's sperm didn't work, is in a icky small bathroom with me. He won't leave me alone. I need to take a shower right quick because this man is yelling from behind the door to hurry or we'll be late and he'll just leave me. I get undressed and put my clothes on the towel hanger, then my friend grabs my pants and hits me with them, I shove his head and tell him to knock it off. But he is laughing, he thinks it's funny. So I get into the shower but my friend fucks with the shower curtain blocking my arms from turning the shower things to turn on water. I smack him again and tell him to fuck off. Then I get the shower going but the shower has the shittiest water pressure humanity has ever known, so I decide to sit down and have a bath since that's all the shower can really do, but then my friend has his penis out and is trying to put it in my face. So I'm flailing in the damn bath tub trying to get it away from me and he's laughing, so I decide fuck this and get out of the bath and grab my clothes to get dressed, but my clothes are covered in mold and I touched some of it before I realized so I had to drop it. And my friend is now taking a shower and the shower is working perfectly for him and I'm just standing there with sad face
    3. Deleted

      by , 02-14-2011 at 04:39 AM (Torra)
    4. The Old Neighborhood

      by , 01-21-2011 at 05:16 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm taking a shower at my current house, getting my hair wet [I actually had short hair in a dream for once! I think that may be a first], when I notice that the shower curtain has these white mold florets (they look kind of like broccoli florets, except with an open space in the middle) growing out of it, in addition to the flat, green mold that was already there. I say, “Pretty!” when I see the white ones.

      I woke up and remembered my dream. I thought briefly of going to check the actual shower curtain to see if it was moldy, but then said to myself, “That would require getting up, now wouldn't it?” I didn't want to get up yet.

      I'm in my old neighborhood, the one where Houses #1 and #2 are located. I'm on a short, connecting street that slopes slightly downhill [it does that in real life as well as in the dream]. I'm hopping up and down on one foot. I observe that this action feels the same and produces the same results as it would in reality. [Though, in retrospect, I was hopping at least two feet off the ground and falling back down really slowly, or at least I perceived the falling as happening really slowly.] All at once, when I realize what I'm doing and how strange this situation is, I realize that I'm dreaming, and I say, “Oh, g**d*****.”

      I decide to walk around and explore. All the streets are laid out just as they are in reality. I walk up the short, connecting street I was on, turn right, and follow the curve of one of the big, main streets until I get to the corner where another main street branches off from it. From there, I look off into the distance to the southeast, and see a panorama of lots and lots of houses reaching far into the distance on a gentle downhill slope. I also see random images on the horizon, such as a guy who might have been a hockey player. “Wow, you can see really far here!” I remark. The sky is blue-gray and filled with gray storm clouds.

      I rub my hands together to keep this dream going. It feels normal to me
      [at the time; I realize now that it felt different from what it feels like in reality], but when I look at them, they look multiplied, like I'm looking at them from several angles at the same time. I say softly to myself, “Increase clarity,” but it doesn't seem to do anything.

      A bunch of cars have stopped on the sides of the main street I'm on, to the north of me, and a bunch of people are getting out of them. I know not to trust them, so I turn and start walking away from them.
      Then the dream faded and I woke up.

      Side notes:
      It's been an interesting week. A lot has been going on in real life (don't worry, it's good stuff), and I've learned that I have many other things to do with my time that are more important than keeping up this journal. I'll still post when I have something new to post, just not as frequently as I did in the fall.

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