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    1. Insectoid spider-like creatures and my father going insane | [22.07.2019]

      by , 07-22-2019 at 04:56 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Strange insects
      Somehow, in a sort of void which is seemingly somehow between some sort of piping in my flat, I find a bunch of strange spider-like creatures(*). I know, in the dream, that their presence near somebody damages their mind like black mold(**), so I thought of ways to get rid of them. I went away from the bugs to laying on the living room couch, telling my mother about the insects. I then notice that the bugs are walking around behind the couch. Back to the void, I find a sort of mushroom and eat it(***). In my "inventory"(****), which suddenly appeared, it was marked as something with a name beginning with "Momma". For some reason, this mushroom was supposed to help against the insects. I then find myself at a doctor, with him assessing what damage the insects did to my mind(*****). Most of the room was a very bright white color, a strong light above and a sort of chair which could be set to have somebody in a more laying or more sitting position. He pointed at an MRI image of my brain, specifically at an abnormal part of it, using a sort of long stick.

      My father going insane
      I'm in my father's car, my mother sitting behind me and my father left of me. We were driving along a long road towards a sort of small shopping street and a school. I didn't know where exactly we were going, though. Suddenly, for some reason, my father gets so mad he just somehow launches himself out of the car at low speed into a sort of field at the side of the road, somehow from the right side where I was sitting but not, even though he was just at the left side. I and my mother were panicked. I asked her which pedal was the brake again, but she was so panicked she didn't answer. A turn was coming, so I steered into it as hard as I could, nearly losing control of the car. We then heard police sirens. Then the dream ended.

      *They appeared because I had a startling encounter with a very, to me, gross spider I had encountered a day before. Before I went to bed yesterday, I had looked at it again, which was the reason it appeared in the dream in a stylized fashion.

      **As I fell asleep, a sort of crime documentary show had an episode running about babies becoming infected with an unkown disease. In the end, the episode concluded by revealing that black mold is what made them sick. That is what created this part of the dream.

      ***Inspired by an addon in Garry's Mod.

      ****Reminiscent of the Rust inventory.

      *****This scene was inspired by when I went to a doctor to check on a possible pollen allergy.
    2. Grenade and shadow figure

      by , 11-09-2017 at 12:34 PM
      Hi everyone!
      I had a dream last night.

      I don't remember much of it, but I remember part of it. I was walking with someone, not anyone I recognised, but I got the feeling that the two of us were friends walking home from either a group activity, or perhaps shopping, as we were carrying bags with us.
      Part way along the walk I noticed a person following behind us. On second glance he was carrying a grenade..! I was instantly panicked, and tried to get us to move faster. The person behind us was right on our tail though, and he suddenly pressed the button on the grenade. I knocked him down the hill with his bomb, but unfortunately he grabbed my friend's leg, and took her down the hill with him!

      I then woke up, or so I thought.. I got out of bed like usual, and began to move over to my door. While I did so a shadowy figure followed straight behind me!

      Then, I properly woke up!
    3. 8/25/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:13 PM
      Fragment 1: A baby duck is being attacked by a turtle in a small pond. I freak out and hurry to save the duck. I grab it in my hands and hold it to my chest. The turtle disappears and then random people tell me that it's probably ok to put the baby duck back in the water. I'm too afraid that the turtle will come back though, so I try to think of something to do, like calling a shelter or something.

      Fragment 2: I'm outside on a beach. There's tons of people and family members. Someone comes up to me and says that I should meet my other Grandmother. I stare at the person, confused because I don't have another one. But they insist that I do and say that she'll speak to me and like me because of what I did. I walk up to the woman. She's very old and sitting in a rocking chair. I get down on my knees in front of her and she smiles at me, asking me if I'm Melissa. I smile back and say yes. She talks and questions me about what I did.
    4. REX Goes Missing(8.12.15)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 12:21 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      REX Goes Missing
      Im walking my dog REX in my estate. I take my eye off REX for a min and lose him. I start to panic as I know he won't here my calls or whistles due to being def. I think I have a moment where I think I may be dreaming, and decide to wake up to check. I'm laying in bed and realize it's just a dream. I quickly close my eyes and perform a DIELD. I wait for a scene of my room, which comes pretty quickly. I get up and head outside. I feel like going for a drive, so I choose from a few cars. My eye catches the blue viper, which looks pretty tiny. Almost like a kids car. It's parked next to my house steps, which makes it a little hard to get into. I find the door and slide in. I check a few common spots for keys when no luck. The car rolls down the drive way, onto the footpath. I see some teenagers walk passed. I try the ignition, which seems to have something i can turn over to start, but it doesn't work.

      I lose my lucidity as I'm back inside the house. Rob and Bro are in the kitchen. Rob offers me some small candy looking things. He says that they are capsicum candy. I try them and they don't taste like candy.

      I'm sitting in Robs lounge room with Cuzzo. He's just cooked some rissoles and REX goes over to him straight away, hoping to get a feed. I try to pull REX away but I only make a little effort to. Cuzzo pushes REX out of the way instead. I walk into the Kitchen and see that there's rissoles on the bench. I go over and try one, it's bland but I'm easy and enjoy it either way. Bro asks how the rissoles are, and I tell him they're alright. I wasn't sure if I tried his or cuzzo's.

      I wake up again and perform another DEILD which is successful. I'm only in the dream for a few moments before I wake up. I keep chaining the lucids together at this point. At one stage I'm using a phone in my dream bed to check when the picture is clear enough to get out of bed. I see someones eye on the phone camera. It looks like we're both trying the same thing. I get out of bed lucid again. This time I intend to find a women. I expect to see one in the laundry. It's dark and not the best to see. As I walk into laundry, I feel something I brushed passed, which scares me a little, which wakes me up. I try another DIELD which fails.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm playing COC and I notice that a pine tree has been placed almost in the same place as Christmas tree. I almost removed Christmas tree without knowing. This happened with 2 Christmas trees.
    5. Jealousy.

      by , 05-13-2015 at 07:29 PM
      I haven't been remembering my dreams at all recently, so I'm rather happy I remembered some of this one..Non-lucid
      12:30-2:00PM NAP
      I'm at Grannie Annie's house, but it's not her actual house. She has a tall brick oven, in the kitchen, which opens up and you can walk into the garage, where she's storing a collection of vintage school desks. To get into the garage the other way, you have to walk outside. Her house is very tall, has many rooms and has a nursery for plants.
      I found a lizard in the nursery, and I need to get him outside. I pick him up, and walk to the kitchen. "Grannie Annie, did you just bake?" She nods at me. I sigh in annoyance, and go outside and into the garage. I decide I need to set him up a tank.
      I hot glue a book to one of the desks, believing I needed a flat space to make his tank. I build his tank on top of it, then immediately panic. I hot glued one of her prized vintage desks!
      I go back into the kitchen. More people are here.
      "Are you Alex?!" A tall, tan, freckly, older lady with black hair asks me excitedly.
      "Uh... yes? Yes. I am." I say.
      "Ah, you're so funny! I love reading your posts online!" She smiles broadly. "SO nice to meet you!"
      I shake hands with her, saying "thank you."
      I go back into the garage, where a little platinum-blonde haired boy is. He goes over to the desk, and pulls up the book, with some effort. I thank him profusely. He asks me, "Will you play with me? Nobody wants to play today." I agree.
      The scene changes. I'm at the pool, with Mackenzie and AJ. Julia is at the other end of the pool, looking very angry. AJ looks equally angry. AJ is ranting to Mackenzie quietly about Julia's 'attitude, especially today!'
      I ask her, "what's today?"
      "Mother Suicide Awareness Day." she replies.
      I look around. Lots of mothers are here with their children, which does mean that Mrs. T is here. The black-haired woman is here too!
      Then, I wake up.
    6. The Elevator

      by , 02-28-2015 at 07:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #417 - DILD - 8:30AM

      This lucid is hardy worth counting or posting a detailed account but I should make note of it. Perhaps I should start stabilizing as habit.

      I am leaving work. There is some confusion about the time of day and shift I am working. John is there with a colorful case of canned drinks. I thought maybe it was alcohol but he says it energy drinks. I get a strong need for an energy drink. I walk to a store and look but I don't think I ever buy anything. I area turns into walmart and I have a handful of lucky charms that I brought along with me in my pockets. I munch on it as I walk around. I see they have changed the layout of the store and the spot were we were living has been discovered and dismantled (WTF? ). I begin to worry that Walmart will think I am stealing the cereal I was eating so I wonder off in another direction. I hear some ominous page on the intercom and see a manager with a walkie on his belt stop, look up, then respond on the walkie. I worry it's about me so I decide to hide in a restroom. I see some blue sign and head there. There is a narrow hallway and the light flash and I hear some low siren sound. The hallway starts to constrict and I am barely able to squeeze my way out the way I came in. I turn to look at the doorway and see a sign that reads 'Offices'. Oops. I turn around and see the blue restroom sign again next to some elevator doors. I look closely and see the man and woman symbol and the number eight under it. I find this odd, but go for it. There are only two buttons marked '10' and '2'. I wonder if I am supposed to somehow do subtraction to get eight. I push the 10 first then the 2 and the doors open. I get and and feel the elevator quickly shoot and while the ceiling gets uncomfortably low. Low ceiling? Then I get vertigo and turn upside down. I see my reflection in the mirror. I am in just my underwear and a t-shirt. The shirt is falling to my face and I pull the shirt down to cover my skibs. I begin to feel really uncomfortable and panic as I feel my neck is being jammed in an awkward position from being thrown upside down. Then suddenly, I remember this is only a dream and fully relax though it take some effort. I recall that I was lucid earlier and wonder how I lost lucidity for so long. The elevator turns right side up and the doors open. I step out, but the dream glitches at this point. My vision is distorted and I find my stepping out as vibrating repetition like in a video game glitch (hard to describe). I try to focus and clear the dream up, but I feel at a lose as to how. After a few seconds I give up and relax.

      I have a super brief FA where I open my eyes and see a realistic version of this dude from Bleach leaning over the bed next to me and in my face.

      Where is everyone from?-250px-ikkanzakajiroubou.jpg

      He's saying something rude about lucid dreaming and the elevator mishap. I quickly wake up.
    7. Lost Vacation

      by , 01-05-2015 at 03:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I dreamed that I was in a town. I was there supposedly for vacation. I was with some people. For some reason, I was attracted to one of the guys. I hugged him from behind, and we were like a couple. We took a tricycle somewhere, near the beach, a house. Later on, however, I can't seem to remember his face. Or I mistook one guy for him. I can't seem to find him anymore.



      - This is one of those dreams with longer notes than dream content. I wish I could remember more of my dream. It seemed important. I didn't do incubation, but I couldn't get the issue at hand out of my head.

      - I woke up in a panic, but it may not be due to this dream. I thought I was going to be late for work or school. It's been years since I was required to be on time for work or school. (anxiety of making a decision soon before it's too late, long-term consequences)
      - I've been experiencing anxiety these last few days because I have to decide something big, something that barely has any benefit to me except to live with a guy I like very much. He didn't let on whether he likes me back or not... he just needed someone to share the rent in a new place, I think... ("vacation" and hugging a guy, other people were inconsequential in the dream)
      - There are a lot of risk on my part: I will have to move all of my stuff, pay another deposit and advance in the new place, be farther from commute areas (especially train). I'm also emotionally involved (seems that he isn't), so if ever he dates a guy (who isn't me), I'd be devastated. But I'll be stuck in the same place, so I can't take a time-out. He, on the other hand, might be able to by simply staying at the guy's place or even his home.
      - If he moves out, I'll be stuck in the place or have to find a new place (so it's another move). Staying would be problematic because the only reason I'm moving in the first place is because he's there. If he's no longer there, why would I stay? The place itself has no benefit for me, except that it's the hub for yuppies, and even then, so what? ("I can't seem to find him anymore")
      - ... I think I'm starting to understand the dream now... (notes in the parentheses above were added after this line)
    8. The Gestapo are Coming; This Kid Will Help Me!

      by , 10-29-2014 at 06:35 PM
      29th October 2014

      Not a particularly exciting one, but I figured I'd plonk it down for posterity, as it's the first entry in which I've began writing "Dream Notes" at the end, in accordance with a Dream Journal Tutorial I read a while back:

      A few recollections from tonight, patchy though they may be. In the first scene, I had gone for a dinner with an old couple; something told me that the older man was either a close family friend or well-known distant relative. He had a gaunt face, was exceptionally skinny with ribbed, wrinkled hands, and was bald but for a few tufts of white hair sprouting up from above his ears; his wife was a large-apron wearing type, and I don't remember seeing her face. Their house was a pleasant place, with an old-time French country feel about it, with rustic wooden counters and floors. We sat down for a meal, though I don't remember what was said.

      There was a drive back somewhere in a black Volkswagen Beetle. I sat in the back with the old man, a third person dream camera focused on us, I was on the left and he was on the right (according to the camera's point of view; it would've been the other way 'round for us). He looked very weak, and leaned into my ear to say something ominous in a croaked voice, something about knowing something or someone was coming for me. All I knew was that I ought to be scared, and I was.

      We returned to a caravan site where I'd been staying; it was typical fare, a few grassy patches, an ugly square toilet block with wheelie bins put out in front of it, not very many trees. As I observed the toilet-block, a horrible thought dawned on me about what the old man meant; the Gestapo were coming, I knew. This was an alternate realty in which the Nazis won WWII! (I've been reading a book called Fatherland by Robert Harris recently, set in such a world, which would explain this). I ran, getting a first person view through my then-caravan, which was pretty messy, with wooden floors and pans lying all over the cooker; oddly dim and long for a caravan, but I thought nothing of it. That scene (rummaging through the caravan) was probably briefly after the scene I had about to write, come to think of it: Through what few trees there were, a little kid came in a light blue T-shirt; he had short-cropped blonde hair. He said something to me, and before I knew it, the scene suddenly jumped:

      We were now on a grassy bank, a large Omega Elite parked on the edge of the hill, and a thick mist ahead, with a vaguely discernible mesh fence only just piercing the gloom. The kid was sitting in the driver's seat, and I was trying to discourage him from starting the car, but he was having none of it; he turned the key in the ignition. I grabbed the key and turned it back, I felt irritated, but no overtly angry.Something told me he was intending to help me against the Gestapo. There was a scene where he was standing outside my caravan on a slightly brighter morning, which looked smaller on the outside, and had a cream tarpaulin canopy over the door; I was standing in cream clothing, the same colour as the canopy, with a mug of coffee, the dream camera in third person; the kid was telling me something, and we had apparently teamed up despite our altercation over the car, but I don't remember what was said, or what happened next, as it was at this point that I woke up. That's all I can recall of tonight's dreams.

      Dream Notes: Slept for about 7.5 hours considering awakenings/margins of error. The dream didn't feel particularly long, maybe 40 or 50 minutes, stretched over all scenes, even though there seemed to be time-skips and jump-cuts. I fell asleep at about 3:20 a.m, dreamed briefly of something I don't remember, waking an hour later at about 4:31 a.m, then fell asleep again until about 11:30 a.m. I would put the dream's vividness about 5/10, and my awareness at about 2/10. Emotions felt: Anxiety, fear, irritation, protectiveness (during the car scene). There weren't anything I've yet recorded as a dream sign, but I think I should start to consider caravans as such, as I realise they've appeared in a number of my dreams thus far. I didn't really bother using my MILD technique tonight, I just told myself that I wanted to at least recall my dream unlike the previous night, which I did successfully. I had to lay still for a while to recall everything.

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    9. Work "Emergency", Chasing and Talking To My Cat, and Working With My Old Manager Again

      by , 08-21-2014 at 02:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work at the bakery. I was walking by a room where the managers were having a meeting. None of them were in their work clothes. I saw my manager there. Her back was to me and her hair was half pulled up in a short, high ponytail. I thought about how different she looked when she was back here working.

      I then had to approach her about something. We were still inside, but I had to wade through this high grass that was flooded with this milky white water. The discoloration of the water was caused by chemicals that were being used on the grass for some reason. I was worried about the chemicals making me sick. I finally got to the other side. I looked down at my leg, and there was this huge bruise that took up my whole kneecap. It then started to move around on my leg. I wondered if I was seeing things, but no, it was clearly moving. I then saw this weird brown streak coming from a healing scab. Someone, a female employee, pointed it out and asked what it was. I thought it was a sign of infection in my blood, as was the moving bruise. I was afraid that it would move to my heart and kill me. I started to panic. I said
      "I need to go to the hospital. Call 911. Call an ambulance!"
      I then started to overflow with panic, thought about the ambulance fee, and I passed out.

      I was feeling like I was buried beneath consciousness; I felt like I was out quite deep. I started to surface, and when I opened my eyes, I saw that I was at work, sitting next to my manager, Shannon, on a grey bench attached to a wall. I guess nothing was wrong with me. I looked down at my knee, and it looked better and less bruised. I looked up and asked Shannon
      "What happened? Was I just panicking?"
      She responded
      She then gave me a copy of the hospital bill. It had a description of everything they did and how much it cost. For instance, the used a strong anti-anxiety of some sort to calm me down, and that cost $321. That's the only figure I remember though. It listed the life flight to a different state's hospital, which was in a jet instead of a helicopter, evaluation, and showed that I was good to go home that day because nothing was wrong with me. I felt bad because I didn't want to waste anyone's time, and I felt like I had.

      I then was behind the counter, and I was trying to call my best friend Mk. I got her voicemail. Her voice sounded like she was on the verge of tears. She said the usual, that she wasn't available, and then she started to apologize for something about some chemical company she was apparently working for. Then she went on to say leave a message. I then noticed a customer, a woman, and I quickly hung up the phone and said
      "I'm so sorry! I was trying to call my friend!"
      She gave me a smile and a stare, as if to say she knew and I shouldn't have been doing that.
      "What can I get for you?" I asked with a smile.
      She then started to walk to the other side of the case to point out what she wanted,
      and then I woke up.


      I was leaving the apartment to go to work or something. Dallas was there, and it was daytime. I opened the door to leave when my cat, Belle, ran out. Ugh, I really didn't want to chase her down. I waited, trying to see where she would go. She paused, and then started to go down the stairs. She got to the bottom, and instead of a parking lot, it was a small grassy field. I finally got to her and grabbed her. I remember grabbing her tail and another part of her and pulling her to me. I picked her up to take her back inside.

      Then, it was like she was a child, and asked if she could go out to this different part of the field when I got home. I told her no. I think I told her no because the spot she wanted to play in was muddy.


      Something about work, about me clocking in late a few times for some reason, like from coming back from lunch and being late getting to work. I was worried about getting fired. The rooms I was in for a lot of this dream were dark. Something about someone calling my current manager by her real name, Sherry.


      I was working at the bakery, and had been there for only a week. I was sitting in this very large back room at a long table. Across from me sat my old manager, Sherry. She was my manager again now. Also, my friend Courtney S. from my old job was working there now too.

      I then was in another part of the back room. As I entered it, I saw racks full of perfectly iced coffee cakes and such. Courtney S. and Patti, a lady I work with currently, were both back there. I knew Courtney had done the racks of perfectly iced coffee cakes, even though she had only been there for a few days. I asked her what I needed to do. She told me that I needed to scrub the doors. I think they were doors to the ovens. I then started to do it. I also had to get on a step ladder to clean on this blue, cylindrical fan-type thing. It was caked with bread dough. It was used to cool it down, or something weird, I'm not sure. At any rate, I had to use this special tool to scrape the dough out. I didn't use it at first, but then I switched to it. It worked much better. I kept thinking about how pissed I was that I had to work under Sherry again, when she was part of the reason I quit my old job in the first place. I "remembered" speaking with the old store manager, a bigger woman resembling one of the customer service managers I work with IWL, at the same place I first saw Sherry working there, in the back at the long table a few days prior.

      When I finished that chore, I asked Courtney what I needed to do next. She was telling me how to do the floor. I had to flood it. I asked if I needed to squeegie it, and Patti said yes. I remembered doing that before at a different job (IWL the only job I have done that at is the one I'm at now in the bakery). I started to do it. I saw lots of bread crumbs and such.

      Then, I was sitting on my bed in my childhood room. The bed was even in the place it was when we first moved in there. Dallas was sitting on it with me, but...he was a baby. Like, he looked like he does now, the same size and everything, but he was a baby. I had to try to keep him from falling off the bed. I then had to pick him up and carry him, though I wasn't quite sure how to do it correctly. I picked him up with one hand under his butt. He was so heavy, and it felt awkward to carry him. I had to adjust my grip so I wouldn't drop him. I even commented on it, saying I wasn't sure how to do this right. I then remember seeing his hair styled in this weird, curled fashion, with it being curled in on both sides. He liked that hairstyle, but I thought it looked silly. But it was ok since he was a baby.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Realistic Nightmare and False Awakening, Ski Ball Bowling, Cake, and Roll Death

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into Dallas and I's bathroom. It was very dark. I had to get up out of bed to poop. I started to sit on the toilet, when Dallas came into the doorway and started coming towards the toilet.
      "What are you doing? I have to poop!" I said. He kept coming. I got up. I assumed he had to poop too.
      "Are you really gonna make me use the other bathroom?" I said. He didn't say anything. I took that as a yes. I started to head towards the doorway to our bedroom to go to the guest bathroom. Dallas started to shut the door to our bathroom. I then started to hear noises coming from the living room area, and started to panic a little. Someone was in our apartment. Before Dallas could shut the door all the way, I caught it with my hand. I said something like
      "Dallas, someone's in our apartment!"
      I started to panic, and all my vision went black. I tried to scream for Dallas, but nothing came out. I then realized that I had been dreaming, and decided to calmly wait for myself to awaken instead of panicking.

      I then woke up on Dallas's chest. Phew, just a dream. I was so glad. I then started to hear noises again. I was really confused. Was I not awake? I started trying to wake Dallas up, but he was dead asleep. I pinched him, I tried to yell his name but again, it wouldn't come out. Really? Is this really a dream again?I thought to myself. Vision went black again,
      and then I woke up for real.

      Another 10 minute nightmare. I wasn't asleep long at all.


      I was at a bowling alley bowling with Dallas, but it was more like ski-ball; we were throwing smaller balls at the pins down the lane instead of an actual bowling ball. There was almost no one there; we were the only ones playing. Dallas then said something about how the bowling alley was closing for good soon; it was going out of business. I looked around and I could see why. It was so dead in there. I then went to throw my ski ball, but it slipped out of my hand and I accidentally threw it behind me.

      I then saw a very small child, a male toddler, carrying what looked like a six pack of beer up to the lanes, but it was actually a six pack of ski balls.


      I had these two cakes made for me. I was at work I believe. Both were big and delicious looking with cream cheese icing on them (freakin yum). One had off-white cream cheese icing with red decorations. I had to do something with them to keep them safe or something, I can't quite recall.

      Then, I saw the outside of my apartment. Someone was coming up the stairs. It was daytime outside. Then, something happened; a roll in a bag of rolls died? And it seemed so inconsequential, but I couldn't proceed with anything at all now. It was like playing a Sierra adventure game, where you don't do something in the beginning of the game and you get to the end and you have to start all over. I had to "start over" from a point before that to see if there was anything I missed, anything I could do to prevent the death of the roll.


      Yay insomnia! Again! Woohoo. Also these 10-minute nightmares are very puzzling to me. It has happened to me quite often in the past few months. I guess what I don't get it how am I dreaming without being in REM? I thought REM sleep came later in the sleep cycle? Like, I will literally be asleep for 10-15 minutes for these nightmares. There was one that I was asleep for about an hour. Anyone have any thoughts?
    11. 6/28/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:22 AM
      I was driving my car with someone and we came up on a gate that was half open. A car went by and passed through the closed part of the gate so I drove through the open part. I heard something and wondered if I hit the gate. I got out and there was a huge gash and lots of scrapes on the right side of the car. I freaked out and said "Let this be a dream" and counted my fingers. I counted 5 so I freaked out even more. I drove and wondered how much it would be to fix.

      I dreamt Desirae was texting me.
      Tags: car, desirae, panic
    12. The Tin Man avoiding and fighting feeling and death.

      by , 06-16-2014 at 10:35 AM

      Five - to six lucid dreams in a row. In RL I am sleeping in a hotel, and are doing a lot of relaxing, meditation and energy exercises. This dreams felt like peeling the personal onion. A follow up to the previous 4-5 lucid dreams in a row from 29.05 http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/auke...elp-dcs-58402/ Here I where lucid in between dreams and felt that DC's where helping me attaining my awareness.

      1. Floating borders. Mostly grey tones, but a kind of a "Who framed Roger Rabbit" car was in technicolor at the bottom of a slope near the water. I was lucid and flying. I am sure I was in this dream a bit, but can’t remember details. I was thinking, but not feeling.

      2. Found myself in a open parkland with greens, pathways and benches. There were buildings on the left and front of me. There where pictures of heroes or villains on the walls in beautiful drawn comic book art. Everything was clear as real life, but brighter and in comic art. I became very satisfied with how clear and stable everything was. I took a usual look at my hands, but I felt that it was not necessary. Some people who looked somewhat similar to the ones in the pictures, came from a doorway at the left. They were also drawn. I wondered why I was not drawn, and then I was. My arms became cartoonish while I looked at them. I started fighting like in a computer game with one of the characters, but I did not know how to do it. It felt kind of slow and low in spirit, trying to kick him in the shins all the time. I knew I probably could had boosted it up, but my interest was not in this. The setting was not in any way dangerous. In this dream, I am probably more lucid than in the previous.

      My sleep was not very deep since I had contact with the physical room I was sleeping in between dreams trough vision.

      3. I enter a room witch reminds me of the years I lived together with other students. Its full of people and there is music so there must be a party. I use one of my confident skills, and change the record to a rare and groovy track. A young student woman sits down in the coach next to me, she tells me that she also lives there, that she loved my taste in music, and suggests that we maybe could share a bed. I think that is a good idea, and suggest that we try it out at once. When she lays down, she is shape shifting a bit. She is a bit too thin and something is strange. I can't hold the dream. Again, I just know that I am dreaming. I hear music, but it is not clear. I can see details and colors. However, I cannot feel.

      4. I come back to a similar setting. There is a party and many people. I am still Lucid, and now I start to interact with more awareness, not just react. I go out into a small balcony that also are crowded. It seems to hang in the air over a spacious setting, like a blue screen or just space. I turn around and in the doorway stands an older, but healthy looking man. He is white haired, has clear features and is a head taller than the people between us. We talk. What I can surly remember of or conversation is this.

      Old Man: The God's do exist. (This is a follow up on a previous LD where I asked a DC "What is God") He has the smile of a teacher who wants followup questions. He also does reminds me quite much of a Buddhist teacher I know.

      I: But are they evil?

      Old Man: Does not answer, looks like I have asked the wrong question.

      I: But there acts is not exactly what you can call humane?

      Old Man: Right.

      Now there is another DC standing in between us. He is so close to me that he must almost be standing on my toes. He/she is shorter than me and are masked in a black sort of scarf. He stands completely still as if he has not been put to play yet. I get the feeling he is waiting for the ongoing talk to end. I ask the old man if he's real and at the same time touch his face. He feels completely like a shaven, around 60 year’s old man. I get a kind of grey/every day and safe/family member feeling. Our conversation ends with the old man saying something like:

      They (The God's) are not in any way, what you would consider safe.

      The ninja character, who in until now has been like a statue, comes to life and makes me follow him of the balcony. We go through a short state of grey swirling mist.

      5. This dream sets on the inside. (Inside body?) I have that feeling of being inside an organic cave with a laboratory in it. I get the hospital feeling. It is a mixture of stonewalls, not build, but mountain walls. In addition, some tech installations. I immediately gets the feeling that something is wrong. I became fully lucid in the last dream, and are remaining that here. A DC in a white coat are with me at once and expresses that something has gone horrible wrong with my son. I am on a sunken floor in a small waiting room. The DC looks sad and somewhat powerless over the situation. He gives me the feeling that he and some other helpers tried as best they could. On my way into a mountain hall I meet another white coated DC. He is probably the doctor. By now, my feelings are unbearable. I can see a boy sitting in a chair connected to wires. He's head/face looks literary like a mix between a broken white plate, and a head that looks more like a pancake than a head. I am now panicking.

      My first response, as I enter the scene is.

      He is alive! I thought you said that he was…?

      The first health worker looks down.

      I turn to the doctor and ask, what has happen here?

      Doctor say’s, Double bypass gone wrong.

      I take a second and consider my options. I am fully lucid, which means I can do what I like. However, I am now longer in contact with the "this is JUST a dream" feel I had in the past dreams.

      I scream: Can't you see what you have done! You have given me this unbearable sensation of feeling in my stomach. I can’t stand staying here any longer! I fly through the ceiling while the DC's looked at me in disbelief. You can’t leave, they said, looking restless. I also had a strong feeling that it was wrong of me to escape but I could not bear to stay there. Never, in my whole life, have I felt such a powerful feeling of despair, loss and anger. I cannot describe it, but it was surely a horrible feel. I would have gladly changed it for some severe physical pain anytime. The rage drove me into my last lucid dream. I now demanded to meet death! Again, going through this grey kind of swirling mist.

      6. I met him and just had a quick look at my hands to stabilize before I attacked. Death was as one would expect, cloaked in black, standing in some sort of fire on a stage. Death had a whip or a tail that turned in to an oven-like black thing at the end with a gate that opened that was made of black bars. I dived in to it. First, the dream was all black, I did not know what to expect. Then it shifted into vaguely contours on the walls of organic forms witch could look a little like faces. Deaths black tail was in front of me. It was long and slim and had a triangle on the end. I started to pull it. Still angry and upset. Nevertheless, it was just more tale. I felt extremely angry. The thing I was doing felt as such a desperate and useless action. Then, in a last effort, I worded in a deep angry, almost God like tone.

      "COME HERE NOW".

      I woke up...

      This dream and the next has some synchronicity with real life random events. I feel that the team here are regarding not getting in touch with my heart. This is my main goal in life and this was a great opportunity to practice compassion for others and myself. Instead, I go into uncontrolled rage and try to kill death. I was off course scared when I woke, with that request to Death still ringing in my head.
      Around the same time in RL, right after this dream, I was going to act in the wizard of OZ. Which I think, strangely enough, I have never seen or read. Before someone would ask me to do the role as the tin man, and before I knew anything about it. I did a google search on "driftwood" witch came up with a picture of the main characters from this story. I remember seeing the face of a sad and grey tin man and thought he resembled somehow the grey Jester from my previous LD. Then the day after, the director told me that the Tin man had no heart and that he would receive on in the end. I remember thinking that this is not a coincidence.

      The night after this dream, my son had a nightmare and woke up screaming. The same night my wife dreamt that my son had defecated a snake. I had a dream a while back where a boy the age of my son, only scary looking, in black clothes, spewed a snake into my mouth. I was brave in this dream and merged with it, but it did hurt so much (more like a physical sensation) in my stomach that I woke. In addition, the double bypass refers to a heart connection.

      One more thing that happened a day or so after this dream, which I did not react to then, but which have later made me wonder. I got a mail from a fellow Buddhist. It contained a form for filling out my wishes for my death. This was because I had entered a course earlier this spring named, “Preparing to die.”

      See also this that may be a connecting dream: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/auke...ntinues-58349/
    13. 1/31/14 - It's fading

      by , 02-01-2014 at 09:22 AM
      My forehead is pressed against another person's forehead. The person is holding my face in his hands and we are both a bit panicked. He keeps mumbling that we have to remember, we can't forget.
    14. Convict

      by , 03-21-2013 at 03:06 AM
      Early in the morning, I was walking around a home looting goods from someone I've never met before. I have an accomplice with me. He's following me through the whole dream.

      There's a room we found interesting just down the fall we were standing on. I entered the room, close the door after my accomplice gets in, but something went wrong. Someone was following us. I'm guessing it was the cops which wasn't a good thing. I probably done something illegal. We both had to find a way out but the only way out was through the window behind us.

      The room we were in was empty. There was nothing here for us to rob. We both were panicking as we struggled to find a way out of this place free. That's when we decided to walk out the bedroom window and escape the area. I was the first one to exit the room. My partner was second.

      There was something strange after looking at the new area I just climbed in to. It was my front yard. I looked around to see if there was any cops around but after checking around the corner of the house, there was a cop running towards me. I immediately ran outside of the home property and next to there street where I found a car for my getaway. The street, as always, was lonely. I didn't see anyone there at the time.

      I waited for my partner and we eventually left the area together in this car.
    15. Kaomea's DJ Entry and Elie's Etherion Going Crazy

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea's DJ entry (Non-lucid)


      So I'm having those dreams where I read dream journals again.

      And guess what? The DJ system is back, glad that things are safe enough to have them out again at least.

      I'm scrolling down down some entries, and they're all a blur to me because I'm scrolling way too fast. I see the basic color of Dream Views, at least the format I have in waking life that's transcended towards the association I see here in the dream.

      I see Kaomea made a post, and I was going to click the ">>" button to get to it. I saw that there were 11 comments overall in her post, and I scrolled down really quick to see what it was about.

      At that time, I just wanted to see who was having a conversation with her, wasn't too interested in the content of the conversation though.

      So I scroll up, and Kaomea has a lot of pictures of very strong sexual nature. She had a dream involving something really sexual and enticing, that she even collaborated a video that matched what she had in a dream.

      But she takes bits of what occurred in the video, and made snapshots of them. In the majority of those pictures, there's a naked lady bending down on her knees. She has sweat and small drips of water at the right parts, the eye-candy....the breasts, near her stomach, her face, and near her vagina.

      These same spots made her look majestic, she was simply beautiful when it comes to just looks alone. Her body was lean, tight, and fit. She didn't have abdominal muscles showing as much, but her contours around her thin and curvy stomach made that concern insignificant.

      She's closing her eyes, has her mouth slightly opened, her dark red lips entices me to look at her face instead of the rest of her tanned and soft skinned body. It's weird to describe the texture of her skin. It was soft, like I stated, but it was also firm too...it was in between.

      Kaomea basically made the pictures stand out more, and used as less words as possible.

      After that, I can't remember anything else, other than being shocked at how much she exposed this female naked.
      Elie's Etherion Goes CRAZY (Non-lucid)


      Let me give you a brief summary on what Etherion really is in the anime/manga series, Rave Master.

      Basically just think of it as a power that can take off a huge chunk of Earth if it's not released sporadically.

      I'm honestly surprised I wasn't shitting myself on how much power could've been released in this dream. And I'm starting to get why I had this dream.........the power of Etherion, its potential to destroy a world and much more is associated with how I'm not holding on to practical grounds in this world, and that maybe my passions are starting to become too chaotic.

      Maybe. Just maybe...I don't a have lot of Rave master theme dreams, so it's probably a sign.


      I'm inside a building, but that main point of focus here is that it's a fairly long hallway. The walls are white, the flooring, I'm not to sure of, it mixes around from blue, white, and other colors I didn't focus too much on. There seems to be some content on the walls, but there's so much paper stuck on the walls that it's too overwhelming to even bother looking at them.

      They all had the same format, but were just in sporadic and random locations.

      Which means there could've been a message my mind is trying to give to me.

      I feel that I'm Haru Glory, from Rave Master, or at least just wearing his default jacket costume in the anime series. I didn't realize this until later, but I had a quiver strapped on my back with a few arrows on it. I also believe I had a sword, but my recall is a bit shady, so I'm not so sure.

      Elie, one of the main characters in the series, seems to have Etherion going full blast, and everyone is fucking panicking on how to seal this power.

      Yeah, that's what happens when Etherion is released...things go chaotic, she goes into a mini-coma, and all hell breaks loose in trying to seal it.

      Spoiler for :If I were lucid":

      I see that various people, that I can't really recall too well on their visages, are trying to stop Etherion from expanding, and potentially blowing up the place we're in. Their magic attacks are not working obviously, it's way too late to do anything.

      Then I get the idea that if magic doesn't work on magic, that weapons like arrows will do the job. I guess the reason I was thinking that was because of the combat triangle in Runescape that I was so used to when playing it.

      In short:
      Rangers own Mages,
      Mages own Meleers,
      Meleers own Rangers

      So I become aware of the few stacks of arrows in the quiver I have attached to me. I grip my bow out, take an arrow out of the quiver quickly, and aimed for Elie.

      But I can't make the reflex to just shoot her immediately. I struggle, because I'm worried that I might injure her. I finally let go of the arrow and it doesn't AFFECT her at all.

      If you skip to 4:43-5:07, that's the power of Etherion, at the initial stages, which is still kind of scary.

      I have no PLAN B, C, D, E, F, G, H, OR Z!

      And because I don't have the logic of Rune Save (the sword) applied to in this dream, I start to get worried on how to deal with this situation, while Elie is in a mini-coma, and the Etherion within her is going crazy.

      After that, don't know how I solved this dream, maybe it just faded away....

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