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    1. A glitch in the Matrix...Cars meshed with horses

      by , 04-17-2019 at 02:32 AM
      15/04/2019 - Non lucid - Choline

      I was in the old west and using an old fashioned camera to take picutes through a window half way up an wooden stair way.
      The stairs had two turns leading to the top floor, the wood was stained pine wood or a dark colour. I took several pictures over what felt like a ten minute period of the street from above via the window, one set of stairs up on a short walk way.

      The photos came out quickly like a polaroid and where there were horses in the pictures they had cars or different types mixed in with them much like a computer glitch when you see a character sitting halfway in a chair or standing halfway through a wall.

      For some reason this depressed me a great deal (it broke the magic?) and I left the building. The dream merged into dreamless sleep.
    2. 12/13/16

      , 12-14-2016 at 07:29 AM
      Non lucid. Parents moving into new place. I'm confused because it looks like a mobile home on the outside in a strange part of town. Really big inside. There was a boy show up (I knew him somehow) and he rearranged everything on the inside. He touched me on the knee. I was worried about cats escaping. People in a parking lot.
    3. Futuristic Aldi's- Gone Sailing- Main Street Carnival

      by , 06-22-2016 at 08:37 PM
      Dream 1: Non-lucid, then Lucid- I was in an Aldis store but instead of it being just isles like the grocery store only it had storage spaces, elevators & escalators. The parking lot was really vast & had valet's & a parking garage. My oldest friend Christian was there & I was so surprised that he was there.. I became lucid because there was no way any of this was possible. I knew he lives so far away & that this Aldis was some kind of futuristic thing. It all screamed technology that just isn't there yet. I didn't have enough money for the valet & he saved me from the embarrassment & paid the valet. Then the dream turned into a birthday party for Christian (not the one I really attended as a child but very very close) & then I woke up. Then the chaining began.

      Dream 2: non-lucid, then lucid- I went to the bathroom & came back & laid back down & started with Christian being there & then he was gone & I was on this sailboat. It was so detailed! It was glamorous & the guy on the boat was not someone from my real life. I was trying to take a bath but he kept wanting to know what was taking so long. I was trying to masturbate, lol. In real life I would never try to do this in the bathtub cuz it just isn't comfortable, lol. But in dreams I frequently have pent up sexual energy. Then I was lucid cuz I new the scenario was crazy. Finally I came out & we were just living a life on the boat. We were sailing along like this was just an every day thing in this glamorous lifestyle. I awoke again & went straight into the next dream.

      Dream 3: Non-lucid, then lucid- I was on our main street drag here in my town but it had different things from different places I've lived in. I had 3 kids & we were enjoying the day because there were vendors & a couple of rides like a small carnival was going on. It was extremely vivid. Then I realized the guy I was with took my kids & I was frantically asking people from the booths to help me. First they finally gave me an old rotary dial phone but it wouldn't call anyone. Then some of the people thought I was crazy. I realized that about half a mile away up a hill that actually looked like our main street here that there was a bigger carnival going on. I became lucid (DILD) & wasn't upset about the kids like before. Instead I started walking towards the carnival with curiosity because it looked so pretty. I went & walked around the fair grounds & just enjoyed the place with all of it's rides. I was noticing that some of it reminded me of a lucid dream I had had a crazy long time ago when I was in middle school. It reminded me yet again that I had spent so many hours as a kid sleeping. I used to sleep to escape my real world where so many things had gone wrong. My happy family wasn't happy anymore & I was acting out. I loved to be up at night & sleep after school & have these amazing lucid dreams. Everyone said I was sleeping because I was depressed & it used to drive my mom crazy. I was depressed but the dreams were a really great escape & now I understand them better.

      Yesterday was a long hard day which left me worried for my mother n law. We had to go one town over because she is just so confused about her thermostat & had it on 45 & is froze up. It could actually catch on fire. I know this cuz my own house caught on fire a few years ago because of my Central Air Unit & I just recently got the air back. Was only able to afford the heat at first. Anyway I'm worried she's gonna burn down her house in an array of possible ways. Dreading going back today because I'm going to need to break down & call my sister n law & initiate a conversation about what the next step is with her. I have a heavy heart right now. It's my husband's mom but since his dad died around 10 or 11 yrs ago he's rather indifferent to the whole thing.

      When I first tried to go to sleep I tried to go to sleep listening to a new lucid dream binaural beats from YouTube. Waste of time & sleep. So when my husband woke up at 2:13 I just sat up & started surfing the net on my phone reading random article's that I hadn't come across before & when he went to work I went to sleep which attributed to today's list of dreams.

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      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    4. Japanese Mall

      by , 04-26-2016 at 06:15 PM
      Non-Lucid: I titled this Japanese Mall because I don't know of a better description. I was in this building in Japan that had rows & rows of people selling things in what looks like a farmers market style stalls. It also was vastly huge like a mall. There were wall to wall Japanese food court style stalls for lack of a better word. It was rather dull looking in places but others there were bright colors & neon signs. But, in between the food stalls, there were doorways that lead up to small compartments where people had bunks in small little nooks where people lived or just slept. There was an upper level in here also. I walked around trying to not be seen accompanied by a young Japanese girl. We did a lot of walking because she was trying to show me around. She was very mysterious as we looked through the isles picking things up & looking at them. Apparently I was going to be living here.... Because I was a white American woman she was trying to introduce me to people & wanted me to interact w/ them so that they would get to know me & wouldn't tell authorities that I was there. I felt all of these people she was introducing me too would be needed soon to protect me while I was living there. Protecting me from government officials due to some kind of war that was coming.... We ducked into a door in the wall & went up some steep stairs until we arrived in a small room w/ bunk beds. Then her father came in & she had to explain that I would be staying there. He wasn't angry but seemed rather frustrated. He was saying that the government would most likely soon start infiltration the area & would go to door to find out who wasn't Japanese & that it would be difficult to keep me hidden. As we walked around more, I was introduced to key people who would now be assigned to watch over me daily, I was being shown places to hide. It seemed her father had much more influence over all of these people & the people were much more welcoming than before. At some point the environment began to feel tense. The raid was beginning & we were running to hide. And then I woke up.

      I have no idea where the Japanese anything came from. I don't even like most Japanese food. Now if they had been Chinese it all would have made more sense. I used to work with my first husband in a Chinese restaurant. He was a Chinese chef but he wasn't Chinese. I love Chinese food! I even have a secret black sauce recipe from the restaurant that we worked in, lol.... I think maybe the characters were Japanese because it would fit more with the conflict in the dream & America's history w/ them.

      Explanation of details-Blue
    5. She became a ghost to hide in plain sight.

      by , 04-22-2016 at 11:13 PM
      Non-Lucid Dream: I was in the driveway outside of this big white house in the country. One of my daughters was there & she needed a place to hide from her kids' father. So I hurried them inside of this house. We heard someone arriving outside so we start to panic. But instead of it being him, it was a social worker. When the woman came inside she saw my daughter, who was now floating all around going up & down halls & up & down stairs. She had somehow made herself look & act like a ghost! This was so amazingly funny to me but I kept my cool when the social worker started freaking out. She was hysterical yelling & telling me that that was my daughter & that she was a ghost & I kept saying "what ghost?" and "are you okay" & other such things acting as if she was having a nervous breakdown in from of me. I figured there was no way she could grab her or tell anyone this because they'd never believe her anyway. It was quite the production watching her freak out. She ran out of the house & my daughter & I busted up laughing. She was still a ghost, lol. I don't know where the kids went. Then I woke up.

      Explanation: Over the last 2 days I've been reading 2 books. Yes, sometimes I read 2 books at a time. I like to read. One is called "A Graveyard for Lunatics" by Ray Bradbury & the other is the first Harry Potter book. So the appearance of the ghost like this was triggered by these books. The daughter reference came from me talking to someone about her problems just yesterday on Facebook.

      Side Notes: Nebulus was telling me about Synchronicity the other day. I've always wondered what all of these little things that inter connect were called. The amount of these that I notice in my life are very vast. Seriously, I have these "Syncs" all throughout my day, evening & dreaming. I'm quite aware of them when they happen & the majority are not typical everyday things either. Any way I looked up Synchronicity & got this.... The reason I decided to read the Harry Potter series again was to enhance my dreams & get out of the too serious stuff & just have fun. Ironically the books make for not so strange bed fellows for lucid dreamers due to Harry having dreams, magic, flying & detailed descriptions of environments.... I originally read the series when my youngest son was a kid. I used to take him to the store for the book releases at midnight & stand in line for our reserved books. (I should mention my husband was also reading them) So when the last book came out my son did't want to go with me to the store that night so I bought 3 books so we could all compete to see who could get it read first. I won, lol. So the series has a sentimental value for me also.


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    6. The Illusionist. (LD) & (6 Non-Lucids)

      by , 04-12-2016 at 07:08 PM
      I was very sleep deprived so I decided to get some rest & make a new plan. First, I reinstalled Jelly Splash on my phone before I went to sleep & played it. The reason for this was to work on details & accuracy w/ bright colors & to just have fun. I did a simple body meditation & relaxation technique that is pretty second nature to me & I slept on my stomach for the first time in about 6 wks, which is how I prefer to sleep. And then I decided I would just sleep, wake up & keep going back to sleep until I got enough rest which turned out to be about 10 hours. I also decided not to log any of my dreams but just to keep track until I had my last one. And low & behold I had 6 dreams! Number 7 was a LD! And I kept w/ my plan by just doing what I wanted to do in it & have some fun. I've been too serious lately trying to achieve the TOTM.

      So here is my LD. I was working as a detective & was investigating an illusionist who managed to steal a lot of money, or so my boss thought. My opinion was that it wasn't him at all & that someone was taking advantage of the timing of the illusion acts he was performing.. My boss said that he would definitely show up at the event that was occurring on this same day in the evening. So we showed up & it wasn't dark yet, it was light out & there were very long lines & because we were detectives we could just weave in & out as we pleased & look for where he might be. We were in this line when I looked across the room & saw all the Chinese lanterns that were hanging about & strings of lights & bright signs. (I think the Chinese lanterns & neon signs may be a dream sign for me. I know the bright lights are) And it was then I knew I was lucid & felt invincible! I knew I could do what I wanted now & told my boss that I knew he was innocent & that I quit. I really wanted to find this guy because he was very impressive & I just didn't believe he did it.,.. He was there, eluding us, but he was there. He reminded me of Roland from Stephen Kings, The Dark Tower series. He would be in one place where I could see him & then he'd kind of roll away & disappear. I searched through the hordes of people & he still eluded me. I thought maybe since I was Lucid I could do something to find him that way, but that wouldn't be fun to me in this scenario. There were all these booths & stages where these little magic tricks were happening & I realized this event was some kind of magician's convention/exhibition or something & an illusionist would only be there for some other reason. They are in a different category than magicians you know, like that would be beneath them to show up at this place & perform ordinary magic.... I could feel him watching me everywhere I went. And then I suddenly realized he was gone. He let me see him & then went around a rack of books & disappeared w/ a smile. And then I woke up.

      Mike & I were just discussing the movie for The Dark Tower Series & how they screwed it up. I was talking about Chinese food today. And I saw a lame magic trick on tv. I know that's where some of the characters came from.... I realized that I had stopped reading my everyday books & have been only reading dry stuff to research the brain about memory... I average 50-60 plus books a year which in 6 wks I've destroyed all hopes of that happening due to doing too much dry research... I have also noticed that other people are having very fun dreams w/ dragons & vampires... I think my brain needs more of that. I may actually reread Harry Potter again due to the incredible details it has to offer which will stimulate my brain the way I want it & it has the familiarity to be easily ready. Not to mention cool magic... When those books came out my husband, our youngest son & me all read the books at the same time which was a lot of fun... I've taken the fun out of my dreams & need to put it back in.

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    7. First successful lucid dream while trying. 2-24-15

      by , 02-27-2015 at 12:12 AM
      I realized I was asleep, it feels like almost instantly. I remember thinking "ok, I'm asleep. I gotta keep knowing I'm asleep" then I remember floating from my bed, down the hall, & to my door. I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I wanted to fly to my ex boyfriends house. I couldn't grasp the door-knob to turn it, so I remembered trying the window. I thought "why isn't this working." I looked at my hands to keep myself aware that I was asleep. And then I thought to physically make the window longer and roll out. It worked and I was still aware I was asleep, but I noticed too that my body was kinda hard to control and that things would fade to black, I even tried looking at my hands when things were black but couldn't see anything. After that I remember being in another part of my town in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. I was a the local walmart in the parking lot. I tried to fly but couldn't at first. The only thing that seemed to help me was focusing on a small whisp of cloud in the sky and trying to visualize myself floating up to it. It worked but I still found it hard to control my dream body. I was kinda stiff. I guess after that I slipped out of the lucidity of it. I'm pretty bummed I didn't get to my destination but I'm excited that I was able to remember at least one tip and it seemed like I was able to quickly realize that I was asleep.

      Extra info: the colors weren't very vibrant. They were there just felt like a gray haze was over everything. Being outside it was gray and gloomy, like before a thunderstorm, but there wasn't big black clouds

      Non lucid dream that happened after lucid dream:
      I was at My ex's, sleeping in a separate bed. I kept waiting and waiting for him but he never came there were 3 rooms joined together, with no doors. I thought of a circle for some reason, like the design of the house was round. First It was my room. (It was His bedroom, but there was just a bed in it) the middle room had just a bed but it had a large woman in it I knew her in real life, her name is Tammy, she slept with his roommate once, their relationship never went beyond that. Then my ex was in the room next to hers. The bed was next to the wall, things seemed kinda pink/purplish and his back was turned to me. He woke up and seemed distant toward me. The next thing I remember is her cooking in his kitchen and I freaked out and threw her down the stairs outside of the house. I remember crying to his friend Chelsea, saying "This was my second chance, this was suppose to be my second chance" I felt like I was refurring to my last relationship before him and how this was suppose to be different. Then I woke up. I just remember feeling hurt and rejected by him, even without him speaking to me much during the dream.

      ( I notice that in a lot of my dreams I'm in a house/trailer, usually broken down and decaying. Not always the same one either. They're different each time. Other times in in my grandmothers house. Others in a school theatre)

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