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    1. That's not what you do in a temple! (Contains vaguely described sex)

      by , 10-05-2016 at 10:40 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      There was more prior to what I recall, but as usual I couldn't remember except some vague bits about reading excerpts of writing in a manor. Then me and other people were observing a room in a manor which had turned into the void, or rather infinite space. Everything in it is utter darkness and you know if you went inside you'll fall through the infinite blackness forever.

      At some point not long after that, I was Satan himself. Not the horned beast, mind you, more like Professor Woland (Satan in the novel Master and Margarita). Either way, chicanery was afoot, and I was going around scamming and tricking people, one I can remember being me taking over an empty manor, and as a police inspector came to visit (presumably because the previous owner met an unfortunate end) I disguised myself as the butler to receive him, and left him as he went to the Master's study so that I can disguise as the master of the house. All of the Satan sequence happened in a retro pixel game perspective, much like The Last Door games.

      Some time later, I was in a temple, or I assume at this point it was already a temple in my dream. I was assaulted by the gorilla, I could feel the text being narrated by a certain friend of mine who occasionally write erotica, and I used the tranquilizer to escape but the tranq dart only served as aphrodisiac to the gorilla's weird biology. Guess what happened next. I was on the bottom. Also Wikipedia talked in my head about the virtues of a gorilla's reproductive organs.

      When I left the satisfied gorilla to clean myself I wiped up with a towel and swaddled myself in it to find clean clothes. It is at this point I realize I'm in a buddhist temple. I went to the carpark and met my mom who doesn't seem to take note of me being in just my towel, and she presumably said something but I couldn't remember. I looked in the car for clothes but there were only sweets.

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    2. Hey, I Can Fly Again!

      by , 12-01-2010 at 02:53 AM
      November 23, 2010

      Lucid Dream


      This was on a night where I wasn't actually trying to induce a lucid dream. Funny how that happens. Also this happened after I absent mindedly turned off my alarm, and I slept thirty minutes or so after I was supposed to. I had school that day. This all happened inbetween 6:00 AM and 6:31 AM
      I was in my old house in the basement. Somebody I knew from school was there and I said hi. It didn't hit me as hard as it usually does but I was then lucid after meeting my friend. On impulse, I decided to start flying. It took little effort to do this. The way I did it though was by looking at the ground and gently jumping, and gravity had no effect on me anymore. I then floated up the stairs hugging my mother who was walking up the stairs, until I floated over her. I went into my living room and did a breast-stroke through the air. It was so fun. Then I remembered what I wanted to do in a lucid when I got the chance: focus on something to see if it gets really clear. So I looked at my laptop's screen. An image began to form and then it became so sharp in focus that I could even see the individual pixels on the screen. It was unbelievable. I was only soon after that it resulted in me waking up.
    3. End of one dream and a clip from another

      by , 10-16-2010 at 01:53 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are 067300, lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      The deafen Daniel dream
      Well... This one's odd.
      Daniel Jackson and Colonel O'Neill from the show Stargate SG-1 are at their base. Daniel's sitting in a chair. O'Neill is holding a long box-shaped metal thing with a circular hole in it, except the boxes on either end are rounded. O'Neill says to him 'this might hurt a little bit,' and quickly shoots his ear with the hole in the thing really close. The sound is indescribable. It's like a cross between a gunshot and when you hit a spring. Daniel quickly covers his ears and frowns.

      The RPG dream
      I remember dreaming this very same dream before.
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, but I'm playing some pixel-y game like Hummingbird Mind. (I have not played Hummingbird Mind in ages, so this whole dream didn't come from it. Besides, I had this dream long before I ever played Hummingbird Mind the first time.) The options were on the left, in small yellow text. I remember seeing valleys, rivers, waterfalls in jungles, and other scenes. Eventually I got to a chapel. I saw music stands there, and automatically I associated them in my mind with the wedding that I played for a week ago. (Yeah, I freaking thought in my head, 'hey, that looks like the wedding' and I didn't even do a reality check...) Then I looked at my list of stone powerups. There were like 40 of them, the lighter ones I had, the darker ones I didn't. There were conical stones with letters on them, skull-shaped stones, and others. Some of these you could find in-game, others you couldn't. I checked them because I was about to fight a boss. Then I went to the boss. The view turned to 3D, but it was still pixelated like pixel games. I was on a small red dragon and the boss was a HUGE red dragon. I mean really, really big. I was faster and more agile but my fire practically did nothing. I flew around him, all the while he's shooting fire that's larger than me, and I manage to make him fall out of the sky. I lad and rush over to breathe fire on him but he gets back up.
      That's as far as I remember...

      I'm glad I'm at least starting to remember multiple dreams per night.