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    1. Blue Haired Lady and 4-ink Pen, Alyzarin's voice, Burning Babies, Around the World

      by , 08-07-2012 at 08:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blue Haired Lady and Four-Ink Pen (Non-lucid)


      I don't know the order of these dreams to be honest with you, but I'll put this one first because it's not only a bloody tease, it's hilarious (at least when I looked back to it again)

      Wow, I'm lucky to remember this much, probably because of that "one" moment that makes me want to remember as much as possible.

      I'm inside a very dark area, and the whole dream itself is reminiscent to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

      My mission was hard to follow, and I believe there was an optional side mission I could do by getting $5,200 somewhere in the area I'm going to sneak in. I know this because some person in the darkness wearing some kind of jacket with large collar sides told me. It looked as if they had glasses on, but it was too tedious to confirm in the dark.

      The only difference in this dream is that the Noise Meter that is usually apparent in the game's HUD is gone, which means the only thing I have to worry about now it keeping myself in the dark. Things start out where I'm inside of a room that's not really full of lights at all.

      It seems to have a style of Japanese flooring you'd see from a mini-temple, and the atmosphere of a work office. Even though there isn't a Noise/sound meter to be conscious of, I think made sure I walked silently.

      (The bar above "SC Pistol" with the square in the near middle is the noise meter in Chaos Theory)

      It's obvious that the person in this dream I'm looking at most of the time is Sam Fisher, but I feel as if I'm taking control over his body.

      I walk silently to peek at what's in the other room that's to the right of me, and the way in is opened completely. I see a man sitting down at his desk working on something, and he's wearing a white dress shirt, with the sleeves folded up all the way to his elbows.

      He has black pants as well, and when I was trying to sneak past him, I accidentally stepped into the light, raising my light meter to the near maximum level.

      I panicked a little and quickly tried to find some dark areas to hide in. Someone quickly asks, "Who's that?" and I start running even faster to the dark source. It was some random DC wearing a dark blue dress shirt and dark dress pants, and I think this automatically raises the alarm system in the building. The music where you're found out in Chaos Theory is playing as well.

      I can even feel that soldiers are going to come in as well. Since the people in the room where I'm found out are unarmed and innocent citizens, I just take the initiative to dash out of the room to a darker and wider space.

      The next room is a simple hallway, and I run to the right, and see there's two doors. One involves lock-picking it, and the other seems is most likely unlocked. I attempt in pick-locking the fancy looking one first, but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

      I quickly braced on the wall to the right of me, and there's a line of armed soldiers who look like Tengu troops from Metal Gear Solid 2 running past me. My foot was at least 1 inch away from them stepping on my feet, and I froze in fear. All of them didn't even know I was there....

      I watch them go to the door I came into, and then turned back to get ready to lock-pick the door again.

      What a flawed security they have! Soldiers with machine guys and metal armor....what a bunch of cannon fodder...

      I get the lock-picks, and when I start lock-picking an interface comes up. It shows a see-through version of the door knob, and I see this in the night vision goggles (I find it weird I only use the goggles for this and not while sneaking in the dark...).

      I get the feel of the lock, listening for any rapid clicking, and managed to get one part finished. I feel around some more with the lock-picks, and finally get the final part. I twist them together and the door opens. I believe there's a door to the right of the new hallway I'm in, and I go inside, and find that I'm floating on water.....

      I go underwater without trying to hold my breath before, and I to my left, I see a portrait of a King with a Crown. The portrait is probably as long as my dream body, and it seems to be covered with some random broken objects. I take them out one by one, and then noticed something sparking on the portrait.

      The crown on the King's head is actually real, and after struggling a bit to move it around, I take it out. Something tells me that this crown is $5,000 or more, so I guess by luck, I finished the optional mission that I mentioned above.

      The dream shifts, and I honestly don't know what I would do after getting the crown.

      It seems I'm back at the same starting point as before, so I guess this must be a dream reset or something.

      I crouch down and walk silently towards two people talking casually. I tune in on what they're saying, but I'm also paying attention on whether or not they're going to close in on my location obliviously. They start coming in the room I'm in, and I decided to crease again a wall that I know they wouldn't bother to get too close to.

      These are unarmed people, so I had to make sure I was very careful in what I was going to do to them, avoid any kind of lethal damage. I think one person was bald, looked like he was in his mid or late 20s, had a dress shirt and dress pants, but I couldn't pick out the colors.

      While I'm staying still, I look at the guy that's like 10 inches away from coming in contact, and I see he's looking down on me.

      I'm shocked at first, but seems he's just taking a quick glance at the floor and back to the person he's talking to that's behind me on the left. After they move around a bit, I finally find an opportunity to escape with ease. I go to a room where I have to go up a mini ramp (or stairs, I'm not sure) to get to the higher level, and as soon as I reach the top section...

      A blue haired lady comes out of nowhere through a door. She's casually walking while her eyes are closed, and it doesn't seem she know I'm in this area because I dashed to the side of the wall, just barely though. I watched her as she goes down the ramp, and it looks like she's the type of woman with an attitude, I'm not sure why, but from her visage alone she looks like she's feeling cranky or something.

      She's wearing a small blue jacket that extends until it reaches her waistline, and has a white dress shirt underneath it as well. She's wearing a blue skirt that goes all the way down and stops a few inches above her knees. The closest figure I'd say she looks like is Misato Katsuragi.

      For some reason, as I'm watching her get closer to the door I came through, I wanted to aim my gun at her. A voice warms me that I shouldn't try to hurt her, and I quickly put the machine gun back.

      I ignore her and continue going my way, and then I hear her footsteps getting closer and closer. I stay still, and she comes up right in front of me. I look at her lips covered with light red lipstick. I zoom in more on her lips, and she slowly opens her mouth in a lewd manner.

      I'm tensed up, and she advances towards me....closer...closer...she tells me,

      "You have something I want, and I want it now."

      I wonder if she's into S&M.

      She puts one of her hands into my pocket, and ruffles around a bit. She takes out a four-ink pen, puts her hand closer to me, and clicks in one of the ink slots for the pen in front of me.

      Wait.....wait....you said all those things in a perverted tone, and that's what you want?

      I honestly didn't know how to respond to this....

      whole dream turned to complete nonsense to me by this point. There's some narration that the same woman that wanted my four-ink pen inside of the stealth camo-suit I was wearing had some slight mental deficiency....not too sure on that though.

      That was a complete tease...I can't even recover from that...

      Alyzarin's Voice (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is talking to Alyzarin, but not really seeing her. I noticed her voice suddenly pitches. The environment and everything else was blurry.
      Burning Babies into Diamonds (Non-lucid)


      I remember stuffing babies inside of an oven, don't ask me why. While I'm shutting the oven cover, or whatever you call it...it changes into some kind of frosty fridge container. Apparently, the babies would be converted into coal from the heat, until they converted into diamonds.

      Once the diamonds were created, the cold version turns on to preserve the diamond I guess. I start scooping out the diamond, but it really looks like glass to me.

      Yeah, I'm not going to go far into details on this, just cruel randomness.
      Around the World (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is going to random places in the world, going to school, and then seeing people trying to go to different colleges.

      The area where everyone was at looked like half of an Aztec temple. The sky is beautiful, and even though I can't remember the sensations of the wind, I'm sure it's perfect weather in this dream environment.

      I noticed one female who sounds British stepped up in the middle to talk about something. She was wearing a skirt, and a small brown jacket that only extended to her elbows. I think she wore a white shirt with some fancy decorations on it, but I was looking at things far away.

      There's another dream shift where I'm standing near a table, and someone is asking me a question, though I can't remember what it was exactly, but I do know that I had feelings of fear is I didn't respond correctly.

      My response was related to how moving to another area would be reasonable. And as I'm explaining why, a mental image of a map shows up, and then an airplane ticker with white dotted trails showing it's path becomes apparent.

      It seems the plane is moving to Madagascar, but I don't know for what purpose.

      There's also another dream shift, probably before all that I mentioned in this dream title itself, but it's just mostly running and following people.
    2. Loli, Gray Font, We had Homework?, Blonde Female in Black

      by , 07-23-2012 at 09:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lolis are for Pros (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and it seems to be owned by my uncle. It definitely is not his home, but I just ignore querying him in the first place.

      I believe while he's gone somewhere, I'm with his sons and the daughter, and we're getting ready to go somewhere by sorting through the bags with our clothes.

      Something feels weird when I'm sorting through the clothes, and as I realize that these clothes obviously don't match what I wear in waking life, or at least the style of what I usually wear
      (which is usually generic compared to others anyway), the others catch up on this as well.

      We finally come to the conclusion that I mixed up my clothes with one of my uncle's sons, the older one that is. I saw that one of the long sleeved sweaters had light gray, dark gray, and black stripes on it.

      The older cousin is slightly annoyed that we mixed our clothes up together, but we eventually sort that problem out fairly quickly.

      I forget all the minor details, but we eventually get ready to go to a mall to buy some things, I don't know what, but we're definitely headed to buy something. I had a hunch that it was something related to the phone that I already had in possession.

      I remember my uncle declaring that it was something related to having Firefox on my phone, which could be a homologous variation from me looking at the Firefox homepage that suggests one should download the app for the Android phone....or not.

      It wasn't a Blackberry phone though, it somewhat looked like an Android or Iphone. The mall we're inside has a blue carpet flooring to it, at least the walkway did before one goes to any of the outlets on the side.

      Surprisingly, I was the one taking the lead when we were all walking, at least that's what I thought I was doing, since I was sure where we would go first. My uncle, aunt, and cousins declared my name, and I turned around to see what's up.

      They informed me that we're going to the Video Game Outlet first, which makes me look up to see what was the name. It probably said "GameStop," and the font was either white on the first half, and red on the second half of the name, or vice versa.

      I tried looking closely to it, but my vision was slightly skewed and blurry when I looked at that specific point of view. Eventually, my uncle guides me to the path to get some special feature app for my phone, which is probably an Android phone too.

      There's a cute lady, I'd say in her mid-twenties. She has nice brunette hair, a little shine to it. She was wearing a fancy white shirt with a slight V-neck cut on the neck region of it I think, and she would a simple but smooth looking black skirt. I think she had black high heels as well, and she was sitting on a metal stool.

      She has a stack of papers clipped together, and a black pen in her hands, and she has a wonderful smile as well, especially when I came closer to her. But it's probably just her being kind to everyone. She directs me on some things, and I just nod my head throughout the whole process.

      I was paying attention to her visage, absolutely enticed by it. Her cheeks had a little glow to them, makeup probably enhanced that, and the way she looks down on the paper, her eyelashes were long and curved up.

      Then there's a section of the paper where my uncle comes close to us, and he tells me I need to sign somewhere. I don't know why, but I started to get angry for some reason. I slammed my left hand very hard on the paper, and I told my uncle,

      "I KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Maybe I wanted to look at the lady's visage more than be distracted, loool.

      I realized the intensity of my scream, and especially towards my uncle, I was surprised at myself. I didn't look at my uncle for a few seconds, because my eyes were still wide open in shock from my sudden shift in aggressive demeanor.

      My uncle didn't express any emotions of me being angry at him, in fact, he continued to point to me where to sign while being in a zen-like personality. The first words I wanted to declare to him were, "I'm Sorry," but something kept me from declaring them.

      To me, it felt worthless to apologize to him over something so petty that I let my emotions get the better of me.

      I guess the fortune cookie I received yesterday ordering Asian takeout that said, "Delay is the antidote for anger" was true.

      Apparently, I was questioned if I like Loli content, and my aunt even asked me in a joking manner.





      I said I don't.

      I believe I sign the paper after that awkward moment, and I can't remember how we head back home.

      Once we're home, I'm sitting on a separate cushion seat. I was basically in the fetal position, except that I was sitting instead of leaning to my side. I held my legs together with my arms, and could do nothing but stare at the ground. I still felt kind of depressed that I would scream at my uncle that way.

      I indulged myself in this depressed state of being, until my Aunt asked me if I would like something to eat/drink. I realized she was going out to get food and drinks for the others, and I go back to looking at the ground and replied, "No thank you."

      She leaves, and eventually, I decided that I should go get something to drink and eat for myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside, going to a supermarket. It looks like Wal-Mart, but I just pay attention to actually going in than looking for the name outside. I walk around to find some soda, and I think I picked up some Crush Orange soda bottle.

      My aunt finds me, and I think she asks me something to related to me suddenly coming in the same store she was in.

      Gray Font (Non-lucid)


      I find some way to insert a random word in gray font on any website, though I can't see what the actual word is. I thought at first that it would go away when I refresh the page, but it actually sticks on the webpage unless I want it gone.

      I think I go on Dream Views, and stick in it random places.

      We had Homework? (Non-lucid)


      I was sitting in class, and a very young teacher that looked like a girl named Miranda that I know in waking life apparently assigned us homework yesterday. I was this close from panicking, because I didn't remember any of this!

      But it seems student declared that she just canceled the homework instead because nobody was doing it?

      Lol okay.

      Then another part in a different class where I thought I forgot to do my math homework, and I had thoughts of trying to pretentiously charm to some unlucky nerdy female to get it done for me.

      I look down on the desk I'm sitting on, and the homework is right there, mostly complete. Maybe it's because I didn't turn to see the back side of the page, but I had a feeling the homework was 15 questions to solve, and the first page had 8 or so questions solved.


      I think the next dream occurred after I failed to attempt a WILD after a WBTB in hopes of finding the password Mindraker created for the Password Shared Dreaming Experiment, but maybe the elements from these dreams themselves are giving me clues to find it....since I did write a note related to making sure that I will find the password somehow...so it was like a V-MILD throughout the day, and I did look at it a few times during the WBTB in hopes of seeing what happens.

      The blonde I met in the dream, I couldn't tell why she appeared, but because she was pretty much invincible to all gunfire, and kept a calm composure, it probably was for something important, but.....you'll see.
      Blonde Female in Black (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a dark area, and it feels like I'm on another sneaking mission. It has the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory type of setting to it, and I know that I'm the one making most of the decisions in this area, instead of controlling someone to do it.

      I'm trying my best to avoid enemies from spotting me, even though I have some weapons that are silenced. I was worried because I didn't want to shoot too much to the point that the silencer degrades and becomes useless. The enemy guards were wearing a winter type camouflage, with slight hues of green to them.

      As usual, the guards somehow know I'm here, forcing me to fend for myself by shooting each of them in fatal points. It takes a while to kill them off, since they called for back-up a lot, and they kept coming through a black door on the right that was 6 feet or more away from me. I fell on my back a lot for some reason, but managed to keep shooting them without taking too much damage, in fact, I didn't really feel any pain at all.

      After killing most of them to death, I continued moving through the ducts instead of the hallways that may be patrolled by more guards. Once I get out of the ducts, I have to walk across fragile wooden top areas that would be considered roofs or covering if you were down the hallways.

      I walked slowly, trying to make sure the creaking sound of the wooden areas wouldn't make it obvious that I'm hiding on top. I reached an area where there's water that floods the place at least up to people's waist. I see there's a section in front of me with an open, but dark door to go through. Problem is, there's a light source near it.

      I thought things out a while, and since I have weapons and items from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, I decided to just use the OCP (Optically Channeled Potentiator) extension from the 5-7 SC Pistol to temporarily shut down the light source.

      I knew that this would attract some attention, so I quickly decided to go to the wooden post that was next to the light source. I still had a lot of time before the light source would turn back on, and I looked to my right to see that in front, there are a lot of unarmed people wearing white dress shirts and black ties (black skirts for females).

      They were getting closer and closer to see what happened to the light source, and I quickly switched to the SC-20K to use the non-lethal attachments. I literally saw the small heads-up-display when switching weapons as well, and I scrolled down on the section for the SC-20K to the "Sticky Shocker"

      Since these people were in a body of water, I could make use of the little ammo of non-lethal weapons I had. Everyone were in small groups, around 6-10, so I started to shoot the sticky shocker near the group closest to me. They immediately collapse, and I waste no time to shoot one more sticky shocker at another group.

      I continued doing this two more times I believe, until I realized that I'm basically out of sticky shockers. I knew these people were unarmed, but I didn't want to resort to using actual bullets to defend myself. I try to calm down, but feelings of fear of being found out were too overwhelming for me.

      While I tried remaining poised, a very attractive blonde to my left is slowly walking in the water. She has her hair tied back, and is wearing a black shirt that is tied up under breasts. She's also wearing a very short skirt, barely covering, at most, 3-4 inches past her lower private region.

      The closest person that looked like her was Mila Kunis....just imagine her, except with blonde hair.

      She has a little mascara around her eyes, and out of reflex, I resorted to using the last non-lethal attachment I had for the SC-20k, which was the Airfoil Round ammo.

      She was unarmed as well, and I didn't want to shoot her or anything. Since a head shot was pretty much the only thing that would make the Airfoil Round's efficacy of knocking out a person work, I quickly aimed for her head and shot it.

      Nothing happens.......

      I'm pretty sure I was dead accurate. I tried shooting again, but nothing is happening. Compared to the dream characters on the right of the wooden post wondering why people are collapsing, the blonde on the left remains a calm composure. It's like she felt nothing at all, as if all those non-lethal shots just bounced off her.

      Her eyes, she was looking up, probably to slowly ascend to where I am at, and I realize she's actually advancing to my direction. She gets closer....



      And then I wake up because someone woke up me.


      Another dream character that is invincible to any attacks, would've been nice to see what she had to say to me, since I'm sure she knew where I was.

      Scorpion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm at some kind of convention or meeting related to Art and Comic book creation and Mangas as well. While people are going around, they can edit out some parts of drawings, and I indulge in erasing parts of random drawings.

      I saw one drawing of a Naruto Shippuden Manga, and I lightly rubbed off a shading near Naruto's neck. It was a drawing of him with his eyes closed and smiling.

      Then someone alerts me to say that a painting or drawing of a Scorpion will not change into the color of the ink drops people are trying to saturate it with. I immediately run to see if this is really true, and I start out with small drops on the scorpion art piece.

      It quickly reforms back to its original color and state. I decided I should add more purple ink drops this time. Things seem to work at the time, but after a few seconds, it's like the drawing absorbed all the pink and it went back to the same color and state as before.

      I didn't know what else to do.

      Hmmmm, a drawing/painting of a Scorpion that doesn't conform to any color changes from the ink drops.........

      Hm....I honestly can't think of any interpretation from that.
      Sandwich Stolen (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the top floor somewhere, and it feels like night time. I go near the edge to look over to see that someone is buying a sandwich at one of those mini-trailer stores near malls.

      I couldn't see the cashier hand out the sandwich to the guy paying up front, but the sandwich is on his left side. As the guy is getting out his cash, I see a little child to the left of him quickly snatches the sandwich.

      My eyes widened from this unexpected event, and I wanted to pursue the child, but I wait for a while, and the child came up the stairs where me and several random dream characters were at.

      The man who was going to pay the cashier looked a lot like a guy named Jeremy that I met at a bus stop during Middle School. Let's just call him J for short.

      "J" gets ready to pay for the sandwich, and then realizes it's not there at all. "J" gets pissed off pretty quickly, and it seems he knows who stole it. He quickly runs to go upstairs, and before he makes his presence known, I quickly grabbed the child by the back of his shirt, lifted him up, and told "J" that he was responsible for stealing his sandwich.

      "J" looks at the child with a serious facial expression, but knows he can't really beat him to a pulp or anything like that.

      I let go of the child, and I believe to the left of me, there's a dream character that looks like the Cartoon Joker from Batman.....like the old school version of him.

      Except, he had longer and straighter hair, and his eyes squinted more.

      I believe I told him I was going to get him a sandwich at some point in this dream, but I just can't remember.
      Me and Sarah at Lunch (Non-lucid)


      I believe this is a continuation of the Scorpion dream I had, but just wanted to put this separately.

      I see Sarah, the same Sarah dream I had a few days (or was it just yesterday) that I had with the Round table at lunch again.

      But this time, it's a regular straight and long table at lunch. She's sitting down with Joel, who I honestly could care less about right now. I quickly get to the other side, probably by using my left hand on the table, and jumping and twisting my body to the side to sit right next to Sarah.

      I think I wanted to talk to her about something, until some other random girls start coming in to discuss about how people are obsessed with making people like their own possessions.

      Weird stuff.

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    3. Birthday Party, Gambling Again, Supernova Banned, OpheliaBlue, Another Sneaking Mission...

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birthday Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm upstairs, and I believe I'm talking to some kid that looks familiar.

      Let's call him "Keen."

      Keen was talking to me about something, but I forgot what it was, and then he started to imitate his uncle in real life, and he's doing it really well! I tried to contain my laughter because I heard his uncle was nearby, like in another random bedroom.

      I believe the uncle was calling someone at the time talking about some birthday party, and then he asked something about the day of his birthday.

      Maybe he was trying to hint at the person that it's his birthday.

      The uncle finally comes out, and it really is like him in waking life.

      Keen goes downstairs, and continues imitating the accent of his uncle, and finally shifts his attention before he trips downstairs.

      Gambling Again (Non-lucid)


      I remember playing Runescape, and apparently I'm in a clan that doesn't mind if you gamble. I'm playing the hot/cold x 2 game again.

      (Basically you bed on what color flower will show up when a person plants, and if you're right you get double the money you gave them....have to watch out for people who log off with your money though, looool).

      Anyway, I believe I decided to gamble 6 million gold pieces to a player, and like always, I say "Hot" because I assume that a warm flower color will show up, but it ends up being a cold flower (purple/blue mix).

      I get pissed off at myself from trying to risk 6 million gp for 12 million gp, and the person who bet says, "aww."

      Damn it. I can't tell if I'm the one walking or if I'm still playung runescape, but anyway, I go upstairs somewhere as me I guess by now.

      There are white floors, and I see red chinchompas from Runescape walking around. And guess what I do.....

      I start setting up traps....LOOOL (Red Chinchompas can be hunted in Runescape with Box Traps, and it seems I was doing the same in the virtual reality of this dream).

      I decided to go south of the small section I'm in (there's a reverse-L shaped wall that takes up most of the space on the left).

      I set up the traps, and some random person comes up and starts talking to me about something, most likely related to how I'm setting up the traps. I see the person setting up traps near the same stairs I came up to this floor, and he takes the traps off.

      I decided to set the traps....or maybe I just gave up overall.

      Supernova Banned???? (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of a house that feels like a replica of the one I'm at in waking life. The garage is closed, and I'm sitting down, resting my back on the garage talking to some guy doing the same.

      There's another guy that comes around the corner to add on to the conversation, and I believe our main topic was about old members or members who decided to leave Dream Views for a few weeks/months or whatever coming back.

      I get a flashing image that Supernova gets banned? Like, I see a random post, and I look at his avatar and signature, and they're all blank.

      Then after the image fades, I'm back into the conversation, and apparently this same person I'm sitting next to is a DV member himself who quit.

      How I knew was because the other person standing talking to us said something about him leaving DV for a while and then coming back. He said it in a surprised accent as a question to the guy.

      The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and I can't remember what happens next.
      OpheliaBlue and Digital Drawing (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue has a deviantart, and she has a lot of colorful digital drawings up.

      In fact, while I was looking at her deviant art gallery, she was working on another digital art, and I could see her progress. I don't think she knew I could see it though. I tried talking to her on the IRC or some kind of messaging medium, but she's probably busy working on the drawing.

      I believe she's using gridded drawing, and she has several screens popped up for many of these drawings. The one that she's currently working on in the dream seems to be making rainbows and trying to add them together for something I can't remember too clearly.
      Another Sneaking Mission? (Non-lucid)


      Feels like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this dream.

      It starts out with me following someone, and this feels like the mission where you use camouflage and use a sniper rifle most of the time.

      We're ducking for cover, and slowly walking into an abandoned house. There are some elements of this same level, but the enemies end up looking different, at least that's what I remember from not playing Modern Warfare campaign for a while.

      The guy I'm following tells me to plant some kind of grenade, and I just go by his word, and plant it to the wall, and then I think he prompts me to activate it.

      I did so, and expected some kind of loud boom, but it seems to be some kind of grenade specialized for electronic interference. And it seems that the enemy that's at least 10 feet away from us didn't hear us.

      I had a feeling that this mission was going to be bad-ass because the guy I'm following seemed to know what he was doing. He tells me to go ahead and crouch down to the dirt floor because an enemy is near.

      It takes me a while to get ready, and I turn my back facing the enemy, and I hear the enemy say, "Huh?"

      I quickly duck down, and the enemy quickly retreats to his position, guess he assumed it was just the wind blowing on the faded and brown grains or leaves.

      I slowly rotated, while still on the floor, and I looked up to see how the enemy looked like. Seems they are wearing a gas mask.....hmm.....

      I think we wait for the enemy to move somewhere else, or the guy I'm following kills him, not sure. Anyway, we both go inside the old house, and there's probably 2 enemies inside right now. The guy following me gets really close to them.

      I'm wondering how he can be so damn risky almost getting himself exposed like that. And since the floor is wood, I was worried it might move too fast, and possibly get one of the floors making the "creak" sound.

      But this guy seems to know what he's doing, and he's even sitting by the edge of one wall with his legs spread out. And the enemy is coming in the same room he's in, but they don't notice anything at all. He starts trying to have a little conversation with me, but I still feel uncomfortable talking right now because the enemies have automatic weapons while I think I still have a sniper rifle.

      Not going to risk anything at all, so I kept quiet. The guy turns his head to the left, but doesn't look at me, more like looking at what's outside from the house we're in. He's trying to see if I'm going to talk, and then realizes I'm probably still afraid to do so, so he gets back to business.

      I can't remember what we do next though.

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