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    1. Dream - Lucidity Quirks (Not Lucid!)

      by , 04-27-2017 at 05:58 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 5 APR - 2017

      Although this dream is called "Lucidity Quirks", I did not become lucid. In this dream, I was seeking becoming Lucid and the entirety of this dream was about WB trying to get me lucid. In the character list, WB and Dreamy WB are seperate characters... But in this dream, WB possessed real life qualities and had all her "cool" friends with her and then this is the same person who is trying to get me lucid.

      Dream No. 92 – Lucidity Quirks

      It all started when I was just randomly walking around on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was looking for WB as I had something to ask her. When I was in the main assembly area, I saw WB walking from the asphalt area where the basketball courts were. We met just outisde the canteen and I spoke to her. At first, I was asking her some random garble but I actually caught myself and stopped. I then asked her my real question which was, “I've always been wanting to become lucid but have never been able to. Is there some way you can help me?”. WB said that she could help but first, she had something else to do.

      She went inside the canteen and put all these cookies to bake in a small metal oven, which was supposed to be at 280 degrees. Just then, all of WB's friends started flooding into the canteen and started to distract her. Some faces I do remember vividly were EL, BT and naughty BB. BB actually came over to the oven and put it on the maximum setting so WB would burn the cookies and therefore would have to start all over again. I caught BB out, telling her off and then turning the oven back down to 270 degrees while watching the cookies bake for the rest of the time myself. I then took the cookies out of the oven when I thought they were done. When the cookies were out of the oven, WB's friends had left and stopped bothering us... Maybe they weren't bothering her but they were bothering me.

      When we were back outside, I checked my watch (analogue) and it said it was 1:25 PM. I then panicked and said that there was only 5 minutes before we would have to be back in class. WB reassured me and told me not to worry, she would keep me out of class to bring me into lucidity. I still worried because I thought if the class teacher, Mr G, caught us outside, I would be in massive trouble. So she brought me over to the 5/6 playground, away from all the classrooms, to a private area in between two bushes where there was piece of play equipment that she used as a bench. I was under the belief that I would enter lucidity by falling asleep on WB's lap.

      The only thing that happened when I fell asleep on her lap was that I entered a completely different world with her that was even more fake than the previous one. We were no longer human either... We looked like drawings from someone's digital art. I then woke up.

      This is Dream No. 92 (on WED 5 APR) and the lucid dream was Dream No. 93 (on THU 6 APR, only the next night!), so maybe although the attempt to get me lucid in this dream failed... Some subconscious process carried on into the next dream.

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    2. John Lennon’s Microwave

      by , 04-07-2017 at 07:05 AM
      Morning of April 7, 2017. Friday.

      I am in an unfamiliar apartment (in an unknown location; that is, no idea of the city or country), though it seems to be implied to be John Lennon’s. John Lennon (October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980) is seated near a table opposite the room from me and facing me. There are two unknown males in the room, one on the far left, one on the far right. I feel very good and have an optimistic attitude even though I am uncertain of who these other men are. They have scraggly hair and are of an unusual appearance. There is some conversation, but I do not focus on it that closely.

      John Lennon goes over to the area near where I had been though I am now more near the center of the room. He inserts his left hand, up to his wrist, into an unusual recess (which is actually shaped like a hand) that is on the side of his microwave oven. I suppose it is like some sort of security procedure. There is no door on the oven. It seems to have fallen off at some previous time.

      A man on the other side of the room seems worried and complains that he can feel the heat. I recall hearing that microwave ovens can be dangerous (especially with the door off), though I do not feel much concern myself. He uses it with the door off to warm up a bowl of something.

      Later, there seems to be a normal oven in the room (though the room is not a kitchen), opposite my side, with the microwave now near the back of the normal oven (and facing the opposite direction). I can feel a lot of heat from the normal oven, though it is not uncomfortable.

      In the last scene, the four of us walk to a dump (landfill). One of the males is carrying a large stuffed rat, which is somewhat cartoon-like and which is about half the size of a person. The male says he is discarding it because it “doesn’t talk anymore”.

      As we are nearing a pile of trash (on our right) which he intends on throwing the stuffed rat onto, the rat says “Are you kidding, I’ve been talking all day”. (No one hears it except me.)

    3. [10-05-2015]

      by , 05-10-2015 at 09:19 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sitting near the oven

      I was in my kitchen. I was sitting on a bench placed near an oven. I had only underwear on me. I looked at the clock and it was nearing midnight. Then I looked inside the oven, and saw that there is a pizza, baking inside.

      Praying near the grave

      With my father we went to local graveyard. It was cloudy afternoon. We looked for a grave of person I can't recall. We searched the grave for a while, and we found it. Then another man joined us, we hold our hands and prayed.
    4. "The house is an oven"…

      by , 11-04-2013 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 2013. Monday.

      This is one of those environment-influenced dreams and likely has no other associations. My dream is semi-lucid, but I am still “locked into” the events and activities. It starts by someone flushing the toilet (I am in the kitchen when my dream starts), the action of which seems to do something to all the pipes throughout the entire house - causing all the water to stop flowing. The house seems to be some sort of strange variation of the one on Loomis Street, but is not really much like it. There is a clear awareness that all of the pipes are suddenly empty of water, which causes a strange blast of heat to fill all of the pipes, which then appear collectively (especially in the kitchen) like some sort of large element on a stove top. I even hear a sound somewhat like air rushing through the pipes and a slight awareness of furnace sounds.

      Somehow being able to see down into the floor, I see all of the pipes glowing red. Eventually, the outside of the house is on fire on the north side and my brother-in-law goes out to try to put it out with the garden hose. The fire is very even and burning horizontally along certain sections. I am not that alarmed (being semi-lucid) but am still concerned about valuable documents being burned up. I notice a few even rows of fire on a bookshelf. (This is very different than a fully lucid dream I had fairly recently, where I had indulged in enjoying the fires in the house and the view of ashes of books and such.) My sister mentions that the fire is spreading everywhere. I use the hose myself and we get most of the fire under control (somehow causing the fires inside to go out at times by spraying the outside of the house, but not fully, and I worry a little about water damage on top of the minimal fire damage thus far if too much is sprayed indoors).

      Meanwhile, an unknown person is following another unknown person around down the street (both males), asking him about where he had hid the remains of Saddam Hussein, making references to it being inside a vertical pipe on that street. This dream seems to reflect a phrase my mother used when it was really hot (as it is in real life right now), saying that “this house is an oven”. Again, it seems very relevant as the plumbing pipes throughout the house actually seemed to serve doubly as oven elements for some reason, but it got out of control.

      In another, earlier part of my dream (or one that came just before and slowly merged into it) I am traveling by taxi to some sort of unknown area with a wide street and connected parking area that looks like it is mostly made up of businesses, but there is a hint of a park nearby and possibly a large river (Black River in La Crosse?). The driver is a short Hindi man of about thirty. The false history of my dream implies that he had driven me to the same location on a number of different days, but I had only thus far given him one dollar for this particular ride. It seems that the man is somewhat sarcastic about my potential to pay him for his service. I take out a twenty-dollar bill (seeming to have at least a hundred in my wallet) and give it to him and it makes him very surprised and grateful. Of course, in these times in this region, twenty dollars relative to riding in a taxi is hardly anything and likely would not even cover two shorter trips.

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    5. Blue Haired Lady and 4-ink Pen, Alyzarin's voice, Burning Babies, Around the World

      by , 08-07-2012 at 08:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blue Haired Lady and Four-Ink Pen (Non-lucid)


      I don't know the order of these dreams to be honest with you, but I'll put this one first because it's not only a bloody tease, it's hilarious (at least when I looked back to it again)

      Wow, I'm lucky to remember this much, probably because of that "one" moment that makes me want to remember as much as possible.

      I'm inside a very dark area, and the whole dream itself is reminiscent to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

      My mission was hard to follow, and I believe there was an optional side mission I could do by getting $5,200 somewhere in the area I'm going to sneak in. I know this because some person in the darkness wearing some kind of jacket with large collar sides told me. It looked as if they had glasses on, but it was too tedious to confirm in the dark.

      The only difference in this dream is that the Noise Meter that is usually apparent in the game's HUD is gone, which means the only thing I have to worry about now it keeping myself in the dark. Things start out where I'm inside of a room that's not really full of lights at all.

      It seems to have a style of Japanese flooring you'd see from a mini-temple, and the atmosphere of a work office. Even though there isn't a Noise/sound meter to be conscious of, I think made sure I walked silently.

      (The bar above "SC Pistol" with the square in the near middle is the noise meter in Chaos Theory)

      It's obvious that the person in this dream I'm looking at most of the time is Sam Fisher, but I feel as if I'm taking control over his body.

      I walk silently to peek at what's in the other room that's to the right of me, and the way in is opened completely. I see a man sitting down at his desk working on something, and he's wearing a white dress shirt, with the sleeves folded up all the way to his elbows.

      He has black pants as well, and when I was trying to sneak past him, I accidentally stepped into the light, raising my light meter to the near maximum level.

      I panicked a little and quickly tried to find some dark areas to hide in. Someone quickly asks, "Who's that?" and I start running even faster to the dark source. It was some random DC wearing a dark blue dress shirt and dark dress pants, and I think this automatically raises the alarm system in the building. The music where you're found out in Chaos Theory is playing as well.

      I can even feel that soldiers are going to come in as well. Since the people in the room where I'm found out are unarmed and innocent citizens, I just take the initiative to dash out of the room to a darker and wider space.

      The next room is a simple hallway, and I run to the right, and see there's two doors. One involves lock-picking it, and the other seems is most likely unlocked. I attempt in pick-locking the fancy looking one first, but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

      I quickly braced on the wall to the right of me, and there's a line of armed soldiers who look like Tengu troops from Metal Gear Solid 2 running past me. My foot was at least 1 inch away from them stepping on my feet, and I froze in fear. All of them didn't even know I was there....

      I watch them go to the door I came into, and then turned back to get ready to lock-pick the door again.

      What a flawed security they have! Soldiers with machine guys and metal armor....what a bunch of cannon fodder...

      I get the lock-picks, and when I start lock-picking an interface comes up. It shows a see-through version of the door knob, and I see this in the night vision goggles (I find it weird I only use the goggles for this and not while sneaking in the dark...).

      I get the feel of the lock, listening for any rapid clicking, and managed to get one part finished. I feel around some more with the lock-picks, and finally get the final part. I twist them together and the door opens. I believe there's a door to the right of the new hallway I'm in, and I go inside, and find that I'm floating on water.....

      I go underwater without trying to hold my breath before, and I to my left, I see a portrait of a King with a Crown. The portrait is probably as long as my dream body, and it seems to be covered with some random broken objects. I take them out one by one, and then noticed something sparking on the portrait.

      The crown on the King's head is actually real, and after struggling a bit to move it around, I take it out. Something tells me that this crown is $5,000 or more, so I guess by luck, I finished the optional mission that I mentioned above.

      The dream shifts, and I honestly don't know what I would do after getting the crown.

      It seems I'm back at the same starting point as before, so I guess this must be a dream reset or something.

      I crouch down and walk silently towards two people talking casually. I tune in on what they're saying, but I'm also paying attention on whether or not they're going to close in on my location obliviously. They start coming in the room I'm in, and I decided to crease again a wall that I know they wouldn't bother to get too close to.

      These are unarmed people, so I had to make sure I was very careful in what I was going to do to them, avoid any kind of lethal damage. I think one person was bald, looked like he was in his mid or late 20s, had a dress shirt and dress pants, but I couldn't pick out the colors.

      While I'm staying still, I look at the guy that's like 10 inches away from coming in contact, and I see he's looking down on me.

      I'm shocked at first, but seems he's just taking a quick glance at the floor and back to the person he's talking to that's behind me on the left. After they move around a bit, I finally find an opportunity to escape with ease. I go to a room where I have to go up a mini ramp (or stairs, I'm not sure) to get to the higher level, and as soon as I reach the top section...

      A blue haired lady comes out of nowhere through a door. She's casually walking while her eyes are closed, and it doesn't seem she know I'm in this area because I dashed to the side of the wall, just barely though. I watched her as she goes down the ramp, and it looks like she's the type of woman with an attitude, I'm not sure why, but from her visage alone she looks like she's feeling cranky or something.

      She's wearing a small blue jacket that extends until it reaches her waistline, and has a white dress shirt underneath it as well. She's wearing a blue skirt that goes all the way down and stops a few inches above her knees. The closest figure I'd say she looks like is Misato Katsuragi.

      For some reason, as I'm watching her get closer to the door I came through, I wanted to aim my gun at her. A voice warms me that I shouldn't try to hurt her, and I quickly put the machine gun back.

      I ignore her and continue going my way, and then I hear her footsteps getting closer and closer. I stay still, and she comes up right in front of me. I look at her lips covered with light red lipstick. I zoom in more on her lips, and she slowly opens her mouth in a lewd manner.

      I'm tensed up, and she advances towards me....closer...closer...she tells me,

      "You have something I want, and I want it now."

      I wonder if she's into S&M.

      She puts one of her hands into my pocket, and ruffles around a bit. She takes out a four-ink pen, puts her hand closer to me, and clicks in one of the ink slots for the pen in front of me.

      Wait.....wait....you said all those things in a perverted tone, and that's what you want?

      I honestly didn't know how to respond to this....

      whole dream turned to complete nonsense to me by this point. There's some narration that the same woman that wanted my four-ink pen inside of the stealth camo-suit I was wearing had some slight mental deficiency....not too sure on that though.

      That was a complete tease...I can't even recover from that...

      Alyzarin's Voice (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is talking to Alyzarin, but not really seeing her. I noticed her voice suddenly pitches. The environment and everything else was blurry.
      Burning Babies into Diamonds (Non-lucid)


      I remember stuffing babies inside of an oven, don't ask me why. While I'm shutting the oven cover, or whatever you call it...it changes into some kind of frosty fridge container. Apparently, the babies would be converted into coal from the heat, until they converted into diamonds.

      Once the diamonds were created, the cold version turns on to preserve the diamond I guess. I start scooping out the diamond, but it really looks like glass to me.

      Yeah, I'm not going to go far into details on this, just cruel randomness.
      Around the World (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is going to random places in the world, going to school, and then seeing people trying to go to different colleges.

      The area where everyone was at looked like half of an Aztec temple. The sky is beautiful, and even though I can't remember the sensations of the wind, I'm sure it's perfect weather in this dream environment.

      I noticed one female who sounds British stepped up in the middle to talk about something. She was wearing a skirt, and a small brown jacket that only extended to her elbows. I think she wore a white shirt with some fancy decorations on it, but I was looking at things far away.

      There's another dream shift where I'm standing near a table, and someone is asking me a question, though I can't remember what it was exactly, but I do know that I had feelings of fear is I didn't respond correctly.

      My response was related to how moving to another area would be reasonable. And as I'm explaining why, a mental image of a map shows up, and then an airplane ticker with white dotted trails showing it's path becomes apparent.

      It seems the plane is moving to Madagascar, but I don't know for what purpose.

      There's also another dream shift, probably before all that I mentioned in this dream title itself, but it's just mostly running and following people.