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    1. One ton DILD

      by , 06-24-2018 at 05:34 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself with a group others having an argument with guy who believes we were talking about him. I eventually walk away from them and back in to the house. I could hear through my window that they were still yelling at one another. Then all of a sudden the outside became really dark and there was some kind of gold shine coming from where they were all standing.

      I could feel a dangerous vibe in the atmosphere and knew I should probably try to go sleep somewhere. That's when I went sitting down around the bottom of my bed and could hear helicopters and gun shots happening around the house. I then got up and could see the house has been broken in to which made no sense to me as so little time has passed. But once I look up from my window and could see from another house a man on the roof holding a sniper aim at me, I knew I was in danger.

      I took cover in to the bathroom, I tried to get the door to close but it was not budging quick enough and I knew the sniper had direct aim at this particular area. So I ready myself at the bathtub for who ever dares comes this way. That's when I saw someone walk through. I prepared myself and notice it was a woman with no weapons and she seemed lost. This made no sense to me at all.

      I became lucid because of this, all the terror noise stop as the woman eventually melted in to a pool of water. I then found myself in some kind of store with a lot of people walking around. A girl then comes to me and says I look cool and wanted to take a picture. I accept and later walk around in till I woke up.
    2. Night 2 of SpellBee's Competition

      by , 04-16-2017 at 08:39 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      -Small red spaceship orbits some planet. I watch it as a DO. Nothing happens, no sound or signs of life.

      -Sex fantasy. I'll leave the details out.

      Dream 1 - Zooming and Shooting
      I'm in a game of Overwatch. I first play as Ana and switch to Tracer when an enemy Tracer kills me. I zoom around the map really fast and kill the other Tracer several times. We win the match. The dream shifts to another kind of shooter. The setting is now a dark WW2 battlefield. I have a sniper rifle and spot some enemies. I drop to the ground and take aim. Aiming is difficult. I miss three times. I start to suspect something at this point. I keep observing the target. He appears to be a doctor. In which case I shouldn't be shooting him. That's a war crime I forget that it's a war game and the doctor starts selling some meds to me.

      WBTB, 5:45 - 7

      Dream 2 - Showers
      I suddenly find myself in a public sauna. I'm a little confused. I get out and see a large room with showers. Naked men and women walk by. There's only men in the showers and all of them are gay couples giving each other a BJ. Yeah, this place is definitely not for me. I don't want someone surprising me from behind, so I quietly navigate my way out of there.

      I find some sort of changing room and meet two waking life friends. One of them asks my help with something, but I said I was looking private shower before I was leaving. My friend had a sleeping bag in the dressing room. He was apparently spending the night here.

      -Weird microwave oven. The bottom of it split in two and since the oven was raised up with some bricks, the bottom had split accidentally while my mom was heating something and the food was all over the table.

      Dream 3 - Simpsons and stealing
      In my apartment. There's a tv on my nightstand. I watch Simpsons. The scene suddenly changes. I'm stealing some candy from the backroom of some store. A large lady sees me and stops me. I go back in time. This time I buy the item and go get it from the backroom myself. I wait around for the fat lady to notice so I can have the satisfaction of her wrongly accusing me of stealing and then correcting her. By the end of the dream I'm unsure what I got. It was either candy or meds.

      Another WBTB. 7:20 - 8:27

      Dream 4 - Car ride Really inspired title, lol.

      I'm in a car with two friends, mom and my brother. Brother is driving. We are in my hometown. I start telling them about the weird dreams I had this night. As I list things that happened, my brother starts talking over me and listing things that happened in my dreams. He actually lists what happened. It felt like my dreams are predictable and my brother was making fun of me. I was mad and just sat silently until I woke up.
    3. [18-06-2016]

      by , 06-18-2016 at 08:21 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a police officer, making some paperwork in my office. I was writing a report on some kind of organized crime in my city, checking evidences. My last work partner was killed by them, a bomb planted in his house killed him. When I was leaving with another officer, I saw someone suspicious. As we got closer, he threw a bomb at me and used a remote pilot. I quickly escaped to the office full of other officers and heard a strong explosion. Everybody looked at the door with silence. After a while they opened, and someone appeared, throwing two bombs inside. They were really small and white, but did tremendous destruction. I ran to another, smaller office, but he went there after me. I ran to door, hitting him with my elbow and escaping to staircase. On each floor there was a bomber and I had to dodge all their bombs. Finally I got down to entrance, but somehow I knew that a sniper is just waiting for this. I went to backside instead, to another office and a black haired woman opened me a window. I escaped.

      It was late, dark night. The moon was shining with strong, red light. As I was wandering through a forest road, I looked at it. The moon looked like it was burning, flames enveloping it forming an eye, with moon being the iris. I heard strange buzzing and looked up, a UFO was flying away.

      Finally I got to my house, preparing some clothes to take a shower. I knew that they'd come for me. I woke up in my bed later, it was still dark. Someone rang to the door, I went to kitchen and took the longest and sharpest knife, and then slowly sneaked to the door. Then I saw door to grandma's room open, my younger sister with a knife went out.
    4. Fight Fire with Fire, I'm a Sniper

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:30 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Fight Fire with Fire (DILD)


      Iím navigating back and forth between two settings in the dream, one where Iím outside within a snowy environment, and the other is going inside a building that looks like some large cathedral, or huge fighting stage.

      Iím with Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles, and a few more dream characters I canít recall too well on.

      Weíre trying to defeat some kind of fire demon, and his minions of knights in black-armor with silver trimming. Apparently, every time I seem to mess up in how we go about defeating these entities, I just have to exit the building, come back, and the enemiesí position is reset, or they prepare to go back to their initial point inside the building.

      One of those attempts at fighting them involved me using some kind of green sword thatís implied as ďEarth Sword,Ē and Iím frantically slashing my way through the demon, and his minions, but it doesnít seem to do much damage. I keep going until I finally stepped back, went for cover, and contemplated on what could be the weakness for all of them.

      Somehow, Iím informed through visual cues within this state of being that a bow and arrow that seemed to have been of a fire element, at least based from its red color with some orange at the end, could be used to defeat them. I didnít really question why a fire-element, or implied as fire-based weapon would stand a chance against a demon that also seems to be fire-based.

      I shoot an arrow at one of the guards, and I see this through looking myself over the shoulder, but still feeling the sensations of using the weapon, and it explodes on one of his minions with ease. I get more confident, and started to take them down one by one. The dream shifts to where Iím facing the fire demon, and it seems the bow and arrow can also serve as some kind of sword as well.

      I had to let the fire demon attack on the weapon Iím using, because the weapon can absorb the energy of the fire demon, and once it (the weapon) reached its maximum capacity, I simply have to redirect this energy back to the demon.

      However, it took a few tries to realize the weapon had a maximum capacity before I would start taking damage, and I would see this through the Life points meter HUD portrayed on the top left corner of how I perceived the dream.

      It seemed that I could do up to 10k+ damage on the demon, and would have to repeat it several times, seeing how his HP after several repetitions with the tactic done to absorb and throw his energy back at him was at least 80,000.


      I'm a Sniper (DILD)


      Iím a sniper, Iím shooting random people without a scope, and everyone else doesnít seem to bother at all. I have to reload every now and then as if I were reloading a machine gun, and thereís not much to elaborate on for this dream because I didnít really experience anyone dying.
      lucid , memorable
    5. Zombie Epic

      by , 11-15-2013 at 11:47 PM
      Sept. 18, 2003:
      I had this dream that I was back in my aunt's old house, and there were all of these zombies everywhere. And they weren't stupid, shuffling zombies, even though they were all nasty looking, they were cunning and intelligent zombies. They'd plan traps and pull all kinds of tricks and stuff, and this made them far more dangerous than your average zombie. And of course, the old standby - get bitten by a zombie, and you turn into a zombie.

      So I'm holed up in this house, and there are zombies everywhere, and of course houses are not terribly secure, especially old ones. And this person busts in, and I think he's a zombie so I try to kill him, but it turns out he's one of the few people left who's still human... his name is, of all things, Sniper, and he's a sharpshooter. He's also a total asshole, but that's beside the point.
      The problem - we have several guns (Sniper's are very nice and very deadly, mine's a worn out rifle and a pistol) but very little ammunition. The odds that this house has ammunition are slim to none. If we go outside to get it, we're toast. I have a feeling that Sniper sees me as a minor annoyance/possible human shield, at best. Especially since I have a habit of forgetting to reload the shotgun and running out of ammunition at the worst possible time.
      Anyway, we secure the house as much as possible, you know the drill - board up the windows, etc. Except we're gonna run out of stuff to board windows up with, so we decide to secure a smaller but tactically crucial section of the house. By this point we're running pretty low on ammunition, although I've gotten a few chances to prove that I'm not completely worthless. Just mostly.
      So once everything's secured, someone knocks on the front door. Sniper opts to open it since he has much better aim than I do. So he cracks the door open, and there's a woman standing out there, and she's obviously a zombie. But she pleads with him a little bit, says she only wants some money, that she needs to feed her kids (who are little zombie-lings by this point). So Sniper, in an odd fit of human compassion, opens the door to pass some money through, and the two evil children attack him. He shoots them before they can bite him or anything and the mother runs away, dropping a pistol that happened to be fully loaded. So we're like ďcool, ammoĒ.
      So then I had to go down into the basement, I don't remember why, I think it was to look for food and see if there was any ammunition down there (even though odds are, there was not), and I get freaked out when I see this zombie (the one from earlier) trying to get in through the basement windows... she can't, though, because there's a metal grating over them. So I grab what I need (no ammo down there) and run upstairs again. And that's when the dream sort of faded out.
    6. Snipers and Survivor

      by , 08-29-2013 at 08:21 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Wed August 28, 8:00 am

      I live in a high-rise apartment in a big city. On the news, thereís been reports of a ďsniper killerĒ whoís been murdering people with a sniper rifle from a long distance away. Iím looking out my window from the apartment, when I see two guys canvassing other nearby buildings, pointing and windows and stuff, in deep conversation. Then, one of the guys looks up right into my eyes. A smile crosses his face, and he nods at me. I donít know how, but I just know this is the guy whoís been killing people.

      I call up my parents, because I donít have a gun and they doóI want to be able to defend myself, because I know that he knows what I suspect; and I am afraid he is going to try and kill me. In fact, I KNOW this. So, my parents come over, lending me a pistol. They also stay there, to help me hold off any attack should it come to that.

      A few hours later (dream), towards the evening, a car pulls up to the window. Thatís right, a car pulls up to a WINDOW in a HIGH-RISE apartment building. So much for keeping an eye out for dreamsigns, right? Anyway, this guy pulls up to the window, and my Dad, for whatever reason, asks ďAre you the sniper?Ē ĖAs if, if the guy WERE the killer, heíd say so!óand the guy, a black man that looks like Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4, pulls out his cell phone and states ďYeah, distance is about 500 yards.Ē Mom, dad, and myself stare open mouthed at the guy, until he bursts out laughing. He tells me that heís here to help. He then proceeds to enter my apartment THROUGH the window, his car just hanging out in the air.

      He hands me a gun, a realllly sleek looking Baretta 9mm. Only itís unlike anything Iíve ever seen IRL. It has a smooth curvy build to it, and itís very futuristic looking. AND, weirdly enough, it has a cell-phone built into the barrel of the gun (the top). The Drebin look-alike then teaches me how to properly use it, giving me tips on how to aim properly. Funny thing is, when I go to dry fire the gun, it turns into a REVOLVER

      Apparently that is normal though, and when I go to take a closer look at the gun, itís the sleek Baretta once more. The Drebin-looking guy leaves, and my parents and I prepare to hold down the fort, waiting for this sniper guy to attack us. Before anything can happen, howeverÖmy alarm clock wakes me up for the day.

      august 28 time unknown

      This one just a fragment. I start out playing a video game based on the TV show survivor. And then, something strange happens. I actually AM on survivor! Iím on some island somewhere, trying to survive my fellow contestants to win a million bucks. AND, funny enough, a previous player, Naonka is there; a player I absolutely detest. I get into an argument with her about how she treated that handicap woman in her first season on the show, and tempers are flaring. She pretty much bawls me out for daring to get onto her when sheís providing for the tribe. I tell her that despite her providing, sheís still a b***h, and deserves to be voted out. Thatís all I can remember of this one.
    7. 6th Mar 2013 Video games, Class-based game, Battle with bosses, Parkour

      by , 03-06-2013 at 07:21 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I wish i could have recalled start of dream 2 in better quality, other than that pretty good so far.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in my room playing some video games and eating some weird food. I was surprised to find that in the latest patch there was new character added to the game i was playing. It looked like small dragon.

      Dream 2:

      Don't remember much of start of the dream, but there was some multiplayer game with classes(by that i mean player classes) about two teams fighting over some locations. There was number of various classes, including some 'monster' classes that i really wanted to try, but game was telling that they are pretty hard to play, and considering i was pretty new to it according to dream, i picked one of more normal classes. I was actually in the game instead of just playing it also. I can't recall much for a while but i think there was mostly just fight for points going on, i might have even played as one of the 'monster' classes.
      Later on there was some virtual grid like area where i had to fight some sort of danmaku boss, i had number of problems dealing with it's attacks and had to retreat a few times but eventually i defeated it.
      Then i was in my room and there was some dude that looked suspiciously like sniper from Team Fortress 2, we went to the balcony and we were talking about a bunch of things including some stuff about lucid dreaming, though i didn't got lucid.
      I was again in the game and i was playing as one of the stronger classes with some sort of energy gun/cannon as a weapon, there were bunch of other players and we were in some cityscape. I took position at the bridge which had good overlook and shortly another boss appeared, it was some sort of big pterodactyl creature that was flying around and attacking from the sky, there was also bunch of other weaker enemies appearing around. It was pretty easy boss and our plan was to be sure to defeat as much of the cannonfodder enemies as possible before downing the boss, since whatever appearing next is quite more powerful and we didn't wanted to be distracted by weaker enemies at that point. I was kiting the boss while others were mostly dealing with stream of weaker enemies, i could easily dodge or block most of it's attacks, but apparently i was too strong and ended up killing it a little bit too early(there was 4 or so other enemies left).
      Suddenly the cityscape started shaking and HUUUUGE turtle appeared(For reference buildings were 8-12 floors tall, turtle was at least twice as tall while it was moving on all four, really huge). It was destroying buildings with ease and was slowly coming for us. We were concentrating fire on it, but shortly turtle opened it's mouth and started firing huge yellow/orange beam at us. It was way off from my location but apparently, it was not a simple beam. Once it reached bridge we were mostly on, it got split to the left and the right with 90 degrees angle, almost hitting me. And if THAT's not enough the side beams started radiating some yellow lightning blasts that started hitting me, though since i was one of the strong classes it was not that much of damage and shortly i started dodging those blasts. Eventually we have defeated the boss.
      I was back at the home balcony again, talking to that TF2 Sniper looking person. He called his two of friends and there was more of talk that i can't recall.
      I and TF2 Sniper looking person went to some sort of training area, it was huge construction made of chains and platforms. He said i was not strong enough at parkour and in this area i was supposed to get as high as possible by hanging and quickly jumping from chain to chain. First few attempts were not much of success, i kept losing height on jumps. But later i managed to reach one of the goal areas, though TF2 Sniper person said that my timing on grabs is all wrong and that i need to practice more.
      We were back at the balcony, though his friends were not there. I asked why his friends weren't there and he said that they were busy. Dream ended shortly.
    8. Desert Battle

      by , 07-09-2012 at 04:15 AM


      I was running across a desert in thick sand. My legs were very heavy and I could barely move. Forks were being shot at me from a town behind me. One stabbed into my shoulder. I was trying to reach an outer wall that surrounded another town in front of me, but I couldn't gain any momentum.

      I become lucid and turn around. The enemy town is very far away. I reach my hand out over it, and moments later, bombs drop from the sky onto it. It looks more like it is getting bombarded with colorful fireworks. I put on a green lantern ring and use telekinesis to rotate the city 90 degrees. I drop it back down on its side.

      I turn forward once more, and I am now able to run. I scale the wall and take cover behind it. I see little stick figure enemies attacking my city from the other. I grab a sniper and take out the first group of 5 or so as they try crossing the desert. I look to the side and like 20 are breaching the city limits because the wall ends over there. I get down and run through some alleys. I remember being really scared of getting stabbed with a fork again. I didn't really have a plan to stop them and the dream ended.
    9. Birthday Party, Gambling Again, Supernova Banned, OpheliaBlue, Another Sneaking Mission...

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birthday Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm upstairs, and I believe I'm talking to some kid that looks familiar.

      Let's call him "Keen."

      Keen was talking to me about something, but I forgot what it was, and then he started to imitate his uncle in real life, and he's doing it really well! I tried to contain my laughter because I heard his uncle was nearby, like in another random bedroom.

      I believe the uncle was calling someone at the time talking about some birthday party, and then he asked something about the day of his birthday.

      Maybe he was trying to hint at the person that it's his birthday.

      The uncle finally comes out, and it really is like him in waking life.

      Keen goes downstairs, and continues imitating the accent of his uncle, and finally shifts his attention before he trips downstairs.

      Gambling Again (Non-lucid)


      I remember playing Runescape, and apparently I'm in a clan that doesn't mind if you gamble. I'm playing the hot/cold x 2 game again.

      (Basically you bed on what color flower will show up when a person plants, and if you're right you get double the money you gave them....have to watch out for people who log off with your money though, looool).

      Anyway, I believe I decided to gamble 6 million gold pieces to a player, and like always, I say "Hot" because I assume that a warm flower color will show up, but it ends up being a cold flower (purple/blue mix).

      I get pissed off at myself from trying to risk 6 million gp for 12 million gp, and the person who bet says, "aww."

      Damn it. I can't tell if I'm the one walking or if I'm still playung runescape, but anyway, I go upstairs somewhere as me I guess by now.

      There are white floors, and I see red chinchompas from Runescape walking around. And guess what I do.....

      I start setting up traps....LOOOL (Red Chinchompas can be hunted in Runescape with Box Traps, and it seems I was doing the same in the virtual reality of this dream).

      I decided to go south of the small section I'm in (there's a reverse-L shaped wall that takes up most of the space on the left).

      I set up the traps, and some random person comes up and starts talking to me about something, most likely related to how I'm setting up the traps. I see the person setting up traps near the same stairs I came up to this floor, and he takes the traps off.

      I decided to set the traps....or maybe I just gave up overall.

      Supernova Banned???? (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of a house that feels like a replica of the one I'm at in waking life. The garage is closed, and I'm sitting down, resting my back on the garage talking to some guy doing the same.

      There's another guy that comes around the corner to add on to the conversation, and I believe our main topic was about old members or members who decided to leave Dream Views for a few weeks/months or whatever coming back.

      I get a flashing image that Supernova gets banned? Like, I see a random post, and I look at his avatar and signature, and they're all blank.

      Then after the image fades, I'm back into the conversation, and apparently this same person I'm sitting next to is a DV member himself who quit.

      How I knew was because the other person standing talking to us said something about him leaving DV for a while and then coming back. He said it in a surprised accent as a question to the guy.

      The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and I can't remember what happens next.
      OpheliaBlue and Digital Drawing (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue has a deviantart, and she has a lot of colorful digital drawings up.

      In fact, while I was looking at her deviant art gallery, she was working on another digital art, and I could see her progress. I don't think she knew I could see it though. I tried talking to her on the IRC or some kind of messaging medium, but she's probably busy working on the drawing.

      I believe she's using gridded drawing, and she has several screens popped up for many of these drawings. The one that she's currently working on in the dream seems to be making rainbows and trying to add them together for something I can't remember too clearly.
      Another Sneaking Mission? (Non-lucid)


      Feels like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this dream.

      It starts out with me following someone, and this feels like the mission where you use camouflage and use a sniper rifle most of the time.

      We're ducking for cover, and slowly walking into an abandoned house. There are some elements of this same level, but the enemies end up looking different, at least that's what I remember from not playing Modern Warfare campaign for a while.

      The guy I'm following tells me to plant some kind of grenade, and I just go by his word, and plant it to the wall, and then I think he prompts me to activate it.

      I did so, and expected some kind of loud boom, but it seems to be some kind of grenade specialized for electronic interference. And it seems that the enemy that's at least 10 feet away from us didn't hear us.

      I had a feeling that this mission was going to be bad-ass because the guy I'm following seemed to know what he was doing. He tells me to go ahead and crouch down to the dirt floor because an enemy is near.

      It takes me a while to get ready, and I turn my back facing the enemy, and I hear the enemy say, "Huh?"

      I quickly duck down, and the enemy quickly retreats to his position, guess he assumed it was just the wind blowing on the faded and brown grains or leaves.

      I slowly rotated, while still on the floor, and I looked up to see how the enemy looked like. Seems they are wearing a gas mask.....hmm.....

      I think we wait for the enemy to move somewhere else, or the guy I'm following kills him, not sure. Anyway, we both go inside the old house, and there's probably 2 enemies inside right now. The guy following me gets really close to them.

      I'm wondering how he can be so damn risky almost getting himself exposed like that. And since the floor is wood, I was worried it might move too fast, and possibly get one of the floors making the "creak" sound.

      But this guy seems to know what he's doing, and he's even sitting by the edge of one wall with his legs spread out. And the enemy is coming in the same room he's in, but they don't notice anything at all. He starts trying to have a little conversation with me, but I still feel uncomfortable talking right now because the enemies have automatic weapons while I think I still have a sniper rifle.

      Not going to risk anything at all, so I kept quiet. The guy turns his head to the left, but doesn't look at me, more like looking at what's outside from the house we're in. He's trying to see if I'm going to talk, and then realizes I'm probably still afraid to do so, so he gets back to business.

      I can't remember what we do next though.

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    10. There's Your Reason, Corset and Boobies, Sniper Mission, Call of Duty, Heart Rate and #2

      by , 06-12-2012 at 06:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      There's Your Reason.... (Non-lucid)


      My father buys this new fancy silver car, and I get to go out for a test drive on it. The setting is late at night, and I go inside of the vehicle to start it, but it's moving on it's own.

      Aw crap.

      I try to stabilize the vehicle, and I realize it's already over the bump and on the grass instead of the road. I couldn't do anything about it, because it somehow magically bumps to the side.

      I get out to look at the vehicle for any kind of damage, seems like everything is okay. My father comes out of nowhere to check the vehicle, and it looks at the front, and I look at the front.

      For a few seconds, I look at this girl in front of me wearing a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and she looks a lot like Christina from my college. She looks at me for a while, and then looks down.

      I don't know where she's looking at though, probably the car next to me, but during that time, I didn't know where the car was because I was surprised she appeared.

      While he has his back facing me with his knees on the ground to check the front of the vehicle, I look at the bottom of the front again, and there's some pretty bad damage done to it.

      I notice this before my father does, and when he's cognizant of it, he gets up and asks for a reason why this happened.

      I was stuttering because I was in a mental conflict on deciding whether or not I should tell him that the vehicle moved by itself (which it did), or just shrug and say I don't know and take whatever verbal nonsense hes going to spew out ot me.

      He keeps pestering me on what happened, and his tone gets even more serious.

      My words get even shorter, I can't even think properly, saturated with fear and being forced to make a decision with him........

      My voice gets deeper and even more serious, and I just give him a piece of my own mind and essentially told him to just go screw himself.

      I walk out of there without looking back.

      Sucks when you try to tell the truth to your father in your dreams, and yet that same truth is obviously going to considered a lie.

      That's dream logic for you......
      Light Green Corset and Boobies (Non-lucid)


      I just remember a pair of breasts half covered with a light green corset, and it's an actual female in front of me too.

      Go dream mind!

      Anyway, even though I didn't see the lady's face, or couldn't recall seeing her face, I think she wore a white lab coat over the corset, but she made sure the corset was the eye-candy here for me. She's really close to me.

      While I'm sitting there in first person perspective feeling awkward but ready to do almost anything once I break free from that, the lady breaks the awkward moment and tells me,

      "These never break...."

      I think she's groping her breasts, or maybe I am? I can't remember, but whatever actually happened, it was probably her breasts that she was talking about, and not the corset she's wearing.

      This really sucks you know, boobies right in front of me.
      Sniper Mission (Non-lucid)


      I'm on a huge cliff, a very huge cliff side. The overall setting of the landscape is green, almost felt like a jungle that had an waterfall cave if I jumped off the starting point.

      But doing that would probably get me killed, and I don't mean the gravity, I meant the several soldiers that had the light faded swamp-ish camouflage outfits with automatic weapons.

      The sky is blue, barely any clouds, nice day isn't it?

      Nice day to assassinate someone Link.

      I don't know how the hell I accepted this task, and I know this isn't something I would do just for fun and a thrill, I don't really like those kinds of risky situations where I only have a sniper rifle while at least 10-20 soldiers have automatic weapons.

      My mission was simple, hide behind some natural greenery on top of a cliff, and then shoot the soldier who is currently putting someone on a choke hold that looks completely innocent.

      Then again, with 10-20 soldiers, I don't think they would form together if it was just your average joe. I waste no time stalling, I take aim with the sniper, and try to take things slowly and not rush.

      I take a shot, and I miss. Hm.......

      No one is out to shoot me as yet? Guess this sniper rifle must be silenced! Sweet!

      This tempts me to be a little more sporadic, bad move....

      I shoot two more times and miss....then things get a little hectic. One or more of the soldiers saw the rebound on the ground where the bullet hit, and they all start looking around to see where it came from.

      I can't remember what I did next to get myself out of that situation, but the dream resets itself to where I'm back on top of the cliff again.

      Oh, and about the cliff, it had a semi-circular walkway, so that means that if I shoot in one spot, I can go at some other arch and take a shot. But of course, that isn't really enough to promote more failures though, but it was better than nothing.

      Instead of going back to the same plan of just shooting the same soldier holding someone in a choke hold, or whatever they're doing, I take a moment to stop and stand up for a while.

      All of the soldiers are looking in one direction, all of them have their backs facing me, so this means that the area I'm in, it must be a dead-end, so it makes sense that the soldiers would take for granted of not adding extra security around this mini semi-circular cliff.

      Oh well, better opportunity for me to abuse that advantage of mine.

      I think for a little while, and decided that since I have to kill one person, shouldn't I just kill everyone else so they won't be a distraction in case I miss a few shots again?

      All soldiers are 10-30 (give or take) feet away from the guy holding the hostage or whoever it was, so this gives me more than enough time to do several actions at once.

      I get some grenades, and since the soldiers are split into three groups, I quickly throw one grenade for each section that's split off.

      Then I run like a little bitch for cover.


      I expected some gunfire as a form of retaliation, but I pretty much killed off the all the men except one.

      I quickly duck and grab my sniper rifle to aim at the guy, but even when I'm shooting, I'm still missing!

      What is going on?!?!?! I keep shooting, and by this point, I think the weapon I had was some kind of modded sniper rifle that was automatic, or at least had less recoil and delay time to where it felt semi-automatic.

      The guy isn't going down, something is wrong here. I throw grenades to kill off all of the men supporting him in case things go wrong, and I can't snipe properly?

      The guy doesn't know where I am, but he's really starting to get pissed at me. He slowly walks up, and I'm a little shocked that he's coming in to give me a better shot at him, but no time to stop and stare, I move a little to the right of the semi-circular cliff, almost to the end.

      I aim the sniper rifle at him again, this time, while his back is facing me. This doesn't feel right, to shoot someone at the back of their head, but whatever, he's going to kill me if I don't do something.

      I swear I had good aim with this sniper rifle, and I even tried putting my aiming sights a good 3-4 inches on the area he's most likely to walk towards to and shoot 1-2 seconds before he gets there as well.


      I can't remember anything else, other than a dream shift to another dream that gave me a few lulz0rs now that I think about it....
      Call of Duty: World At War Dome Map Ownage (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the Dome map in the COD:WAW, though most of the dream had the Wii graphics, which means the enemy soldiers would have some parts of their face faded out....in other words, horrible graphics.

      Anyway, it had that multiplayer-esque kind of feeling to it. I start out in the match by throwing grenades at possible area that people might be in to get a few quick kills from the start. Then I realize the other side is doing the same thing.

      Why do I know that? Because there's a flash grenade the lands RIGHT next to my right foot.

      Crap. RUN!!!

      I manage to shift my field of vision away from the flash, but I still have a slightly diluted pitched hearing for a few seconds, and in front of me, a cloud of smoke appeared already. I knew that some people were behind that to use for cover.

      Instead of staying in one spot trying to shoot at the smoke, which would give the other side the opportunity to spray and pray and somehow hit me, I go into the smoke and take out a knife and stab everyone in it. These people are complete noobs, but better than me being dead I guess.

      Then I go down the stairs, and I go behind that little statue where the little gaps for surprise attacks will be. I see two or three more noobs all stacked together of easy kills, with their backs facing me.

      Wow, is it just me, or have people in these set of dreams I've had have their backs facing me? Meh, not going to interpret that, because interpretation is too subjective.

      I stab all of them for easy kills, and I practically go bat shit crazy with the cockiness, feeling like no one in this team is going to be able to kill me. Then I see a fast movement on the right side of my peripheral vision, and I quickly get serious and turn around.

      Seems there's one enemy that is using common sense in multiplayer shooting match. I think I did a side flip (you can't even do that in the game lmao, what the hell, I'm a hax0rs) to dodge his gunshots, and I think I shoot him.

      I can't remember much after that, but there's one more dream shift that takes another 180 in terms of making sense.
      Your Heart Rate = How you do #2???? (Non-lucid)


      This dream was so stupid at the end.

      Anyway, I think I'm just spectating on what's happening, though I've had moments where I felt I was in the experience. There's a guy who's facing two men, both of them are black, and really good with weapons.

      The guy is having a hard time dodging most of their shots, because when they run out of weapons, they immediately switch to another weapon, and the guy who is trying to avoid and shoot them only has hand guns on him.

      There's room that if you go into it, there's going to be a lot of close quarters firing, so one little mistake could be the end of your life. The guy with only hand guns, who is Caucasian I believe, goes inside of the room.

      The black guy runs out of ammo from his hand gun I believe, which lets the white guy have some time to calm down before the next move is played. But NOPE, the black guy gets a shotgun out, the more modern ones, not the stereotypical red-neck shotguns.

      The Caucasian male literally screams in disappointed, "AWWW SHIT!!!"

      The black guy shoots, but misses, and the Caucasian male dashes like hell because the other guy has to reload between every shot I believe.

      Then the dream has a weird twist to it. The Caucasian male goes up to the black guy and does that "WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT" gesture with his arms, and the black guy puts down his weapon to see what's up.

      The Caucasian male shows the black guy a sheet protected with some plastic (forgot what you call those things, something protectors?).

      And on the sheet were different numbers of heart rates. The font was black, and the columns that lined up those numbers had a red background behind them with a black border on each rectangle containing the numbers.

      The Caucasian male says something about not getting his heart rate up because it affects how he takes a shit?


      That's all I remember, and thank god that's all I remember for that one.

      And what did I learn from that dream? Absoluteeellllllllllllllly NOTHING.

      Wow, my recall is getting a little decent now.
    11. The war in the Flying House (28/5/12)

      by , 06-02-2012 at 11:42 AM (♫ ♪ Dreamville ♪ ♫)

      Me,my brother and my mother are in a small hotel room, we wanted to get some food so I told them "There's a good restaurant in XXX street".
      Me and my brother are going out from the hotel and we get on our bicycles,we're heading towards the restaurant that I recommended.

      We reach the place that I said the restaurant will be, there's a blue house over there:

      I said the restaurant should be there, we went in and got into the second floor.
      There was a door, we opend it and we saw a girl, about our age, that we both know in real life, the whole room was blue, the ceiling, the floor,the walls, everything was blue.

      Lets call this girl "Girl".
      So as we opend the door we saw the whole place, and Girl played with her little sibling, a brother perhaps? the little kid had brown mushroom-like hair and brown eyes, hes skin was extraordinarily smooth, hes a kid after all.
      My brother went and talked to her, I reminded him we were going to get food so we need to hurry, he understood me and we went out of the building.
      The moment we got out we saw one of these things in the street:

      Girl and another (girl) Lady, we'll call the other girl Lady, were sitting at one of these things, my brother once again went and talked to Girl.
      I told him we should rush already, our mother is waiting, he left them and we went into a restaurant that was less than 4 meters away
      Me,Girl,My brother,Lady and Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) went into the house, the house started flying to an unknown destination,the house had 3 floors.
      We're flying above earth as I go to the third floor, I saw some kid that keeps annoying me in school, he held in hes hands alot of pages, looked like a contract or so:

      I knew these pages were related to me, I told him "Dude, can I have these papers?" he waved the papers at me , like a fan, he laughed and said "Hahaha!, Never!" and I saw the Diablo 3 (the game) symbol at one of the pages as he was waving it, I understood he took my Diablo 3 account.
      He gets closer to me,face to face,

      hes nose was a little bigger then in real life and he was a little pale.
      He kept teasing, he said "The fact that you're stronger than me doesn't mean you can beat me up easily! Hah!" then I lost it, I was furious, I felt the hatred and rage filling me up and I tried to punch him in the head.
      He grabbed my hand easily with his hand, like he was super strong, then I rememberd a sentence I heard in one of the animes "If you lose your temper in a fight, you lost from the beggining, before you even hit him, if you stay calm, don't get angry, you won" I calmed myself and I gave him a punch to the stomach, he slowly disintegrated from my fist.
      One of the guards came to me and said "What have you done?! You've wrecked our defences!",
      the guard looked like this guy just without the shield:

      I went to the window from the third floor and I looked at earth from above and I saw a invisible wall that surrounded earth breaking down, it was because I killed that annoying kid.
      The enemy's army starts getting to our building from earth, I went to the first floor and I saw enemy guardians getting in the house.
      I went in the second floor and there was a purple rings on the floor,
      not the kind of rings you put on your finger, a flying invisible rings that looked like this:


      I stood in the middle of them and I switched class, like an MMORPG.
      I switched to the new class that I haven't played yet, I didn't know its skills or how to use it wisely.

      I then suddenly held a gun in my hand, the gun was a sniper gun, was a bit more classic with silver on it but it looked a little like this gun:

      The gun also had a scope.
      I stood at the porch that looked down at the first floor and I thought about the number '6' and the gun aimed at one of the enemies and shot him.
      I realized it auto aims, like an aimbot, I thought about the number '6' again and the gun auto aimed at the huge lamp

      and shot, the lamp fell and killed alot of enemies.
      I understood that the gun auto aim has no limits when it comes to range so I wanted to go to the window and shoot the incoming enemies.
      As I slowly walked to the room with the window an enemy suprised me when he came out of one of the rooms, I quickly thought about the number '7' and it auto aimed, then shot him in the stomach and made him disintegrate.
      I went to the window and started shooting them.
      One of my friends came and told me, who did all of this? who killed all the enemies?
      I said I did, and she was proud of me.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Riverside Snipers, Basic TOTM, Advanced TOTM (May 4, 2012)

      by , 05-04-2012 at 09:16 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Riverside Snipers

      This dream started off at the pavilion at Riverside Park in Loudonville. The pavilion was rigged up like a bunker with sandbags and barbed wire protecting it. I was there with about 20 other people maybe. There were tons of different guns lying on the tables, but mostly sniper rifles. There were a few officers there that were giving orders, tasks, and equipment. Before anyone could tell me what exactly was happening or what my job was, bullets started flying towards us. "They're here! Get to your positions!" An officer yelled. I looked towards the other side of the park and saw a bunch of people with guns shooting at us. The battle had begun.

      I moved to the left side of the pavilion where there only seemed to be a couple other people. Because I didn't have any orders or any idea of the situation, I thought it would be best to stay out of the way. There were some automatic weapons on this side. I grabbed what I'm assuming was an M16 rifle and ducked behind the bags of sand before I could get shot. When there was a break in the bullets flying towards me, I got back up and started firing at them. I hit a few enemies before they started to hide behind the trees and park toys.

      It wasn't very long until my clip went empty. Right when I stopped firing, a girl with a sniper rifle came out from behind a tree. My danger sense activated on its own and I looked right at her when she fired. I then slowed down time and just barely dodged the bullet. Time control had saved me once again.
      I became lucid at this point because I recognized time control as one of my dream powers. I ducked back down behind the sandbags and thought about my situation. I figured it would be hard to hit people so far away with an M16. I decided to try my hand at sniping.

      I ran over to the right side of the pavilion while staying as low as possible. I then picked up a hunting rifle that was painted red. I looked through the scope and started looking for people to shoot. Using time control, I was able to speed myself up to quickly find and shoot targets. I was moving a little too quickly though and accidentally shot one of my own guys. He was just standing out in the open with an SMG, so i assumed he was an enemy at first.

      "Oh shoot!" I yelled when I realized my mistake. "Dude! You just shot one of our guys!" Someone to my left said. "He was just standing in the open so I thought he was an enemy! Well, I didn't like him that much anyways." I said. We then carried on with the battle and sniped more enemies. I started to feel really guilty about shooting the guy though. "Okay, just kill me now. I deserve it." I said. The guy to my left pointed his rifle at my head and said, "Okay." I wasn't afraid of being killed, but I remembered that guns are very loud. That didn't make me feel very comfortable about it being pointed into my ear. I really hate loud noises. "Wait! I change my mind! That's too loud for me!" I yelled to him. "Okay." He said and went back to sniping.

      I can't remember what happened after that. I think I might have woken up voluntarily.

      Basic TOTM

      I was somewhere in the desert way out west. I was standing outside some old west styled town. I was on some sort of mission, but I can't remember what exactly the goal was. I tried walking into the town, but a few snipers were hiding around the town. They recognized me as someone who is a threat and started shooting at me. I remembered how snipers were a theme of the last dream and became lucid. I slowed down time and dive rolled behind a building. Strangely, they acted as if I didn't exist anymore and the town's residents became active.

      I sat behind that building for a moment. I was trying to think of a way to sneak in without getting shot at. I could feel the energy of someone walking towards the building. I knew this person would see me and cause a panic. I suddenly remembered the basic task of the month for some reason and linked it to my problems. I waited for the person to come around the corner and prepared to turn into a shadow. A woman came around the corner and I turned into a shadow. Before she had the chance to scream, I phased into her body. I'm not 100% sure what I did once i was inside her. I sort of attached my shadow to her body while mixing our energies. I waited until it felt like her body felt like it was mine. I moved my body around a little to test it out. I had completely taken over her body and she probably wasn't aware of anything.

      I casually walked back into town. I watched the snipers out of the corner of my eye and they didn't sense that anything was wrong. I had a feeling that I would need guns for my mission. I walked into a gun store and looked around. Surprisingly, no one was there and there was only a few sniper rifles lying around. I would have expected to see some revolvers. I grabbed a rifle and walked outside. I was only inside for like 10 seconds maybe and there were already a few black cars parked outside. Some government agents like the ones in The Matrix stepped out of the vehicles. They could have been pointing their guns at me because I was holding a sniper rifle. I get the feeling though that they knew I was trouble.

      When they started firing at me, I slowed down time and started dodging bullets. I flipped behind the porch of a building and took cover there. I was doing my best not to get shot while in someone's body. When I heard their guns go click, I went out into the open while slowing down time. I looked through the scope and killed an agent who had an assault rifle. A couple agents with hand guns started shooting at me. I did an aerial to get out of the way. Half way through the aerial I shot one of the agents in the heart. When I hit the ground, I was still being shot at, so I rolled behind one of the cars. I then stood back up and quickly shot the last too remaining agents.

      As I reloaded my rifle, something started falling towards the Earth. It was some sort alien monster machine thing. It had four steel tentacle legs that it used for walking. The main part of the creature was a giant brain inside a dome. It landed on the roof of a building and showed me some spinning blades at the end of its tentacles. I shot it a few times with my rifle, but the bullets only bounced off of it. I tossed the sniper rifle to the side and summoned my crystal sword. It swiped at me with its spinning blades and I blocked it with my sword. When I knocked the tentacle away, I focused lightning magic into the crystals of my sword. I jumped towards the monster and slashed it a few times. It appeared to cause damage and pain to the creature. I was about to strike its brain, but a tentacle came from the side and grabbed me. It swung me around the air for a moment before throwing me back down towards the ground. I surrounded myself with earth magic before I hit the ground to absorb the impact.

      I got back off the ground and ran right back towards the monster. When I jumped towards it a blue bubble of energy surrounded both of us. We were then teleported to the monster's home planet. It was a dark, cold, rocky planet. Three more of those monsters appeared in front of us. Rather than killing me though, they actually started talking. "Junior! What have I told you about rampaging?!" The bigger one said. "It isn't nice..." The monster next to me said. "That's right! You're grounded!" The big one said. "But mom!" He said. "No buts! Come on, we're going home." The big one told him. The two other ones next to the mother started laughing. "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" He said. "You should have thought about that before you terrorized this little girl."

      After this very unexpected discussion, they all left to go home. I think there home was a giant hole in the ground. I waved to them as the walked away and the mother waved back. I woke up after this.

      Advanced TOTM

      I was sitting on the couch at my grandmother's house in Loudonville. It was night time. Bill offered me a cup of coffee and I accepted it. I've never had coffee before and I felt like trying it for some reason. I took a sip of it and it tasted horrible. I'm not even sure how to describe the taste. I then went to the kitchen to find a way to improve upon it. I found some maple syrup and decided to pour a glob of that in. Everything is better with maple! I also found a container of sugar. I poured that in until the cup started over flowing. After mixing it a little I tasted it again. It tasted better, but the coffee taste was still too much for me to tolerate.

      My sister came through the door and told me that it was Halloween night. We were apparently supposed to attend some Halloween seminar or something. I didn't really want to go, but it was either that or drinking coffee. The seminar was supposed to be in a big white building at the end of Main Street. It felt like it was too far away for me to simply walk. I like to run. I started sprinting ahead for a few seconds before my sister yelled at me. I forgot that she hates running and doesn't like being outside at night alone. So I ran back to her, lifted her onto my back, and started running. It was a bit of a challenge because it actually felt like I was carrying someone.

      By the time we got to the end of Main Street I was tired out. My sister had to drag me across the floor at this point because I was too exhausted and lazy. When we walked inside there was a huge crowd of people, a podium on the other side, and a bunch of Legos on a table in the middle of the crowd. A lady was at the podium giving a speech about something. I can't remember anything she said though, so it apparently wasn't anything I cared too much about.

      I stood there for a while and tried to keep myself busy during the boring speech. My attention was then directed towards the Legos. There was a little girl that was some how able to command them to magically walk on their own. I think this little girl was actually Lucia.
      I became lucid for what I am not quite sure. It might have been because of Lucia or because of magical Lego people. I remembered the advanced task of the month at this moment. I remembered that I wanted to make Lego people become life sized. There were two of them on the table that weren't moving. I did what Lucia did and poked both of the Lego people. They suddenly jumped to life and started moving around. These two Lego people then ran into each other, and the motions they were making looked kind of odd.

      I noticed that the Lego people had energies like living people. I focused on this energies and tried to expand them. When I did that, the two awkwardly moving Lego people grew to about my size. The attention of everyone in the room shifted to them now. It turns out those weird motions were them trying to have sex. Everyone in the room found this kind of disturbing. I summoned a camera and aimed it at the Lego people. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible" I said. I think by that I meant we should try to forget this as much as we can. I then took a picture of them and tore the picture apart. When I did this, the two Lego people disappeared and everyone forgot it had happened. I had captured a moment in time and effectively erased it.

      I can't remember much of what happened after that. I sat through the boring speech for a while. I decided that the speech was boring enough for me to want to remember as insufficiently as possible. So I walked outside with my camera and aimed it at the building. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible!" I said. I then took the picture, tore it up, and walked back towards my grandma's house. I think I woke up before I got there though.

    13. The Hit

      by , 05-03-2012 at 01:02 AM (Dream Trek)
      A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was working with a team of mercenaries to go kill a big-time businessman in his office. We fought our way to the top of the tower that he was living in, and pushed his forces back onto the balcony.

      For a moment, we waited... Trying to find a way to carry out our orders. Our target came in, and began requesting that we kill him with only one bullet.

      I decided that I needed to make the most effective bullet possible. Apparently, the most effective bullet possible is cole slaw rolled in a rolling paper.

      Me gusta - killed with a cabbage joint. .
      Tags: fight, sniper
    14. Sniper WILD

      by , 04-25-2012 at 11:35 PM


      This occurred around an hour into a nap. My roommate was playing music that I could hear through my ceiling.

      I woke up and was sleeping on my stomach. I was trying to go back to sleep, and within a few seconds, I realized that I could WILD. I started to feel the tingly distortion in my limbs that lets me know I am somewhat close. I got to the point where I felt that I was in a dream. However, I knew if I tried to open my eyes or move too much, I would wake up.I start with small movements. I can still here Paul's music, which irritates me. Eventually I roll out of the bed and onto the ground. I feel my hands along the carpet and try to get as much tactile sensation as possible to maintain the dream. I still don't have vision, but the carpet feels real. After a minute of this I FA.

      I am back in the bed and repeat. I start with slow movements (one of which was a masturbation movement...), get out of the bed, and feel the carpet. I get up and I can see. I go up to Paul's room (actually my mom's in real life). No one is in the room, but I see his computer set up. I wonder if I can just turn off the music when I know I am hearing it in real life. I push a button on the keyboard and it goes off. Finally, some quite. That really made the WILD attempt harder. Speaking of hard, I haven't had sex in a dream in awhile, and I was kind of warming up while stabilizing. I go into another room and see a bed. I look away and expect Heather to be there. She isn't at first glance, but I enter the room and she was tucked behind a pile of blankets. I decide that sex is probably a bad idea but I'll fool around for awhile. We start making out, but she is kissing too hard. It hurts. I tell her that and she backs off a bit. I FA moments later.

      I am back in the bed and start moving slightly, stabilizing, and slowly get my vision. I go back up to Paul's room because I can hear the music again. This time he is sitting at his computer. I feel like he will turn the music back on if I just turn it off. So I hit the button, grab the two nearest cords, and tear them across the room. He gets up and tries to fix it, but that will take awhile.

      I decide that I was to shoot a gun. I feel under the same bed Heather was in, and grab a handgun. I look out the window and there are people way below. They look like a video game. I aim down the barrel and shoot. Direct hit. I hit another. And another. Every few shots I re-cock it, because I feel that is reloading I guess. I decide to step up my game. There is a mounted rifle next to me. It is fairly small. I look through the scope and it has a red circle. Just then, a group of 20 or so people show up. They are trying to climb the nearby rock face and get in a good defensive position. These guys are harder to hit despite my scope. I shoot at one for awhile and eventually hit him. I shoot at another for awhile before losing the dream.
      Tags: gun, music, sniper
    15. 41st Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 12-11-2011 at 05:34 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I was at school, and everyone was gathered in the cafeteria. There were criminals holding the school for ransom. It was gloomy outside, dark rainclouds were gathered above the school, but withholding their rain.

      At some point a layer of roof slid away, revealing another identical layer, but with a bomb attached to it. Somehow, I went up to the ceiling twenty feet above me to examine it. Nobody cared. It was all black; even the wires. The actual bomb was just a black, rectangular box. I went back down. Still, nobody cared.

      One teacher that I vaguely remember seeing ever so often in the hallway approached me. I can't remember anything about them.

      He or she said something along the lines of, "Sneak outside, and alert a super-assassin-marine-with-amazing-skills about whats going on. And take these guns." He or she gave me five different types of guns. I noticed in them an SMG and a sniper longer than I was tall, for some reason decorated with desert camouflage. I managed to take them all, and casually went out the cafeteria door, carrying them with me. The marine-soldier-mabob was leaning against the corner of the cafeteria, equally casually. He was also, for some reason, wearing desert camo. I helped him get his gear on, and as I was doing this, I realized with amusement that the sniper was taller than him, too. I wondered why he would need a sniper.

      Once we were done with that, he went back in. I Took shelter behind a random pile of rubble I found. I saw students and administrators looking through the window at me with confusion. I gestured for them to be quiet. After a while, the door opened, and the criminals, I saw, were put into potato sacks, two to a bag, and had to hop out with the marine thingamadoodad. They still didn't seem to care, and were glad to hop out. Then everybody lived happily ever after, the end.
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