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    1. The Vanessa Hudgens experiment (old dream) 02/26/11/

      by , 04-14-2012 at 04:52 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Red means dream characters
      Blue means lucid
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! now as always, sit back relax, kick off your shoes, grab a snack or something and enjoy dreams!

      Dream #1 The Vanessa Hudgens experiment part 1 (Rated PG 13)

      Im in my old 2nd home watching something on t.v, when i hear a woman in the bathroom singing??? i ignore it and decide to fall asleep on the couch. I now awaken in a abandoned old shack, dusty old furniture and mices and rats crawling all over the place. I get up dust myself off, and head outside where it is night time, to notice this black bald headed dude (who looks like R.kelly) having sex with some woman against a car. I decide to not become a peeping tom, well because that would just be considered weird. I now walk to a apartment complex where there are two mexican men talking about something i forget what it was.

      Dream #2 The Vanessa Hudgens experiment part 2 ( Rated PG 13)

      Im now in a backyard it is sunny out and there is a party or something. there is a different mixture of people and everbody is having a good time. I reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem and reality check with it, wait a min...how did i end up here??? Fully aware and lucid im walking around looking for dreamman9380. I grab my celphone and call him, great no answer. I over two guys talking about they hid something in a room, my curiousity grew and i walked closer to the guys they were two hispanic males sitting on a apartment balcony. They both looked at me and i walked a different direction pretending to head somewhere else but i stayed nearby. These guys seem suspicious and i sensed that they had something to do with my friend dreamman9380. I decided to take measures into my own hands, I overheard Vanessa Hudgens voice somewhere and teleported there immediately. She was in a recording studio singing. I looked at her and said let us become one and the same..(that last quote echoed) and my energy emerged with hers. I was now projected as Vanessa Hudgens.

      I felt the dream fading and rubbed my hands together and looked at my surroundings focusing on all the little things around me. I was wearing some black heels a black dress and my hair was down straight. Still projected as her i decided to teleport back to that previous location seduce one of the guys into that room where something was hidden. I walked up to them twirling my hair chewing some gum, and said...you fellas in for a little fun? they looked at eachother and nodded. We now enter the inside of the house and i notice there is door with a lock on it. The men look at me and say.. there ain't nothing in there for you sweetheart. Well can you show me whats in there??? exposing a little skin i got his attention. Ok but just a peep thats it. Wow...what do you keep in here? A little bit of everything mostly guns he whispers. Ooh, can you show me where you keep them?
      Uhhh, i don't think thats a good idea, pleeeease? I notice his partner heading towards a bathroom and shuts the door. Ok ok, but im just gonna let you see it thats all. He reachesin this drawer and pulls out a variety of different toys. This gun here is called a 9MM this gun is called a revolver, and this one is called..do you have any silencers? Uhh yea yea i got one right here. Can i see how it feels? Now i can't let you hold it sweetheart because its loaded, and well..Turn the safety on. He gives me a look like he is almost afraid to do it, Your not afraid of litte ol me now are you? walking closer to him leaning up against him. He presses his lips together and makes his final decision. Alright, but no funny shit! He puts the safety on. I hold the silencer in my hands, wow...this feels really good. You know, you look really sexy with that gun in your hands you know that? I strike poses for him. I point it at him POW! I pretend to shoot him. He jumps, and i giggle. Ok real funny k give it back now. Aww you afraid im gonna shoot you? i turn the safety off. Where is it? Where is what i i i don't know what your talking about? The file, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FILE!? In there! He points to a nearby dresser i walk sideways still aiming the gun in his direction. I dig thru the files looking up at him in here? Mmhmm. Come over here and get it. (He looks down afraid to look at me) I SAID GET THE FUCK OVER HERE AND COME GET IT!!! Ok ok ok! And hurry up, i don't have all day!

      Here its all there. I grab it then hear the bathroom door opening. This better be it! I look at it and see my friends name on it. Yep thats him alright. I run out the back door and immediately start running down the fire escape. there are a bunch of spiral stairs and some intense action music is playing ih the background. I hear the men yelling and run down a nearby alley, I stop and take off the heels as they are hurting my feet. i leave them by a green dumpster and continue running until i notice my friend dreamman9380!
      Hey over here i yell! he stops and turns around walks up to me, we are on a sidewalk somewhere. Whoa wait a min..your Vanessa Hudgens right??? I give him a confused look forgetting im still projected as her. Hang on....(i project back as my normal self) Whoa...Q??? How the hell you just do that? I hand him his file, i can't exlain right now. I make a portal, head somewhere safe and lock that up ok? I don't understand? I can't explain just GO!! (i push him thru the portal) I dive thru with him as we end up at some building.

      Where are we? I don't know, but you better hide that file somewhere. Thanks Q. No problem man, you just make sure you put that file up somewhere A.S.A.P. Ok, i will. I nod my head and get a good look at everything around me. the dream fades, and i wake up

      My friend Dreamman9380 had problems remembering his dreams over the past few years. During 2011, I made a promise to him that i will do my best to help him remember his dreams more. I often share dreams with him and a few others, but this was the 1st time i helped him recover from a long dry spell. What was in that file? To this day im still wondering myself, and perhaps it holds the key, to him remembering his dreams.
    2. The Courtyard of Interesting Dream Phenomena

      by , 11-13-2011 at 08:12 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Color-coding key:
      Awake, Non-lucid, Possibly lucid? (not sure), Lucid, Lucid 'dream within a dream,' [Commentary made while awake]

      [This morning, my alarm went off at 7:30. I had planned to get up and write, but I still felt so sleepy that I decided to sleep in. I believe I had all these dreams during the extra hour I slept in. Again, I don't remember the transitions that connected them, if there were any, which is why this entry may seem fragmented.]

      I'm out somewhere with my parents and T&P [some real-life friends of ours]. We're in a gravel parking lot, getting into our cars to go somewhere. I'm driving my own car by myself. I follow the other car, which has my parents and T&P in it, out of the parking lot and along a narrow, gravel-covered alley. There are two big rocks in the middle of it. I watch the other car drive over them and worry that my car isn't high enough off the ground to clear them, but it does, with no problem.

      I have a small patch of thick, dark-brown hairs growing out of a mole on the right side of my chin. I want to pull all the hairs out with tweezers, but I look for the tweezers and can't find them. Later, I look in the mirror again and have a short, but thick beard, with only a couple of long hairs straying outside of the beard zone. I still can't find the tweezers, so I try to pull them out with my fingers, but can't; they're too solidly rooted. I continue playing with those hairs with my fingers as I go about the rest of my day.
      [Funny how at no point during this sequence did I think to question the situation; I'm a girl! I do, however, find and pull on stray hairs like that often in real life.]

      I'm explaining to someone, over the phone [I think], that J&L have passed away. The conversation continues, and I say something about how hard it must be for the other person to find this out. [J&L are the original owners of the house I'm now renting. I've had this conversation over the phone at least twice in real life. Even though I never actually met them, it's still hard to tell people that news.]

      I'm in a body of water, and there's this little cartoon guy swimming in the water. He has a mask and a snorkel on. There is a song playing: “let's go swimming under the sea!”, it says, or something like that. I'm following the little cartoon guy as he swims through the water. I have my own snorkel, but no mask. I don't really need it, though, because when I duck my head below the surface, I can see underwater just as clearly as if I were wearing a mask, and the water doesn't sting my eyes at all. Then, the little cartoon guy starts diving deeper under the water. I think to myself, It annoys me when cartoon characters do that when they only have a snorkel. [Somewhere toward the beginning of this dream, I became aware that I was dreaming, but I don't remember precisely when, nor what triggered it.] I want to continue following him under the water, and I think to myself, I can breathe underwater in dreams. My known dream ability to breathe water activates at this thought. I abandon the snorkel and continue following the little cartoon guy. We're in what looks like an ocean. The water is deep blue, and there are sea creatures of some kind swimming in it.

      I'm in an unfamiliar bedroom, going to sleep. I even feel sleepy. While I'm getting into bed and falling asleep, I think about the fact that I'm going to be in a a dream as soon as I fall asleep, and that I'm going to be lucid and take conscious, intentional action while I'm there.
      [I remember having a specific mission in mind, but I don't remember what it was.] After a few seconds, I roll sideways out of bed and know that I'm in the dream world. [I think some kind of dream followed, but I don't remember it now. After that dream ends,] I'm back in the same bedroom again, and I go through the same sequence of falling asleep and knowing that I'm about to enter a lucid dream. This time, I sit up in bed to enter the dream, and then climb out of bed and step away from it, towards the door of the room. I cast a sidelong glance over at the bed and get a glimpse of myself, lying asleep. I quickly look away. I think, I know this is a dream room, and that that isn't actually my real body, but still, it's creepy. [I'm pretty sure I was aware that I was dreaming throughout this entire sequence, even the parts where I was falling asleep.] The reason I know that the whole experience is just a dream is that the bedroom I'm in isn't mine. The walls are painted a dark, cool color, the bedclothes match the walls, and the room is longer and narrower than my real one.

      From that unfamiliar bedroom, I walk out into a plaza surrounded by buildings. It is a sunny day. There are signs in the plaza directing people to an area where a birthday party is being held for a child. I walk into that area and find a table with a bunch of party food set out on it. From that table, I take a cupcake and start eating it, without bothering to take the paper off first. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to do that. I know that this is my dream body, so I don't have to worry about the paper doing me any harm, and in addition, I don't have to worry about what the DCs around me will think if they see me eating the cupcake paper. The cupcake itself feels and tastes exactly like cupcakes do in real life. I walk around while eating it, observing all the people walking around and the kids running around and playing in the courtyard.

      As I continue to explore the dream environment, I come upon another sign reminding everyone that it's time to go and complete the paperwork to register their cars. I follow the directional arrows on the sign, and end up entering a building that contains an office with a reception desk front and center as you walk in the front door of the building. I go up to the reception desk, tell the woman there my name, and ask for my car registration form. It turns out that the form is filed under my old address from when I was living in Florida. She gives it to me to update. The sheet of paper she gives me is the top sheet of a piece of carbon paper. It's a sheet I already filled out back when I was living in Florida; it has all my information from those days on it, in my handwriting, in blue ballpoint pen. I start working on bringing the information on it up to date.

      The top section of the form contains several multiple-choice questions with checkboxes below them. These questions are all about your religious beliefs, and they're really only on the form as a formality. They ask about whether or not you believe in the Bartel Water Bug, and the boxes indicating non-belief are already checked. I read over this section and then start updating the form with my current address, but then it occurs to me to think: Why am I wasting dream time filling out a form? I look up from the paper to see what the woman behind the desk is doing. She has turned away to do something else. I set down my pen, turn around, and walk quickly out of the building while she's not looking.

      Back in the courtyard, I discover that the item I've decided
      [in real life] to use as a totem, which in my case is a thimble, behaves in a very interesting way when thrown or tossed in a dream. Namely, it acts like a magnet. Whenever it comes anywhere near another person [yes, even if the other person is just a DC], it flies away from them as if it were being repelled by their presence. Then it flies back toward me, straight into my hand, as if it were magnetically attracted to me. I encounter a family that I know in real life, walking along the edge of the courtyard. I say something like, “You're gonna get this thing thrown at you,” to the 7-or-8-year-old daughter in the family, and then I throw my thimble at her. When it gets within about a foot of her, it flies away from her and back toward me, and I catch it. [That's the last I remember.]

      Side notes:

      When I woke up for real and reflected on the part of my dream where I kept dreaming about waking up and falling asleep within the dream, I thought, "Cool! My mind came up with a kind of hybrid dream experience, incorporating characteristics of the lucid dreaming experience that I learned from Inception (the knowledge that I was about to fall asleep and immediately find myself in a lucid dream, the experience of entering that dream from within another dream), as well as characteristics that I learned from DreamViews and from EWOLD (the perception of rolling out of my dream body and the knowledge that that room was itself a dream)." To those people who looked down on the newcomers who jumped on the lucid-dreaming bandwagon after Inception came out: I was one of those bandwagon-jumpers, even though I tried not to be too obnoxious and annoying about it, and I believe that we newcomers are perfectly capable of learning and growing into the world of lucid dreaming as it is actually experienced outside of the movies.
    3. MILD: The Inception movie theory about personal totems and some lucid action

      by , 07-23-2011 at 06:00 PM
      Non-dream Dream Lucid Nightmare Fragments False awakening Early awakening

      I got inspired by the movie Inception and decide to try out a cool thing. I'm pretty tired and are going to take an afternoon nap. I put a white dice into my left pocket and tell myself to fall asleep, and have a lucid dream. I lay down on my bed and fall asleep really fast.

      I'm in a park somewhere, sitting on the bench of a picnick table. I reach down into my pocket where i putted the dice, my test totem. I feel it with my fingers and pick it up. I look at it. Nothing seems to be out of its order. I roll it a few times to see if something odd happens. Nothing happens, its just like rolling a dice in real life. I roll it some more, until I leave it on the table. Im lucid, really achored to the dream and I feel like doing something cool, try out new things. If I can pick up a dice from my pocket i should be able to pick up anyting so I imagen a Uzi in my pocket, planning to do some damage. Again I reach into my pocket. This time I pick an Uzi up. Before me I see a gang of criminals dressed in black coming out of a black car with black tinted windows. I point the Uzi at them and pull the trigger, spraying them with bullets until they all are dead. I say "it would be cool if some cops came by now" and I imagen some cops coming to arrest me.
      On the same road the criminals was comes now a cop car with flashing blue lights. Five cops comes out. I start to shot them too. Now everyone is dead and im the evil super villain who killed them. Mohaha!

      I wake up.

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    4. (11/19/10) - Inception

      by , 11-19-2010 at 06:02 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      So I finally saw Inception last night, and to say the least it has really kind of redirected me in my lucid dreaming and put me back on the right path. That's not to say that everything in Inception regarding lucid dreams is 100% accurate, but it really put the joy back into the act of becoming lucid for me, making it an achievable goal rather than a constant frustration.

      Of course, Inception being the last thing I saw last night, I had a lucid dream, and it was very Inception-themed. In fact, I spent the whole time in the hotel from the movie. I was in there for a few dream hours and did quite a bit, including testing out Cobb's totem (which I found on a table in the hotel hallway) and indeed it did spin indefinitely. Unfortunately, all else is very unclear due to my rude awakening...there was some loud noise outside that jolted me awake and absolutely destroyed my recall. I have only bits and pieces of the dream in my head still, but I know I was lucid.

      Since the totem thing worked for me last night, though, I've started using a real one. It's much different than Cobb's, and has several different details that I can watch for and try to find inaccuracies with in the dream. Let's hope having a physical reminder always with me will get me to do RC's during the day again. I MUST get back into this 100%! I've missed having decent lucid dreams...
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      lucid , dream fragment
    5. Inception "Totems"

      by , 08-19-2010 at 08:21 AM
      I came across a discussion about this, and I thought I'd put down some of my ideas for good "totems". First off, a "totem" is a device or personal affect that only the owner thoroughly understands that is used as a means of separating the dream world from the real one. I've used "totems" for years as a for of reality checking, only I referred to them as charms

      #1 - Rosary
      One I used myself was a rosary with a few specifics...
      • rose scented beads
      • a small hole drilled into every third bead
      • a pewter crucifix with a sterling silver dove for a hail holy queen bead
      • the 10th bead of the 4th decade was missing
      • the dove was attached with gold chain links - all the others were silver
      • INRI was inscribed upside-down on the cross

      #2 Matchbox Car
      Another one I used myself with fair success was a 1976 Metal Canary yellow jeep wrangler car with an angel wings decal on the hood.
      • It sat on it's axel wrong so it wobbled
      • it drifted to one side when pushed
      • had a specific model number on the bottom

      #3 Weighted Turtle
      The third one I used was a pewter turtle with a jade shell.
      • I was the only one who knew how it was weighted
      • Only I knew about the small heart etched on it's underside

      #4 Spoon
      • Ever seen a waitress check her reflection in a spoon? The concave side turns the reflection upside-down - if it's right-side-up, you're dreaming!

      #5 Marble
      • Flatten one edge of a marble. Be careful to do it not so it's obvious at plain sight, but that when the marble is gently rolled it will come to rest on it's own accord.
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