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    1. Sunday, March 3

      by , 03-12-2019 at 03:16 AM
      I am in Discology with Makayla and Zack Dussaq from Rocksport. Makayla seems like a younger version of herself. Discology looks different - more of a square room with boxes of records along the walls and on tables. The place just seems antiquated, even for a record shop. I am looking through a box in a corner (the spot, in the dream, where I always look?). I see 10,000 Days, which is in a box. The box is a dusty brown color that looks faded, by design I’m pretty sure. It may be slightly textured with pebbling, and it i very plain in a way that almost suggests a lot about what is within. I gently lift the top off and start inspecting the records - there is a small stack inside. They look brand new, marred by only a thin layer of dust. There seems to be only a track or two per side, the actual groove area taking up maybe a ¼ of the side. I notice some pretty distinct run out etchings, causing me to wonder if this is a bootleg or official release, etc. I have another new looking record, which I decide to get. Zack has gone upstairs to ‘pee’, but he’s been a very long time, which Makayla and I are laughing about. I now hear him getting ready to come back down and can just imagine his self consciousness. We make our way over to David to pay, and I find on a table a little stone turtle with a shark tooth inlaid in its belly. I think it’d be perfect for Mom, so I take it too, observing each side a few times. The tooth takes up the whole belly, is flat, and may actually be stone also. I think the record is $15, which seems high or higher than I’m used to. I think about how I always end up finding something in that spot. This causes me to realize I didn’t look anywhere else, but I’m okay with that
    2. June 27, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 06-27-2018 at 05:29 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in a theme park sort of like Busch Gardens in VA or Epcot Center. It looks rainy outside and dark. At some point we talk about how we're at a music festival but we only seemed to stay in one spot under this one random tent the entire time. It seems like maybe the festival is over and we're packing up to leave. It's night time but it's lighter outside with a shade of light blue. I don't think we want to leave.

      I'm walking around the theme park and there's very strange things occurring. It seems like this park is dark and something out of a My Chemical Romance music video. There's different events occurring throughout the park and there's music playing. There's performers at certain stations. There's a girl doing magic with one old man in front of her watching. I walk by exhibits and when I hear music I can see people dancing to it like this strange choreographed dance, they all know the moves. The people are dressed up in some goth clothing, I see a guy with black long hair and pale skin serious as can be doing these dance moves.

      At some point I'm off to the side with Moo and my jaw starts to clench up real bad. I can't control it, it's just strained really bad up and down. I fall to the ground and scream in pain, striking the ground.

      The end of the dream I'm watching this little turtle guy walking around. I think that I've made a video game and this little turtle is walking around in the over world trying to decide which level he's playing next. I remember I made is so the movement wasn't so linear, he could walk to these little leaves or other parts of the map that would trigger a level. He was a cute little turtle walking upright with a very concerned voice like "oh dear am I going to make it okay." I remember thinking this was a very good video game. I woke up thinking maybe he should be an armadillo instead.
    3. Reptiles and Amphibians

      by , 02-10-2018 at 10:35 AM
      Morning of February 10, 2018. Saturday.

      These segments come from the last two hours or so of sleep, of which there are usually a dozen or more segments, not counting the circadian rhythms autosymbolism of which I rarely document anymore, as it is usually of the same imagery or implication (other than at 07 here).

      04. Zsuzsanna is in our bed, apparently sleeping, though it is on a beach. Ocean waves are rolling in, but not as a threat, more like associations with the healing nature of sleep (as water is autosymbolism for the dream state itself).

      05. Three unknown girls are together, seemingly sharing one drink (in one glass) but they eventually start shifting identities and appearance too fast to really acknowledge with stable dream self focus, about one per second, which is usually an apex lucidity trigger. In this case, I feel that one may be meant to represent Zsuzsanna. However, upon approach, they are all mannequins, which is RAS autosymbolism from the dream self not having a real physical body, the same as with dolls and robots when rendered as such.

      06. I am watching a gondola, trying to decide if I want to be in it, vaguely remembering the autosymbolism for going to another level of unconsciousness (and water reinduction).

      07. I am standing at a window (perceived as our bedroom window), undressed, in semidarkness, looking through rattan blinds. I vaguely consider, in only partial lucidity, that this is “wrong”, without fully realizing that our bed’s head is adjacent to the window in reality (thus no place for me to stand), and that we no longer have the blinds after they were destroyed in the November storm that had torn the roof from our house. I have long believed that, other than prescient threads, dreams typically render everything wrongly so as the perceptions do not become a part of viable unconscious memory as in contrast to faux RAS-based memory, which is specifically used in RAS mediation (neural gating) for sleep-wake transitions. This is in contrast to all the people who write about the “subconscious”, of which nearly all that is written is based on incorrect beliefs or popular superstition.

      11. I am somehow able to see my feet and legs through my bed sheet, which is transparent. Oddly, even though I had been lucid moments before, I am trying to assign this to a real-life featue. Meanwhile, I “remember” that Zsuzsanna is sitting on a beach, waiting for a healing ritual in sleep paralysis. (A beach is a liminal space transition between different levels of unconsciousness and is used as such in mastership meditation.)

      12. I seem to be in Cubitis, and if so, it is likely implied to be a backroad between my old rural home and where I went to school in town. I watch a tortoise as it crosses the road, from my side to the opposite side (west to east). Eventually, four small flames emerge from the tortoise’s shell, one from where each leg had retracted. Apparently, it becomes a miniature version of Gamera (the otherwise giant flying turtle-like monster or kaiju from a series of Japanese films). (This is apparently a carryover from a dream of February 3, where a flame comes from each bottom corner of each boxcar that flies in the air. The association seems to be that, as turtles can symbolize the dream self as being asleep in reality, a boxcar is also a setting where people sleep, such as homeless people in transition. I had not made that obvious connection on February 3.) I look back to see tidal pools and recognize this as water lowering waking symbolism in addition to the return flight waking symbolism (most common form due to ambiguous vestibular system dynamics naturally triggered by being unconscious in REM.)

      13. In my most vivid waking transition, I am in the backyard at Stadcor Street in Brisbane (Wavell Heights), where we have not lived in years. The backyard is bigger and the house is implied to be more north of a much wider side yard area at the south. There are also several trees throughout the backyard, of which were never there in reality. It seems to be early morning and is still somewhat dark out but clear enough to see most detail. I sense the waking alert factor (WAF) of RAS mediation (though in false lucidity, not active), but I wish to explore more. However, RAS will have none of that. A large cane toad is present as RAS. It becomes a pest. Vestibular system ambiguity becomes more dominant and the toad swells up like a puffer fish and moves through the air as if manipulated by a varying wind (but not very realistic, as it moves through the air too slowly to be a factor of wind). At one point, as it slowly randomly blows about in the air, yet I just happen to be in its path, the cane toad’s mouth makes contact with my hand. I continuously remain wary of it, and maintain focus on its parotoid glands, though I notice there is minimal bufotoxin already on its body. It is quite silly really; a puffed-up cane toad being carried about by a nearly non-existent wind and tapping against my arms or hands at times as if it was based on magnetism or as a metaphor of slowed film footage. (I guess it is better than being “surprised” by the core WAF as a vivid rendering of a snake, of which apes and even lemurs probably dream about a lot as well.) I eventually wake.

    4. 8/25/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:13 PM
      Fragment 1: A baby duck is being attacked by a turtle in a small pond. I freak out and hurry to save the duck. I grab it in my hands and hold it to my chest. The turtle disappears and then random people tell me that it's probably ok to put the baby duck back in the water. I'm too afraid that the turtle will come back though, so I try to think of something to do, like calling a shelter or something.

      Fragment 2: I'm outside on a beach. There's tons of people and family members. Someone comes up to me and says that I should meet my other Grandmother. I stare at the person, confused because I don't have another one. But they insist that I do and say that she'll speak to me and like me because of what I did. I walk up to the woman. She's very old and sitting in a rocking chair. I get down on my knees in front of her and she smiles at me, asking me if I'm Melissa. I smile back and say yes. She talks and questions me about what I did.
    5. [Non-Lucid] The Special For Today Is Live Turtle

      by , 03-24-2016 at 01:08 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I was with an ex-friend from High School. We were on a bus, traveling around a town that resembled my home town. I had a little clear cased camera hung from my neck and I was using it to document our journey. The bus came to a stop suddenly, and I got off with my broken guitar. Apparently there was a place nearby that had a nice restaurant and a place to get my guitar repaired. For some reason everyone on the bus tried to stop me from leaving, almost begging me to stay on the bus. They tried this with my former friend too but I finally managed to convince him to come with, while recording what was taking place on my camera that was somehow now strapped to my bag and recording hands-free. He eventually did and got a terrible looking beat up guitar from someone on the bus as he got off. We walked through a courtyard and into a fancy restaurant with tables and chairs set up in rows, and took a seat. An Asian woman came up to us and asked if we were in a band, but then decided we were just reporters and left us alone. I think someone took our names and used a fake one for some reason, then someone came over to take a group photo. The lady returned and placed a snapping turtle at my feet, which bit both my big toes. I screamed and then began laughing, convinced making a scene about the turtle would get us kicked out and it was worth enduring. Haha.


      I was with the two guys I used to hang out with in the mountains west of my city, smoking weed. It was night for the majority of the dream.

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    6. 091115: Rush to the Airport, Creeps Outside, a Church?

      by , 11-09-2015 at 08:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Scene 1
      Rushing to the Airport
      I'm outside, dark outside, in the center of a suburban area of a large city. I have to make it to the airport, I try to find a bus I can take there. I look and look and somehow jump onto one.
      I make it to the airport. Do I make it on board? I'm travelling with a group of people, feels like class from a school.
      In the lobby of the airport, it is busy, shops around, I see a Pizza hut with a really old Jurassic Park promo pizza stand. Lucky they kept it this last 20 years, now with Jurassic World out.

      I'm outside again, it's sunny outside, morning, and I'm where a friend of mine used to live. I get on a bus, but it costs almost 10 euros to make it to the airport. Confused, I give the driver a 50 and get on. As an female inspector checks my ticket, I think there must be some confusion, a ticket can't cost that much. As I turn to get to the driver I get out of the bus to let a person pass me to get out and the bus takes off. I'm going to miss my flight! I call another friend of mine who was with me (apparently) who was on the bus and has my change from the fifty. She says she is too busy to come and give me the money back. Now I'm stuck here, missing my flight and penniless.

      Scene 2
      Creeps Outside my Childhood Home
      I'm in my old room at night. My bed is by the window. I can see outside into the night, light on in the other apartments. I feel cold, as if the window is not really there. I think that's absurd, it has to be there, otherwise I'd fall out.
      I look down at the people walking, I'm in an apartment way higher than it really was. Looking down at the people walking below I feel safe. I then see a person carrying a person on his shoulder, the person is a woman and clearly passed out or dead. He drags her to a puddle on the icy street and leaves her there, as if dumping her there. Should I call someone? Has this guy committed a crime? The guy then goes and passes out in a puddle a few steps away. The woman gets up and drunkenly tries to push the guy out of the puddle. They are just drunk, no need to worry.

      I'm on the big blue sofa in the living room trying to sleep. My mom is sleeping on the sofa behind me. I hear a crash and some commotion and see that a man and a woman, both drunk, have come in. Who are they? Despite not knowing them I don't panic, I only hope they don't wake up my mom. I get up and go to the kitchen. The guy is a bearded guy in his thirties., his eyes are drooping. I ask him who he is and what's up, pretty non-nonchalantly. He says he's been up in a bar with his girlfriend all night. (It is morning, greyish light can be seen through the kitchen windows.

      I see that his girlfriend has passed out on a sofa bed across from the blue sofa. She is apparently a family friend who is visiting and has brought a guy over she met in a bar. Kind of rude.

      Scene 3
      Tigers and Messed Up Turtles
      I walk outside, grey day in front of my childhood home, the same apartment. I see tigers playing with a bunch of string just like cats. Tigers are really rare, awesome that my housing complex is one of the few groups that has some as pets. I hear documentary footage commentary about the nature of growling.

      A little further on the play park in the next yard, on the grass I see a group of turtles, a mom with babies, walking. They are pretty weird looking, all greenish-brown and wrinkly, remind me of snapping turtles. The mother comes up to me and snaps at my heals. A family, like the Vine family Ehbee's, are playing with puppies with a remote-controlled car.

      Scene 3
      Serial Killing Couple
      By a lake, see a summer house. There is a TV connected to really long cables. There are puddles everywhere. I think Garfield and Friends is playing on the TV? I try to carry the TV to safety but I drop it into a puddle, I quickly pull it out, hope it isn't broken.

      On the summer house veranda, I see a couple, ideal and perfect looking. The woman says she got together with the guy because they can kill together, the only thing that gives any of them pleasure. I find the juxtaposition oddly disturbing.

      Scene 4
      The Church
      My sister is graduating? In a church, I see that there are only two guys in her graduating class of almost 30. They begin to sing Gaudeamus Igitur, I see some of the people are struggling with it. By the altar I see a piece of paper with the Latin lyrics. I see an English translation under them and it translates "Gaudeamus igitur" as "The Matchstick" and the rest of the lyrics are about light. Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

      At my mom's house, see my sister, a grey day outside, I go down the stairs. Lots of people there, getting ready for the graduation ceremony?

      Back at the church I see a couple of kids I knew from church as a kid. They are grown now and plot an evil revenge plot on a teacher of mine for marrying their mom. I see Tess from "Touched By An Angel". She is getting ready to get married in the near future. I look into her eyes and ask her if she can do anything to stop this plot.
    7. Manei tries to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian (LD #121), Destroying the Lucid Barrier (LD #122)

      by , 10-15-2014 at 01:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well... good night last night. Took me an hour to type this up.

      I was driving along in a mountainous region supposedly on some family vacation with my parents. The sky looks to be a very deep shade of blue and I think there were some planets in the sky. The mountains we are on don't look very earth-like either.
      The mountains are made out of a light brown/tawny rock and covered in moss that seems to flow over them like water. Exotic fern-trees grow in some of the more level areas but the mountains are fairly jagged.
      The road we are driving on is narrow (two lane) and built up on this really high end, futuristic looking bridge. Eventually I saw that we were coming up on a settlement in a valley.
      It was a very small settlement. Two houses, one of the houses is very modern with a big glass wall on the front and a solar array on the roof. The other one looks older, being made of bricks with a circular drive out front. There is also an old fashioned well and a park with swings and a play structure.
      My parents said that we had been driving for awhile and that we should pull over and eat lunch as a family in this park.

      This somehow led me to becoming lucid. I ran into Manei, who had taken on a youthful form, she was about 8. She then turned and ran and I came after her. I chased her across the playground structure and she went down the slide.
      "Come on! Go down the slide!"
      "mmm... Ok."
      I go down the slide, trying to rack up a little bit of dream stabilization along the way. I recall the slide being a reddish color, and having scuff marks on it. Before I reach the bottom, she says something else.
      "When you get to the bottom, don't stop!"
      I slide down and when I come off the end of the slide I go forward a little bit because of my momentum and land on my butt in the wood chips. For some reason I seem to sink into the wood chips.
      "Good, I had to make sure you were still (able to act like a child). The Dwarven Guardians who run this place really like that."
      "I'm going to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian now. Now you won't be able to see him because (He exists across the fourth dimension), but (He will be standing right in front of you) you will be able to communicate with him through thoughts."
      Manei changes into her base form (goes through puberty in a couple of seconds) and begin concentrating on summoning him. The dream begins to shift, I have a false awakening, or a scenery change, can't remember. Anyways, I'm in my bedroom. The wood chips I was laying in have become my bed. I lose some lucidity.

      The dream scene changes again. I am now in the basement of my house, standing. Manei continues concentrating for a minute or two and then all four of our family's cats (including the dead one) show up. Our youngest cat is particularly interested in whatever she is trying to do. He meows and rubs against her leg.
      "Rrrrgh! No! (Facepalms) That's not what I meant to do!"
      The dream carried on for a minute as Manei became frustrated in her attempts to summon this being, and I just sort of stood there patiently waiting to see what exactly was going to happen. I began to feel like the cat, the young one was somehow a representation of the being we were trying to summon. I tried to lock onto the cats energy and he and I engaged in a staring contest. I could feel something else in there. I could see it in his eyes. I was about to tell Manei that she should change her approach when I woke up.

      5:10. Let's go back.

      I had a dream where I had gotten a job at a superstore, like Target or Wal-Mart. I was the Janitor and my job was to clean the interior windows on the office walls in the back. My boss (a grouchy, short, fat, black haired man) gave me a toilet brush that had been dipped in soapy water.
      "Get your ass moving now!"
      I walk into the back of the store and begin scrubbing the windows. I haven't been told that I have to dry them or anything, and wasn't given a towel, so I just scrub them clean. The first office is really easy, but the second office, for some reason, someone has splattered a muddy brown substance on the window. I couldn't tell if it was mud, chocolate, caramel, or *shudders* something worse.
      Regardless, I'm the Janitor, and I guess they have to put up with stuff like this, so I just push past it. I start scrubbing but my brush gets contaminated with the muddy substance. I'm not really cleaning anymore, I'm just moving the dirt around. I decide I will go back to my boss and tell him that I'm going to need a bucket of soapy water.
      I start walking back across the store floor to the front where my boss is; in the front. I don't get very far until I come across my mom who is shopping. She tells me that I really should put on some pants if I want to impress my boss, and I realize that I am wearing a shirt and briefs.

      Lucidity hits me like a brick wall.
      There was this weird part though where the scenario repeated itself semi lucid. I was in a library this time, and my boss was a female, but no less grumpy. I went through scrubbing the windows, but there was this extra part where I was trying to clean the brush off in a drinking fountain in the back of the library.
      Regardless, I had a false awakening. As my eyes started to open, I could tell I was in my bedroom.
      My lucidity was clear enough to remember that I had gone to sleep in my college dorm room. I did a nose pinch.
      "Yeah! Just what I thought! A false awakening!"
      Something felt odd about my bedroom, like everything was reflected to the opposite side.
      I started to get out of bed and I took note of how dark everything was. I decided to turn on the lights. The dream glitched here and I was instantly over at the door, facing as If I were walking into my bedroom. I flicked on the light-switch and nothing happened. I flicked it up and down two times, and nothing happened.
      "Wait... don't light switches not work in dreams...?"
      The light flashed on blindingly bright for a fraction of a second. I heard a loud scream, then everything was black. I could feel myself falling for a few seconds.
      I false awaken. After one false awakening, I was ready to catch the second one, especially if it was to be in the same place as the first. I was in my bedroom. It was dark. I looked at the floor to see that it had been extruded down about 20 feet and filled with water back to the level of the original floor. The weird part was, all the furniture was sitting in place on the surface of the water.
      I recall the water being dark and murky, and seeing a large shark or predatory fish of some sort in the water.
      I must not have been fully lucid because I felt trapped by it. Eventually a blurry-faced dream character in a tiny yellow inflatable dingy came in, rowing with a wooden paddle. When they came up to my bed, I pushed them into the water and stole their little boat.
      I rowed into the guest bedroom for some odd reason and the clarity and mood of the dream picked up significantly. I thought that I was in a surreal painting or something. The water here was very shallow, six inches at the most, and clear. There were brightly colored fish in it, and the carpet flooring had been replaced with wood.
      There was a waterfall flowing from a bottomless pitcher suspended in midair, down a wooden desk, then onto a wooden chair into the floor below. For some reason, there was also a coat rack with a couple of bird cages hanging from it, with brightly colored birds in them. Some of the cages were open and a couple of exotic dream-birds were circling around the room.
      There were vases of flowers everywhere and lily pads in the water.
      I saw a turtle in the water. The turtle had mosses and grasses growing on his shell. I asked the turtle if he would protect me from the shark that was in the other room. He then created this little explosion of bubbles and a tiny fish appeared. It was black and brown with yellow spots. He told me that the fish would protect me.

      I turned back and looked around the room. My lucidity was slipping and I had to remind myself that this was just a dream. I decided to go outside. I began walking out of my house, and the water floors were fading away now.
      I open the door and take one look. I couldn't help myself.
      Holy S**t!
      The dream world was so bright and realistic. I could make out every leaf on every tree, blowing in the wind. I could see a full, white moon rising in the daytime sky. The sky still had that look that it had in the first dream though, it was a darker blue than it should have been. All of the colors seemed to pop, though.
      The trees in our yard were not quite right though. They seemed to be of different species. The one that is right out the front door was replaced with this one with millions of tiny bright green leaves. And where our pine tree was was a palm tree that started with a single base and split into multiple tops. Another tree was replaced with a giant red and white mushroom.
      As I looked more closely at the sky, I could see a structure in it. I couldn't really describe quite what it looked like in words, but it was made up of these circular nodes. Each one had a rune symbol on it. The rune symbols were connected by large beams with small white lights along the edges. Between those larger beams were smaller intricate spiral and radial patterns, sometimes centering around the nodes. The structure arched across the whole sky.
      Although I couldn't quite tell what it was, I could tell that it was solid, probably made of stone or metal, and that it was at least a few miles up. It had a sort of technological look to it, like the surface of the death star would. But also a very mystical, design. There were a couple of clouds in places obscuring parts of the structure.
      I was a bit taken aback by all this scenery. I almost lost the dream.
      "Keep it together (Jade)! It's just a dream... A very very good lucid dream."
      Then, just when I couldn't taken any more, we got planets. Two of them. Somehow visible past the barrier. Both of them looked earth-like, with atmospheres and oceans. One was larger and looked pretty flat, mostly land. The other was much more topographically interesting with craters and oceans.
      I had to contain myself a second time. I tried to think of something I could do. I then thought of the "Lucid Barrier" and thought that perhaps that huge structure in the sky is my lucid barrier. I should fly up and destroy it!
      Okay, usually in very stable, vivid dreams, flying can be a bit of a hassle. I try not to think about the fact that there is a massive structure hindering my lucid dreaming ability right above me. I start running from my front porch, toward the road. I try projecting my energy out of my hands to generate lift. I can't feel any energy flowing. I look upwards, at the house across the street and try to imagine myself being pulled toward the second floor.
      I jump, and notice that I don't seem to be heading back toward the ground. I feel the energy start flowing from my hands, and my little hand rockets ignite. Classic.
      "Haha! Yeah!"
      All of the sudden I hear a horn. I am now in the middle of the road, and only a couple of feet off the ground. A large white van careens toward me. I get struck on the left and side of the van and spun around by the impact. But it doesn't really hurt, despite the fact that I was hit at a fairly high speed. I try not to let the spin destabilize or change the dream environment.
      The van fares a little worse though, it careens off the road and hits one of the neighbor's trees. The dream character; a black man with dreads gets out.
      "Hey! Watch it! I... You're flying... He's flying!" The dream character yells.
      Something made me realize that the huge structure in the sky was not my lucid barrier. I decide to manifest a physical representation of it and destroy it. I turned around, and in the middle of the street was my lucid barrier.
      It was made out of rings of a pink polished stone, like a target, with a white four pointed star, also made out of polished stone. There was a ring of grey polished stone that connected into a pedestal and a crescent of more white polished stone along the inside of the outer ring. It was actually a beautiful sculpture and I felt a little bit bad for having to destroy it.
      I started to fly at it. For some reason, my flying was a little bit awkward and I was flying feet-first. I wanted to turn myself around, until I realized this was actually perfect. I kicked into it, knocking out the white crescent and breaking the outer ring ring of grey stone. I looked back to see my work, and a little less than half of the wall was gone.
      I felt my lucidity get clearer. Then I realized the reason my lucidity was so clear, and that my mind was so awake was that I was actually waking up.

      Hopefully now that I started tearing down that lucid barrier my LDs will increase.

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    8. Albino/Pink Animals

      by , 02-17-2014 at 10:59 PM
      Okay well I don't remember much because I woke up early and didn't write anything down ("I don't remember much" is quite a common phrase for me lately, huh?")

      I'm outside on my back porch and I see a ruby-throated hummingbird flying low near me. I carefully and slowly set down this small donut-bowl-shaped flower-fruit.. thing. The donut part has something like juice in it, and I nudge it carefully towards the bird. To my delight, it takes the bait and perches on the donut-bowl, leaning down to drink the juice. I watch for a little bit, but then I see a small, box-shaped turtle, and it's white with soft, bright, pastel pink. I'm delighted at finding such a strange-looking turtle that I've never seen before. I go to catch it, but then I think, the hummingbird will be gone soon, but the turtle won't be getting away too quickly. I should try to catch the hummingbird first, and then I could have two cool animals to show! So I slowly crouch down toward the hummingbird, then shoot my hand forward and grab it - I'm surprised that I actually managed to do it. Then I go and grab the turtle and go back to the back door to show my mom and dad (since I know my mom loves hummingbirds). When I get there and excitedly show them the animals, when I look at the hummingbird, it is also white and pink like the turtle. At the time, I think nothing of it, except that it's pretty and that I've seen nothing like it, so my mom is sure to like it.

      I know there's probably more I could remember if I tried, but I'm lazy, so I'll come back here and edit if a memory comes to me.
    9. The plunge

      by , 10-17-2013 at 06:36 AM
      Date: 15 Oct

      Pre bed: 1xGingko combo (Gingko, Ginseng, lecithin, mate)

      TST: 6.5 hrs

      Bad night of sleep thanks to the neighbors.

      LD: At grandma's place and am trying to make a cup of tea by using the boiling water from the tap. However, I can't find the tea anywhere. There is a butler whose name is Charles. We go out and he is driving me to the street where we are supposed to pick the tea from some sort of office. There is snow everywhere, I play with it with my hands. Feels normal.

      I become lucid, but have no immediate task in mind. Instead, I decide to play along and go to where we were headed and see what happens. I am a bit uncertain about being able to generate an office, but walk towards the building. The entrance's at the back and I enter the yard. There is some weird flickering going on. I wonder what's that about. The street light has problems? There are electricity cables connected to it and as I move, they get in the way of the light from the lamp, producing this flickering effect. I can't believe this level of detail/effect is possible. Anyways, I continue on my way, get in the building, now there's this guy with me. The office is supposed to be on the first floor. I almost lose lucidity here as the stairs get extremely deformed and narrow, I fail to reach my destination and go back to the building entrance.

      The guy is with me and now there is a woman in the team. They are both dressed with green overalls and are like prisoners from an alien colony. They talk about the guy having some sort of disease. We head towards the street, they are holding 3 guns like Uzzis but green as well. Cool, I am thinking very enthusiastically that we are going to have some sort of dream adventure. At this moment I remember to try to get them to join me in my AF TOTY quest. I turn towards what feels like the city center and think about AF. I can hear the sound of falling/running water and soon see that have caused a large city type of river to appear. Initially, there are 3 jets of water as if coming from a fountain, but actually coming from the river. I have the feeling that AF would be hard to form here, but still think the scene is good for the Great Barrier Reef Task. I come closer to the riverbank, the water is quite deep, extremely clear and is about to overflow from my side. In my mind, this is the Great barrier reef already. I gather a bit of courage and plunge.

      The scene disappears and my body faces the bottom of what looks like the ocean. It's hard to see as it is very similar to when one is really trying to see underwater. My entire body is submerged in this clear, somewhat shallow water. There is enough light and I can feel the sun shining bright above and as hard as it is to see clearly, I can distinguish lots of grains of sand just below me. I struggle to get a better view of everything, but the impression of having water in the eyes and not adapting yet, remains. I think about the next step, corals, but they are nowhere in sight. At the same time, I think about the sea turtle that's supposed to be here (CL that's from you!) and can see the turtle swimming in the water with the sand right in front of me. In addition to that, I can hear a joyful marine type of tune playing softly in the background. I am still struggling with this watery blurry vision though and it finally gets the best of me and the dream totally fades.

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    10. The Turtle

      by , 08-15-2013 at 09:04 PM
      This was the first of two lucid dreams from last night, and my first serious Great Barrier Reef attempt.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #130: The Turtle

      I'm swimming in a shallow cove with my 4-year-old son "E". I tell him that he's helping me practice for a planned dream about the Great Barrier Reef and he seems excited to help. We come across a cave just under the waterline, swim into it, and emerge in a cavern where all these other kids are hanging around. I wonder whether all these kids are helping their moms and dads prepare for a Great Barrier Reef dream. This feels strange to me and I become lucid.

      There's either a scene change or a memory gap at this point, because my next memory is of walking by myself through the grounds of a university. I pass two men who stare silently at me as I walk by. They're both in their late 20s and look almost like identical twins, except that one is dressed in a suit while the other wears glasses and a flannel shirt. I think that there's something I need to ask them, but I can't remember what it is. (I think I'd meant to ask them the meaning of life for Task of the Month.)

      Nearby is a plaza with a tall stone column at each of its four corners. Perhaps a dozen DCs are walking around this plaza, looking happy but aimless. I exchange a glance with one tough-looking DC as I walk across the plaza, and something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I take a half-hearted swing at him, as if I'm trying to slap him upside the head. He ducks out of the way, and immediately I wonder why I would do something like that.

      The DC moves aggressively toward me and I move to dissolve this problem that I've caused. I hold up my right hand to the DC and walk casually away, saying, "It's cool." The tension abates and he walks away. Whew.

      I remember my intention to get to the Great Barrier Reef. I hulk-jump high above the Earth, knowing that I'll see water nearby. Sure enough, there's a sparkling blue ocean to my right. As I descend, I notice a cute DC standing in the water, waving at me as she watches me come back down to Earth. As I near the water, I realize that she's Wife!

      Before I can say anything, I plunge into the water. This is one of only a handful of times that I've been underwater in an LD, and I'm pleased to see that I can breathe normally. I try my voice, and it's perfectly clear: "[Wife]! Can you hear me?" There's no reply and I don't see any sign of her. Okay, focus. I need to ride a sea turtle, find a great white shark, and bite it. Without dying. The task feels really intimidating to me but I start searching.

      I swim in random directions for a while until I finally catch sight of a turtle. The turtle has no interest in my company, though, and speeds away from me underwater. I don't have any plan as to how I'm going to catch him, so I just try to swim faster. He kites me along like this for quite a while until
      I have a false awakening in some kind of hospital.

      Wife and I are here trying to improve our dreaming abilities. I'm astounded but pleased that she's interested in dream work now. She tells me that she's trying to hit her REM cycles by setting alarms that correspond with the take-off times for airplanes. Skyler White (from Breaking Bad) walks into our room and starts speaking to Wife in a husky, almost male voice. She's apparently a researcher at this hospital. This all seems strange to me and
      I briefly become lucid before the dream ends.
    11. Welcome to Hotel Hell.

      by , 07-24-2013 at 05:04 PM
      Date: July 24, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB with WILD
      Total Sleep Time: 8-9 hours

      Dream #1

      Well, I went to bed extremely sleepy, so sleepy, I broke a record by going to bed before midnight! I kept waking up in the middle of night, I guess because I went to bed so early, I kept thinking it was time to get up. I would use the bathroom and every time I would get back to bed, I would say my mantra and try my best to stay awake. Sometimes, I would go to sleep, but I would be back up in a couple of hours doing the same thing all over again. (that's just how my body works, I naturally wake up in the middle of night). Well, by the third time, in the middle of a dream, I felt my vibrations and I became lucid. I was in what looked like a hotel and I was talking to someone at the front desk. I couldn't get over how the person didn't really look like a human to me (and I can't explain what he looked like either). Somehow, my super lucid senses kicked in and I heard a voice in my head say, "Stop staring and hug the damn thing...NOW!" I flew over that counter and wrapped my arms around that 'thing' and held on for dear life! After what seemed a few minutes, I let go (I guess I thought if I didn't hold on long enough the thing would vanish or evaporate). I was so scared, but I had to wait for the reaction, so I just stood there ready to be vaporized or punched in the face by that thing, but instead, it just smiled at me. I lost lucidity soon after that, but when I woke up, I wrote down the little bit I retained and laid back down trying to see if I could continue, but I think the excitement messed that up for me. I was so excited! I don't know where that voice came from that told me to hug that thing, but THANK YOU!

      Dream #2

      I laid back down and repeated my mantra and went back to sleep and had a non-lucid, but it was very vivid. I was in an elevator and it kept going up and down without stopping. The other DC in the elevator told me that it must be broken and soon I began to freak out. I suffer from extreme motion sickness in WL, so I guess this followed me into my dream world, so I felt my stomach start to bubble and boil..I was getting ready to hurl. The DC started moving around trying to push the buttons on the elevator and calling for help and finally, the elevator stopped. When the doors of the elevator opened, I fell out the doors like a puddle of liquid and the other DCs just stepped over me to go on their merry way. I felt like I was still in a hotel because I went up to my room and I found several people sleeping as I tried to tell them what had just happened to me. They didn't want to hear it because they were asleep and one of them told me to shut up and go to sleep! So...that is exactly what I tried to do...until I saw a live turtle stuck to my shirt !
    12. Turtle crop

      by , 08-09-2012 at 02:33 AM
      I stand next to a produce farm of my construction, it is about 3ft. by 5ft. To one end it contains sugar cane and it has water channels in between small pumpkin crops most of the rest of the way down, on the edge slightly longer Mellon vines grow. I think to myself that I have a lot of good crops, however there is one I cannot identify next to the sugar cane, about 6ft. in hight and 4in. in diameter, and off white in color. As I look closer I realize that it is hollow, I look inside and see a turtle shell with a floating almost digital translucent gray name tag above it that reads T-Dog. (here the dream skips) I now stand in a church while the turtle is being mummified in another building, the walls are lined with tall and vibrant stain glass windows. I stand next to the priest, other than us the entire place is empty. Suddenly rocks come hurdling through multiple of the brightly eliminated windows, the priest gets red in the face, I can tell he is furious. (the dream skips agin) now I find that I am standing outside the church at night, my friend Jacob pops out of nowhere with a tiny crossbow and shoots me with it, however the minute dart simply bounces off my chest. (and the dream fades into an end.) I also recall a fragment of another, something about my old teacher Mr. Van giving me something.
    13. scramble of the elements

      by , 05-17-2012 at 02:21 PM
      I am standing in a unknown room filled with people, a person standing next to me says
      "potassium, people prefer active chlorine!"
      i reply "ya, pure potassium spontaneously combusts on contact with water"
      as i walk away i hear something about a lab with gold and some other element (tantalum) so i make my way to the edge of the room and grab a large plastic tub labeled GA,GEF.

      at this point my alarm goes off and just before i open my eyes the last thing i see is a turtle moving across a sandy beach.
    14. House Arrest, Sylar (Heroes), weird animals and more

      by , 04-01-2012 at 05:07 AM
      So my dream starts off at Walmart (Thing about my dreams is that i have many "Dream Locations" When I'm at Walmart in my dreams it's always the same over sized Walmart) Anyway, everything is normal until this evil dude come's from nowhere with a black sword. I here a voice and it's generic like and says "You must take the sword. You are the chosen one." In front of me is a golden silver sword stuck in the ground. The sword is between me and the evil dude( He is about 17 and wearing all black. He has black hair and brown eyes) I run at the sword and everything goes into slow motion. I grab the sword and pull it from the ground. The second i pulled it from the ground i saw a smile cross the guys face and I knew I had made a mistake. He then swung out with his sword in a sweeping motion. This created a wave that knocked me back and threw me into the shelves behind me, but it didn't stop there. The one slash cut into the ground and roof destroying any thing in it's path. It brought up a giant wave of smoke and debris. I couldn't see anything but i could feel the earth quaking under my feet. Then all the smoke cleared and i did a 360 but the guy couldn't be found anywhere. I stand up and apparently am uninjured. Then I notice i crowd is forming around me and they do not look happy. I then realize I'm standing right smack where all the damage begins and...I'm still hold the sword. I begin to see why all the people are giving me bad looks. I start to try and explain but no one will here me and next thing i know i'm in court

      The court is basically The People Vs Me and i lose. the judge lets me of easy for some reason and i get house arrest until "He sees fit" I go home which is just like my house only the furniture is different and my room is weird( Of course i don't think so until i wake up) I have a huge bathroom all too myself and i have a roommate and apparently I'm rich and half a lot of stuff. The scene reminds me of something out of a Miyazaki movie. The room looks bright and happy with bright colored clothes everywhere( My roommate is a designer or something) Me bed is round and has lots of quilts on it and is surrounded buy wall dividers. It looks quite cozy. Anyway my parents are pissed and they don't believe me about not destroying Walmart. They, along with my roommate, go some where and I end up alone in the house i cannot leave. I'm not even allowed to go in the yard.

      So I'm siting in my room and looking out the window. I see this gigantic hole or cave in the ground. on the inside walls of the hole are thousands of smaller holes. Inside each of the smaller holes are bird nests. The birds are all different shapes, sizes and colors. There are even rainbow colored ones. The whole time I'm thinking " I remember that being there" But at the same time I'm so entranced but how beautiful they are to care. Then I see these big trucks pull up and guys come out and start spraying this purple smoke into the hole. Al the birds start freaking out and i think they are killing them. I can't sit there and watch this so even though I'm not allowed to I jump up and run outside. I yell at them to stop and they give my funny looks and explain they are only trying to get the birds out because the hole is going to collapse. Feeling stupid I head back inside. I get to the back door and see that right beside it is a large aquarium. In this tank is strange looking frogs and turtles of odd color. I was thinking out loud and said "How weird.." One of the turtle turned to me and replied "HOW RUDE!" I was like I turned to go the other way forgetting i was trying to go back inside and saw this black car pull up. Some how I knew whoever was inside was here because I had left the house. I step for and start to say it was all a misunderstanding but stop mid-sentence when I see that the man getting out of the car is none-other than Sylar (From the show Heroes).

      First if you don't know who Sylar is then go watch Heroes, He is my favorite bad guy other than Freddy Krueger ( I'm not including Anime villains ) until then the small explanation is he has super powers and he kills people
      Second I completely froze when i saw him but only for a moment then turned and rad inside utterly scared for my life. I slam the door behind me and run and hide in the bathroom and lock the door. There is a little slit in the door that you can slide open and see out side for some unknown reason. I look through and watch as my back door flys off it's hinges and hit the wall. The only though that runs through my mind at this point is "shit shit shit Shit Shit SHIT SHIT SHIT" Then he turns and looks straight at the bathroom door and i slam the slit door I'm looking through shut and back way too fast tripping and falling to the ground. The door to the bathroom moves but won't open because it's locked then the door is busted in half. I watch in shock and Sylar enters the room. Then I jump up and run for the window hope to escape but Sylar is to fast and grabs the back of my shirt and throws me to the ground HARD. This knocks the breath out of me and a struggle to get to my feet but he kicks me back down. Using his ability to move things with his mind he flips me and makes it were i can't move and smiles saying "I would say any last words but you don't get any...goodbye" He raises his hand in the oh to familiar motion about to finish me off ( In the show he slices the tops of people heads off with his power by pointing and making a slicing motion) I slam my eyes shut.

      That were I wake up...guess i died.
    15. Inshelltion

      by , 02-10-2012 at 10:35 PM

      I'm trying to find somewhere. For some reason I go to the house of a kid I hate to get directions off the back of a shirt. I have to be quiet as not to give myself away. The place I'm trying to go is a long drive completely on interstates then a short walk. I drive this distance and somehow end up like inside the walls of the interstate. I meet a girl and we go inside her mind inception style. We are now searching for a place inside her mind. She has to attempt to forget everything about society and civilization for us to find it. We float around in search of this place but we keep ending up back on the top of the interstate sides, and the girl gives me a pack of cigarettes. Eventually we take a break on the side of a cliff, overlooking a city on the edge of the lake. To our left are two huge machines incinerating houses and knocking them down. To our right is the lake. Everything becomes super trippy. The lake changes colors and the grass becomes super bright. the houses all flash iridescently. I see a turtle on the cliff and it flys lazily around with brilliant purple tracers and green and purple moving around its shell (like visuals on lsd). I take my pack of cigarettes out but whats left have all been broken in half. I look around and find another one full and lit sitting next to me.. Me and this girl discuss the scene. I ask her why the machines are necessary, but she can't seem to answer me. My alarm goes off and I wake up.

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