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    1. From Mundane to...Ehh??

      by , 09-04-2016 at 03:16 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Haven't posted any entries in 4 days, but rest assured, I'm ALIVE. Rather than not posting due to no recall, however, I didn't post the entries for the 1st and 2nd of September simply because they were extremely mundane dreams.
      Literally all they consisted of was me hanging out with my family and going about day to day business. Nothing really to write in depth about.
      The dream I had for the morning of the 3rd (or, yesterday, as of this time of writing) was an interesting one involving the concept of inception.
      My cousin was going to get married to this jerk of a guy, and I wasn't okay with it, so I decided to pull a Leonardo DiCaprio and delve into her dreams to perform inception. A dream about dreams, as it were. Deep.
      And then, this morning's. All of these dreams don't have a whole lot of detail recalled, but rather, specific plot points. One thing that has been improving though is my ability to recollect these things even after falling back asleep, as usually that's enough to simply wipe my memory of it if I didn't write it down.
      I was hanging out with this girl I used to know really well IRL (we haven't hung out in literal ages), and we were sitting on this outdoor park bench. Yet, half of the area was covered in what appeared to be a house. So it was like half outdoors, half house. I can't even find a good way to describe that, it was a sort of reality warp-ish type of dream scene, the kind your dream self can understand just fine, but in real life you're like 'wtf'
      Anyways, strange dream scene aside, we were sitting on this bench, a nice breeze blowing through, and just sort of happily people-watching. All of a sudden, she turns to me and nervously asks if I'd like to accompany her to her school's Snowball dance. Shocked, but pleasantly surprised, I happily accept. Almost immediately, in comes a lot of people I know and associate with this girl. They just begin walking by, mumbling their thoughts about that turn of events.
      Sorry if this one sounded bizarrely described, but that's cuz it really was sort of bizarre. It had a nice peaceful atmosphere, but a lot of weird stuff that you'd usually only notice upon waking (or maybe not, in the event of a successful DILD, which has yet to come. But that's okay!)
      Anyways, sorry for the radio silence, and happy dreaming.
    2. N8: ...

      by , 08-16-2015 at 09:27 PM
      So I dreamt that I was going back to elementary school for a visit with my class. There was something going on. If we found a pig in a wedding dress, and a baby cow, we'd get a prize. I found the pig- it was in a closet. Then I walked past a 3rd grade classroom to see that the kids in there had already found the cow. Then the dream shifted- I was at a hospital waiting room at night. We went outside (my mom, sister, brother and I) To see... Barack Obama! He needed a ride somewhere. That just seemed so strange to me, I did a reality check. My finger didn't go through my hand, but sort of "melted" into it. Eh, still, that wouldn't happen IWL! I plugged my nose too, and could breathe perfectly! I tried to take off to fly, but couldn't! I "woke up" and immediately did a reality check. Nope, still dreaming. I got up, but as soon as I did, I "woke up" again, and did a reality check, only to find that I was in yet another false awakening. I tried shouting "Clarity now!" a few times because everything was blurry, but it was no use. After a few more false awakenings, I woke up.
    3. ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream

      by , 03-31-2015 at 06:14 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream and dreams within dreams (DILD)


      I have a long load of dreams to upload, but since this is a ToTM I must now. Been busy and I am behind in writing everything down. This was a very strange dream, a mix of astral projection, lucids, non-lucids and waking... I ended up very confused when I woke up for real.

      I had a FA in a big hotel room, I believe I was in Australia. This was a very long dream and I lost some of what happened, but a weird wasp stung me and layed some eggs under my skin. Said eggs hatched almost right away and I started to feel very sick. I went to the ER and I was told that surgery was needed. They needed total anesthesia and I was worried because I just ate. I figured I was going to get sick big time once the procedure ended. I realized that I was probably going to astral project due the anesthesia. When they administred it, I passed out and suddenly, found myself floating above my body.

      I was dreaming of an Astral Projection, but non lucidly. I was flying around and I passed out again.

      I had a series of FAs and falling asleep several times, like a big loop.

      At some point I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. Despite being lucid, I was still buying that my physical body was receiving surgery. I was in a big house and I took a flight to make my dream stable. The sky was clear and I could see a very bright light. It reminded me of the Bonus task of the month, to visit the ISS and watch a sunrise over our planet.

      Flying to space was pretty easy for me and soon, I got to the ISS. As I was approachng at it, it looked like the real thing, but then, suddenly it morphed into something like this:

      I was standing on the edge of this station and I could see our planet and a very bright light on the very edge. I saw the Sun rising right behind the Earth and the beams of light from the sun had a few different shades of yellow, white and red. I was happy to accomplish the ToTM Bonus so I decided to complete some dares, however, I passed out again.

      I had another FA, I was in a room and I realized it was not the hospital. I turned lucid and double checked checking my hands. I could hear a lot of noises, like hospital noises despite I was outdoors in another dream. I started to worry about the surgery and lost lucidity.

      I had another few chains of FAs
      small lucids passing out and more non lucid dreamlets, all with brief real awakenings (in my real bed) and installing back to dreaming.

      I had another layer in the same dream where I was projecting myself and I saw my body, almost wrapped up with the surgery. I had x-ray vision and I could see how they removed all the parasite eggs from my body. I also saw my stomatch, still full with food and I knew i was going to puke everything and feel horrible once I woke up from the surgery. I could touch other people while in this ghost form and they would feel me, but not see me, I was fooling for a while.

      I FAed in the hospital bed, and I was feeling pretty bad. I passed out.

      I had another FA in vegas.
      I had a short lucid and I quickly passed out once again to find me in another false awakening.

      I had then again another FA in my car. I was parked in front of a Wallgreens and my wife was in the passenger sit (I was driving asleep? lol)
      I turned lucid out of all the non-sense, but my wife told me that I was not dreaming and prevented me to do a reality check. I knew this was not my wife because we encourage each other to do a RC.

      Other FA in a room.

      Another FA in a different room, outside a building at night. There was a car parked and they asked me if I enjoyed my trip. Apparently, they caused all of these dream to happen, it was a company called, "9 clairvoyants dreamer"

      I woke up for real.

      I did over 15 different RCs where all gave positives (I was awake...) but still I felt afraid I would be fooled again. I went to pee and wanted to go back to bed, I knew eventually I would be 100% back in the waking plane.

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    4. Unplug yourself from the inceptionized matrix, Neo.

      by , 07-27-2014 at 08:48 PM
      All of a sudden, I was at my school during an athletic event. Swimming in partic-tac-ular. I was sucking except for the basketball portion in which I aboslutely killed at. Basketball in the water, except you use a floating beach ball. This competition was inside btw. I thought "Hell or high water, I'm going to get a medal TODAY." Just then, the water rose for more in-depth competition. A dialogue box popped up that said "At this altitude of water, there may be sharks. Be on the lookout." Then I thought
      "Why would there be sharks in an indoor competition?" This was my first clue that it was a dream.
      I finally did an event correctly. Swam 20mph in the sprint. Then I thought "Wait, I'm not even athletic, what's this?" I wanted it to be my turn so bad, that it actually came true. The rotations had smiled upon my liking, and I showed them who's boss.

      I talked to the kids post-game. There's this one who's the hotshot of the school; athletic, smart, cool, etc. He doesn't want me near him in real life because "I'm not worthy of his presence" or something like that. Since I had showed my brightside to him, I thought he'd look the other way. Nope. He said some snobby stuff, but then I said:
      "This is a dream, Ethan. We can do whatever we want. I can do whatever we want."
      He replied "Bullsh*t."
      I raised four miniature geysers of lava and shot ice crystals at his feet from nowhere. Not one of them hit.
      "Jesus christ, this IS a dream!"
      "Yes, didn't I tell you?"
      I saw the fear in his eyes.
      "Everything is wrong here. Nothing is right, but that's what I need to fix. If I grant you powers, the dream will become unstable, I'll leave and live my normal life, while you're here, stuck with the tyrannic rulers."
      I had his full attention now.
      "Omnipotent rulers?"
      "Yes. They're using you as fuel. You are slaves to them. I'll clear them out so you can go back to your life, or stay here if you desire. Stay safe."
      The truth was stranger than fiction though. I had unplugged myself [woke up] and found myself in a whole new setting. The world was dark, and people were handing their electronic devices to men that looked like Agent Smith from The Matrix while they sat in cars with guns. I ran straight into the school as sentinels flew above me.
      "Mrs. Swenson, what's going on?"
      "Come with me."
      This part of my dream skipped out, but I knew it. I had the power. to test this, I went into an elevator. I pushed 1 "ground level" and said "Cut power to elevator"
      The elevator sparked and warped a bit. I was then actually afraid as I drifted back into naivete. I almost lost my grasp on my lucidity.
      I found myself no-clipped out of the world. Much like in Half-Life 2, or Portal. When you can fly around and through objects, and see the entire map in a grayish blue box-ish outline full of objects.
      This was frightenting. The force at work here was much stronger than me, so I warped home. I immediately looked out my window. An agent in a red tie in a black buggy looked up at me. I saw the coldness and emotion, or lack thereof, in his eyes. He drove away.
      I then woke up AGAIN, to find that I was on Newgrounds. The endeavors I experienced were a Newgrounds Flash Animation. But I knew there was another level to this.
      I went to World's End, an ethereal location in the game Magicka. World's End is what it sounds like. Barren floating islands with a very beige, green background. There was a path. I had a showdown with the Beast himself. My inner demons. He wielded a large club, and I made myself twice his size. I couldn't stomp on him. I couldn't block him. I had to wait until he was out of breath, and land the finishing blow. I punched him off the barren island into No-Man's Land. He fell down into the deep, foggy abyss.

      I'm much happier now, tbh.
    5. Deeper levels.

      by , 03-25-2014 at 07:08 PM
      I am on my bed. There's a window which is not supposed to be there in real life. A giant white moon stands still there, up in the sky, when I see something flying, like a fridge or whatever, and I realize that it must be a dream. Reality check and confirm it is a dream. I get lucid.

      I don't know what happens here, but I end up in other place, thinking that I need to try to go to the deeper levels of the dream world. It's like the thought has appeared by itself and that I am dreaming that I am lucid dreaming. At first it was not like that but it's just a feeling, so. I just let by body fall and I feel how my body cross the floor, followed by another floor. I keep falling before being 'normal' again and realizing that my parents are yelling at me for making that much noise. I go to bed as fast as I can and turn off the lights.
    6. "I'm here to wreck your world"

      by , 01-24-2014 at 02:07 PM
      It started off in the band room of my school. I was having a strange conversation with someone, so i knew i was dreaming. Even though i was already lucid, i still did the finger through palm check, and it went through. I started hearing the loud voice of my friend, but it seemed to be coming from no where, and was only directed to me. I looked around for the source of this voice until I found my friend Andrew. I kept feeling like people were touching me, which inspired me to punch someone in the face to see what would happen. I punched Andrew, and he got a little upset and punched me back, but i told myself i wouldnt feel it. I floated around and found my boyfriend, and told him i loved him. I got piggy back rides from some friends. I asked some DC i couldnt recognize why they were here, and they replied, "To wreck your world." I made my old friend appear like i usually do, but this time i decided i didnt need him anymore, and i pushed him down through the floorboard. I decided i wanted to change the scene, so i became a monkey hanging on a tree branch. This didnt last long however, because i soon found myself floating around the band room again. Everyone seemed to be in slow motion but me, and i felt like i had complete control. It was extremely vivid and the whole dream felt somewhat abstract, like time didnt exist and we were all just a picture being painted with each action. At some point i decided it would be really neat to have a dream inside a dream, so i decide to test it out. I lay down on a couch and try to close my eyes, but i got distracted because i started to feel like my fingers and toes were falling off, like they were losing circulation in my waking body. I started to this my whole body was falling apart because i wasn't breathing in real life. I started to hurt everywhere, and i felt like i could hear myself gasping for air, but not receiving any. I started to panic because it did feel 100% real, so i try to wake myself up by slapping myself and thinking really hard. I went through a few short false awakening until i was in my real life bed. I fwlt fine, but i was not sure if i was actually having problems breathing or not.
    7. Naruto Inception?

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:14 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      13.11.2013 1/2

      Alguma coisa relacionada a Naruto e Inception. Lembro do Naruto antigo na entrada de Konoha, prensando alguém na parede. A conversa tinha algo a ver com Inception e eles estarem se preparando pra algo. Sakura também estava ali.
    8. Matrix, Inception and Almost There!

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:11 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      12.11.2013 2/2

      Uma mistura de Matrix com Inception. Lembro apenas de eu estar na Avenida dos Autonomistas, me vendo em 3ª pessoa, parece que com roupas no estilo Neo, perto do banco Safra, indo a algum lugar pois precisava salvar alguém. Uma mulher(acho que no sonho era minha ajudante) me dizia que isso era perigoso pois eu podia descobrir a verdade... que eu estava sonhando. Seria isso uma mensagem do meu subconsciente tentando me despertar no sonho ou era apenas parte do plot do sonho?
    9. Dream about Inception

      by , 08-20-2013 at 10:33 AM
      I was working for a secret company and played the role of Mr. Cobb in the movie Inception. The surroundings were different than the ones in the film, in my dream it all took place in a house, but every now and then I kept seeing Cobb's children.

      Our mission was to plant an idea in a woman's subconscious. To do that, we needed three layers of dreams, and in each layer I had to find the way to "plug" her into that machine and go a layer deeper. In my case, though, there was no dead husband trying to sabotage the mission or anything like that.

      During the night, I've woken up in some occasions (or dreamed I woke up, I can't really tell). Almost every time I did I thought I would do some kind of RC to make sure I wasn't dreaming and not lose touch with reality. I also thought I needed to remember as much of the dream as I could to be able to write it down when it finished (though in the end, I haven't been able to recall much detail). After each of these short awakenings, I fell asleep again and the dream continued. At about 5.45 am, I decided I had woken up too many times and maybe the next time I fell asleep I would enter a different dream, so I got my dream journal and wrote this down. It's been a strange night.

      PS: yesterday night, I watched Inception right before going to bed, and I was almost sure I would have a dream about it.
    10. Now Entering My Subconscious Dream [LUCID] [WILD Technique]+ Hallucinating In Real Life

      by , 07-23-2013 at 04:28 PM
      So it's 3am and I'm soo tired because I've never been to sleep in 2 days out of curiosity and stupidness. So tired I am hallucinating while awake that the lights all over my house were flickering really fast even though all the lights weren't even on (confirmed by my step sister laughing at me) and me hearing random people in my head talking(not tulpae if you know what I mean by that). I layed on my bed until I got sleep paralysis, closed my eyes and instantly got thrown into a dream or closed eyed hallucination?

      I am in what looks like a tunnel that is swaying me back and forward while seeing in front of me an odd spiral and feeling as if i'm about to be sucked in. After a few minutes of trying to stop this weird force of energy swaying me back and forward I hear a female robot like voice say "Now Entering Subconscious". Just to note, from when I closed my eyes I was already 100% lucid. A huge flash of light nearly blinding me came across my vision and within seconds I was standing in what I felt was my subconscious. There were blue transparent blocks everywhere and floating dream characters that I've seen from previous
      dreams. Unbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-sleep-paralysis-lucid-dream-e1297199806299.jpgUnbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-screen-shot-2012-12-31-6-23-44-pm.jpg There were pirates sword fighting, stars dancing, cartoon characters talking and a whole lot of words flying rapidly through the air. I leaped onto another block, and another block and another. I found myself in a black room that I can see clearly in. My brain was there and was vibrating so loud that the invisible floor beneath me were shaking my legs. There were 2 rooms, one labeled "Thinking room" and the other labeled "Extras" I walked into the thinking room which was a green room filled with green lasers floating around me. I pressed a blue button that was on the wall. I heard things like "Why are they staring at me,fuck this, waste, school sucks, am I normal?, do I look awkward?" and loads more. I went to check out the Extras room and it felt like my brain was going to explode. My thoughts were racing VERY fast. I heard over 100 different voices talking really fast and even some yelling. I could solve complicated math problems without even thinking and blue smoke filled the room. After a minute I couldn't take it and ran out. Then Kitana from Mortal Combat came around the corner and put her hand around me and asked if I was ok. Then, everything just started breaking. The floors, blocks, people, rooms started shattering like glass leaving me in an empty black space floating. I then woke up.
      Unbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-230840-science-fiction-inception-wallpaper.jpgUnbelievable... Bill in US Congress Proposes Draft-kitana_mortal_kombat_-2011-__04.jpg

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    11. Nightmare to Lucidity

      by , 06-26-2013 at 12:34 PM
      As a forward, this happened after 29 hours of being awake, so it was most likely during a rem rebound, it was my 3rd dream of the night (I woke up after the first 2).

      I was in a house I did not recognize, but my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins were there. There was an extremely large front window overlooking a jungle and a large river, I could see 2 crocodiles, and my family seemed to be having a discussion on whether they were crocodiles or alligators. After a few minutes I noticed that everything outside the house seemed to be frozen in time (birds were stuck midair, the crocodiles mouths were perpetually open), the only thing that was moving was the sun, which had almost set by this point. I decided to go to bed (in the dream house), and my aunt showed me to my room, it had a large 4 post bed and a large chandelier in the middle.

      As I laid down, I heard some sort of noise from the far corner of the room, but i thought nothing of it at the time. As was falling asleep (still in the dream) i could hear some guitar playing and thought it might be my alarm clock going off, then out of nowhere this ear piercing scream fills my head, one of the posts snaps off the bed and the chandelier comes crashing to the floor, send glass all over the place. I hear running down the hallway and my aunt comes into my room to ask if I am ok, I tell her that I wasn't hurt, just freaked out.

      As I stepped out of bed, my foot came down on a piece of glass, cutting fairly deeply. I decided to go to the bathroom to bandage it, when I opened the bathroom door there was a woman standing there in a navy blue dress, that was flowing even though there was no wind. All of a sudden some force pulls me into the bathroom and a second door opens. There was a massive staircase, filled with decomposed bodies, they were all covered in this sort of grey-green slime, I looked behind me and all I could see was darkness, and the woman in the navy dress floating a few feet back, I had no option but to descend the staircase.

      As I walked down, the bodies started moving, not in a particularly creepy way, just sort of falling over and stuff, but I checked each face to make sure it wasn't someone i knew. After a few minutes of walking/being pulled down the stairs I reached a door, I was really hesitant to open it, I could only imagine how bad it would be, to my surprise it was an early 20th century home, lit by candles and a fireplace, it was a stark contrast from the cold death feeling of the stairway. I could see 3 beds facing me, each had a man and a woman around my age on them, 2 of the couples were awake, but seemed to pay no attention to me, they were completely focused on each other. I walked past the fireplace to the other side of the room, there were 2 couples asleep, and one woman sitting by herself on the bed, looking scared, but happy to see me. I sat down on the bed beside her, and she embraced me, we lied down on the bed and I fell asleep.

      I wake up in the room where the chandelier has broken, there is blood on the floor from where I cut my foot, and glass still all over the place, I get out of bed making sure not to cut myself this time. I flick the light-switch, nothing happens. Walk into the hall, try those switches as well, still nothing, I mention my problem with the switches to someone who I cant really see, and all I get is a laugh in response, so I go back to my room and surprisingly, it was completely empty, and the floor had changed from white carpet to hardwood. At this point I do a nose pinch RC and instantly become lucid, I took several deep breaths while holding my nose closed, just to make sure.

      My first thought was to get the hell out of the house, so I plunged my hand through the floor, and pulled myself face first into it. Once my whole body was through the floor, all I could see was complete darkness, with the occasional swirl of color, I must have been pulling myself through this state for a good minute and a half. Because my relative position in the house I was worried I might fall through into the staircase of bodies, but thankfully when I finally popped out of the darkness, I was in some sort of large drainage pipe, I was instantly swept away by the current, but thinking quickly I tried to fly up into the air. At first the current was too much to overcome, but I eventually managed to get myself out of it, I flew to the end of the pipe and was in the jungle I had seen previously, I could see the house a few hundred feet away, and flew in the opposite direction. I cant really describe what I saw on the sides of river, all the animals looked like 3d representations of impressionist art, I landed beside something that I can best describe as a tiger, but its fur had a soft white glow that seemed to be changing the tigers internal structure, almost as if it was made of liquid. I thought I would try and ride it, but the second I got close to it, it swiped my with its claws and I woke up (for real this time).
    12. Inception just got real

      by , 06-29-2012 at 02:46 AM (TheSpiderSilva's Dream Journal)
      I don't remember much from last night's dream.

      In my dream, I was in my grandma's house, in a room, sleeping on the floor. I was sleeping in my dream. I didn't know I was dreaming at the time, so I thought I was just sleeping. Then, someone came in my room, and tried to wake me up. I was partially awake (in my dream), so I was like "No, Vanessa, go away."

      That's weird, because I don't know any Vanessa's. I know a ton of people, but no Vanessa's, and the person in my dream looked similar to someone that I know, but with different colored hair, and eyes.

      Just weird.
    13. Digimon meets Inception

      by , 06-10-2012 at 03:00 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      [Fragment:] I'm sorting through laundry, separating out the things that need to be washed. [Heh. Apparently, anything you've been avoiding dealing with in real life can show up in a dream, even if it's something completely mundane. ]

      [The following is a different dream. I'm writing this at the end of the day after I woke up from it, rather than in the morning, right after waking up for it, so I've probably forgotten a lot by now. What I'm about to write here is all I remember now. Sorry.]

      I'm a member of a group of Chosen Children [from the Digimon anime series; these people are otherwise known as Digidestined in the English dub]. Everyone in the group is around my own age. [Yes, I was the same age in my dream as I am in real life. Yes, I'm way too old to be a Chosen Child by the standards of any of the anime series. Evidently, my subconscious doesn't care about that.] There are at least 20 people in the group. We all go into a fairly small cabin, the kind that would be at a summer camp, in which we all have to find a space to lie down in, because we're all going to enter a dream together [Inception-style. No, I never once realized I was dreaming throughout this entire dream. Yes, I feel silly now.]. I climb into the upper bunk of one of the many bunk beds in the room. Addressing the group at large, I say something like, “Try to make space on the floor for everyone.”

      With my right hand, I push up the left sleeve of my shirt to expose the inside of my left elbow. I wait for someone to come around with an IV needle for me. I'm not looking forward to having the needle put in, and want to just get it over with already.
      [Exactly how I feel about them in real life.]

      I'm now in the first dream level, with the same group of people. Once again, we're all lying down, waiting to get IV needles put in. I think, We need to go into the deeper dream levels so that we can get into our stronger Digimon forms. I have the following knowledge about our current situation: We're in the midst of a mission to defeat some enemy, and in order to transform into the strongest Digimon forms we have available to us, we have to be several dream levels deep.

      This time, I actually feel the needle being stuck in, but not into my elbow - it gets stuck into the tip of my left thumb. It's still not a pleasant experience, of course. I can feel it in there, and can feel my pulse throbbing in the tip of my thumb.

      [Awesome. I love the premise of this dream. I'm slightly tempted to write crossover fanfic based on it, but I don't have time to write fanfic.]

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    14. All Gun's A Blazing!

      by , 05-18-2012 at 09:17 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now sit back, and enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Blaze.

      Im in my first home in my room reading something out a magazine. Out of nowhere i become semi lucid and start meditating in the center of my room. I dive out my body and now make a portal near my wall and dive thru it. I end up at some underground arena where there are women fighting eachother. I reach in my pocket and grab my hawk coin totem, and start rubbing it to stabilize the dream more. I flipping my coin in the air, and catching it when one hand. Im noticing that the one girl who is fighting is brutally hurting the other girl so bad, One guy had to break it up. The other girl was dragged off of the floor and treated immediately for any injuries that she had.

      The woman looked like the woman in the pic, she had long dark black hair and reminded me of Natalia in a way. She walked off to a locker room somewhere i suppose to change, i waited outside for her. She now comes out and i speak to her about her fight and tell her she did great. Her exact words were..

      "Ah, thats nothing. You should see me with a gun."

      (She starts reaching in her jacket for some cigarettes)

      "You smoke?"

      "Oh im sorry, i don't smoke anymore. I did'nt catch your name by the way?"

      "Its Blaze."

      "Nice name. Im Q, A.K.A. The Dreamprofessor with an E before the R.

      "Why that way?"

      "I don't know, i wanna be unique in a way. Why is your name Blaze?"

      "Im either blazing up a cigarette, or blazing a gun."

      "I see."

      We talk more, and i ask her if she would like to be my personal bodyguard. She accepts, and i wake up.

      Dream #2 Training potentials.
      Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

      Im in some huge warehouse, and there is a gym, and a shooting range. I spot Natalia giving sparring lesson to a few potentials. I see Blaze hitting a punching bag and kicking it, and kneeing it, with a few knee strikes. She is wearing some short black and red shorts, barefoot with tape around her ankles, and wearing a black sports bra. She is grunting and getting more angry as she is hitting the bag. It starts to echoe thruout the entire warehouse, sounding like thunder. Everyone is now staring at her destroy the bag. I walk over to her and get a closer look at the bag. She has punched and kicked at the bag with so much force, it starts spilling sand out. But she continues grunting and striking at the bag until she finishes it off with a powerful kick, and it goes flying across the room and almost hitting a girl nearby. I suddenly dive thru a wall now back at my 1st home. I start meditating again, and dive out my body and decide to make another portal. I make another one near the same spot as last time and dive thru it.

      The Aquarium.

      I end up at some huge Aquarium, staring at the a tank. Someone from the warehouse is there with me. Its a guy, and i take it he is a potential student of mine. We are walking thru this labyrinth sized Aquarium, trying to find a way out. We eventually see some doors and exit the Aquarium.

      Labyrinth Stairs

      We are now walking down some spiral stairs, but ended up getting nowhere. I tell my partner no, we must go this way. We ended up getting frustrated and i tell him to fall backwards and meet me at the warehouse. We both fall backwards and end up at the warehouse.

      We meet with the others and talk for a bit, then i wake up.

      WILD - Dream #3 Beautiful But Deadly.

      Im walking with Blaze thru a huge corporate building. We are moving very stealth like, and hiding behind desks, and against the wall from these guards. Blaze sees a guard coming near where we are. She jumps from under the desk, and jumps on top of the guard and starts putting him in a chokehold until the guy passes out. We are now walking near another area, i hide behind a wall a notice a guard coming and grab him when he gets near my corner and headbutt him and start kneeing him in the stomach and elbow him in the face. He falls to the ground and me and Blaze make our next move.

      We peep around a corner to notice a guard guarding a door. Blaze pulls out her silencer and aims it at the guys head, and he falls to the ground. We make our way to this door that says...


      We start creeping in the door very silently, hearing machines and generators. We start walking thru the factory hall and looking around us at the same time.

      Natalia calls me on my celphone and asks me how things are going, i tell her that we should be near the door right now. Some men spot me and Blaze, and we start running towards the door. We enter the door and Blaze locks it, and im looking in different cabinets searching for a file. Blaze tells me to check the bottom drawer. I open it up to find a top secret file.

      I become lucid right here and take the file and tell Blaze open the door. She nods and opens up the door. The men are pointing guns at us and asking us to get out of the room one man tells me to drop the file. I look at Blaze, and everything moves in slow motion. I drop the file and pull out two guns and start shooting at the men. Blaze starts taking out her guns and shooting at the men too. We hear alarms going off and i pick up the file, and me and Blaze start running exiting the factory building she tells me we should split up and meet back at the hideout. I nod and tell her be careful, she tells me to be careful too.

      Dogs are chasing me and im shooting at the dogs running and decide to dive thru a nearby bush. The bush brings me back to my 1st home where i still have the file i set it underneath my pillow on my bed, and fall backwards and wake up.

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    15. A Very Inception-Like Dream About Lucid Dreaming (Also My First DJ Entry)

      by , 05-05-2012 at 04:03 PM
      First of all, I am new on this site. So Hello Everybody! Before I write down my first dream I want to share with You I should point out that English is not my native language. So please don't offend me for little mistakes.

      I got this dream with a MILD and WBTB attempt which failed. It was totally non-lucid.
      Now onto the dream:

      I was on a bus with some of my friends going to a hotel or some sort of house. Then I found myself in my hotel room which was almost identical to my real room. Me and my friends wanted to lucid dream that night. So we went to sleep. I tried to WILD and MILD in my dream! Here is the Interesting part: I had a dream in the one i wrote above (very much like Inception )! I dreamt that I was lucid in my dream inside the other one. Of course I wasn't really lucid. So I found myself in a big glass-room full of vases, bushes, trees and stairs. My friends were there, too. We wanted to have a great gunfight. One of us even told that we can't get injured because we're dreaming! I replied: We shouldn't do such things in our first lucid dream because we will maybe feel pain (just like in Inception, again ). So we decided to try out smaller things first. We then went through a restroom-like corridor. There a tall guard scanned us with a metal detector. Nobody got caught . On the other end of the corridor there was a part of a typical English town. It was like Christmas with lamps, decorations and a lot of snow. Near some tall buildings there was a small park. I went there with my best friend. I know that to conjure things in LDs it's easier to imagine a thing hidden somewhere and then find it so maybe the next scene was be because of this --» My friend then walked to a bush and picked up a handgun from the ground. Then he wanted to conjure a whole soccer team. (weird... ) In the next minute a whole soccer team arrived from the street next to the park. I got my headset out of my ears and wanted to get a minigun. So I imagined that I'm in the game Left 4 Dead killing zombies with a shotgun . I also heard that to stabilize a LD you should use all your senses so I started punching the zombies. Maybe this was the reason. At first it felt like my sleeping dream body was doing the same motion. My hands didn't really want to move. Then I had a rest for a while and the punches felt like real punches once again. At the end of a corridor full of zombies I found a chest. In it was the Minigun! Then I woke up (still in my dream body ). I talked to a friend about the dream in my room then I went to sleep again. Like previously I tried to MILD. I woke up again, I didn't have a dream in the dream now. This time I was talking to 2 of my friends in the living room of the hotel about LDs. And I went to sleep once again. I woke up, then I saw one of my friends (again...) with my dog. The was an other dog like mine but it was slightly bigger. There were 2 cats, too. I hard some whispering behind me and when I turned around I saw a wet cat. It stood like an aggressive statue and one of its eyes was blue, the other red. Then my friend said we had to go. I went out of the room and finally woke up in REAL LIFE.

      This dream was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had.
      Luckily, I know where most of the dream sings may come from (like the cats, dogs, the English town and the hotel).

      I am still a newbie to LDing but I practice RCs, MILDing, dream recall, WBTB and even WILD regularly. I have practiced meditation for about half a year now so maybe if I consider WILDing more seriously this will come in handy.
      I will hopefully find some time to update my DJ and profile in the future.
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