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    1. BBT and The Big Bat

      by , 10-25-2016 at 08:01 PM
      So this dream was funny and weird at the same time. Lets just begein. The first thing i rememeber is being outside a apartment building, it was in the morning, i kinda just picked up my phone and called a random number, it was rining and then Leonard (from big bang theory) picked up. "Hello?" he said. "Leonard! Hey its Alma!" I said back. "Alma! Its been a while, how've you been?" He asked. "Im good, so anyway i have to cut to the case, i need your help. Well yours and Sheldon's help. You think i can come over and stay a few nights over?" I responded. I heard him talk with sheldon on the phone. "Sure, sheldon said yes," he continued, "and penny said you can stay in her apartment, but right now shes at an audition so you can come to our apartment til she gets back." "Okay awesome well im already here.. soo ill be up in a few! bye!" i said quickly. I ran up the stairs with Nilah shrinked down to pocket size hiding. When i came to their door i made sure i was in my disguise, i let out a deep breath and knocked on the door. Two seconds later, Leonard opened the door, "Hello!" i said before giving him a hug. "Its good to see you again." he said while hugging me back. Behind him i see Sheldon drinking tea, "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise?" Sheldon said. "Sheldon!" I yelled while running towards him. He put his hand up as if you say 'no i dont do touching'. Then he saw how sad my face looked and sighed. "who can say no to that face," he opened his arms, "come here you" i smiled and have him a big hug. "you know your one of the few people he doesn't mind hugging." Leonard said. "Really? I'm honoured" i said with a bit of sarcasm. "well you should be, cause its me." Sheldon said as he took a sip of tea. i laughed and then Leonard asked, "So you said you needed our help, what happened?" (I went with the flow came up with something on the spot) "Okay well. i need to tell you something and you can not freak out, well i don't think you'll believe me but i need you to keep an open mind, got it?" i explained. "Well i used to live with my mother, the religious nut, so my mind cant get anymore open." Sheldon said. I smiled and rolled my eyes, "Well where do i begin?" i continued "Okay so lets just say what if there is another uh universe that has real superheros and everything you see in comics and such." They just kept staring at me, so i continued, "okay? so like Uhh Batman right? he's real, and he needs someone's helps to fix a piece of alien technology to save his son and i told him that i knew you two and that you could help him and if you can, i can take you there." i finished. It was silence for a couple of minutes. Sheldon raised his hand. "Yes sheldon?" I asked. "You forgot to say, 'Bazinga'." he said. I sighed. "This isn't a joke, look ill show you." I took off my ring that gave me my disguise, and turned back into my real self, and in my uniform. They were in shock but then started to look around frantically. "What are you two doing?" I asked. "Looking for camras cause we're obviously on a prank show." Leonard replied. "Guys this isnt a joke, its real! Here look for your self!" I said while tossing my ring at leonard. He caught it and started to analyze it, he hesitated but put the ring on his finger. He quickly changed into a different looking person. Sheldon took a step back in amazement, "Fascinating!" He said. I watched Leonard take off and put on the ring over and overs and Sheldon watching him like a little child. I snatched back my ring and put it back on. "Guys! Hello? Do y'all believe me now?" I yelled. Sheldon was the first to speak up. "No, but your toys are fun to play with." He said. I sighed. Leonard took a step foward, "I kinda believe you, but its just seem so far fetched, like come on, we're scientist, its kinda hard to believe." Leonard finished. 'Let me try my other powers to convince them.' i thought. I smiled, "Hey Sheldon would you like some more tea?" I asked. He looked down at his empty cup, "Why of course i would." He responded. He reached out to give me the cup. I put up my hand, "No, its alright i got it" i said with a smirk. With a few movements with my hands and body, using waterbending, the tea from the pot that was sitting on the stove, came out of the pot and made its way to Sheldon's cup. "Would you like some sugar?" I asked, i used my powers to levitate the spoon full of sugar to Sheldon's cup. After i was done they look even more shocked. "Do you believe me now?" I asked them. They both nodded slowly. "Now will you come with me to gotham to help Batman?" I asked again. They thought for a while and then Leonard spoke up, "Its still kinda hard to believe but we'll go with you, do you know where it is? Ill drive." I let out a little laugh, "Oh we're not driving, didnt i say it was another universe?" I continued, "uhh do you have anything in here very valuable? Cause this will be kinda windy." With that i stretched out one of my hands, and kinda mumbled, "DC universe, Gotham city, Bruce Wayne manor" and then a blackish portal formed in front of all of us. I turned to Leonard and Sheldon, "Okay you both need to hold onto me and do not let go." I said in a serious tone. They both nodded, Leonard held onto my left arm. And we were waiting for Sheldon but he just stood back, "Sheldon! What are you doing?" Leonard asked. "I changed my mind, im not going." He responded. They started to bicker. I rolled my eyes, "Sheldon!" I yelled, he looked at me. "Batman needs you, the batman! Dont you want to be a hero to a hero?" I finished. "Me? A hero? ... Im coming Batman!" He yelled as he grabbed onto my right arm. I laughed, "alright lets go!" I yelled and we all stepped into my portal. (In my dream i was kinda worried the portal wouldnt work, since i barley try it) The next thing i know we step out of the portal and Leonard and Sheldon are yelling beside me as we step out. "Shut up!" I yelled, "We're here." 'Yay, it worked!' I thought. I looked at the big gate of Bruce's mansion, i was smiling watching both leonard and sheldon compare the building to the movies and comics they saw in their universe. I walked up to the intercom and pressed the button. *Bzz* "Hello? Wayne residents." I heard a british accent say. "Alfred! Its Alma, could you open the gate?" I said happily. "Miss Alma, come in." He responded. With that the huge gates started to open. We three walked passed the gates, both Leonard and Sheldon looked shocked but yet happy. "Okay so guys, things you should know about Bruce is, dont metion two things, his parents deaths, or Jason Todd." I said quietly. "Well of course they're sore subjects, under all that amor and mean act, Batman is a sensitive guy." Sheldon said. I laughed. "Dont tell him that." I said. We approached the doors to the mansion when Alfred opened them for us and we entered. Alfred was smiling at us as we entered, "Alfred!" I yelled as giving him a big hug, which he returned gladly. "Miss Alma, how are you doing?" he asked. "I'm doing fine, let me introduce you the two geniuses I mentioned over the phone earlier." I said, Leonard and Sheldon stood closer, "This is Dr. Leonard Hofstader, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, my friends from another universe." I finished. They said their hellos and such, "So Alfred, why is it so quiet? Where's Bruce, Dick and Damian?" I asked. Alfred looked at me with sadness in his eyes, "Well Master Damian is missing, Master Dick is on his night patrol and looking for clues, and Master Bruce is not doing well either, he's in his office right now." Alfred finished. "That's good, that's - wait what?" I yelled, "What do you mean Damian's gone?? What happened?" "He's been gone for about a week, days after that alien technology showed up in lawn, Master Bruce and Damian where on their night patrol and then a flash oh light hit them and master Damian was gone, So I was told by master Bruce." Alfred finished with a sigh. "This is the fourth Robin we're talking about, correct? Damian Wayne, legitimate son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al-ghul?" Sheldon interrupted. Alfred just stared at him. "Sorry, in their universe they have movies and comics about this universe, so they know everything." I said to Alfred with a chuckle. "Oh, so they are, um, what did master Dick say before, nerds?" he said. I started to laugh. "Yup, exactly the right word!" I said. Leonard cough, "So can we meet Mr. Wayne?" Leonard spoke up. Alfred nodded, "Come this way." We walked until we came to Bruce's office. Alfred knocked on the door, "Master Bruce, miss Alma and her guest have arrived." There was a moment of silence before we all heard, "Come in." We all entered the room and i saw Bruce standing by his desk smiling at me. I smiled huge, "Bruce!" I yelled before running to give him and hug, "I heard what happened, dont worry ill help you find him." I said while hugging him, he hugged me back tightly. When we both let go, i introduced Bruce to Leonard and Sheldon. "Bruce, these are my friends, Dr. Leonard Hofstader and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from another universe." I said. "It's an honor to meet you sir Batman, i mean bruce, sir bruce, bruce sir." Leonard studdered. I laughed a bit. Sheldon was a bit quiet, "So how was it loosing your parents in thay ally way?" Sheldon asked. "Sheldon!!" Both Leonard and i yelled in sync. He looked at both of us, "What?" Sheldon said. I rolled my eyes and turned to Bruce while Leonard talked to Sheldon. "Sorry about that Bruce, on their universe they know everything about this universe and Sheldon has no filter." I said. Bruce smiled, "Its alright, since they already know everything, lets go to the cave." He said. The scene changed to the cave, Sheldon, Leonard and Bruce talked among themselfs while working on the piece of technology. The piece of technology looked too complicated for me so i wondered around the mansion, i came to Damian's room. 'I should probably try to find some clues or something' i thought to myself. I entered the room and grabbed a hoodie that Damian used to wear, "Nilah could you come out please?" I said quietly. I felt movement in my side bag, Nilah popped her head out yawning, i smiled at her because she looked so cute as a tiny armadillo tiger. She jumped out and grew as she stretched on the floor, "Alright Nilah, i need you to change and help me find Damian." I said to her, she nodded her head and started to change into a Shinru(a creature hybrid known for their sense of smell) I reached out my hand that had Damian's hoodie, "Come on, Nilah. Do your thing." I said. She sniffed the hoodie and started to search around with her nose. She stopped and shook her head, and laid down putting her paws on her nose. "Does that mean he doesnt exist?' I asked my self. I sigh and pat Nilah on the head, "Just keep trying girl, tell me of you get anything." I saod to her. I walked out of Damian's room and walked downstairs, i was lost in though when i heard someone yelling my name, "Allllmmmaa!" I heard. I turned to see Dick(Nightwing) running towards me. I smiled big. "Dick!" I yelled as he picked me up in a big hug and started to spin me around. "Its good to see you back!" He continued, "No one told me you were coming back!" I laughed, "yeah i just got here, i brought my two friends from another universe to help Bruce." I looked down sad, "Did you find anything about Damian?" I asked. He put a hand on my shoulder, "No, but dont worry, he's tough." He said. I smiled and that's when Nilah jumped on me, she was still a Shinru, she was using her body to point in a direction, "She found his scent!" I said. Dick and i ran to the batcave where Leonard, Sheldon, and Bruce where talking and working on the alien tech. "Bruce!" I yelled. He pickes up his hand, "Not now." He said. "But Bruce!" I said again walking closer. "Not now." He said more sternly. "Just listen, I-" i said while reaching to touch his shoulder, "Shut up! Cant you see im trying to get my son back! The only kid who actually has my blood in him, not just another take in?! Your getting in the way!" He yelled as he slapped my hand away. I held my hand in front of my chest while i looked at Bruce shocked. Everyone one looked at me, i felt so angry, "I just came to tell you that Nilah had Damian's scent." I said calmy, i turned around and walked away with out turning back. (It went to third person point of veiw since i left the cave) "Alma!" Dick yelled as he went after me. Leonard and sheldon, stodd there watch the scene happen. "Awkward.." Sheldon mumbled in Leonard's ear. Bruce slammed his head on the table, "Master Bruce." Alfred sternly said. "I know, Alfred, i know." Bruce mumbled. (Back in my point of veiw) I walked quickly out of the cave. "Alma wait up!" I heard behind me. I sighed and continue to walk away, "Leave me alone Dick." I said. I took off my ring as i got to the library, where Nilah was waiting for me. "Alma!" Dick grabbed onto my arm. I looked at him, "What?" I said. "Don't take what Bruce said seriously, he doesnt mean it, he isnt him self right now." He said. "He didnt have to yell at me in front of everyone!" I said back. He looked at me like he didnt know what to say. "Never mind, im going to follow my lead." I said as i looked at Nilah, "Lets go, lead the way." I told her. "Alma wait!" I heard Dick say as we both flew out of the mansion. It was already night, i followed Nilah into the city od Gotham. We came to a park. It looked deserted, well the whole city looked deserted. I wondered around to try to find clues. "Stupid Bruce, embarrassing me in front of everyone, i was just trying to help." I muttered to myself. While i was lost in though, and loud sound and a bright light hovered above me. I looked up and saw some sort of ship? A white beam surrounded me and i heard a voice talking to me in my head. "Interesting girl, think ill take you to, like i took your little friend" a dark voice said. I lit my hands in fire, "Wheres Damian?!" I yelled at the ship. "He's part of my collection, as you'll be." It said. I couldnt move my body, I felt like the light restrained me from getting away, it laughed "Dont even try to escape, the light surrounding you would tear you to shreds if you pass through it, not like you could, no one can." It finished. I concentrated on trying to escape. I quickly push through, and saw shred of clothes. I fell into a bush. "Awh i told you, you'd be shred up to dust if you tey to leave, what a shame, you were so intresting." It said. 'It didnt see me fall in the bush?' I thought to my self as i hid in the bush. 'I need to quickly leave.' I thought. That's when i heard the sound of a car engine approaching the park. It was Bruce's Lamborghini, it came to a stop on the grass, i watched him get out of his car in a rush. "Alma! Where are you?!" He yelled. The ship turned in his direction. "What is that idiot thinking?!" I mumbed. "Oh? Whos this? Your not intresing at all." The voice said out loud. "There's no need for you, ill get rid of you." Bruce looked at the ship, "You! Wheres Alma? And you have my son as well?!" He yelled. "That girl is no more, and your son? Oh hes mine now." The voice said in a mocking voice. Bruce kinda slumped to the floor, he looked like he was thinking to him self, he had a face of guilt. The ship took out some sort of ray and pointed it at Bruce. 'Move Bruce move!' I thought to myself. But he didnt, the ray started to fire, and i did the only thing i could think of at that moment, was try to stop it. I ran quickly and as the ray was about to hit Bruce i jumped in front of it.(it all happened so quickly) It hit me and when the smoked cleared a bit i stood there with arms open wide, i looked up and saw Bruce's shocked face then i fell foward. (For some reason it went to third person point of veiw) i saw my body on the floor in front of bruce. 'Whats happening?' i thought. Bruce grabbed my body and just started at me shocked and scared. "Alma?" He said shaking. "How did she escape my white beam? Interesting. Oh, well now shes dead, and so shall you be." The voice said. It loaded the ray agaim but before it could shoot Bruce again, a loud jet sound happened and the ship exploded. I looked towards the ship to see Superman, 'He destroyed the ship!' I thought. Superman flew down to where my body and Bruce were. "What happened?" Superman said. Bruce couldnt speak, Superman looked at my body. "Shit, her heart isnt beating, she isnt breathing! Bruce what happened?" Superman yelled as he took my body and started to preform CPR.(it was really werid, felt like i was watching a tv show) Bruce just kept looking at the floor. Thats when a motorcycle appeared, it was Nightwing, he hopped off his bike and saw the scene before him. "What the hell?" He said. It only took him a few seconds to grasp the situation. He ran to Superman, "Move!" He yelled as he took out his electric twin rods. Once superman moved, Nightwing charged up his rods and pressed it on my chest. My body jumped and i felt this weird tingle. "Still no pulse" Superman said. Nightwing cursed and brought his rods to my chest again. "Damit, wake up!" Nightwing yelled. He tried one more time and thats when i went to third person back into my first person point of veiw.(weird lol) I saw Nightwing and superman looking at me while laying down. "Shes awake!" Superman said. I turned my head to Bruce, "Sorry, i got in your way again." I said. He lookwd at me with tears in his eyes. I felt something warm on the side of my stomach. "My stomach" i mumbled. They both looked down at my stomach, and just by the look on thier faces it was bad. "Fly her to a hospital!" Dick said to Superman. "I can't, shes loosing too much blood." Superman continued. "Im sorry, this is going to hurt." He said. I was about to say 'what' until superman started to lazer my stomach. I scream loud because even though it was a dream i felt a strong pain on my stomach. "Stop! Please!" I yelled. "Almost done" superman said. After that the scene changed to me being in a bedroom. Like if i was waking up but in the dream. I got up quickly and walked to the bedroom door, before i could open the door, Bruce opened it. He looked at me shocked, "Your awake!" He said. I smiled big and leaned in for a hug, but before i could even touch Bruce, behind me Nilah jumped past me and attacted Bruce, she wasn't biting him or anything but just on top of him growling alot while Bruce kept his hands up in surrender. "Nilah what are you doing?! Thats Bruce!" I yelled. But she ignored me. Im guessing this scene was heard over the mansion cause Clark, Dick, Alfred, Leonard and Sheldon, came to where we were. Dick was the first to speak up. "Whats wrong with her?" He asked. "I dont know, Nilah, please dont make me say it" i said, but she didnt move, i sighed and then said in a serious tone. "Nilah. This is an order feom your master, stand down now." Nilah's ears flinched and she shook her head and still continue to growl at Bruce. I was shocked, "shes suppose to listen to me, the only reason she wont listen to me is cause she feels like im in danger." I mumbled. "She blames Bruce for what happened to you." Dick finished. I sighed and steped back, "no one can get through to her, not even me, she wont stop unless theres a safe distance between Bruce and i." I finished. I walked back to the bed and sat down, "Nilah im fine, can you please stop?" I said in a sad voice. She got off of Bruce and sat next to me growling in Bruce's direction. Clark helped up Bruce and before i even had a chance to say anythikg Bruce walked away, i got up to go after him but Nilah stood in my way, "Nilah move! It wasnt his fault, im fine now!" I yelled but she didnt move. "Nilah please!" I yelled then i felt pain on my stomach side, i gave out a little yell and Dick made me sit back down on the bed. It was silent until Alfred spoke up. "Master Bruce just need some time to get his thoughts together." Alfred said sighing. "Well he had two days to get his thoughts together while Alma was unconscious, which does happen to be his fault in the first place!" Dick yelled. I looked at Dick surprised, hes never angry in my dreams, always the 'puns' making guy lol "It wasnt his fault, i jumped in to save him, he wasnt being himself thats all." I quietly said. Dick grabbed both of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, "Alma! You were dead! No pulse, no breathing! Flat line! Bruce should have been the one to protect you!" He said. I sighed, "I know but im alive right? Thanks to you and clark! And ill heal my self with my waterbending!" I said trying to lighten the mood, but dick let go and just walked out of the room. "Hes mad at me now..." I said pouting. "No, master Dick just worrys about you, your like a little sister to him." Alfred said smiling. I smiled and then turned to Leonard and Sheldon remembering that they're not even from this universe, "Guy's what have yall two been doing while i was out?" I asked. "Nothing just working on the tech and geeking about how were in the DC universe," Leonard laughed, "Did you know The Joker is real?" I couldnt help but laugh, "Hey wont youe friends back at your universe worry about y'all?" Clark asked. "I already took care of that!" Sheldon said. "You did?" Both Leonard and i said in sync. For some reason i was in 3rd person point of veiw and the scene changed back into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Penny knocks and opens their door, "Helloo guys? Alma? Are y'all here?" Penny said. She walks in and sees a paper sitting on Sheldon's spot, ahe picks it up and reads out loud. "Dear Penny. Alma, Leonard, and I have gone to another universe to help out Batman. Will be back as soon as possible. - Sheldon. P.s. Ive changed the WiFi password to 'Batman's hero' all lower case no spaces." She stays silent until she mutters the word, "Nerds." The scene goes back to normal and im back in 1st person point of veiw. I kinda just think to myself, 'This is such a weird ass dream' i think. Im talking to clark on how i know where Damian is and the alien tech is actually a portal to their prision where that alien keeps his "collection." But then i felt my self waking up slowly cause my body was getting hard to move, "Awwh no not now!" I yelled. "Miss Alma whats wrong?" Alfred asked. But i couldnt speak my voice wouldnt come out so i knew that i was already to wake up. And i know for me personally once i wake up its rare to have the same dream twice. I remember sitting on the floor, smiling sadly waving goodbye to the people in my dream and then waking up. Well this was a funny, weird, emotional but yet fun dream. Sadly i never got to save Damian or talk with Bruce or Dick and such but i guess ill have to day dream what happened next lol You can do the same thing if you want, well until next dream, bye~
    2. D.C. & Marvel Team Up?!

      by , 08-24-2016 at 06:41 PM
      (First Person Point of view)
      I remember waking up on the couch of Bruce Wayne's library, I looked around and notice Alfred carrying tea and about to go through the clock to the Batcave. I checked my self in a nearby mirror and I was in my uniform and looked the way I always make myself look in the dream. I caught up with Alfred and he looked at me happy. "Miss Cross, your awake." He Said. "Alfred, I told you before, jut call me Alma. Anywhoo, what are you doing? Where's Bruce?" I asked. "He's in the Batcave with some guests." He said while pressing buttons on the elevator. I was kinda confused and thought to myself, 'Bruce has guests? In the Batcave? Who would he possibly have?' Then it hit me, the Justice League! Alfred and I went down the clock elevator, we came to the Batcave and I rushed out and started to run down the stairs yelling, "Guuuyyss!" They all looked at me with smiling faces(except Batman, but that's normal with his in uniform) I ran face first into Superman's chest. "I missed you guys, y'all never visit" I said as I hugged Superman. "Alma! Good to see you!" he said as I hugged the other Justice League members. Barry picked me up and skinned me around, fast. "How's my niece?" He asked while laughing. "I'm good uncle Barry! Now put me down, I'm getting dizzy!" I yelled. I heard Batman grumble, "When did she become your niece?" "Well your like her guardian so I made her my niece." Barry said. "Same here." said Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. "Fine." Batman Said. I smiled, "So why are y'all here?" I asked. "We got a warning, something about a Doomsday." Superman Said. I stopped to think, I've heard that somewhere before. Then I remembered about the creature Doomsday that was stronger then Superman and ended up killing him. "Oh no no no no no." I mumbled. Batman put a hand on my shoulder, "Alma, what's wrong?" He asked. "Doomsday!" I yelled. They all gave me confused faces. I rolled my eyes, "Doomsday is a huge creature/person that is far more stronger then Superman, he was created to kill Superman!" I Continued. "Even with all of y'all together, you won't be able to stop him." Batman looked at me, "Alma, how do you know all of this?" he asked. "I-I don't know, I just do! I saw all of y'alls deaths!" I said. They started to talk amongst them selfs. I needed a plan, they couldn't stop Doomsday, I needed to get help. Not just anyone, hero's who are sting as batman, who are quick and tough. Then I got an idea. If Superman is the strongest in this dimension, I can go to another. "Okay, I got it!" I yelled. They all looked at me. "Okay before you freak out, and I'm talking to you Batman, y'all can't take on Doomsday by y'alls self so what if I go and get more hero's who are as strong as y'all? Y'all can team up and beat Doomsday and no one will die!" I finished. "where are you going to get more people?" Batman said folding his arms. "In another dimension." I said frankly. "What?" They all said at the same time. "I have the powers to travel to different dimensions, its not weird. Uncle Barry can travel through time!" I said. "And I'm friends with some powerful heros." I continued. "Yeah right, like there's hero's more powerful then us." Green Lantern said while scoffing. "Well... yeah, they could be." I mumbled. The next thing i know im in some city leading Spiderman, Thor, The Hulk, Black Panther, Vision, and Iron Man(Even though i said no) Into my portal that went back to the DC universe. Then i remember introducing the Avengers to the Justice league, then even though i said we had two weeks until Doomsday came, he was already here, so we all fought him(even though Batman told me to stay out of it) It was a hard battle but we beat him, with no casualties. ^-^ Everyone said their goodbyes and thanks and such and i took back the Avengers to their universe and went back to the DC universe. The last thing i remember before i woke up was Green Lantern saying "Alright, they could probably kick my ass if they wanted too."

      I really liked this dream because i saw DC and Marvel characters together and i was even fangirling in my dream. It was funny to see them interact with each other. Well until next dream. Bye~
      P.s.-Pictures are me in my dream world, I have finally perfected the way I want to look in my world, so yea that's how I usually look in my dreams.(I know cause I look at my self in the mirror, in the dream)
      lucid , memorable
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    3. Very good dream

      by , 04-07-2016 at 10:53 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at some kind of warehouse and there are some people there one of them, I think is the predator with his mouth open and flared out and the others were unknown. I have lost some details upon wakening but I recall us doing adventures together and they were my partners. The place was huge and had a vaulted ceiling and windows near the top. Looks to be night time out.

      Dino Megazord is there! and he is very detailed mostly on his face, showing that he was the correct multi colored version with the white out lining around his eyes, his metal plated mouth and his horn-like red ears. Not the usual black and gold color. Anyways He ends up seeing me and I'm somehow on the ride. He is watching me from below and when I get off he comes chasing after me and I see how angular his body was which was good. He was fast and I managed to run off into some kind of washroom and it came in there with me, looking at me with he yellow eyes. It was a legit megazord with all of the details with was rare to see in a dream, anyways he charged at me and I ran back out of the room. There is a long time of me running from him and he no matter where I was, would always be keeping track of me. At some point in time I would check to see if he is actually still a zord and he would be. I'm now ahead of him and start to run off in a different direction but didn't because I was enjoying the good chase I was getting and decided not to turn off. I become Lucid and very aware and look back at Daizyujin (Megazord). He looked back at me, also becoming aware of me and not a blind DC. I seen the light on the ceiling and the park/ ride behind me and then ended up tackled by him and held in his arms. He looked at me and was aware of my feelings and held me for a bit, smiling. As he did that the dream cam shows him holding me but looking slightly human and then it went back to him holding me. He then let's go, pretended to walk away and no sooner I began to think Yeah SC messing up again. He turns around suddenly and gets me again. Something happened and some bad guys or something has broken into the house.

      Megazord goes after them and while they were dealing with him, the predator, one of my partners came around to me. Despite what he was I knew that he was friendly and means not to harm me. He walks over to me and gives me a smile as well but sheesh he was ugly. His mouth was open and webbed out with those little spikes at the end and it was pink inside and I kind of grimaced at his face. He saw it and was greatly disapproved that and frowns at me, looking now angry. I ran away from him but there were baddies behind me and didn't know, the predator saw them too and tried to kill them but they took me away somewhere.

      Now I'm outside of the warehouse at night and three shadow guys are attacking me, dragging me on some wet grass to somewhere and this is where I lost more details upon wakening. Some long time had gone by and I was somewhere. The predator managed to track us down and he scared off the bad people who were harming me. They dropped me on the wet ground and then they took off running. The predator chased after them away but then he came back to me. He held my head in his arms and was making harmless sounds and I think he kissed me or at least wanted to do so because his head was close to mine and his mouth was flared open from scaring the baddies away, however i think a part of it touched me on the head because I felt something rubbing my forehead and know it was him from the sounds he made wasn't the clicking sounds though. When megazord came back he saw me with the predator and he is a monster. Megazords kill monsters and I was afraid of him harming him but he saw that he was helping me and realized what had happened. While he was occupied with the guys another set was gonna try to take me off somewhere but the predator was there in which they were unaware of and they couldn't do what they planned and tried to fight him instead. Seeing that this monster was kind enough to protect me he didn't attack it and I was glad that he was aware of that. He ran over to us and before he got to us, woke up.

      A great birthday dream and hope to recover more of it. ^_^

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      memorable , lucid
    4. I was framed!

      by , 12-10-2015 at 05:58 PM (Visual Space)
      A dream of me and a friend trapped in a kingdom for a crime we were framed for. We were dragged into this place where the king was at to be executed. A large room that was made out of tan stones and pillars. The king had a pope looking hat and wore a orange and white robe. We were thought to die there but instead we were to fight. As we were sitting near a wall watching people lose against these 2 built guys, a pretty girl with long purple hair and white dress walks to give us a manga. My friend gets a magazine type one and I get a large book. We were talking with her and she then kisses me to surprise me and pushes away. I kept a straight face and she kisses me again but this time a make out session.

      The king gets fed up and announces me in to fight. A large African guy shirtless walks in. He's bald and looks like LL Cool J with black sweats. We begin fighting in this large tarmac arena with people watching. I kept blocking his kicks and punches and people are shocked. I say your pretty good. And then he gets wide eyed but then grins. I dash back and the guy tells the king to get rid of the timer.

      I get serious and began stomping the ground into a fighting stance like Akuma but scream like martial law. The guy stomps and goes into his stance but silently. We begin and I start punching his kidneys and other weak points in such a swift way he can't keep up. I pick him up and slam him. Everyone is in shock. He is on the ground in pain but soon gets up. He charges and kicks but I block it with my knee and swift jabs to his neck. He backs off leaving his stomach open and I dash at it with a strong punch and connect. Gets on one knee holding it and in disbelief that someone as small as me is this strong. Everyone Is screaming in shock again and the king is speechless. My friend and the girl greet with joy but its not over.

      I wake up.
    5. Shark Slaying

      by , 09-14-2014 at 01:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can't recall exactly the setup or motivations of the characters, but this is some kind of training or test to become an action hero. Today's lesson: blowing up a shark. Yes. A live one.
      The setting is this lake. But there are these modular plastic platforms placed out on it that make a swimming pool like area. There is another smaller pool with a huge shark in it. The instructor, a middle aged man who's black hair I recall vividly for some reason, tells me to get in. He then gives me what I need for the mission. One Katana and one block of C4.
      Then he releases the shark into the main pool and tells me to go. I take a deep breath and dive underwater. The shark has been starved so it swims straight toward me. I remember my training and that I am actually supposed to swim toward the shark and time it so that I go in without getting injured by the teeth.
      I swim forward, very quickly and manage to shoot right into the shark's open mouth. The jaws close behind me and I am sucked down into the stomach. The stomach is a weird place. It's hot and there is actually an air pocket, but it doesn't seem like I can breathe the air. I still have the block of C4 in one hand. I feel for the button to arm it (it was dark in there. The only light was from an LED on the side of the explosive.) When I press the button I see 15 seconds come up on the screen.
      Now for the hard part. I have to cut out of the shark. I remember in training when you do this, Ideally you want to do it from the side. I try to figure out based on how I am oriented what the side of the shark is. I cut through and see water starts coming in. Good, that means my blade went all the way to the outside. I make a wide cut, about 3 feet and then abandon the sword and squeeze through. This was by far the hardest part to do. But eventually I managed to push through back into the water.
      There is a big cloud of blood in the water. But how often is it the shark's blood that makes the big cloud? When I think about it, the shark already looked dead at this point. I swim up to the surface gasping for breath.
      After one deep breath- Ker-Blam goes the shark. A big plume of water shoots up behind me. I take a couple more breaths and the instructor says that I get a passing grade on this test. I ask the instructor about killing sharks. He tells me that the sharks are grown from clones and are mindless and cannot feel pain. This doesn't make me feel much better about it though.

      I am now swimming in the lake outside of the pool area with a couple friends. The instructor is there too. He tells me about this skinny blonde kid who was his last student and actually died doing the shark test. Apparently he forgot the part about swimming toward the shark and getting past its teeth.
    6. The Joker

      by , 06-26-2014 at 07:42 AM
      The Joker


      Im in an old school i dont recognize. I go outside and see a street. The school is pretty dark and made out of dark bricks. I see a near roof and decide to climb up there. I use a rain gutter to get up there. As i explore the roof a narrator voice tells me the joker has arrived. I climb down and there are already a couple guys fighting him. I shoot a gun at him but miss. He then shoots at me and i lay down on the ground and play dead. Im really scared but at the same time i kinda know that Im safe. My family comes and thinks Im dead but i explain my playing dead. Im back on the roof circled by a group of bad guys with all kinds of weapons. I go right for the first one and punch him in the face. I take his RPG and begin firing at the other ones. Sadly nothing really happens and they only fly around in the air after getting hit. Apparently Im also really bad at aiming with such a weapon . So when i realize i cant kil them i decide to talk to them. Turns out theyre not so bad after all. From time to time in the conversation i try to murder them by firing right infront of their feet but they just grin stupidly.
      I climb down the pipe and go to the other group, nobodys fighting anymore. Im confused and look for the Joker. I find him standing next to us with a Joker mask on. I pull down his mask to reveal the same thing just for real now. I grab him from behind when he trys to run, grab his head and attempt an epic neck snap but nothing really happens so i give up. The Joker seems dead now. Everything looks good now Im pleased and i go talk to the remaining people who just started a mouth watering BBQ.
    7. 2/12/2013

      by , 05-11-2013 at 10:49 PM
      2 dreams this time.

      1. Playing intramural volleyball at NCU. Didn't really want to, but for whatever reason it was the way out of the situation. Fit in with usual feelings of not
      being where I belong. Really small court in a corner of a massive recreational center. Court was so small I got down on my knees and was able to play in my space.
      Each side had about 9 people in it, so we were tight. Other player who was actually a friend screwed up and missed a ball and I was mean and said 'Oh, come on!" for which I felt bad.

      2. Dark umber/brown land, orange/brown sky. Everything is a burnt coloration in a desert. There is a town in the distance along a road, and a house on the road outside of town. Several rough cowboyish characters are attacking me, I defend against them and they run away. Another ruffian comes up, not attacking me. He attacks them and chases them off. He's got a big bowie knife and a rough face. As we walk through this house there's blood everywhere; smeared on the walls, floors, etc. He tells each story of each bloodsmear. "This one was from when they cut off Jim's head", etc. We walk back outside and a lady is walking by. She hears the stories and sees some of the blood. "These bloodstains are so horrible!" she says. "I hope no one has to paint any more of them," the rough guy says.
    8. 2/3/2013

      by , 05-11-2013 at 10:40 PM
      Dreamed that I was in a room about the size of the racketball courts at the gym that had one door in the front to get in or out. Me and two friends (I don't remember who) had to fight and kill the other people to escape. This particular set of foes was led by a woman who was known for putting booby traps in an area and around the exit. She and her cronies came in, and we started testing each other as one or two of her group would come over and try to attack. I had a rather flimsy but razor sharp ribbon of metal/sword thing and I don't remember what my partners had. One of the bad guys came over, and he was older and told us that he was with the FBI and was trying to shut this place down and arrest those involved, but that we would be arrested too if we didn't lay down our weapons. I angrily told him that I didn't see anyone arresting anyone yet but that I didn't know if he was for real or not so I told him to get away from me. If he was right, I'd defend myself in court. Otherwise, he could be tricking us.
    9. Alcohol experiment.

      by , 04-21-2013 at 02:10 AM (Raven's Roost)
      Can't figure out how to edit old DJ entries so I guess I'll just post a new one altogether.

      If you haven't read my last post briefly explaining this, check it out here.

      Vividness: Slightly foggy but mostly clear.

      Lucid?: Nope.

      # of remembered dreams: 1


      In the only dream I could recall, that happened between 9AM and 10:30, I was in a small team of thieves very similar to The Italian Job. Small teams have been a reoccurring theme the past two nights - wonder if that is trying to tell me something. We were tasked with not stealing a safe or a statue or a diamond - but a person. A businessman of some super high importance. After researching his lifestyle, we deemed it would be impossible to capture him. There was no way on earth. "No way on Earth?" I thought, suddenly having an idea.

      We would steal him off of a plane.

      Cut to the theft. The businessman is flying in his private jet, when suddenly two Apache helicopters fly up on either side of it - this is us. A chill black dude flies one, and a really cool girl with a rasta hat on pilots the other. I'm on a hook gun in the Apache with Rasta girl, and someone else mans that one on the other heli. As the plane begins to try to land, we shoot our hooks and they stick to both wings. Right before it touches down, our Heli's heave upwards into the air, and the plane is ours.

      The air traffic control tower sees this, and they begin to fire rockets at our helicopters - evidently standard procedure in DreamLand as our pilots seem to expect it. They also send out three or four fighter jets on to our tail. To lose them, we see a gigantic tunnel that goes through a mountainside. The fighters are right on our tail, and in a last minute decision we fly two helicopters and a private jet through an automobile tunnel narrowly missing cars and the ceiling. We manage to lose them, however, and we sell the businessman for tons of money.

      Then I end up at a beach, placing bear traps in the shallow depths.... Yea.

      So, alcohol seemed to prevent any dream recall until I had sobered up substanitally around 9am. After that, dream quality was hazier than normal, and a bit disjointed. I had a FA after placing bear traps, but it was really brief and I was too exhausted and new to take control.
    10. First DJ entry!

      by , 04-19-2013 at 09:32 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hello everyone, Raven here!

      My dreams have always been vivid, however in the past few nights that I've discovered lucid dreaming, they have been even more so than usual. Hopefully soon I will have my first lucid dream... I can't wait. They sound just unbelievable and I'm a bit obsessed with having one... Ultimate power, creativity, and the chance to change yourself by interacting directly to your subconscious sounds amazing!

      Anyway, without further ado, here is the dream I had last night - and my first entry!

      Mutiny in the Exterminators!

      Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

      Legnth: Long and Vivid

      Normal Dream Lucid Dream

      I find myself in a squad of seven people, all dressed in high-tech armor and weaponry. Five of them men, including myself, the other two very attractive women - one with white hair and the other a pretty brunette. We are making our way into a factory, that is evidently infected with aliens/bugs/zombie creatures. A few minutes into exploring, we find a giant room filled with thousands of eggs. As we examine them, a movement above us stirs, and in a knee jerk reaction one of us begins opening fire on the ceiling. The light of the nozzle flares reveal the presence of HUNDREDS of full grown mother alien/zombies, and they are almost identical to Alien from... Alien... Except that they have wings and can fly as well.

      We open fire, tearing down dozens of them as they swarm down upon us. There are too many so we retreat up a flight of stairs onto a catwalk, and then into a ventilation system. We handle the aliens pretty well, as we begin to bottleneck them in the vents, however they get wise and begin tearing through the bottom of the vents... "Clever girl" I think grimly. We continue out of the ventilation shaft into a massive cylindrical room that seems to be some sort of reactor. Think the giant room in Star Wars where Darth Vader tells Luke the horrible truth. We get a while to sit and make contact with home base, who turns out to be Malory, Archer's mother, from the cartoon show Archer on FX. Halfway through reporting our findings, we lose connection to find one of our group members has jammed the signal.

      Suddenly I realize that there is about to be a mutiny, because evidently the only way to get a raise as an alien exterminator is to kill your friends and take it. One of the mutineers raises his gun at my face, grinning.Before he can pull the trigger, WHOOSH, an alien mother comes out of no where and grabs the first mutineer, we will call him Jones. Screaming, Jones disappears from sight. Not missing a beat, white haired girl opens fire upon my male colleague and pretty brunette girl. We return fire, and battle with each other slowly up a spiral staircase working its way up the reactor. The second mutineer, male, jumps on me, and in a short scuffle I push him over the railing, screaming.

      I rush to the top of the stairs, to find that everyone is in a mexican standoff. White hair girl is aiming a pistol at my brunette, who is aiming at the last male mutineer, who is aiming at my last male ally, who is aiming at white hair girl. I walk up, and aim at white hair girl, grinning. She quickly whips out another pistol and aims it at my face. "Touche," I say impressed.

      Suddenly, the reincarnated zombie bug version of Jones jumps up from the reactor core, startling everyone. I take this moment to blast white hair in the back of the head. Without missing a beat I grab her left arm and spin her around, using her as a shield when male mutineer begins to shoot at me. Aiming her arm, I squeeze white hair's lifeless hand and shoot mutineer through the forehead, unfortunately not before he kills our last male ally with his assault rifle.

      As brunette and I leave the factory, we find that the world has been overrun by darkness, and it seems like years have past. The dream fades.
    11. dream recall #1 4/10/13

      by , 04-10-2013 at 03:28 PM
      This was non-lucid but it was my first dream i could remember since joining Dream Views. I was in my workplace when a co-worker of mine went in; He then said we are being shut down and we are closing for good in a week and its been a pleasure working with you.". Then we shook hands. After that a man with a weapon entered the shop and kill one of us.(i couldn't tell because my angle of vision changed and i ended up feeling as if i was my co-worker) and while the killer was busy pulling the body to the side and started towards the register i escaped to his car (despite mine being right there making me surely think i was him as i had the keys and all). i then drove away fast and i felt as if i was in control of the car, but it was unrealistically fast and the breaks didn't work(i wouldn't call myself lucid but i felt as if i was controlling it down the road trying to be cautious and avoiding traffic.) and that was the end. I also remember fragments of other dreams i had, but only a scene or so. One was like i was playing Starcraft 2 (I'm a huge gamer) and controlling people to battle like that in a medieval style combat ; The other was me having a fight with another person with a bows and arrows. I was shot in the arm (i felt a large amount of pain that i woke up but went back to sleep almost instantly) and i went back to the same scene after i was shot in the arm, and then we traded shots for a while until he hit me in the back twice. (But i have to say the pain felt very intensive that in the dream i blacked out.) Then the scene changed to me and a few guys scrounging for supplies in a broken down warehouse ( i dont know the reason why) but strange enough it seemed that everything was rusted, even things that cant become rusted... that was it. I'm quite satisfied at my first dream attempt to improve my dream recall. I feel this is a step in the right direction that i remembered some fragments from multiple dreams.
      Tags: action, non-lucid
    12. Fri Dec 28 (1:47-10:38)

      by , 12-28-2012 at 09:45 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Correctional Facility

      [There's a bit of sort-of-lucidity right at the end of this dream, but not enough that I'm willing to call it lucid.]

      One of my housemates lends me one of those red-light scanners through the bars separating our cells. I try to use it to give her ID card administrator access through the prison. From the instructions on the scanner's status display, I'm supposed to scan her card first, then scan the device that will grant her access privileges. Suddenly I notice that a guard is coming down the hall with some new prisoners. I have all sorts of illicit papers and devices spread on the floor of my cell, so I just try to lie casually on top of them as the group passes. Thankfully, the administrator doesn't notice. I scan a few more cards, but then I notice I've lost track of my friend in the confusion. I get up and walk down the center aisle of the bus, looking around at the people in the seats. Eventually, I find her [though she's a different housemate now], but the seats near her are taken, so I just grab a random empty seat a few rows farther back.

      I'm nervous. This bus is taking us to a correctional facility, where we will atone for our crimes. I know it is the morally correct thing to do, but I'm worried that my time here will interfere with my studies at college.

      The bus pulls to a stop in front of my old elementary school. It's almost dark out, and it's drizzling. Everyone seems to be heading around the side of the school, so I follow them. Then I realize there was a fork in the sidewalk a few steps back, and not everyone went the same way I did. But then someone shouts at those other people that they're going the wrong way. We're led into a nearby building with modern architecture (i.e. lots of windows) and up to the second floor. In the hallway up there, I see a number of doors with slots for access cards, and I'm very tempted to test my card on it to see if my earlier experiment worked. But there might be guards nearby, and I'm not sure I'd even be able to recognize one if I saw one. Maybe I'll get a chance to test my card sometime in the next few days, when I have a moment alone. But what if they chaperone bathroom trips? I might never get a chance!

      I realize that I'm not carrying my backpack of stuff. What happened to it? Looking around, I notice one of the plainclothes guards is carrying a lot of luggage for the new inmates, including my backpack. I wonder if it would be polite for me to volunteer to take it back, or if he's carrying it because I'm actually not allowed to have any of my stuff right now. I decide not to ask.

      After a bit more walking, I reach a big auditorium, where everyone is taking a seat. I sit towards the back. Once almost everyone is seated, the facility workers start explaining things to us. They start going through a list of attendance. One heavyset man with glasses and salt-and-pepper stubble names a person who is supposed to be here, because he was summoned no less than 351 days ago. The auditorium takes a collective gasp at that. There's no set time by which you have to answer a summons, but waiting that long is shockingly rude. Perhaps that person doesn't intend to answer for his crimes at all.

      They start going down a list of attendance, but they are interrupted only five names in by one of the new inmates. "None of those people are here; we're all from Bus 84." Apparently Bus 85 got delayed somewhere. Clearly most people here know much more about this process than I do; they must have been committed here before.

      Suddenly, people start pointing at the ceiling, which is made of glass. Looking up, I see some indistinct dark shapes flying overhead. Is it an air strike? Are we about to be dragged into a war? It's hard to see clearly enough to say if the shapes are dropping bombs, or indeed if they are airplanes at all. Then one of them flies almost right overhead, then dips downward and out of view under the floor. It was shaped a bit like the Millennium Falcon in miniature. No one in the auditorium is moving, but I think we're all wondering whether we should be running for cover.

      The ship shoots upward again past the windows on the opposite side of the room, as if it has looped underneath us. It arches over the ceiling, then drops below view on the other side again, closer to the building than it was before. Has the pilot lost control? What's happening here? The ship shoots into view again, loops over the ceiling--and crashes straight down through the room about fifty feet from where I'm sitting.

      One of the wardens shouts, "Good lord!" but they still don't seem to be moving. I guess they're just shocked. Well, damned if I'll be waiting for them. I run for the doors as the building begins to shake underneath me. Some other inmates are ahead of me, but when I reach the exit, there's no hallway: it's just a straight drop three or four stories to the ground. And the entire room is tilting, sliding, falling towards the concrete below. If this were real life, there's no way I would survive this.

      I jump out of the door and land on the highway with traffic coming toward me. It's daytime now. I jump on top of the first car, then jump to the second, and continue jumping my way down the line. This is ridiculous, though, so I obtain a motorcycle from somewhere, mount it, then activate the jet engines. This is fun, but I still have to dodge traffic coming straight toward me. I bounce the motorbike into the air and activate the transformation into a sort of metal hang glider. [Interestingly, I don't think the transformation sequence had any visuals, I just sort of imagined that it was happening in an abstract sort of way.] Then the glider's jet engines kick in, and I shoot above the treetops and continue on my way.

      Now that I'm out of danger, I pull out my cell phone and dial 911 to report the incident at the correctional facility. As I wait for the dispatcher to answer, I'm gliding over a grass field between two roads. There's a cute girl walking across the field. Tall, with wavy blond hair and freckles. We smile at each other. I'm about to fly onward when I remember that making out with someone is one of my dream goals! Letting go of the glider, I stumble a bit as I land on the grass behind her. This is a bit of a risk because there might not be enough action to sustain the dream--but if dream goals weren't risky, they wouldn't need to be goals.

      "Hey, wait! Come back here!" I call.

      She stops and watches me, looking a little defensive. I'm a bit thrown off by the fact that she's a little chubbier than she was before. It's like she's a different person, cute now in a different way. "Um, hi," she says carefully.

      "I just want to make out a little." She just stares at me. "Please?"

      She's still just staring at me as the dream fades to black and I begrudgingly wake up.

      [IRL: Last night, I finally took out my dreaming goals sheet again to pick a few lucid dreaming goals. "Make out with a girl" was NOT one of them, though. Also, I would give a lot to know what crime I committed to be sent to that correctional facility . . . but alas, I cannot remember.]
    13. Fri Oct 12 (10:41-7:51)

      by , 10-12-2012 at 03:45 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Stormtrooper (7:51)

      Somehow I've found a Stormtrooper uniform. I put it on to disguise myself as I walk through the enemy complex with the rest of my partners in stealth. It's uncomfortable to have the mask all the way on, so most of the time I have it lifted (it has a visor that slides up a bit like a space helmet, and a separate part that slides up to reveal just the mouth). Then I have to put it on again quickly when another Stormtrooper comes around a corner, so they don't see that I don't actually have the same face as Jango Fett.

      Somehow we get caught. An alarm might have been involved. Now we're in a small room with about twice our number of enemies. Not many of them are armed--they're just officials of some kind--but there are two people with lightsabers. Almost by accident, I take out my own two-sided green lightsaber and start attacking them. I barely have a second to hope that the rest of my group takes that as the signal to start fighting our way out of here. The people with lightsabers go down easily, and I realize they were never Jedi-trained. Somehow they just found those sabers and tried to pretend they could use them to discourage us from fighting.

      Once we kill everyone, we go back outside. There's a hole in the bottom of one of the overhanging upper stories, and I realize that must be the room where we fought. I remember randomly slicing a couple of stone columns in order to add to the confusion of our escape.

      Homemade Board Game (7:51)

      I'm not sure exactly what the avatar for the player character in this game is supposed to be. All of the art is a bit exaggerated and cartoonish, and some of the recognizable structures seem much larger than they are in real life. So my character is probably some kind of small animal, but I can't see well enough to tell what. I'm almost out of the building when I realize it's a worm. Curled up in a spiral and bouncing along on its tail. Ah.

      Outside, a spider and a woman with a lightsaber are waiting to kill me. I hide in a tunnel while I try to figure out what to do. My primary weapon is some kind of projectile weapon that I charge by holding down a button, then fire by releasing it. I'm not completely sure how to aim it. I try charging it while behind a corner, then briefly darting out to fire before hiding again, but my accuracy is not very good and despite my cover, I come very close to dying. Then I wonder if maybe the spider and the lightsaber-woman aren't actually allies--maybe they'll start fighting each other if I can get them close enough to one another! I run out to find that they're already fighting. With one last swipe, the woman kills the spider. Without waiting for her to notice me, I hit her with my own lightsaber. Her health bar was low enough that the one hit kills her.

      There's a cutscene: the camera pans across the street to a view of one of my allies on top of a flat-roofed building, then zooms in on an enemy climbing up an outside ladder. I have to kill that enemy before he gets to my ally, but I'm really far away. I took too long with the previous battles. My main enemy is not present, but his booming laughter accompanies the end of the cutscene, mocking me for my inability to help.

      I run as fast as I can, charging the gun and trying to gauge how much I'll have to lead the guy on the ladder in order to hit him from this distance. My aim is not very good, though. . . .

      Later, the enemy is dead, and a third ally has joined me and the other person (a woman). He reports that all of the enemies are gone, but now he will have to "let her blood." A double agent! Before he can speak another word, I punch him in the face, and he goes out cold. I get prepared for the woman to insist indignantly that she could have defended herself, but she doesn't.

      Later, the woman is my sister. She's explaining that before the enemies attacked, she was working on a new board game that she designed with a friend of hers. She shows me a table of instructions. It's in German, but I manage to work out that there are four players, identified by the German words for "Northeast," "Northwest," etc. But then there's a fifth player that must be "Central." That worries me. There's no way the gameplay can be equivalent for all five players when one of them starts in the center. With four it would be fine. I debate trying to explain this to my sister. Later, I see the actual gameboard, which is apparently not symmetrical at all. It's divided into irregular territories on a continent. Lots of the territories have a picture of a building or other structure on them, which I assume are the structures that can be built on that territory. Some of the structures are portal rings, others are orc strongholds which I think are the places where each of the five players starts out. There are only two or three territories separating some of the strongholds, which seems too close to me, but I decide not to criticize that, either. Let her have her fun.
    14. Sat Sep 15

      by , 09-15-2012 at 04:51 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Date Reservation (LUCID)

      As I walk past the front desk of a cafe, I see a high school classmate whom I've always thought quite attractive. I haven't talked to her in a long time, but unfortunately I'm busy. So when we make eye contact, I only say "Hi!" and indicate that I don't have time to talk. A few steps later, though, I regret it. It seems really rude to pass up the chance to catch up with an old acquaintance. I wish I was in the sort of world where I could just walk up and cuddle with people and no one would care. But wait, I am! I'm dreaming! I don't even bother with a reality check before I turn around and walk back towards her.

      Hesitantly, I sidle up to her and put my arm around her waist. Her shirt feels like it's made of some kind of silky fabric. Her only reaction to this seems to be resignation; she continues talking with the front desk clerk, with occasionally a few words for me. I stare at her eyes. They're pretty, and I think green, but it's like looking at a picture. Nothing moves much, and I can't read anything from her face. Eventually she says, "Come on, our table's this way." I guess she's done arranging things with the clerk.

      We have a circular table right next to a window. Every other table in the cafe has a dark surface, but ours is quartered in primary colors: one quadrant red, one green, one yellow, one blue. "Of course," I groan. Of course our table would be singled out in the most gaudy way possible. And when we get nearer, I see that my chair is covered in crumbs and other meal residue. Ugh. "Well," I say, "the only thing to do is wipe it off." We commence using our hands to brush the crumbs onto the floor. It takes a while. [Clearly I wasn't very lucid by this point.]

      Meanwhile, the girl is giving me a few warnings. She says, "If this is about Uncle Bill, please don't be too awkward about it." Somehow she's romantically involved with him, I guess? It's become clear she's rather uncomfortable with the whole situation, and I'm starting to get uncomfortable, too. I wonder if maybe I should try to do some other dream goals, like swimming beneath the ocean. Maybe I could take her with me; she might like that. I ask, "Do you . . . want to go . . . somewhere else, after this?" But whatever her answer, I wake up a few moments later.


      Spoiler for Insomnia:
      House of Spirits

      I'm playing a game where you live in a house with a bunch of spirits. Most of the spirits are evil, so you have to fight them. It's multiplayer, and there are a few other people in the house with me right now. We're going through the rooms trying to roust all of the evil spirits so that none of them will surprise us in our sleep. Usually they don't wake up if you just walk through the room, but they will if you say anything aloud.

      While sort of alone in one wing, I accidentally talk to myself, and a spirit starts to coalesce out of the air. Oops. He offers to duel with me, and he even offers to let me use a pretty nice weapon (like a crowbar or something). That's much better than the weapons this game usually lets you use, so this sounds good to me. But spirits can be tricky, so I ask him what his own weapons will be. "Oh, just this metal letter opener and [some other sharp household implement]," he replies. Then he attacks, before I have a chance to realize that his weapons are much more dangerous than mine.

      We battle through hallways and rooms. Some other people see us and shout and point, and try to come to assist me. In the end, we defeat the spirit. The rest of the group continues looking for other spirits, but I suddenly realize how silly all of this is. Ghosts aren't real, and I'm tired. I just want to go to bed. My dad sees me abandoning the hunt and starts arguing with me. In response, I try to explain to him that this house isn't even real. It's virtual. Not worth worrying about, see?
    15. My first Star-Wars dream.

      by , 08-30-2012 at 05:59 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      It was a pretty fast pase dream. I believe my role in it began as the head of the royal gaurd, in charge of personally escorting Queen Amidala to her safe room on the second floor of the castle. It started out fairly fast pace, there was an eminent assasination attempt in the process, and we hurrying threw the palace.
      Running up a flight of stairs, we encountered one of her hand-maids that began to distract us- i kept running and informed the women of what was going on. She ran right behind me, both of us on the protective side of the Queen (Between her and the open pillars we ran past). At every turn I informed them both to keep their heads down.
      We got to the end of the long outside isle and ran into the palace. Inside the palace there was a safe room, probably about twenty feet long and wide. The two of them waited as I walked out and signalled success to the gaurd. When I walked back in, Queen Amidala's character was being played by my wife. She got a lot more farmiliar and friendly, still being the Queen of course. She told me to come sit next to her. We sat down in safety,

      I put my arm around the Queen.
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