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    1. The Last Human Settlement

      by , 09-24-2015 at 10:33 AM
      Morning of September 24, 2015. Thursday.

      Firstly in my dream, I seem to be living in the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane, but it eventually transforms into a much larger structure that seems partly embedded in a mountain, as there are rooms that are like caves later on. Prior to the shifting setting change, there is a young male that appears to have some sort of medical problem. He claims to have a toothache that is supposedly related to a headache even though the “headache” (the source being near the top of his head and related to a protruding blood vein) is somehow in his jaw. The male reminds me of a younger version of my wife’s brother George (Gyorgy). I ask him if I can help in any way, but he seems more annoyed by the present living arrangements than his continuous pain and potential nearing demise.

      There are two other people in the house who may be younger versions of two of our children (oldest son and daughter). At one point, I teach some Russian, but it is mainly only two rows of audio-based prompts on a computer screen and primarily relates to pronouns, including variations of “I” and “me”; “ya”, “menya”, and “mne”. Over time, I become aware of there being more people around.

      There is seemingly a nuclear explosion in the distance, but very loud in my dream’s immediate setting. When I look out, however, it looks quite odd, like narrow clustered columns of pink and orange smoke rising high into the sky in the distance, right on the horizon (from an unknown city). This seems to mean that modern society, for the most part, no longer exists. I notice our home seems to be isolated and within a composite of desert and meadow, with no signs of any other buildings. However, I still hear several dogs barking at the distant explosion, which almost seems to be a good sign.

      We now live in an unusual composite of large cave and house, though with a layout somewhat like a shopping mall, with a public court and an additional adjoining building or group of buildings. Someone (unknown) says that the monster can now leave - which relates to the nuclear event somehow or the fact that there are not many people left in the world for it to terrorize. A door is opened somewhere in the cave-building that had kept the monster trapped, and the front door to outside is also opened. The “monster” leaves on its own accord after randomly wandering through various rooms to find its way out. It looks like an ordinary warthog as it passively walks out the main entrance. There is no threat or drama or concern of any kind at all at this point.

      Later, I go to another building (part of the same settlement) and wander through the halls. I warily notice an unusual lump and weight pulling down the skin of my left forearm as well as minor burns and scabs. I realize I have something inside my arm. I carefully shuffle the hard object forward and out through the scar on my wrist (from my accident as a toddler) and it is a rectangular piece of thin metal, almost as wide as my wrist. Another similar object comes out after, which is like partly reflective glass of a similar size and shape (possibly part of a small mirror). The sensations and progressive movement are extraordinary “realistic” (though possibly more like pushing something under a shirt sleeve out through the cuff as I do not feel much pain). I feel my arm to make sure no other objects are in it. I “realize” that this probably happened when I was sleeping on a bed full of junk and the objects somehow got into my arm without me noticing until now (which is of course, a false memory as I do not sleep on a bed full of metallic junk, sharp objects, and wires as implied).

      I go back and give the objects (and a few other bits of junk I found in the building) to the leader of the settlement (who seems to be actor Clancy Brown). At this point I tell him how the objects perhaps grew inside me somehow with regard to chemicals in the air, perhaps. He seems only mildly interested in the event but still wants everything I have. As we walk through a doorway back into the building (no longer with cave features) I had been staying in, I see two fancy car keys lying on the floor just inside the doorway with some apparently discarded documents. They have an atypical appearance; other than somewhat floral regarding the shape on one end, very slightly paperclip-like in part of the form only. I consider that if I pick them up and keep them for myself, the leader might not like it when he finds out, so I point them out saying, “look at those keys”. The leader says, rather egotistically, “I’ll just take these keys”. His behavior brings mild amusement. He then asks me what year they are from as if that is important and I say “1961” but then consider that “1961” might actually be a serial number unrelated to the date (though do not mention this). (The imagery is curious, as the number looks the same right-side-up as it does upside-down.)

      In the final scene, I am sitting in a hall with several others of various ages. One (unknown) teenage girl in the opposite corner (opposite an implied perpendicular continuation of the hall) starts complaining about everything in a pessimistic and defeatist rant, and, even though there are only about a hundred people left on the planet, I tell her that I do not want to listen to her “f–ked up fantasies” (in the sense that they are negative and of no use, including trivial gossip and pointless opinions of others in the hall). From here, I feel cheerful and completely optimistic and ignore her otherwise depressing prattle, especially as I get the impression there will be a self-sustaining community expanding soon.

    2. 6/12 Zombie Installation

      by , 06-25-2011 at 06:12 AM (Link's Adventures)
      I was at a installation in the Arctic, and snow and icy wind blew everywhere. Me, some of my family(most of them weren't really in my family) and the people who ran the installation were the only people there. Or so we thought. Zombies start appearing and attack most of the workers, those who survived grab guns and armor and helped me fight them off. No matter how many we killed though, they just kept coming. I run all around the place trying to kill them, and at one point me and another guy are on top of a rock that was part of the base near the edge(i couldn't see the bottom). And 2 zombies come in a Warthog(from Halo 3) and start climbing up. We shoot them off before they reach us but then more start coming from the side. There were 3 of them, but they were super mutants(looked like Nightkin from Fallout: New Vegas) instead of zombies. We take them out right as they got to the top of the rock. I run around some more and find a part of the facility that nobody is at. I go in and its kind of dark, but i can see well enough to walk around. I find nothing of interest though and head back. On my way back, I see a light, and its one of the guys who used to be on patrol. He still was, but he was a super mutant now. I tried to hide in time, but i couldn't move quick enough. He spotted me, and i put my hands up and turn around. He approaches kind of slowly but I see behind him like a dozen men(or zombies, i don't know). Then I woke up. I forgot some stuff and the dream was very long, but most of the rest of it was just fighting off zombies.
    3. 01/14/11 Halo 3 - Warthog Run

      by , 01-15-2011 at 08:36 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: This is the last night for Halo task for full credit on the Lucidity Power Trials Club, and it is my aim to do it with Dakota. Other than that, I will focus on just remembering something. I remembered a dream last night, I want to do it more! More!

      I am in a place I don't recognize, and I am not lucid at the time. I look around to see where I am, and I see that it is winter, the ground is covered in snow, and I am a bit chilly. I think I'm doing quite well to be out in that weather and only be slightly chilly, but that might not last. I wish I had a jacket of some kind, and I am surprised when one seems to appear from nowhere. I put it on and look around more, I have absolutely no memory of how I came to be here, or even of where here is. I decide to do a nose-pinch RC, and I discover that I am dreaming.

      I look around the place a bit more now that I am aware I am dreaming. I am in a cold and snowy place at the base of a mountain, there are paths or roads of some kind leading up the mountain, so I head for one of those roads. While I am walking in that direction I am thinking about my goals, about what it is that I want to accomplish in dreams this night. I remember the Halo Warthog mission, so I will try for that. I walk along the base of the mountain looking for a possible place for the Halo mission to start. I see a tunnel leading into the mountain that looks like a place for the mission to start, so I head in that direction. I am thinking another part of the goal is to look for Dakotahnok to see if we can confirm a shared dream. So I am also looking for him as I head to the cave entrance.

      As soon as I get to the cave I see there is a man in there, he looks like he is waiting for something. I wonder if it could be Dakotahnok… then I realize I have no idea what Dakotahnok looks like! I approach the man and observe his appearance, he has short dark hair, is relatively tall with an average build, but then my attention gets drawn to his shirt… his t-shirt has Dakotahnok's spider avatar on it! He sees me and asks if I am Raven Knight, so I say yes, I ask if he is Dakotahnok… he doesn't answer me, but he looks very happy with the situation and says, "We did it! We did it!" He is very excited at the prospect, I think it is awesome that we made it work. Now if both of us can just remember this…

      Dakotahnok and I aren't together for long, however, before we head in our own separate ways, as both of us are looking to complete the Halo task for the LPTC and this can't be done in a shared dream due to some people not accepting shared dreams at all, and for the ones that do, it would seem unfair to do a task as a team when everyone else has to do it individually. I tell Dakotahnok to make sure and remember the dream. He comments that I'm the one that has been having recall problems lately, touché… we go our separate ways.

      I go into the cave, which cuts through an area of the mountain. It looks like the cave was carved through the rock by an intelligent race rather than a natural passage, it also winds around inside the mountain. There seem to be passages heading off to the side of the main passage, but I don't feel there was a need to explore them. There are strange mutant bug like things attacking me, I take a shotgun like weapon from my side and blast them, the blast takes out large groups of them at once.

      I exit from the passage and find there is a vehicle parked on the other side, there is a voice speaking from somewhere… wtf? It is a female voice, it says to get in the Warthog and go, go, go! Wow… it's like I just stepped into the video game… I jump into the Warthog, and someone else gets in the back… I'm not sure who… or what… he is, he clearly isn't human, but it is just as obvious that he is on my side, so as he takes control of the mounted turret on the back of the Warthog, I floor it and head for the path leading up the side of the mountain.

      As we are going up the mountain, the path winds around the outside of the mountain, but there are numerous wide places in it where there are structures off to the side. Mutant freaks are coming out of the structures and attacking us, they are swarming all around us, the guy in the back of the Warthog is blasting away at them, taking them down in waves. Some of them are in front of us, the Warthog is able to drive right over them, squish, squish, squish… I drive the Warthog farther up the mountain, it feels like the mountain must be a volcano about to erupt… the whole thing is shaking violently, large boulders are falling from above and crashing down towards the ground. I am driving the Warthog to the left and right to avoid the falling debris… An area of the path collapsed from in front of us, I am barely able to make the Warthog jump over the crevice to the other side… and I see the mountain is definitely a volcano, as there is lava flowing down through the crevice below. Things continue in this manner until we are near the top, where I see there is a space craft hovering a short distance off the mountain. The voice I heard earlier is saying to go for it, jump into the ship, before the entire place blows. I floor the Warthog and make the jump into the waiting landing bay of the ship.

      It is briefly dark in the landing bay before the interior lights come on, revealing that the Warthog has wrecked at the far end, the big guy from the back has been thrown off to the other side of the landing bay, and I am on my ass near a pile of cargo crates. I go to check on the big guy, and I find he appears to be alive, just unconscious. Well, that's good. I figure the dream task is over, so I am ready to wake up… when there is an attack!

      One of those mutant freaks is attacking, throwing off those strange bug things, it is really quite gross. It looks like one of the enemies off of the Silent Hill games. I remember I have to use Halo weapons, so I don't activate my Witchblade, instead look around and spot a plasma sword that the big guy seems to have dropped when the Warthog wrecked.

      That is a pretty cool weapon, though, it cuts through and toasts the bug things on contact. I fight against the creature, climbing up on some of the cargo crates to get away from its attacks, then I jump down from the crates and attack the thing from above, slicing it nearly in half from top to bottom. The thing was UGLY! I'm not sure what it is… just that it is dead. More of the bug things crawl out of it, so I kill those, and once that is done I wake up.