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    1. 7/20/19

      by , 07-20-2019 at 06:49 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm in a the last of us type of setting trying to escape a town.

      Dream 1: I am in a house of some sorts and I am blowing up doors with small explosions, there are 2 children with me and following me. At a certain point I blow up another door with a grenade. One child gets super close and I yell at her to move.

      The grenade wasn't lethal at all and only bruises her legs. But then I'm sentenced 15 yea re s in prison for child endangerment.

      The rest of the dream is just me feeling sad talking to my friends and sneaking the game.

      At one point I'm secretly playing a mobile game where you have to kill the enemy's inside of a big white room of sorts.

      Dream 2: I'm inside of that game that I just mentioned. I have to fight and kill bosses. I don't remember much. But I do remember casting magic, running very fast, and fighting.
    2. We all have parasites

      by , 07-20-2019 at 01:03 PM
      Before 5.50

      I leave an airport and get into a taxi that takes us to a holiday home far out in the countryside. Nothing but fields in all directions. House looks like an old farmhouse. We eat a big slab of steak or meat. Ab pleads with me to come back for Christmas, saying the flights would be really cheap. "Imagine all this covered in snow..."

      Later on we are sitting on a hillside. My friend points out a large bird flying high above us. The sky seems to be made of video screens whih change and flicker as this thing flies past them. Then the bird lands amongst us. It's man-sized. I try to take a photo of it. Then the bird turns into a monkey man with weird thick square sections of fur and bare skin around them. I comment on the fur and make some offhand comment about parasites before realising how offensive that would sound. To attempt to cover it over, I say I probably have parasites too. We all do.
    3. Am I a dream guide now?

      by , 07-20-2019 at 04:20 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I've managed to get the things bouncing around in my head under control fairly well by now -- with considerable help from God -- so it's back to the (ir)regularly scheduled programming.

      I was in a prior dream I once had (one that I haven't recorded on this site) about being at a circus that was somehow affiliated with the Catholic church. My family were all sitting in their seats and telling me to hurry up because the show was beginning, but I was busy making myself some hot chocolate in the concessions area outside (the circus was set up like a sports stadium instead of a tent). I spilled some boiling water on my hand and burned it, but I didn't notice the burn throughout the rest of the dream even though it should have stayed there. I finally went to sit down in my seat and watch the show, but my brother wanted something explained to him, so he pushed an "emergency contact button" in front of him, causing a man standing on a small hanging platform up near the ceiling to be lowered down to him. I was embarrassed that he had disrupted the show for no reason and left somehow.

      This transitioned into me leading ten or so high-school students (I was high-school age myself) over a bare stone hill in the middle of a region of similar hills. The students were being unruly and annoying. On the summit of the hill there was a little glass box resembling a covered bus stop with a hot tub in it that could seat two people. All of the students but one (some random girl) abandoned the trip to go play in/around the hot tub while the girl and I continued on.

      After we had descended the other side of the hill, we reached the river from the Obsessive Transformations dream I had a while back; it didn't look exactly the same, but it had a rope-and-plank bridge over it similar to the boardwalks from that dream, and I intuitively knew it was the same river. I told the girl that there were some interesting things to see on the other side, but she expressed concern that we wouldn't be able to cross: the river periodically surged with great torrents of water high enough to wash over the bridge and knock anyone on it over and off the side. We saw several people try to cross and fail in this manner. I eventually told the girl to hold onto the ropes and lean back, supporting her weight with her arms as well as her legs, in order to cross without being washed off; we both did this and succeeded.

      The bridge led to a large green atrium-like shaft with a staircase going around the edge, which we descended. At periodic intervals there were floors in the middle of the atrium containing visual representations of various memories I had of my maternal grandparents. The girl asked what they were, so I explained some of them, adding that I hadn't seen either of my maternal grandparents for two years now (very strange situation) and wondered how they were doing. I also showed her a few dream-control tricks so that she would better understand how this place worked -- it was one of my dreams, after all... We eventually reached the bottom of the shaft, where there was a wooden floor blocking our further descent. I willed a trapdoor into existence and began to open it to show the girl what lay below, but just before I could, the dream faded.

      This dream is mainly interesting to me for two reasons: First, the fact that I "revisited" two previous dreams and even knew that I had had one of them before; and second, that there was another "main character" in the dream besides myself. It's very rare for people in dreams to follow me around for any length of time -- they're usually just a part of whatever set-piece I'm in at the moment and have little to no personality or importance. Even the members of my family tend to function merely as plot devices when present; in the original "Obsessive Transformations" dream, they were so unimportant to me that my brother appeared halfway through the journey to the island and disappeared before we got there and I didn't care at all.

      Moreover, I rarely communicate with any DCs, and never on any intelligent or emotional level -- only just enough to advance the progress of the dream, as can be seen by the fact that when I died in "Obsessive Transformations," all I wanted my mother to do was give me her Minecraft password so I could respawn. Neither of us felt any kind of grief or even surprise; there was no "human connection," so to speak. Here, though, even though I had no idea who this girl was in real life and no reason to care about here, I felt like she was an actual person that I had to guide safely through the dream, and I was able to empathize and communicate meaningfully with her. The whole experience was really strange but overall pleasant.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Ferns photo 3

      by , 07-20-2019 at 02:42 AM

      Yesterday I asked the Dreem Views forum staff
      for the code for Dark Green font.

      Dolfin replied with the code.

      I wanted to put all my dreams from now on
      in green font, in my dream journal
      To separated then from all the dreams before.

      I drempt of friendly German Shepherd dogs
      So no hit there. But

      I like the green synchronicity
      (The photo was ferns and the only color in the picture was "shades of dark green" with a little shadows in black)

      I could have chosen blue or red or brown but at the time of asking I only wanted "Dark Green"