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    1. 3 Aug: Confronting some mafia guys, people from the past, yelling at former boss

      by , 08-03-2019 at 09:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group of friends heading to the door of some mafia dude to ask something. We get there and he is throwing a family party for his daughter who is having a birthday or going to marry. Hard to say. They have a skating ring in the house, invite us to skate and I feel like it, but the others point out that we are there for serious business. I thought they were Russian or Armenian, but then they all start dancing merengue and salsa and I think again that they must be South American. We leave empty handed.

      I am walking with a group of people. Feels like the kids from my extra curricular activities when I was also a kid, but I am an adult. Then I leave them and go alone across VFX. Come across a guy who recognizes me. His face isn't strange to me either, I think he went to primary school with me. I ask hiss name and it is something like Leonildo.

      A company of stone pavement is going bankrupt. I have worked there and go there just to get something back. Cross path with the manager saying it is our fault? I make a scandal and question him "Us, who? I think you mean the admins in suit who run this shit, not the workers!" He admits it. He leaves frustrated.
    2. 8-3-19

      by , 08-03-2019 at 08:34 PM
      dream 1: A dream where I'm getting mad at the game, the last of us. Playing on the maps, checkpoint and coal mine
    3. Wednesday, July 31

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:45 PM
      I am upstairs at work. There is a group of three to four white teenage (or younger?) boys by the Levi jeans that have selected a bunch of clothes quickly. I think they may also have a bag, maybe a sports bag from here? that theyíre putting it all into. I think Scott is downstairs and talking to me over the radio. I am over by the boys and I think it makes them leave, leaving everything behind. I start looking through the clothes in the bag, and I only find one empty hanger. Iím not sure what weíre doing exactly, but at least they didnít get anything, besides possibly one shirt.
      Tags: stealing, work
    4. Tuesday, July 30

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:44 PM
      I am going on a road trip with Brittney and I think Melissa also. I think that wherever we are going is around eight hours away. I think Brittney is going to drive the whole way, though I think about offering to help since we drive the same car. There is a sense of this being last minute, but not negatively so. Somewhere along the way we stop at a Jack in the Box? I order a number seven - some kind of cheeseburger. I think I initially said small, but the employee asks what size. I start to say large, but he remembers I said small, and it somehow gets brought to medium. Now we are waiting quite a while for our food to come out.

      Iím in what feels like the backseat of a car, sitting next to Melissa. I think Brooke and someone else are in the front seats (Brooke in the passenger seat), which seem way too close. Melissa has taken my penis out and is playing with it, I think going down on it once. A flight attendant? squeezes past in front of us, and I put my leg up, trying to hide the hardness against it.
    5. Monday, July 29

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:43 PM
      I am in some room, maybe a kitchen, in a house or building that seems to be by a beach, probably on the ocean. The place is dim and seems to be empty, except for Dad, who is here celebrating his birthday. There is no one here, so I assume it is just too early for them to be showing up. He shows me a little machine on the counter top that has a few tap handles. There is what looks like a thin, green hose. On it is a circular piece with an indentation (like one for a screwdriver), which corresponds to a piece on the machine. Once inserted, it can be turned and creates a sound like it is adding carbonation or something similar. It also allows the beer to come out. I look at the options and choose a witbier. I pour it into my Artown cup at a 45 degree angle. It seems to pour quickly, but doesnít produce much head. I take a sip and it is pretty tasty. I look at the other options, two being home brew?, one IPA, and a Revision IPA with a pretty cool graphic (space?). I think the others are more eclectic, constituting a pretty decent selection for so few handles. I think I am going to go sit outside.

      I am seeing a video of Dad at some circular bar counter that looks to be encircling a pool. The whole thing is not very big, but it looks pretty cool. I think weíre supposed to be on a family trip and heís already there without us. I then see a filter or location on the video that says heís only at an airport (in Vegas?). Now I am where I think we are going, I think with Makayla. The place is a fairly large and high ceilinged room with a large, rectangle pool in the center. Along the walls around it are what look like doors to hotel rooms. We start looking for one thatís open. You canít really tell whatís locked or not by looking at it, and I feel weird trying all the door knobs. It seems like most are locked. I get towards the end of the row and hear movement behind one of the doors. The very last door then opens, and coming out of it is a boy probably in his late teens, with long and center parted dirty blond hair, wearing only what looks like boxers or small swim trunks. I assume he is about to swim. I consider asking him to see the inside of the room, but think itíd be a little too intrusive.

      I am with Sage and her old friend Sierra Fiester in some large room with a bouldering wall. The bouldering wall is not too long, but it is pretty tall and slightly overhanging. I am attempting a problem and its big move. There is a thin crash pad on the ground that I have them move, since it is not where Iíd need it if I were to fall. I ready myself for the big move out right, but never commit, afraid to fall. I end up just using different holds to climb to the top, a little disappointed in myself. I still try to make it harder, with big moves and small holds, including small crimps. I use a large half-moon shaped hold (the one from Rocksport and Basecamp), I think getting a hand or two and a heel on it at one point. I am making loud vocalizations of effort at each move.
    6. Sunday, July 28

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:41 PM
      I am sitting alone on some flight of large stone steps that lead down to a body of water. Iíve brought some food so I can sit down and eat it. Iím not sure if Iíve come down here to be alone or to possibly talk to some others. I think there are some others down here.
      Tags: food, stairs, water
    7. Friday, July 26

      by , 08-03-2019 at 06:08 PM
      I am walking around downtown, and there seems to be an event going on. I walk into a smaller coffee shop, right behind a group of three girls about my age. They sort of spilt up in the line, so that I am in front of one of them. She is talking sort of excitedly about how she is going to get something with eight shots, as if her caffeine tolerance is just really high. I think one of the others orders and then they try to get me to go. I politely decline, asking if theyíre sure, since I thought they got here first. They coax me into going, so I step up to the wooden counter. The barista is kind and friendly, with dirty blond/brown hair and tan skin; she seems familiar from somewhere. I ask for an iced Americano with five shots instead of the four I think it usually comes with. She says sheís already got one started, holding out a larger sized cup thatís full, too full for my preference, of ice. When the finished drink comes out, I take it over to a wooden bench along the wall opposite the buildingís front wall and window. The evening light shines golden, drenching the place in a peaceful, languid haze. There are a few others sitting around, quietly keeping to themselves. There is a very laid back vibe, either caused by or enhanced by the lighting. I notice the girl who wanted eight shots is seated to my left, sitting lengthwise with the bench, her knees bent and feet up. She is wearing shorter black athletic shorts and is on her phone. She has two smaller bags on the bench, one placed on top of the other. They start to tilt and then the top one completely falls off, taking the other partially with it. I try but fail to get her attention. Now, I consider trying to talk to her or the other two also, but I donít really want to bother them, as they donít need anyone to talk to. Iím not sure what Iím going to do now, except maybe sit here for a while.
    8. Thursday, July 25

      by , 08-03-2019 at 06:04 PM
      I am camping at Frenchmans with Melissa and I think one other. We are sitting around the fire pit, and thereís quite a bit of stuff set up around it, like weíre here for a while or just well prepared. Iím not sure if thereís a fire going or not. It seems to be dusk or nearing dark. I think Iím going to start the fire now. I put down some paper materials for starters, but then I canít find any wood. I bring it up to Melissa, and she has a brief look of realization. She says she forgot to bring it. Iím not sure what to do, then Melissa says she saw some in the trailer. That does sound right, so I go to check. The trailer feels more like a big car, but still partially like a trailer. I climb in and onto what seems to be the back seats. It seems more like a bed, a bed that could fit about two. It seems kinda comfy, and I think about sleeping with Melissa in here instead. I find the firewood and it is all on top of two folded down seats, shaped almost like it is serving as the seats instead. I wonder if I should really be taking any if it is serving a purpose here. I think that most likely Opa placed it like this. I end up pulling a few pieces out, most smaller but one longer. The wood is darker in color, thin, and not very heavy.

      I am at work, going back on video to look for something, when I inadvertently see two guys arbitrarily grabbing Levis like theyíre going to do a grab and run. I notice that one is wearing a backpack. Now I am out on the floor and right by them. I think just my walking by is enough to get them to drop the merchandise. They go over by menís shoes and I think out an emergency exit door thatís open. Another man is standing by the door, sort of like a look out. He is wearing a white rabbit mask. It looks like a plain and rudimentary mask with just a strap on the backside, yet the effect is somewhat unnerving and intimidating. I donít exactly want to go over there. I call Scott over the radio to see if heís seeing this. From the way he says no, I assume he was not watching all along. I assume heís pulling it up on camera now.
    9. Wednesday, July 24

      by , 08-03-2019 at 05:59 PM
      I am meeting Melissa at some tap house. I walk in and survey the place, as it is new to me. It is a long building and somewhat dim. The bar counter stretches along the wall to my left; there are tables along the (brick?) wall to my right. The place feels casual and homey. Before I can get much further, I notice Melissa to my right, seated facing towards me at the first table in. We meet up and then I go up to the counter. The man behind it seems friendly and patient with me taking my time to choose something. Iím deciding between a light lager and a Ďsweet red aleí, both of which I think are from familiar breweries. I think the red is supposed to be like a Flanders red, so I go with that one. It comes out in a chalice like pint glass that looks a little frosty. The beer is a deep, dingy red/maroon. I taste it, and it is indeed sweet, almost cloyingly, but not quite. It is unique.
      Tags: beer
    10. Tuesday, July 23

      by , 08-03-2019 at 05:57 PM
      I have stopped into work on what feels like my day off. It doesnít really look like work - it has more of a warehouse feel. I feel like I am on the second level when I see a man stashing a ton of Levis. He sees me looking at him, which seems to make him nervous. He has a pile stashed in a fitting room; I wait until he walks out and then lock and close the door to the stall so he canít get to them and so I can put them in as a recovery later. Now, I think there is a woman that is with him. They are gone a moment later, and it looks like some of the Levis are missing. If they got them, they got a ton, because the stash was a huge stack or two. Iím now in what feels like the menís department, the only difference being that the entire floor is empty. There arenít even shelves. The floor looks like concrete, and the walls are either concrete or drywall. I think there are a few associates here, and they seem to notice the state of the place, at least somewhat. It seems like they donít care much or are accustomed to it.
      Tags: empty, stealing, work
    11. How Do You Do What You Do?

      by , 08-03-2019 at 03:42 PM
      Before 4am
      Holding onto razorwire isn't much fun. I don't really have a choice though. The cliff face is wet due to a storm and the wire runs in rows across the rocks and provides the best handhold. Above, the next rung of razorwire is broken. The guards like to tie people to the wire and see how long they can hold on before falling. Evidently, on the row above someone fell. A woman is tied to the rocks a bit higher up. Her screams are audible above the howling storm.

      At the top of the cliff, two guards are arguing with each other over whose turn it is to go out. They are about to look over the edge and see me. I start to climb the rocks. As I reach the top one of the guards looks over. Grabbing his leg, I send him tumbling to his doom.

      Climbing up to safety, I move across the rocks to reacue the woman. She is crying and cold. Hair so pale it looks white, plastered to her face. Her skin so cold and wet. She clings to me and cries. The storm rages all around us. There is more danger though. We cannot stay here. A serial killer is headed this way.

      I take the woman into the guard hut, out of the rain. Somehow though, the hut becomes a room on a boat which is rocking violently on storm high waves. The other guard is now in the hut, yelling at us to get away from here. The killer is coming. No. No, we have to stop him. I won't let anyone else die.

      Leaving the woman and the guard, I crawl out along a narrow section of boat that is almost underwater. The woman cries for me to return and keep them safe. "I'm scared!" She sobs. Not as scared as me, but my decision is made.

      Keeping low I swim/crawl along the flooded boat deck and make my way over to the side. There are black phone cables running along the edge. I wrap them around my wrist, thinking they will make sure I don't get swept away by any big waves. The killer is rowing towards me in a tiny boat. As he crawls from the boat onto the ship, I waste no time and punch him. He looks surprised but not hurt. I punch him again. Again. Hard rights, weaker lefts, each hit making his eyes roll back in his head. Then they focus on me again, with a manic, unstoppable grin.

      I try to push him off the boat. He is wearing glasses that are now askew. Can't even break them. I try to knock them off his face but he realises and manages to grab his glasses before they get swept away. His look says: I'm going to destroy you. Then I wake.

      4.30- 5.30am
      Earth and Air - LD
      Sitting inside looking out at tiny, fallen, fake Christmas trees. Thinking about using them as decorations.

      Then I am following some people into a recording studio. They want me to sort out the music for something. One of my friends gives me a wink and says "I know what kind of music you're going to pick."

      We seem to be standing at the edge of a fighting pit. I decide this is weird and question what is going on. A hand reality check confirms this is a dream - my hand is twisted and freaky looking.

      Standing at the edge of the pit, I shout, "watch this!" Tensing my muscles, hunching, I focus on transforming into an earth elemental. When I straighten up I've grown about a foot, probably just over 7ft tall. My skin now looks like cracked, dried mud and are deep earthy brown. Roaring with fake rage, I leap into the fighting pit, smashing down hard and causing a massive earthquake. The walls of the pit crumble, dust rising into the air. The ground tremors with aftershocks, and golems rise out of the earth.

      The golems start to move soundlessly towards me. I fly towards the closest ones and punch the ground to cause another earthquake. This makes them fall but doesn't seem to damage them. I decide to transform into an air elemental and start spinning like a tornado. Golems are thrown back and knocked to the ground. Any that get too close to me get broken apart into dust. I wake up.

      LD #2
      ...but it takes very little effort to get back to sleep. At first though, I am not lucid.

      There is a small yellow flower in a pot with long spikey leaves that move like limbs. As I try to touch the plant the leaves turn into pincer like things and snap at my finger. The yellow flower now has eyes. It looks kinda agressive, but it's still a tiny flower so not really menacing at all. "Okay okay, calm down."

      The animated plant makes me lucid though. A woman walks up to me straight away. "Uhhh, let's not get distracted." I tell her.
      She shrugs, asking. "How do you do what you do?"
      "I don't really know. Practice, I guess."

      It is raining, so I think about the water and the rolling waves of the earlier dream and again try to transform, this time into a water elemental. I forwards roll and become a wave, losing my solid body and just becoming a mass of water, rolling and churning. The entire dream just becomes waves and ocean. I roll around but am lost, unable to control this transformation. I wake up.