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    1. School Daze

      by , 06-25-2019 at 07:55 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-25

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      School Daze

      I am in school. I am in a classroom, though Iím not sure what class is going to be here. I sit down at a desk about halfway to the back of the room. I look around at the other desks and students. I see a rack of comic books on one side of the room. My attention is caught by a Ranma graphic novel and a Ranma comic. The graphic novel is a collection of many of the comics, the single comic is a new release. I hear Vegetaís voice in my head telling me to buy them both. I go over to the comic rack and take the graphic novel. Somehow someone else managed to get to the comic before I could. So I go back to my desk with the graphic novel. Vegeta will have to be satisfied with that.

      I put the graphic novel under my desk to keep from being distracted. I notice on the cover it looks like Ranma has punched someone into orbit. I think a comic book rack in a classroom is just asking for distractions. A boy in the desk in front of me looks a lot like Ryoga from the Ranma comics. He hands me a green marker. I ask what Iím supposed to do with that. He says take notes. I give the marker back and tell him I prefer pen. He hands the marker back to me again, so I return it again. He lies the marker on my desk. I donít know why he wants me to have it so badly. I am looking at my black notebook when I wake up.
    2. Link gandalf

      by , 06-25-2019 at 04:50 PM
      had 4-5 ld. Did not jot down much. I was more focused on recalling steps I took yesterday rather than the dream content. Maybe am a little jaded of recording dreams.

      I focused mostly on questioning if I'm dreaming or telling self a dream throughout the day. Did mild, Shadow work. For shadow work I spoke to my subconscious candidly. I was 100% sure I would get lucid. Also tried to wbtb, set alarm but woke earlier than alarm so turned off alarm. Did raduga alarm not sure if that helped since I didn't use it last week. I'm getting better at this: kind of getting a feel for it.

      It was mostly dild towards the end of dream. Dreams were long I think felt like a week worth of events. A day each. Did not mediate in the dreams so didn't have continuous lucidity.

      Lds: mostly about game themed stuff. In the first one I was doing rc but they did not work, but I kept the idea in my head and worked near the end. Well maybe was lucid earlier but had a small doubt that made rc fail. Was also pretty realistic.

      one had link from Zelda, I think I was link and there was Gandalf like figure helping me to progress through puzzles.

      I dreamt about playing against the pro gamer. Became a more serious theme towards the end. He became evil and was trying to stop him mostly.

      In the last one I cried at the end of dream. Crying woke me and stopped ld chains. It was something sad.

      *maybe it's my belief that crying would stop ld chains that stopped it

      Dream: had an unpleasant dream Mario party, also teleported. It was an amusement park needed to poo. Saw a relationship thing. Pretty violent content.

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    3. Beinglucid's Journal

      by , 06-25-2019 at 07:21 AM
      23 June 2019

      I know I'm dreaming. I force my eyes open. I struggle to get my legs out of bed. They're heavy and feel paralyzed and I'm worried I might hurt Zoe (my dog who is sleeping on my bed with me).

      I know I can do anything, so I force myself to the ceiling. I'm upside down on the ceiling on my hands and knees. I'm feeling good. I look sideways at the wall and start to feel disoriented and feel a small amount of panic.

      The scene changes. I'm in a strange room with strangers. I ask one to tell me my name. She says manima (I think that's what she said... I remember telling myself to remember it).

      I ask another woman what she wants to tell me but she doesn't answer.

      Lucidity ends...

      At some point I begin to see each person in the room is there because each has witnessed a murder by one of us and has had to commit another murder to cover it up. (To kill other witnesses.)

      Each murder is played back in front of me. Like I'm watching it on tv.

      Next there is a flood through my house. I call my boss to say I can't go to work.

      I need to secure my birds in make shift cages. I need to block holes in the front porch area so rats can't come in. My mother is there helping me.

      Now I'm running away from a man. He chases me over an obstacle course over land and sea. There are ships, and highways across the sea. Shipping containers "fly" from the highway to the ships flying in the sky. I can see where golf balls have landed in the sea from a nearby golf course. I can see a luxury cruise ship among the industrial ones.

      I'm doing the same obstacle course over and over again, trying to outsmart the man chasing me. Doing things slightly different each time. Laying traps. But the man chasing me gets better too. He's always close behind me.

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    4. crazy

      by , 06-25-2019 at 03:54 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A dream of Jamie's voice or, The Voice. Telling me she's upset at something I'm doing online IRL... Not sure how she would know that. I'm always cautious of the voice. Is it a familiar spirit repeating her thoughts to me and mixing it up with lies? Or does she really sense what I'm thinking or doing?Hard to say, but if you wanna call the shots in my life, you kinda gotta be in it you know.


      I was on top of a building overlooking a scene. there was a hole with a building over it like in the show: LOST. Something exploded inside and I saw a bunch of metal getting pulled in. The building collapsed and got sucked up. Next random cars were getting magnetically pulled in. The town nearby was in a panic and I saw military pulling into the town. People were saying it was an excuse to bring in martial law.

      Creepy guy

      I was walking through a huge shopping building with my dog. I was heading outside when a blond man approached me. He said we had to take my dog somewhere safe or something and he was offering a ride. I said, "NO," He kept insisting. I kept refusing and he started getting angry. I mentioned to the people walking near us that this guy had an agenda or something. Two guys with him insisted that he was okay. I didn't buy it and kept ranting as I was walking away. He kept following but backed off when some women walking by came to my defence. Last part of the dream is driving away and seeing a bunch of tornadoes in the distance.