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    1. Electricity

      by , 07-04-2019 at 01:55 PM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was watching an episode of this TV show that used to play when I was really young called The Backyardigans. The characters started off on a journey around the world for some reason, stopping by a large iceberg with magical properties in order to rub themselves against its sloping sides and gain its power. They also re-enacted a Jewish legend involving the prophet Jeremiah (likely conflated with that one where King Solomon locks his daughter in a tower) at some point. I forget where the characters ended up.

      It eventually turned out that I had been watching all this from a hotel room I was sharing with my father, who in this dream was some kind of deadbeat drug addict. It was now time to get ready for bed, which I did over the course of several minutes in a very mundane fashion. I remember waiting for my father, who was now watching TV in my place, to finish up and turn it off so we could go to bed, but I don't think he ever did.

      (Jump) Now we were in a low-ceilinged room where music recitals were being held. My father (whose personality was now totally different) approached a piano with a large piano-like box with a lever in the top to its left and played a really unimpressive piece of music that only required a single finger to play. I looked at the book of exercises he had taken it from and saw that he hadn't even played it correctly. Then he reached over to grab the lever in the top of the other box and started moving it left and right in an erratic manner, and the sound of a viola playing a duet with the exercise began to emerge. I looked back at the music and saw that I had been looking at the wrong exercise, and that he had actually played it perfectly.

      I sat down at a cafe-like table with three other people, all of whom had pale brown skin. This was important because they tried to start a conversation with me about racism. I decided to neutralize the subject by mentioning some of the achievements of black people, the first being that even while enslaved and banned from learning how to read, many had an insanely comprehensive knowledge of the contents of the Bible. I was going to go on, but this seemed to satisfy all in attendance.

      (Jump) I was now in a High School classroom (where's my RC?!) with my old Physics teacher, who was unsurprisingly teaching Physics once again. We had been given a packet of boilerplate safety waivers to fill out prior to coming to class, but I hadn't done it. It was almost time for us to carry out a "dangerous" experiment involving electricity, and so he needed the waivers. First, however, he asked for just the front page of each packet for some other reason, and I handed the entire packet in to be collected. I then realized I still had to fill out the safety waivers, so I arose from my seat, made my way over to the pile of packets, and requested mine back, explaining that I still needed to finish some of it. The teacher grudgingly obliged.

      This transitioned into being in a large bank in Britain where I was "playing the part" of one of those top hat, monocle, and mustache-sporting silent film villains trying to rob it. I snuck down to the vault and rigged some kind of electrical surge to occur that would force the door open, and then I tapped on the striped wallpaper next to it and caused it to turn into a conducting surface reminiscent of redstone in Minecraft. I went upstairs to where this electricity would emerge onto the next floor and saw a porcelain statue of a young Queen Elizabeth and her (nonexistent) older brother, who was wearing a sailor suit, practicing the piano. I tapped on the wallpaper here and a sideways conducting surface appeared to carry the electricity out a window.

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    2. That was unexpectedly annoying

      by , 07-04-2019 at 05:08 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday July 2nd 2019

      Nothing done, since I didn’t get to sleep.
      Tuesday July 3rd 2019

      Oh, nightmares!

      For some reason, I only had two nightmares. Despite waking up just got back to the same dream, though that made it easy to be lucid.

      The first nightmare, I was home and there was this sense of dread. I felt this right after feeling the presence of Scott. First thought that finally, he had decided to show up since I was naggin him a lot and trying to reach him.

      However he never showed up and instead just had this weird thing without face show around. I was getting pissed since it was just running away and suddenly it attacked family members saying they would kill them.

      I teleport next to the girl holding someone and rip her apart, the other guy kills the family member and prepares to attack when I munch his face… his faceless face out then continue with his body, do they seriously believe I would fall for that? Did feel scared throughout the dream, but was also annoyed I was looked down at like that.

      Go meet family members who apparently didn’t even die… whatever, who cares. Talked to them about the dream and how we were all dreaming before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      For the second nightmare I keep getting calls. Why am I even in my house… anyway I am lucid so don’t bother with the cellphone until it rings after I destroy it.

      Apparently it is my… ex? What, when… what? I look to the side as instructed by the voice on the other end and see the idiot there waving at me, so I go smash him against the wall and toss him out the house.

      Apparently his idea is to make me break up? But… this is a dream, it won’t work? I still feel pissed off though about the nightmare. So when I am out slam him gently against the floor several times, face front to tear his stupid teeth off, break them.

      He keeps talking like its no big deal so smash him a bit harder and he finally tells me to stop when a girl comes by, apparently afraid of the sight.

      He is no longer the same person and now looks like a woman… the girl’s sister from what I scan off of her. She is pleading for help so I tell her this is NOT her sister. She does not believe me of course and prepares to make a scene, so glare down at him and ask him “What is your name” she hesitates and I tell the girl this is such a shitty attempt he doesn’t even knows his own name or the name of her sister.

      So I keep slamming his head against things when someone tries to stop me, fine! I take him to his hosue and then get followed by someone else, whom I force to look after him. When I look the idiot, slam him some more, get pissed at the stupid nightmare, then get pissed at me losing time… so make sure that I take it out on someone and make some infections much needed before waking myself up, still angry.
    3. Been tired sucks

      by , 07-04-2019 at 05:07 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday July 1st 2019

      So tired…

      I was walking around, my arms and legs hurt a little bit. Became lucid while walking. Some kind of desert? No, hiding in a different planet may not be the best idea, plus I already paid for the apartment so teleport back there.

      When I arrive see a lot of people. What happened? Apparently there is some kind of party going on, I just go somewhere else then, teleport to another part of the planet and stay there resting; what shall I be doing now?

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around the place, become lucid while walking. Do not know what exactly to do, so just jump down where I am and feel a bit of pain. Still hurting? This should have healed a long time ago!

      I’m not sure what to do so just keep playing around, go to eat at one plaze with the flesh king and then go back to my apartment to lay around for a bit.
    4. A Ride to the Wilderness

      by , 07-04-2019 at 12:42 AM
      I'm in line with some friends to get on some kind of cool ride. From the looks of it, the ride is similar to a roller coaster. Right at the entrance to the ride, one friend gets a bloody nose. He asks for a tissue from the attendant. I ask for one as well since I feel like I need to blow something out. It feels like blood as I blow into the tissue so I quietly throw it into the trash. We finally make it on the ride and I get a front row seat. As the ride starts off we are suddenly in an open meadow surrounded by trees with many other people. We all have our backpacks off taking a break from hiking apparently. Some people have already started up again back along the trail. I tell my friends to grab my coat when they leave as I want to get ahead of everyone else. With my backpack on, I sprint along the trail, going down some steep parts until I catch up with the leaders. I continue to move ahead until I'm all by myself at what is to be our camping spot. I take a look around and move over to a table with some kind of jug on it. Just looking at the jug somehow makes me understand that I may be dreaming. I try to push my fingers through my hand with a little success but lose lucidity fast. I feel like I've woken up, but I'm still in the same spot. I lay down where I'm at to try and "fall back asleep", but my ears keep moving up and down with each breath I take which is distracting.