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    1. Lucid Dreaming Goals

      by , 08-26-2019 at 04:54 AM
      These were my dream goals in 2013

      "My Dream Goals
      - Form persistent realities (Meet a recurring dream character)
      - Improve my dream recall
      - Complete the Task of the Month
      - Have Fun! And enjoy learning to dream again!"

      As I review them I was able to actually complete 3 of them. My dream recall was actually very good then, and in the 6 years since it has persisted very well. Right now I am able to remember 5 good dreams on any given night when trying, and when not specifically trying to remember dreams I always expect to be able to remember at least one or two.

      I was able to complete several task of the month challenges. I looked at the TOTM challenge thread yesterday and was disappointed that it seemed a little dead. There were still challenges posted but no one had responded to it at all. I liked the posted challenge to take over a ship with a pirate crew, so for now that will be one of my dream goals.

      I always enjoy practicing lucid dreaming techniques, and of course the dreams themselves are freaking amazing! I recently read a forum post by Hukif talking about what a natural process it is that we dream, and that just like I would like to know more about myself in waking life it is just as natural to want to explore and know my dreaming life, as the two are intimately connected!

      Unfortunately I have not been able up to this point to have the kind of consistent lucidity necessary to form persistent realities. They are still my major long term goal though. I have decided that for now to help progress towards that goal I am just going to imagine that all of my dreams are happening in the same reality, even if that reality is that they in some way relate to me. I am sort of hoping this attitude will help create persistent dream characters and plot lines. Maybe those characters are some sort of janitorial or spiritual staff tasked with the maintenance of my dreams behind the scenes or something?

      I would like to add a fifth goal of performing the gravity RC for 60 days. As I get more experience with my own lucid dreams I hope to be able to customize this RC to me more, but for now I am practicing it as explained by Hukif.

      So my Dream Goals:
      - Form persistent realities (Meet a recurring dream character)
      - Maintain my dream recall (DJ and remembering in morning)
      - Complete the Task of the Month (become a pirate lol)
      - Practice gravity RC for 60 days starting 8-25-2019
      - Enjoy dreaming and have fun!
      side notes
    2. Steady

      by , 08-26-2019 at 04:50 AM
      I had snippets of lucid moments. Very short. 7 or 8 maybe lasting few seconds before waking each with the final one lasting perhaps 10 seconds. I was moving my eyes while closed forcefully to force an artificial rem to get back into it. Familiar scenes, some nature with trees and buildings. I tried to keep going back to sleep so didn't jot down.

      Had a long dream after that. I was in a clinic/reception with a lady who was dealing with me. She tried to single me out and we had an audition for a famous comedians show. I recall having a similar theme before.

      A personal worry. I think it's related to a negative experience at a clinic being singled out. I'll cleanse that energy or remove it.

      So ppl went up on a huge tall thing. Kind of like a trojan horse but not a horse. Just wobbly structure and we had to stay on it to show our dedication to follow through challenges some people fell off. Part of me was nonchalant through all this, feeling like it was fake. Close to lucidity I think. Did another challenge I think.

      Woke eventually.

      Before bed I was writing down all the people I met during my stay in the present living space or home. I had read a book talking about the need to clear past energy blockages to have more stable dreams without past influences. Should be able to go through previous places in couple of days.