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    1. Skyrim: The Alex Mercer Mod

      by , 09-30-2019 at 07:42 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-30

      Skyrim: The Alex Mercer Mod

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in my car with my ex-boyfriend James. We are on our way to work. We must be on some kind of business trip because we also have a hotel room where we will be staying. We arrive and the office is right next to the hotel. When we go to the hotel we find out that our room is on the opposite side of the hotel from the office. I find that annoying because it is a big hotel and it will take a while to make the walk. I drive us to the right area and park right in front of the room. We go inside and find it is a nice room. James changes clothes right there as if we were still together. I go change in the bathroom. Fortunately there are two beds and they are separated by a temporary wall like those that often separate office cubicles.

      After we are done changing we head for the office. It is a long walk. I break off to make a visit to the restroom. I find that some people are giving out free food, it is a service of the hotel. They are almost out but I am able to get a chicken drumstick and some potatoes for my breakfast. It doesn’t strike me as odd that they serve fried chicken and potatoes for breakfast. I go to the office where we will be working. I see James is jealous of my fried chicken breakfast. He says he will get some but I tell him they were almost out. He seems annoyed. I turn on my computer and get prompted to continue my setup in virtual reality. I see a VR headset on my desk. I pick it up and put it on…

      Now I am playing Skyrim VR. For some reason this doesn’t seem odd to be playing Skyrim VR at work. And what a great VR headset! It looks like the laboratory of a mad scientist. Right in front of me is a Thalmor that looks like he has somehow been assimilated by the Borg. He says his name is Archeron. I make fun of him, imitating his voice and saying, “I am Archeron of Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” He says he doesn’t know what Borg is or about being assimilated, but I am right in that resistance is futile. He says I must be the new arrival who will help him break the tower faster. The Dark Tower? This asshole wants to break the Dark Tower? I say I will never help him. He can go fus himself.

      Archeron laughs and says I will be much more cooperative after my lobotomy. I fus him right in his Borg face. FUS-RO-DAH! Nothing happens. I do a double take. Archeron says he has already modified himself beyond being affected by such things. I ask if he’s immune to being sliced in two. He says no sword in Skyrim can harm him. I say I don’t use swords from Skyrim… I use swords from Prototype. He asks a prototype of what? I answer, “Alex Mercer.” I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and tell him I’ve had a few modifications of my own, I’m no longer a mere Breton, I am an unstoppable virus! He is trying to figure out what that means when I use my Alex Mercer blade to slice him from his left shoulder down to his right hip, effectively cutting him in two. The look on his face when he dies is one of disbelief. I want to keep playing, but everything fades to black and I wake up.
    2. 2019-09-29 12:30 -- Choice sim/game; store fly-through; ominous hallway; Lego city; snipers in trees

      by , 09-30-2019 at 04:46 PM
      In simulation/game of some sort; restarts several times, with me taking different path each time. (like a choose-your-own-adventure game)

      At large Costco-like place, flying through as part of a group, but not buying anything; reach end, and they say to pay; I say I didn't realize we were supposed to buy as we went through; ask, and guy lets me go back in without paying.

      At small clinic/food place; I make wrong choice while talking to a woman there, despite feeling I'd made good ones up to that point, and want to reload from right before that choice; instead, I have to restart the whole thing.

      Talking to lady at start of game, who is apparently aware of being in a simulation; she brings me to place down in a lower-story hallway (looks like old house hallway to garage), and she says to go with her to see what she's talking about; it looks ominous so I refuse; I say we should just talk about it; she says not, since I'm not "one of them" or something; I say we should meet up again to discuss, from opposite parties/groups; she seems okay with that.

      Starting out in city (like in Lego game); I start exploring, but guide person says I should be careful and not go to a certain part of town (further from the waterfront); I struggle back toward where I started, but make it and regain movement.

      Find young person who maybe would join with the task I was set toward, except he seems untidy and pretty obnoxious. (he also had blemishes on his face of some sort)

      Am with some real-world family and friends (mom and dad, siblings, A, C, and S); we are exploring again, in area with lots of trees; I head off a bit to follow something I think, and find that there are tons of snipers and such in the trees; I find that I'm equipped with the same vehicle and weapon (gun, I think) as them, but I don't use it; instead, I start trying to leave the area back to my group; while speeding away in the semi-flying vehicle, I wake up from someone calling me in real life.
    3. Embarrassing picture

      by , 09-30-2019 at 07:37 AM
      Spawning monsters
      I saw spawning monsters to train against them. After a bit i tried doing it in the air. But in the end I tried to do it in an in underwater dungeon so they wouldn't run amok.

      Short lucid
      I was entering into a dream scene and realized so. But I thought to myself that it wouldn't last long and awoke.

      Widow bees
      There were some ppl installing windows, physical windows. I decided to ignore them and stay in bed. But they put bees near my ears. I hear the buzzing and the crawling sensations. Bee leaves but they put another one there. Felt like I got stung and ear felt hot and big. I tried to get it off and felt some bee larvae too, gross.

      Lucid embarrassing picture
      I first thought I was in vr environment then it off it. I was at some campus like old mansion building. There was a big face in front of me. Just floating in the air. Just eyes nose and mouth. Felt like monster it just floated around and looked at me.

      * I remember this building maybe from dreams. Been in or near it many times. I think it's near a train rail and this school looks like a very old tall castle, dark gray. It gave me creeps before but this time not so.

      I think I went back to my bedroom in the castle campus and sorted stuff and took my backpack and left. While on the sidewalk *I am lucid * I realize that I am dreaming and begin to try to recall something to do. I can't recall anything so I just decide to head back home.

      I end up in some strange room though. There was x and Chris there. I was distracted by something and they both kept reaching for my wallet in the backpack. In the wallet there was a picture of a different version of me. Is it my ideal self or, just another... I felt embarrassed by the picture. So I grabbed it and put it back. But they kept reaching for the picture. Asking me who this attractive person was.

      I remembered that I couldn't keep them from grabbing the picture because I was busy writing my dj in the dream. While I was writing my dj they went to grab the picture. And when I went back to writing it they went for it again.

      I also recall taking that picture earlier in the dream or in a previous dream.

      Notes:didn't write some earlier dreams.
    4. My Career DILD

      by , 09-30-2019 at 01:06 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The dream scene change and for some reason this cause me to become more aware of my environment. So I look around see that I am at work and realize that it's sunday and I'm off today. I could tell the dream struggle to have lights in the warehouse as it was much darker than usual. I began to walk and told myself I'm positive this is a dream and decided to check my hands. My hand had 7 fingers and some were larger than the other's while some were way too tiny. I confirmed to myself I am indeed dreaming.

      And said out loud I'm done working and that I am doing my own thing. I walk to the nearest exist and explore outside. It was sunny and warm. I climb up a near ladder attach to the back end of a building. I told myself I wanted to learn how to fly in a dream. As I am running of the roof which had street roads on them and tree's. I ran as much as I can and jump but gravity put me back down as if it were waking life.

      I was surprised but I knew I was still dreaming. I never had great dream control. I decided to keep exploring in till I woke up.
      Tags: warehouse
    5. Haunted house, Jamaican sausage

      by , 09-29-2019 at 03:44 AM

      Boxing a smart russian guy. I moved to dodge his punch and I moved and awoke.


      I was at some store, moving in dream made me move again. Something about trying to establish boundaries.

      Thirst lucid?

      I was telling someone I was going to sue them for 40k. It was at a party or something. He did something. I forget.

      Also There was Sab and another girl on the bed with me. I wanted to sing for them so I sang. However I was pretty perched and I drank some water. But this didn't quench my thirst. I drank again, and once more. By the third time I thought I had to "wake" to drink some water... Wake


      Happy vs NE trolling

      Haunted School

      I was in some class. Elementary. Could be Japanese or not, was hard to tell. There were some people that were doing something that made me uncomfortable. So I decided to karate chop their heads off. This made the school haunted and wherever I went inside the school, they would scare me from a random angle. It was not that pleasant. Sab was present in this dream. I remember having one or two followers in this dream. I forget what it was about but I think it was related to supernatural stuff.

      Son of Hero

      I dreamt about a son of a great hero. He wasn't super powered like his dad because he wasn't related by blood. But he made it up by being part robo so he was strong in the end.

      Stranded on island

      I was stranded on island with some friends and family for a while. Went around the island to discover some furnitures and stuff, thought they weren't much use for building a boat. Saw some palm trees. Wondered about stuff for a while, about how it would the future be like being stuck on this island.

      Heavy school stuff, Jamaican Gourmet

      I was at some school, appeared to be Q school. Perhaps same school as the one above. But not in japan though. I was apparently just transferred there and went into classes. I got lost pretty easily. It sucked. I had way too much school stuff in my backpack and it was really heavy and I was lost in everything as the other kids went to the next class, I was just lost. I didn't know what to do wit hthe stuff I had or what these text books were. It was simply unpleasant. I just grabbed a few stuff and the backpack was so heavy. I thought about how convinient it would be to just have all these useless books on a tablet instead. Modern technology is great sometimes.

      I went downstairs to the first floor to find my locker. It was to the left side of the school and I had trouble finding my locker. I somehow wmanaged to find it in the end though. I opened my locker. All the other kids using the locker around my area were all girls for some reason. I'm still anguished trying to figure out what to put in the locker and what to keep with me. After a while of this i decided to put the whole bag in. I took about 4 dollars into my pocket for lunch. I headed for cafeteria.

      The cafeteria had many stores. I started with the counter to the right. The food didn't look very promising I asked the dark haired turkish looking man to give me a taste of the sausage before buying it for lunch. He got pretty mad and I just proceeded to the store to the left. They were all like this. All shitty and not so appetizing looking food. But I wasn't ready to give up. I kept going until it was nearly the end. Perhaps it was the last store.

      There were some Jamaican looking fellow who had a pleasant vibe about him. The sausage cost $4.80 thought, and I wasn't sure if I had enough. I told him this and he gave me a sample to try still. I did so and it was quite delicious. He said $4 was ok and proceeded to compile my food among others. I was at the end of the line and there were some coffee and cream. I was about to take a sip but they told me it was for the older man before me.

      Wake, I wanted to drink so went back

      Then the Jamaican man from before served me something for a kid. It was a blend of sesame seeds and cream like drink. The sesame seeds have been grided into bits and were mixed with something like cream. It was splendid. It was rich, creamy, starchy and a little sweet. I savored this drink and was excited about what my meal would be like.

      Ping pong

      I was playing ping pong and as I went for the smash it moved my physical hand and I awoke.


      Felt like I spent 3 afternoons.

      I think some dreams were based on what I did earlier that day; haunted = zombie game. While the Heavy backpack stuff were based on some memory I needed to release. I recall a previous memory dreaming about shitty food. That was highschool though, and in the dream the food became good in the end. This was in elementry school #5, and the food becoming awesome in the end could be helping to let go of shitty school or food related traumas!

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    6. Counting the blessings, again

      by , 09-28-2019 at 04:34 AM
      Well. I didn't get lucid. Well maybe I was sorta, kinda close in a few dreams but not really. I saved some DJ notes on a google docs app but it didn't even save anything! I'll just write down what I remember. The other thing was that I had a kind of a dream that reminded me of bad memories, it kind of set me on a train of more related bad memories that sort of depressed me for a while. But there is a silver lining to all this I truly believe.


      I dreamt that I went to my friend, Jack's house. We were just playing some games I think. I showed him my new VR thingy and he was pretty interested and played on it. His friends showed up and talked about stuff. I felt like being left out though during all this. We head out and Jack's driving the car, but I think the car was stolen and he was pretty much GTA-ing. We head back to the house to do something. I think we came back to eat some food. His mom had just done the groceries but I had to leave. So she gave me some of her grocery food to eat while heading home or something.


      I went to a nearby supermarket a bit later, same location but perhaps awakened before coming here. I was just hopping around everywhere and having fun. Hopping atop of shelves and any high and hoppable spots I could find. They called me "the natural" for some reason. I felt great really. Until a vietnamese man grabbed some object and hit me really hard. He said "give us back our country." I felt blood dripping down my nose and I was pretty mad. I grabbed some long hard object and walked towards him. He still held the weapon in his hand and I told him that I'm not even from the same country that he thinks I'm from. This made him quiver a little. Then I immediately grabbed this short tan man by the collar.

      I dragged him through the aisles towards the front of the store. I wasn't going to beat him but was going to call the cops and let them deal with him.


      This raised some bad memories.


      Most dreams that I didn't note were VR related. Perhaps I'm playing VR too much before sleep, or that being on VR is kind of similar state to dream. I'll take advantage of it by being more aware if it's a dream while using VR.

      I felt really really down (desperate, despondent, depressed, hopeless... etc). I haven't felt this bad in so long. But there was a silver lining to this though. I saw that this one memory led to another memory, to another, to another. There were about 5 memories that clumped together into a big ball of negativity. I was aware of that process. I think that's a good thing. As being aware of something is the first step of improvement, as well as being aware of this "hopeless" thoughts/daydream is a part of being lucid - it's just like being aware in a dream. And I did manage to release these feelings after meditation and stuff.

      It was bad but it's good. It's good cuz I'm getting better. And it's good, because you gotta tell your subconscious that remembering dream's good, even when it seems bad - that helps recall I think.

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    7. Dark Tower: Parting of the Ways

      by , 09-27-2019 at 10:22 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-27

      Dark Tower: Parting of the Ways

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      It is night, I am standing near a campfire with Roland, Susanna, Eddie, and Jake from the Dark Tower books. Eddie and Jake are transparent. Susanna is holding Eddie’s hand and Roland is holding Jake’s. There is a young man there I don’t know. He is drawing on a pad of paper. He shows his drawing, which is a work of art. The drawing is of Eddie and Jake. As if by seeing the drawing Eddie and Jake become solid. Susanna and Roland reluctantly let go of Eddie and Jake. As they let go Eddie and Jake start fading again. I look at the drawing and I see that is also fading… but why? Roland says it’s because they’re not really supposed to be here, that’s why. Susanna grabs Eddie, Roland grabs Jake, and they stop fading. But they don’t become solid again…

      I ask what is going on with Eddie and Jake. Roland says ka is trying to reassert itself. If Jake and Eddie don’t go to the world they belong in soon they might completely fade. So far they have only been able to remain in this world because of their connections. I realize that is why Susanna is holding on to Eddie and Roland to Jake, to try to anchor them in this world. Roland says there really is only one answer, Eddie and Jake have to go to the world they were meant to be in. And Patrick (indicating the man with the drawing) is the only one who can make it happen. Susanna goes over and whispers to Patrick for a bit, then Patrick starts drawing.

      I hear something out in the darkness, it sounds like something is creeping about out there. I feel a sensation of being watched. Roland sees me and says Mordrid is out there, and Mordrid’s a-hungry. I say no, it can’t be Mordrid, MoSh killed Mordrid. I am sure of that. Roland says something is lurking out there. I stare out into the darkness, trying to see what’s out there. I see something is reflecting the firelight. I slip into the darkness, ignoring Roland saying I shouldn’t. I use my night vision and I find the thing. It looks like a cross between a giant beetle the size of a large dog and a praying mantis. It attacks me, but I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and slice it in two. The thing melts into a strange black fluid that flows off into the darkness.

      I return to the camp and now there is a door standing near the edge of the campsite. Susanna is looking at the door, still holding Eddie’s hand. She opens it and lets go of Eddie. When Eddie and Jake get near the door they are solid, but they start fading when they move away. Eddie says that must be the place. He is reluctant to leave because he wants to reach the Dark Tower, but he knows if he stays here he won’t make it anyhow. He and Jake will fade. After some debate it is decided that Susanna will go through the door with Eddie and Jake. Roland seems worried that the door is a trap that leads to toedash space. I say if it does I will get them out. I think Roland just doesn’t want them to leave. Susanna, Eddie, and Jake go through the door. After a brief hesitation Oy follows Jake. Patrick stays behind even though Susanna tries to get him to follow.

      The door closes with a resounding thud. Now there is only Roland, Patrick, and me at the campsite. Roland looks depressed. Patrick curls up and appears to go to sleep. Roland sits by the fire and stares into it. He says maybe I should have gone, too. I say it would make no difference, I will wake up back in my prison dimension where I have no skills, no talents, and no abilities. Roland says he doesn’t believe that. I say yes, I always end up there. He said no, he meant he doesn’t believe I have no skills, talents, or abilities there. I don’t answer. He looks more depressed so I put my arm around him and give him a hug. I say I’ll probably wake soon, but I will be back, I am sure of that. I want to see the tower… if the roses around the Dark Tower have the healing properties of the one in the vacant lot then maybe it can even overpower my depression. Maybe both Roland and I can be free. I wake up here.
    8. Guidance 2 DILDS

      by , 09-27-2019 at 09:26 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dreams starts with me being back in school and entering the classroom. I take my seat with all the other students and our teacher enters the classroom. She is wearing a black dress shirt and black slacks with pumps on her feet while sporting some red rimmed glasses with brown curly hair. She begins teaching us stuff and I'm sitting there bored as usual. Looking out the classroom window. I see the hallway outside and my eyes begin to notice police officers. Then knock loudly on the door.

      My teacher opens it while saying "Oh shit" The officer immediately tells her she is arrested and that she has the right to remain silent. I hear some of the students behind me saying the classic "ooooooo" and someone say free time. Which I thought was stupid but looks like she was't coming back. Most of us including me just decided to ditch school and made our way to the double doors to leave. As I am walking to my way there, there is a woman wearing a pink sweater that is staring directly at me.

      It was hard for me to ignore so I look back at her and notice she is a co-worker of mine at my job. She was saying something but I couldn't hear her. She then started walking towards to me with her arms open wide. She and I hugged each other and I didn't know why and was feeling embarrass since we were in front of other people. She was saying something to me but I still couldn't understand but I was begin to feel more aware like a vacuum. I could feel a rumbling effect happening in my head and I became lucid. But I still could feel myself becoming more self aware and started to look at me to see if I was awake.

      I can't remember all that she said but I started seeing odd things , the regular dream scene change to a white place and I could hear a voice talk about there are 5 steps to reaching that level. The voice talk about blood sacrifice , it talk about incest and other rituals. After seeing all of this I return back to the dream I was in before laying on the school hallway. The woman was gone though as I look around for her. I decided to walk back in to my classroom. I had lost lucidity. As I enter back in the classroom she was sitting there.

      She began talking to me again about life and how she was trying to help me , everytime I was becoming unaware she snap me back to being lucid. It was odd, I woke up afterwards.
    9. little monk vs tornado, lab, clones

      by , 09-27-2019 at 03:07 AM
      VR Wrestling
      I was wrestling in a VR setting.

      University, Calculators

      I was at university. There was X there. We were fighting and he became Lich-like. Blue skin and just skin ontop of bones. Perhaps becomes 3rd person here, seeing the lich get choked out in wrestling move.

      I was still in that university area and were with 2 friends. So the 3 of us were hanging out on the reading week to study or somehing. We had sneaked into the library to steal 3 calculators! I have no clue why the calculators. But it felt important at the moment and we were being chased after a librarian found us.


      I saw my friend Paul there. It apepared to be highschool cafeteria. He had gotten a hold of a lot of yugioh or some cards for a bulk sale. They were pretty beat up and stuff, but were ok.

      Really Beautiful Guy
      It was the same school I think. Just different area. There was a really beautiful guy there. His beauty was out of this world honestly. Perfect facial features that every woman would kill for: long fluttering butterfly eyelashes, kind and dreamy eyes with a stare that could meld away all of your troubles as your stared into them, and a coy smile that really made you wonder... He carried smooth, long hair. Anyways, I was seeing stuff from his POV at sometimes, and 3rd person.

      There was a guy who had a short temper who was mad at our MC and wanted to fight him. He ended up fighting a wrong person instead though.

      Our MC was with a short girl and a really nice big musclar guy. We were hanging out at some tea shop, drinking tea.

      Little Monk, lab, clones

      Perhaps he is the little monk I saw in a previous dream. I was the little monk in the beginning of the dream.

      I was inside a well-lit hallways of a long building. It appeared to be some sort of lab. I kept proceeding forward and apparently the plot is that the little monk is some big shot. He was a sort of immortal or reincarnation of someone according to the plot. I soon learn that the facility I am in was created solely to watch over his needs.

      I find a bunch of people hanging around in the garden and decided to head out. There were some kids playing and adults walking around. There's some sort of storm that starts to appear though and it's a kind of evil spirit or monster that's made up of tornado or hurricane of a sort. It's controlling the weather and could hurt a lot of people. I thought that I'd go ahead and take care of it but I had a backpack and I wanted to put them somewhere safe. I see a duo of girls sitting down on a picnic table and asked them if they could watch over my belongings. Inside the backpack were some very old ancient books and they looked very cool. I feel like they are ok people so I leave the bag behind to fly up into the air. I feel the evil presence to the top and begin focusing my energy and allow it to surround me. Finally I release the energy and vanquish the tornado out of there. Now I flew in the calm sky a little.

      I get back down on the ground and keep proceeding forward the facility. They are kind of a cult or association that apparently worships this little figure. What they do was provide a safe haven for him throughout the ages, awaiting for his return. The little monk has a daughter apparently, I'm not exactly sure how though as he is a child after all. The backstory tells me she's either his daughter from his previous body, or it's some kind of spiritual family connection, not really sure. I begin to lose his POV around here.

      The little girl, I don't know her name. Should I give her a name? I'm thinking Jade; let's call her Jade for now. If a better name arises we'll change it.

      Jade carried pitch black hair and pale skin, she had a passive and somewhat relaxed stare, but it hinted sharpness hidden within. She was the daughter of our little monk and was apparently also special in some ways. The facility had treated her unkindly though; they had performed experiments on her to test our her abilities and what not. They believed as she was related to the being they worshiped, perhaps she would be just as extraordinary. Yet her capabilities appeared to be simply lackluster. Fearing that they might invoke their master's wrath, before they would permanently cause experimental damage to his daughter, they had secretly cloned her.... Many many times. Who knows how many. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of her.

      And they were out there, running amok in the world. Who knows how? Whether they have escaped, or have been deemed obsolete and removed from the site and yet somehow survived, they were each "her" in a different way and leading a completely different life from one another. Each time she was cloned, her consciousness was split, and one day, their consciousness would rejoice as one and gain the wisdom and experiences of countless lifetimes. That, was her power.

      Jade, her main body, was now outside the facility, in the concrete jungle of the city and exploring the world outside. I was her. That was when she had found one of her clones. It was her, but this "her" had many scars covering all over her face. And her hair was unruly and messy along with her dirtied and tattered clothes. She's been living in the "underworld," so to speak. The scarred girl had been chased by a large woman. I wanted to help "her," instinctively. I grabbed her hand and we proceeded to run away together from the madwoman who carried a weapon. Chasing us across the streets and the overpass.


      Jumping from buildings

      I 'm not exactly sure how to describe it. I knew I would be safe to jump from highrises so I did that twice in the dream.

      The first time I jumped, I had fallen and felt an utter euphoria coming over me. Wanting to experience the euphoria, I'd decided to do it again.

      Second time I'd jumped from somewhere higher, but this time it wasn't nice. It was now filled with darkness and I was lost in that darkness.

      Trying to DJ x3 FA

      I was in a class or something, trying really hard to DJ the previous dreams. Each time it was foiled because the writing apparatus (pen, pencil, ink) would not work well on the paper I was writing on. FA between each try. The paper had a texture of a bath towel and that would obviously be hard to write on and I'm realizing something's off by the third try and I awake.

      perhaps close to lucid.

      Class VR

      I was in a class, perhaps similar to the one before and I was looking for my VR stuff. I'd found it and also my friend Marianne.

      I can't remember the middle and the end of it. It had something to do with changing the timeline based on my actions after.

      Light dream scene (lucid?)
      I was in a dream scene, most things were white colored. I could manipulate objects that I saw at will. I was aware that I was dreaming, however I did not have physical sensations of the dream and I could still hear the sounds heard by my physical body. Is this still a lucid dream?


      I felt like flying in my dreams, so I played a game where you jump off a plank from a highrise building and fly around during wbtb. I think it worked, and I probably did some dream actions because of this honestly.

      BE PRESENT - I just noticed that I should be more present in the moment, so I can be more present in my dreams and that'll probably help it become clearer.

      Perhaps I was a little sad that I wasn't full blown lucid but... I should count my blessings. And I'd probably would have been if I'd did so and was 'present' like I'd previously stated.

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    10. The Dark Tower: The Laughter Vampire

      by , 09-26-2019 at 07:52 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-26

      The Dark Tower: The Laughter Vampire

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in a strange place. It is snowy all around, but I don’t feel the cold. I draw the conclusion that I am playing Skyrim VR since I can see the snow and feel a breeze but I’m not cold. It is getting dark out and the snow is starting to fall. I see a plowed street and a small house with smoke coming from the chimney. I head in that direction. I hear roars of laughter from inside. I look in the window and I see Roland, Eddie, Susanna, and Jake all laughing their asses off. There is also another man there that I don’t recognize. Something about him looks fake, though… like he was an illusion. This feels off, so I try the door. It is unlocked so I let myself in, hoping to not be seen as too rude… after all, no one would hear me knock over the laughter and for any normal person it would be bitterly cold out.

      When I get inside and close the door behind me I see that none of the people laughing have even noticed me enter. The man I don’t recognize sees me and makes a lame-ass joke about my arrival. I don’t remember the joke, just that I found it about as funny as vomiting. I am the only one who finds it unfunny, though, as everyone else in the room roars with renewed gales of laughter. Susanna slaps her own face while laughing and a sore at the corner of her mouth starts bleeding profusely. This puts an immediate damper on Eddie’s laughter, and as the others look over they also stop laughing. The man telling the bad jokes, they call him Joe, looks annoyed. How dare Susanna interrupt his jokes with her bleeding!

      Susanna gets up and excuses herself. Eddie wants to go with her, but she insists she’s fine and just wants to clean up in the bathroom. Eddie nervously watches Susanna as she goes. He mutters something to Roland about that sore not being a pimple, and he and Susanna should stop bullshitting a bullshitter. Joe tells a joke about bullshit. Eddie gets mad at Joe, saying his wife is bleeding, this is no time for jokes. Joe makes a joke out of that, too. Eddie laughs in spite of himself, Roland laughs, and Jake is on the floor laughing. I still find nothing funny. I think I will go check on Susanna, but then Jake looks like he’s choking so I go to him and try to get him to stop laughing. Joe tells another bad joke, making the laughter worse. I tell Joe if he wants to see something funny, watch this… and I fus him in the face. FUS-RO-DAH! Joe flies across the room into the far wall, falling to the floor in a mess of objects caught in the fus.

      I am trying to help Jake and Joe makes a joke out of my fus’ing him. This especially gets Roland laughing and now Roland looks like he’s choking. Joe is clearly an energy vampire and he’s stealing energy from their uncontrolled laughter! I am about to do something a bit more permanent than a fus when Susanna comes back from the bathroom. She has her Witchblade formed into a sword which she uses to remove Joe’s head. The headless body doesn’t die. It stays on its feet and starts transforming onto something that looks more insectile than human. The strange thing blunders around for a bit before collapsing into the fireplace and catching fire and finally dying.

      Susanna and Eddie embrace but then I notice Eddie is semi-transparent. What is happening? Jake is also semi-transparent. I do a double-take. I ask what is going on. Susanna holds on more tightly to Eddie and Roland embraces Jake as if they can physically keep them from fading. And maybe it works, as they become solid again. Roland tells me that ever since Thunderclap both Eddie and Jake have been fading in and out of existence. He says he thinks ka doesn’t like being foiled like I did. He says I saved them both, but now ka is trying to set things back to the way they were meant to be, and that means no Eddie and no Jake. Susanna says she has been having dreams that indicate there is a world where they are supposed to be right now, and they will be taken there one way or another. I wonder how to counter this unexpected effect when I wake.
    11. 25th floor mirror

      by , 09-26-2019 at 04:44 AM
      I laid down on my bed after about 2 minutes of meditation. I decided to keep it short since I had trouble sleeping previously when it was longer.It used to take about 20 minutes before I'd reach that state but now it seems to take like 5 minutes. Still experimenting with meditating before bed though.

      I was drawing a shape, a square in the darkness of the night. As I kept relaxing myself and my breathing the shape began to appear in my vision instead of the back of my eyes. I was playing around with this and tried to visualize some portal to see if I could induce a dream into another world. Started getting some kind of energizing buzz in my body as I began to see hypnotic imagery of the round portal and a few other things.

      I was in a dojo, like the one in the matrix. And there was some older man who waas training me there.


      We were playing a game. I was the elf. Saw orc vs undead, and undead vs undead. People could control each other's unit during the time as I watched the matches.

      Dreamt about hanging out with a fairy like thing that danced through the air in front of me, trying to get my attention or tell me something.

      Aurora, Real estate

      I dreamt that I was checking out the map of the nearby cities. I was looking at the map that showed the ownership of the lands. I was looking through it to find somewhere I could buy a cheap real estate or lands. I couldn't find anything in the nearby area. Eventually as I kept looking, I found a city that was to the top right, called Aurora where it appeared to have good prospects according to the map. I went there with family. The place had a nice classic feel to it. It had some taller building that were like the temples of Kyoto and it was beautiful really. The ground was paved with small white stones rather than asphalt and there weren't many cars around.

      Elementary School Awkward
      I dreamt I was attending a school. It was not the Japanese elementary school but a western one. It felt like the larger one I went to after I'd left Japan that was also a high school. I was taking some classes and it just didn't feel right. Why am I in school? It feels awkward. I took 2 classes.

      *I was close to lucidity I think as I was questioning my surroundings. Also I felt like I was lost in that school because it was kind of big in addition to not being able to speak english.


      Light Void (lucid?)
      I was in a void of light. Being fully aware. My sensations weren't there but I could tell that I was dreaming or was in a light dream.

      25th floor mirror Lucid maybe 18+

      I had awoke and I felt it. I just knew I could do something. I laid on bed, tried to visualize what being omnilucid would be like. And I began to go into dreaming state. Energy began to buzz and shroud my body. It invigorated me. And I am in a dream.

      I was on the street and apparently just done groceries or something. I was walking back home on the sidewalk as I saw some passerby people. For some reason I had an urge to see who I was or what I was in the dream and this incited a desire to look at a mirror. But where could I find a mirror? At home, so I headed to my home in the dream. I ran and ran, and I kept running. Eventually I arrived at a large apartment or condo. It had some nice waiting area and maybe some security. I saw some of the other residents there as I passed by.

      *This place looked like the building in my other dream where I was in the hospital and teleported to a similar location where I'd meditated.

      I feel hot from all the running and I am drenched in sweat. It's pretty uncomfortable and I wanted to take a shower honestly. Perhaps a shower in the bathroom. So this motivated me to get there faster. Elevator or stairs? As I went forward to the elevator/stairs, I had a waking memory of taking the stairs in a previous workplace just to be healthy and I believe this resulted in the scene to provide me with stairs where the elevator was suppose to be.

      It was a staircase that spiraled upwards in circular fashion, was pretty elegant kind of. I began to run up the stairs and noticed other features of the stairs. The stair handle or whatever you call it, was round, and huge, like the diameter of your head. It was gold, or a bronze-gold kind of color. I thought it might've been gold plated and


      I get back in the dream and upon closer inspection it had some rough edges. I keep climbing and climbing up the stairs. It has been a while, when will I get there? I was at around 12-13th floor and wondered that to myself.


      I kept going up and up. I'd climbed almost about the same amount of stairs as the previous amount and wondered to myself, "which floor?" I thought, penthouse! And my goal was neigh. I saw the stairs almost ending.


      I came back to the dream and the sensations were missing! I could not feel anything although I saw the scene from where I left off. I was the stair handles to my sides and I grabbed them with all my might and used it to anchor myself and pull myself in to the dream. My sensations came back to me and I went forward. I was there.

      It said 25 in red letters in several places at the top of what looked like elevator doors. I think I made it because 25 seemed significant. I looked at the doors leading into the rooms and they all had some quirky features to them. I think one of them had a kind of green octopus like tentacle-like thing adorned in front of the door. They were all very strange and I kept proceeding deeper until I found an ordinary door. I entered that door.

      I found myself inside a room and several more doors. The one to the immediate right said, "class." Another one to the left of that said "Hero Room." And the one to the right of that said "bathroom." I entered that door.

      * I might begin to feel the urge to pee around here.

      It was a pretty regular looking bathroom. There was a sink to the right side and beside it was a large tall and oval mirror, length of about a person. I looked inside it and was an asian man with wavy hair that reached to about the shoulders, with a goatee. His body was muscular and lean. His facial features were lean and muscular and pretty handsome. I looked at the whole body and his groins were covered in a sort of fuzzy white ball of mist just to keep it PG-13. I found this quite humorous and perhaps that emotion awakes me.


      I immediately get back and I look at the mirror again. Still the same man and the mist was gone and his dong had drooped all the way down, touching the ground. I found this funny, I mean how can you walk like that? And maybe that emotion wakes me yet again.


      I am back! I looked at the mirror and that same dong was now hard. I lost it, Hahahaha.


      I'd been holding my pee since before I'd entered the dream bathroom so I got up to pee instead of deilding once more.

      *Perhaps another reason that I was seeking out the bathroom was that I had a subtle urge to pee earlier and that led me to the bathroom in the first place.


      Dreams are funny.

      I realized that today was the 25th! Wow!

      I'm getting better.

      I think another reason I wanted to see the mirror was that I was a different person each time. The curiosity.

      I also ate some natto with egg and green onion in wbtb. It may have helped.

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    12. September 25, 2019 Frag

      by , 09-26-2019 at 02:18 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream is in this weird landscape that I think is my old university, there's a massive mountain range and towards the bottom is a junkyard. The idea is that I'm part of the IT movie and it's towards the beginning. I can see pennywise in the distance and he's planning some things with some bad people, I can tell eventually they're going to come after me and if freaks me out so I decide to skip through the movie to the end where pennywise is defeated.
      Tags: jmu, pennywise
      dream fragment
    13. Milo's Resurrection

      by , 09-25-2019 at 03:19 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Fragment 1: I was playing a minecraft mod that starts you off with only a set amount of chunks that are added onto by doing certain things. Meanwhile, someone was telling me about an incident they were involved in. I would give details if I could remember.

      Fragment 2: Me and my mom were in the parking lot at a local shopping center when we saw the queen of England. Without even thinking, my mom started talking to her, invited her in the car, and we got in and started driving home. I put on a song from a Leprous/Rishloo album that doesn't exist. It had the opening riff from "Lovely Room" off of Rishloo's first album, but it was more distorted and droned throughout the entire track. The album featured a black album cover with dark blue markings to imitate a stone pattern. The song itself was pretty soft in tone. Eventually, I had to get out to clean the road because one of the neighbor's recycle bins had fallen over. It had the words "work smart and not hard" spray painted on it. I turned my head a little bit and saw my late dog Milo sniffing something. By this time, the queen was talking to my mom from our porch. I tried to call my mom's attention to the fact that our dead dog is outside right now, but she just wouldn't budge. My aunt did see, however, and I remarked about how odd it is that he's here and that he looks not a year older than when he died. I then told her, "You would've thought I would have this dream the night after he died-" I exclaimed YES under my breath at the realization that I had just become lucid. I looked at my right hand, as per tradition for me, and it was extremely messed up. Fingers were coming out of fingers in a tree-like fashion, and I only had two fingers that branched from my palm. I focused hard enough and it became more normal, although I was missing a finger. I tried getting that finger back, but I only got to halfway before I gave up. Some insignificant stuff that I can't remember happened, and then I woke up.

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      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    14. Hybrid Siren, Fallen Antenna

      by , 09-25-2019 at 01:37 PM
      Morning of September 25, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,273-02. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec.

      Post-induction: I am watching television in our present home though it changes to include a fictitious variation of the front yard of the Barolin Street house in the final scene. Zsuzsanna is with me at times. There is also a precursory preconscious simulacrum (as an unknown woman of about fifty) though vestibular dynamics (as well as cortical) remain inactive.

      Distorted remnants: The Naiad factor returns at a residual but distorted level. Two characters on a television show seem modeled after Zsuzsanna and me. Snow and wavy lines appear with static as the broadcast signal is weak. A cartoonish mermaid swims left on the screen (direction of induction orientation).

      Liminal dynamic as unusual imaginary eyes occurs (emerging liminal awareness of being in REM sleep). A young version of Eline Powell (from “Siren,” though only about ten in this scene) appears on the screen with a fixed gaze. The girl is supposedly the fictitious daughter of our “other selves” on the television series, though it seems as if she was just suddenly born ghostly as she is here. The eyes appear gray and layered, with too much sharpness. Nothing is threatening at any point. I remain puzzled, but in the back of my mind, I cannot recall anything about this process (usually the case with REM autosymbolism, though only in the second half of the sleep cycle).

      Cortical arousal sluggish: I go out to the front yard to see that our illogically big (fictitious) television antenna had blown off our roof and is now on the ground (left side of Barolin Street house when viewing from the front). Zsuzsanna and the unknown woman are with me to my left. I am trying to determine what the scene indicates. All of the dipoles are arcing down toward the ground, vaguely reminiscent of a weeping willow or the water trail from a circular water fountain. At first, I am unsure about what happened. I then consider how difficult it would be to get the antenna back onto our roof. I also see a white jeep. The antenna had almost hit its back, though some of the dipoles hang over it.

      The white jeep represents the potential initiation of imaginary physicality in the dream state (as any vehicle typically does). Without the “antenna working,” there is neither cortical nor vestibular enhancement (nor higher lucidity). Even instinctually, I was not attentive to my dream’s narrative as I was too warm in bed and somewhat uncomfortable at the time. An antenna usually represents co-occurrence with either emerging physicality (potential mind and body connection as this scenario implies), cortical arousal, or transpersonal communication (with another) in enigmatic space.

    15. September 24, 2019 Frag

      by , 09-25-2019 at 02:48 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was at a music festival, moo kolby b sam mason was there, some people went into the festival, some were drinking beforehand. It was morning at some point and people were hungover and we might've had to pack up. There was a constant pull between trying to go into the festival and wanting to chill at the campsite. The dream scene was very familiar though, I remember thinking through how to get into the festival from the campsite and I've had this layout plenty of times in music festival dreams..
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