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    1. Serial OBE: Lost, lost again and again.

      by , 09-06-2019 at 10:32 PM
      I left my body and immediately took a flight through window into night, to visit my soulmate. After about 2 kilometers of following the road about 20 meters above ground I got lost. The road took unexpected turn and went into a forest and up to very, but very tall hill. Obviously I didn't want to go there so I flew back till I reached the known place... and took direction to my soulmate again. And again the road took unexpected tun and I was again flying up the tall hill. It is not first time I ended there... in fact It had become regular problem in past two years... After a few retraces of my flight I got into point where I was unable to return to known place.
      So I forcibly returned into my body. And restarted OBE. And took a flight to my soulmate again. To no avail... I again and again lost myself and was flying up the very tall unknown hill. After a few retraces of my flight I was again forced to return to my body and to leave it again to reset the surrounding.
      I was flying again. This time I tried to apply the visualisation of my memories carefully... I pictured the road... I pictured the goal(there is characteristic rocky hill close to place where she lives)... I even saw it in that OBE. And I got again lost to that unknown hill place. I repeatedly tried to fly there, then to walk there... It was persistent. The surrounding changed in between the steps. It was frustrating. Yet I kept to repeat the attempt to get to her home. It took about 3 subjective hours till I was so tired that I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

      This had became an obsession for a few months now to me. Due to impossibility to reach that place I feel driven to find the way to that place.
      That unknown place is very familiar to me in the astral. I get lost to that place often.
      Tags: obe
    2. Found my dream guide!

      by , 09-06-2019 at 12:51 AM
      Over a period of time i have had problems with ld frequency, quality, and confidence. I have tried may times to find my dream guide with no luck. Well I was thinking a few days ago since I have no problem calling people on my dream cell phone I would give this a try. This morning I had a solid ld, flew out of my house, grounded, and stabilized. I remembered to call my DG so I used my pinky/thumb cell and reached the DG! At first I was at a loss for words, but then I asked if I could be taken to my high school girlfriend. DG first said no but I assured him I just wanted to see her, so he agreed and hung up. I started flying and was sucked into a high altitude warp speed flight. Landed inside a building and opened a door , there she was, but at my current age. I wanted to see her when we were younger as I have had non ld's with us being in highschool. This is a paradigm shift for me , cant wait to make some other requests. Its like having a genie