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    1. What the hell, I want it!

      by , 09-17-2019 at 05:46 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday September 14th 2019

      I am working on sleeping, it is difficult and it is already late, I feel like I am tired even in the dream so the next thing I know is that I am trying to go ahead and dilate time in a normal early night dream, which leads to resting a lot and eating randomly.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back onto… some place, it is dark and I don’t bother, become lucid while walking and then fly out onto space. Want to know what exactly I want to know, what to do and who to contact. I have so many goals and never have enough time. Think about it for a moment and then remember that I need to go ahead and read a book! But I forgot the name? What was it?

      Teleport back onto a random planet and try to ask the DCs, but they like normal give me a WTF look and go about their life. They don’t know what I am talking about and some even ask me if I am ok. I try not to bother too much with them when I see something in the distance. Some kind of missile?

      When I look at it, the thing is about to fall down so stop it and then teleport back to space. Try to meditate to think about the dream but just don’t get it right.

      Back to sleep.

      I am talking to someone in a dorm. She tells me that there is something important going on at the plaza about some kind of weapon being used against civilians but that a weird creature took it off? Oh, isn’t that like last dream…

      RC and become lucid. Ok, thank you lady! I tell her thanks and then depart to the sky, outside of the planet and then remember that despite not knowing anything about the book, I still had memories from it.

      So the next thing I know, is I am picturing the book from within the dream, and then materialize it in front of me in the middle of the void of space. Make a bubble around me so I can read it. Touch the book and then look at it, weird book. Start to think about what I can get from it and then start to Scan it.

      The information flows onto me as I flow onto the book. Suddenly I see the image of a girl in an older looking house. She is in her mid 35-40s, the owner? Bulky, does she work out? She is writing on the book and her fingers are like a pale pink colour. I try to see what the meaning is, and understand the owner while scanning too.

      The words… they seem to be half real words and half words that she made? She was unsure on how to use language then? Or was she not taught the full amount? Why would she use only half of the language? What language was it?

      Then I arrive at one of the pictures… this lady, this girl. She is talking to someone, but there is nobody next to her? What is this, a spirit? A guide? Is she crazy, schizophrenic? This being she is talking to in her head, is the one helping with the information in regards to women in general. I try to understand more when I see the images fade and my being is pulled out of the book.

      I see the lady in front of me now, she is wearing some blue dress, dark blue. She is a little bit taller than me and has short, curly, blonde hair. She is looking intently at me, her eyes are not brown, why? She is mad, she is also scared and aggravated, I can see that much into her eyes.

      Plan to reach out to her and scan her directly when I feel something push me aside and then see myself fall on the floor of my room. What!?

      I see someone look at me from above the roof, in a hole in between space/time. Another woman, this one is different and she seems strong, she is shielding the one I was about to touch as if she were a little kid. Which she technically is, only being 35-40 but anyways. I get up and prepare to go up there when the woman speaks.

      She has a voice that resounds within the room and actually dares to tell me not to read the book. Or more specifically “Human, do not interfere in the affairs of others. It is not your place to read this book and its contents, you are forbidden from learning them” she says.

      I of course get mad and then look atop me, where she is located as she closes the door. The next thing she knows is I flew to it, scanned the coordinates and teleported back, grabbing the woman by the head and smashing her against a telekinetic wall I created below her then toss her aside.

      The woman is now scared, and clutches on the book strongly. I am about to reach her when I feel the pull again.

      This time create a black hole around myself and then see a light shine upon it that destroys it. When I look again after the light is gone there is another woman, who has not encaged the girl inside a light bubble and the other two are glaring at me.

      “Be gone, human!” “This is not for you, you are forbidden to be here!” she says. “HA!” is my reply to them before jumping at both.

      Chains come from both of their hands and I try to electrocute them, but the chains are magical, no electricity flows through them. The chains wrap around both my arms and legs and then I see them chanting something. More chains? This is nothing compared to Edat!

      I stop their chanting by devouring their silly chains and then smash them both in the face. Go for the girl when a third one appears… GOSH. Leave me alone. Take out claws and stab the one on the stomach but there is no damage.

      The other two chain me again so this time absorb the chains and shot them back at them, then start doing a spell myself. Make a flare strong enough to dispel the cage and create a supernova. Try to reach the lady when she is teleported away by one of the woman while another contains my flare and the third one starts another chant.

      I start screaming myself and cancel her chant, then get stabbed with a sword made of light? A wave of light pulsates from within my stomach and throughout my body. I absorb the light then make it unstable enough that it blows up, making a small dent on the sword that is about to restore itself.

      Quickly grab the sword and infect it with my energy, making it explode again and me eating that energy then start shooting at the others.

      While fighting them one looks at me annoyed “Are you really human?” “I am a monster human!” I reply to her when setting a spell to absorb their energy from them.

      They stop me and one of them looks me in the face. Prepare to bite her face off so she punches me out of the way. I fly about for a long time but have already deployed more of my abilities. Am Scanning the world. One of them stops Scan and then creates a huge cage around me “Shall we destroy him; can we fight him?” asks the first woman I had encountered “NO!” scream the other two as if they can not interfere with me.

      As they get distracted with this, use DT and teleport next to one of them, eating her arm myself then infecting her. The other two are about to stop me, so stab them with my hair spikes then slash at them with vibrating claws and then create voids around them to absorb their energy. The damaged one had said no, but she seems intent on fighting me properly this time.

      She deploys some wings and makes an instant chanting which envelops me in light which starts to stab me. I start laughing because of this and then use the stabs to create a magic pattern that breaks me free then teleport on top of her and smash on her when another stops me “STOP IT” she says, stab her too and then use the stabbing spell on her with my own energy. She screams and her scream makes everything stop around us, including movement of the other two.

      I break free just as quickly as the other two and then a fourth one appears, kicks me back to my room and says we can not continue. She says they are forbidden from fighting against a human like me and points at my body. I am confused, they start screaming at each other “That is no human!” one of them says “I must take my revenge” the other fights on grabbing her regenerated arm that is now covered in dark scars, I laugh and prepare to go at then when I hear my cat.

      The last one who showed up finally tells the other three to shut up, that I am about to wake up and closes the portal. Sure enough my cat Coffees wakes me up, GAH!
    2. The story teller

      by , 09-17-2019 at 04:29 AM
      After wbtb,

      I saw a third person game of slark.People were not intereted in it though.


      APish/failed wild
      I got vibrations that rang throughout my head. I tried to keep calm and the vibrations stopped. I felt like I failed. This repeated twice.

      Right after that I decided to go upstairs to grab some food. There were some random dough by the stairs and I went past it to the fridge. On the side of the fridge ther were some pastry dough that I tasted, it was sweet. But I felt something was off and soon awaken. I realized it was a FA.

      *I probably could have tried exit techniques then. It felt closer to AP feeling than WILD. Not too lucid until the end though.

      I dreamt about balancing and kicking stuff while I practiced or played ukulele.

      I was with a little girl. We were in a park or nature-like place. Kind of looked like backyard. I/we begin to feel ghastly presence and it's a hornet and mosquito. They weren't normal bugs though. The mosquito had some kind of glow. The wasp or hornet (size is somewhere between the two) kept going at me and I was just trying to fend it off with my hands.

      Nintendo switch
      I dreamt about Nintendo switch, it was a e3 kind of thing. There was an octopus robot and Nes, the nintedo character there.

      Return of the Mage

      I saw a kingdom before my eyes. It was an olden age like times. They were heralding the return of a mage to their city or castle. I may have initially been the mage. Although most of the dream was in third person. The protagonist of the story was a young man, who could receive the wisdom bestowed by the mage. He went through a kind of a gate and saw things that were out of this world. He also received knowledge telepathically or something. This young man was the prophet. He would receive things, powers or ideas that would revolutionize the world. He would receive it through a story then tell it. And they would call him the story teller.

      The young man was in a R&D department of the kingdom, or maybe you'd call it the alchemist or something. They were having a play fight where the participants had to create machinery from only papers to fight against each other. This was a sample of a way to demonstrate their prowess and find out who was the most promising of the young ones. Our main protagonists were granted knowledge and powers that were a little unfair so he created a sort of a tank with the paper materials given to him and he came out ahead.

      Some time had passed and a royal conference was held to reward the person who had created all the new inventions for the kingdom. As his name flashed out letter by letter. V, L, A, D,I, M,I,R. It was not our guy though, the ideas were stolen by his superior. Vladimir had stolen the ideas but eventually he was caught and punished - The prince was jealous of his achievements and the deeper he dug, the more it apepared Vlad wasn't the originator of the ideas nor was he the story teller.


      Dreamt about a being that was like goku from dbz.


      Had a bad day earlier. But I think I am ok now. Go me! for almost doing a wild/ap even though I wasn't feeling 100%. Well maybe I did do it, just needed to pay a littlem ore attention. I think it may have been due to my mood being a little foul and was less aware of my surroundings.

      I did try to pep up before sleep and shadow work today too so I think I am good now.

      I think I need to relax a little more.

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    3. She's Back?!?!?!?

      by , 09-17-2019 at 03:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie dreams

      First dream: I was kissing Jamie, I guess she decided to show some affection after all. I feel bad for complaining.

      Second dream: She was in a dark house I went up to her but she seemed really angry at me. This dream was a few days later.

      Note: I had lots of nonlucids, I keep forgetting them. Not many were interesting but I guess I should take notes again.


      A dream of Talking to my dad. His eyebrows looked funny I said he looks like some actor. I couldn't remember the name but then he said it, "Jack earl Haley."


      A dream I ran into my cousin's girlfriend's brother, who I hate. In this dream he owed me money $150. I was confronting him on it and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. We started physically fighting about it but that's it. We were also in a house/ locker room during this dream.
      Tags: dad, harley, jamie