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    1. 15 Sep: New Bond movie and bad guys kidnap me

      by , 09-15-2019 at 09:43 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There is a new Bond movie, within the Daniel Craig 007 universe, but only with secondary characters. Judi Dench is M again which I love but I am so disappointed that Daniel Craig is not in the movie that I curse it.

      With Zilla in some deserted place that looks like under a bridge with hideouts. We are supposedly passing by quickly and discreetly, trying to stay safe in an unsafe area, but we spot a couple of bad looking fellas taking an interest in us. She decides we go around them instead of heading straight, to confuse them. But in the meantime we lose sight of them and she says in panic that they are after us. She locks herself in one of a couple little rooms or compartments that exist under this bridge. She didn't say a word but I think she expects me to hide in the next one. But the other one's door is stuck and I just entrap myself there. The two men just appear behind me and they make dirty comments and look at me with bad intentions. I tell them they have to fight me first. Only one fights me, as they think he alone can take me down, but soon I am kicking him hard on the ground. I have steel reinforced boots so he is in deep pain. Then the other guy threatens me with death and he calls out for a whole bunch of guys as back ups. They manage to restrain me and make me their prisoner to torture me a bit psychologically before killing me. One of them is actually a nice guy but kinda stupid and the others take advantage of them. I am trying to bond with him to see if he helps me. One day there is a big kerfuffle between them and I have one chance to run away, but a Chinese dude spots me reaching for the door and tries to kill me with darts. I defend myself with something I use as shield, but I still get hit by a few and feel the pain. I jump a window and realize I was on a train. I find myself at a railroad passage where lots of cops and locals are gathered because people are protesting a construction company destroying some riverbed nearby. They are wrecking a natural protected ecosystem with the support of the municipality and people are outraged. I mingle with them but anyway, the train with the bad guys is long gone.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Black haired girl

      by , 09-15-2019 at 04:12 AM
      Had a couple of very short lds.

      The first dream was hard to recall. I'd actually forgot what the dream was about but luckily I had noted it on dj. But the last few words were hard to read. I was a little ninja in some wooden mansion. Perhaps it's the same place from previous ninja dream.

      Wooden apartment
      I was in an apartment the walls were dark wood. There was also a little girl the. She stood out.


      Visualized square had a couple of very vivid hypnogogics. The problem was that I needed to pee very badly. That was too bad since I had ld from similar hypnogogics. But I was definitely sure I was very close to ld.

      I was reading a comic.

      I was in a restaurant. My parents had been there. They were tipping the waiter and I decided to add 2 dimes.

      Volume key not working for phone something.

      Computer lab lucid
      I was in front of a computer and became lucid. But immediately awoke.

      Warehouse, black haired girl
      I was laying down in a warehouse looking up at the ceiling. It was white and textured like asphalt and it had blue writings on it. My surroundings transforms into a gymasium. My dad crouching to my right. A young guy comes out from the door on the left side. He asks if we are OK. The location changes. They are gone. I realized I am in a dream since it was sudden. I realize my emotions are getting excited and the dream is vibrating, so I focus on relaxing. I get up. I see a little girl with black hair standing away from me at the end of the gym. Bad vibes. Decided to get away. I jump up high and through the ceiling.


      Monorail gym
      I'm inside a gym inside a monorail (or kind like the thing you ride to the top of ski hill) at the top of the gym. There were a guy and girl flirting to the left. I am looking forward now and its a basketball court. I am playing with a laser and it's my eyes that are shooting lasers. The lasers remind me what I was doing earlier, visualizing square. and Im lucid.

      Wake up as the rail gets to the end

      My initial dreams recall was bad. I'm really sure it's because I was dehydrated from eating too salty of foods. It gave me a slight headache. After wbtb I drank water and ate and things seemed clearer, although short still got lucid.