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    1. 16 Sep: Museum inauguration, whales and a catastrophe in New York

      by , 09-16-2019 at 09:41 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going with friends to a museum. It's some inauguration night. As soon as I arrive there I go look for a toilet and I separate from them. I see a sign indicating toilet on the 2nd floor. Some black kid is also going that direction but he keeps going up the stairs into the next floor, which is pitch dark. Even the area of the toilet entrance is very dark and I can barely see. I don't get to pee because the kid comes running and screaming that he is being chased by three African warriors with spears. I think it's probably actors hired to enact for the event, but when I hear their footsteps and see the shapes of these men, I also get scared and run after the kid. Back to the ground floor where there is light and other people we feel safe and the truth is they stopped chasing us, but the kid is still in absolute panic and holds on to me crying. I ask for his parents but he can't reply, he froze and says nothing. I go around with him on my arms, trying to spot someone looking for him. I think about going to the reception so they announce a lost kid through the speakers, but then spot my friends and my dad. They help look around. I then spot a group of black girls a bit older, but for some reason I feel that they might know him and ask them if they know the kid. They kinda know him and tell me he is with a white lady that runs a charity for orphan kids. They are from another similar group, both came together to this event. They lead me to her and she knows him but seems a bit spaced out, not worried at all about the kid. She wants to show me a scrap book she made all about herself, totally boring. I leave the kid with her, but I bonded with him so much I am thinking about looking how to adopt him.
      Meanwhile my dad finds another toilet where I could go, but there is a puma on the lose on that area, according to him. I don't see a puma but I see 3 or 4 lionesses running down the corridor and I jump on a balcony to escape them. They were not after me. They seem domesticated and I see them interacting with visitors and not even attacking their dogs, but I still prefer to keep my distance. So I go outside with my friends and there is an aquarium like the Sea World, with a series of tanks with whales. The whales are somewhat entertained playing a new game with balls with their trainer, but the tank is ridiculously small for so many whales. It has a canal that possibly connects to other tanks so we follow to see if they have better conditions on the next tank just to find a dying whale in a very shallow water area. We look around for help, but nobody is there, so we shout at people at a distance that a whale is dying. My dad mocks me because I say in English that the whale is thirsty, instead of saying she has no water. Anyway, the tank is emptying because something cracked it and the water got out. Soon after we hear a big explosion and behind us there is this iconic Wall Street tall building with with columns. A cloud of dust and smoke explodes to outside and debris are being projected in our direction. I say sorry to the whale that we can't save her and suggest we take the emptied canal as a shortcut to run away from the explosion. It is a good idea until we hear what seems the other tank uphill cracking and putting us in danger of being washed away. We run faster and get out of it. We reach some streets where everyone in panic dropped everything. I see a bunch of jewelry on the ground and pick it up. But then I realize it slows me down and say to myself that this greed will kill me. I still don't toss it out. I evaluate my safety, realize I am out of harms way and keep the jewels. Then we reach Central Park and it is all burned down to the ground and covered in ashes.

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    2. Small Lucid Dream

      by , 09-16-2019 at 07:13 PM
      I had an extra hour of sleep before work so I took a nap. All I did was set an intention of what I wanted to do the next time I had a dream. I occupied my mind with this intention. Focused more on falling asleep. Find so-and-so. Sleep paralysis came after some time and I kid you not, I willed the dream into the moment. I felt the dream coming on so I just invited it in until I found my inside a small store. I found a cashier and asked if she knew where so-and-so was. She looked and didn't say anything. The lucid dream ended.

      I ended up oversleeping.

      On another note, this October will mark 10 years being part of Dream Views. That would be 10 years of me *attempting* to *master* lucid dreaming. I'm just going to go ahead and say that no, I am not a master of lucid dreaming. I can't lucid dream everyday and when I do have a lucid dream, it is less and than thirty seconds long. Just because I easily had a lucid dream today doesn't mean I am going to have one tomorrow guaranteed.
    3. First lucid dream

      by , 09-16-2019 at 06:40 PM
      18th of February

      I am at my old home packing my stuff into backpack. I want to leave because others think i am gay but I am not. I left the house and walked down the street and I jumped really high and flew away, cant recall where exactly but I remember I flew nearby big tower where I asked some guy how to get home and he pointed some direction which I didn't think is the right one so I continued my own direction.

      After a while I reached my house, it's a big house and I am floating in front of our window (5th floor), my sister sees me and smiles then goes for mother and she takes a photo of me, then i knocked on the window and they openned and let me inside. It looks different here I walk inside the room for our maids and there is this ginger haired girl who told me " So it was you who did it to me" (I think it was the same girl i made love with last dream, same night) then I went to my room and became lucid so i went back to maids room. There were two older maids and seven ginger haired girls (also maids) I asked which one is the one I slept with last night, but none answered so i started to look in their faces but I didnt recognize her. I wanted to tell her that we are in a dream.. The older maids were asking me what is going on. I didn't want to tell them and i just said " I would never believe it can be so real" i almost started to cry be ause of how powerful the experience was and then my sight started to fade and I felt like I am about to wake up for real. They took me to main hall and put me in bed. Closed my eyes and could feel my physical body I was shifting between dream and reality and few seconds later I returned to that dream. I get up and go to the living room where I am fully aware that I am in a dream, everything looks so real. There are some guests and some small brown haired boy walked out of the kitchen. I stopped him and told him that we are in a dream. He looked at me and said "Come with me I prepared something for you." He took me by the hand and we walked outside on our balcony. We started to fly high into the sky a minute later he asked me to fly a little bit lower. I could see big hills covered with forest and great lake in front of it. Then I noticed that waterskies appeared on our feet and we skied across the lake together.

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    4. A lot of dreams

      by , 09-16-2019 at 04:39 AM
      I had a lot of dreams. Some of them were very short. However I realize that the short ones were perhaps very close to lucid, drifting between awake and sleep. I was lucid in a few.

      D1 NSFW? Maybe don't read.
      I was headed to Scarborough. I had went over to a friend's house and slept over. I slept on the left side of his bed. We played some video games upon awakening. He randomly decided to cut off his member though and he was pretty nonchalant about it. He goes to the dining area first. I check the room and it was still there, I inspect it and it appeared real. I leave the room to find him and his mom&grandma there. They were pretty calm about their (grand) child and what he did earlier. They just commented he could go to the hospital later to get it reattached. Lol. They were more worried about me and asked if I got a cold. I said I'm fine I been doing wim hof method in the snow and I'm indestructible. They then asked if I went to a clinic earlier and I recalled I did earlier in the dream. Apparently there was a fraud doctor or something spreading a virus around. And they told me to be careful.


      I was meeting up with my friend Lucy. She asked me to pick her up. I am driving up an intersection surrounded by apartments. Few of her friends were there too on the street. I pick her and her friends up and then turn left. There's a parking lot there and I am driving forward, I begin to lose control of the car. But I just felt like I, it's hard to explain. I felt like a little fear about losing the control of the car, but I felt my meditation practice kick in, and it began to calm my emotions. I thought "why am I scared?" so I let go of fear. And that question made me realize I was in a dream as I drove backwards.


      I was an elementry student. In a train station. It was open instead of subway underground. I was being squeezed in the center of all the students.


      (10+dreams here, hard to read)

      Lucid sponge
      I think I was underground. I saw a spongy thing that reminded me of SpongeBob, and I am lucid then wake.

      I was in a similar place to before underground and wet kind of like sewers but not smelly. More like dam filtration maybe. Some classmates are going skinhead (influenced by a skinhead character from a story, likely). The boys and girls begin to praise triangles and why they are so amazing. This humors me and my emotions make me lucid. I am looking at the classmates and ask them to make me omnilucid. They begin cheering now, "yay, now you're omnilucid!", hands raised upon the air. I am elated and jump too high and FA.

      I am now in class. I remember I was dreaming so I'm trying really hard to dj. The class activity is disturbing my djing so I said screw it and began to dj, while people around me were talking about their family or how shitty the school was.


      Dreaming about a bounty hunter. FA. Was dreaming about trying to dj, while in basketball court.


      I was headed to a hospital to visit a friend or family. I get to the patient room. I am visiting the person but the patient behind me is going nuts. His eyes are rabid and bloodlusted. He goes into a frenzy and wrecks things around him. Everyone is the hospital is escaping and I do too. I think I saw a girl there who had no clue what was going on. So I grab her and take her away. We rode a roller coaster to get away from everything. Hopefully this Das not a zombie apocalypse. I get her to a safe place now and we go our separate ways. Now I'm headed underground again. Similar to the previous sewage or something. There were some people in a large cell, it was open and they were watching a tiny square TV. One of them was peculiar though. He was a watcher or something. Like a joker. One man approaches me for a money making offer. He wanted to steal the treasure that the joker was hiding and wanted me to help him. I agreed. The rogue steals the treasure from the joker and rides on a steel bar elevator. I grab ahold of the elevator while outside it so I could distract the joker a little. He's more of a marionette, automatically moving sort of. We get away safely though. It could only stay underground. The rogue is happy with what he got and offers me 33 bags of goods. He parts. 33 bags were a lot. It filled the whole street that was right beside a fenced lake. Detectives are suspicious of me.


      I am back in the scene. The detectives wanted to test my knowledge. I was suppose to combine electronics together to form a new one. Just by pressing them together. I formed a couple but the material they gave me were not sufficient. They were trying to trick me I feel.


      I was going around town. I think with the girl from the earlier hospital dream. We went around to public bath, electronics store(looked like future shop).. Etc. Went around the town twice, was before noon in the beginning and night time by the end.

      Notes :

      I think I missed noting a lot of dreams. I lost count, maybe 20-30. I dreamt and woke and dreamt and woke. Perhaps some were FA. Should have rc'ed. Might be a good thing as it's likely close to lucidity state.

      I think what I should do is to once again meditate in my dream. Try to dedicate one whole dream to just meditating. I belive it will help me stabilize it more; meditation will likely relax me more and stop me from waking up as much.

      I also wanted to experiment with loctus.

      Overall I'm happy that I'm improving.

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