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    1. 3 spiritual rooms, escape giant

      by , 10-31-2019 at 03:24 AM

      3 spiritual rooms
      I saw inside a building that my friend took me to. Inside it was sectioned into different sort of sects or organizations or whatever you call it. I eneded up inside the right most parts of the building. The room I was currently in had some sort of indian religion or spiritual teachings. I went to the room next to this, the one that was right of the previous room. It had a much smaller crowd of people than before. There was a lady teaching there. It was a group of about 9 people doing their practices. I decided to head to the next room. This room was the last room to the very right. It had another larger group like the first one, it was a slightly different belief or whatever you'd call it.

      I tried mingling among the current one I was in. There wre about maybe 20-30 people in there. I forget why but I decided to go to another room. I head to the other large one. They were reading passages, taking turns to read them. My turn came up and I tried to read it. The old thin man there scolded me for reading it wrong. I think it was in some other language. He scolded me twice. I decided to leave.

      I'm back in the small room in between the 2 larger one again. The room began with some concrete like pavement and in a few steps you would see the raised floors of some tatami-like things that covered the ground. People sat on small mats, like the ones Japanese monks sat on during meditation. The teacher there welcomes me. She had a nice warm vibe. She had long black hair and light brown skin. There weren't as many students here but there was a sort of welcoming feel to all of them. I decided to stay here. She taught me some stuff...

      She was beautiful really; was it her... soul? Her vibes? Just something about her kept me there and practicing what she taught.

      *I think it just tells something about me. I'd often decided to try harder if a teacher was nicer. It didn't really matter what the topic was, but I just gravitated away from subjects if the person teaching it was not a person I was fond of. And vice versa.

      Fitness Comp/Race

      My friend dragged me away a bit later. It was a fitness competition or something where athletic people were going through racing courses. It had many different kind of obstacles and whatnot and upon each mini-goal they would cut off the contestants that were behind. I went through about 2 of these consecutive races before I become acquainted with a skin headed athlete.

      He seemed kind of like a jerk and was being a jerk. Totally amazing vocabulary I know. But he was a jerk. But towards the end of the race he pushes me, tells me to go on without him... He pushed me far enough to be in the top 5 and I made it. He was a good guy after all. Don't you make me teary eyed.

      I was now in the elite or the special parts of the competition. We had to jump over dangerous obstacles and what not. Finals were near.

      *Not sure why I dreamt this. Maybe from working out too hard.


      oct 30

      Escaping elevator/Giant
      The scene began inside an apartment. I believe it was bc. It was the crappy old beat up apartment with the old apartment smell. I remember hanging out with some friends in the lobby. I enter the elevator with some guy and we go up in the elevator. The elevator gets stuck and we're just stuck there for a while.

      *I recall a memory of being stuck in an elevator briefly. It it a real memory?

      I decided to get out of the elevator. I think I went above the elevator but couldn't get out so I dug out sort of a portal from the side of it. I think the guy with me also came along. The portal wasn't round. It was somewhat oval shaped but wasn't even since I dug it out pretty roughly.

      I walk across a wooden bridge and it's pretty old and beat up. There are cliffs around and it appears to be in the mountain range. Eventually I get to the other side of the bridge. It was some kind of a cave. An entrance on the side of the cliff. I head inside.

      I meet a giant who kind of holds me captive. In this dream I was a beautiful girl with brown hair I think. The giant tells me that he's gonna go and get some stuff to the nearby town or place or something and leaves. I wanted to get away and me and the guy from before decided to find a way to escape. Inside the cave was not really a cave. It was more like a small house with a really high ceiling. I think the height of the ceiling was double that of the width of the place. It was really high. And near the top of this cave to the right, was a small hold or window where I could escape.

      I get a hammer. I wooden hammer to smash things. I think I smashed the ground and stuff to get metal ores out of them. Just collecting ores.

      *This hammer looked Ike the one I made myself from the wood in the backyard. I used it to smash black walnuts so this is a memory of that. Earlier in the day I think there was one particular walnut that was really hard. It did frustrate me and I think that feeling of frustration was somewhat intense and buried itself into my mind.

      Smashing my way out. Did I feel maybe a little bad for leaving the giant alone? We leave though.

      I remember seeing a shop.

      Stuck in room

      Stuck in a room but finding ways to make the most out of it

      Tai chi
      It was weird. I was doing tai chi really. I know this is from trying out tai chi from earlier in the day. The sensations were what was weird. Somewhat lucid feeling but I was not lucid. What then? I think perhaps it was obe or something. I was just doing tai chi on top of the bed, not realizing and taking advantage of this opportunity to do something more interesting. But I did feel pretty good when I awoke though.

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    2. Skyrim: Bleak Falls Barrow

      by , 10-30-2019 at 08:14 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-30

      Skyrim: Bleak Falls Barrow

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing Skyrim VR, I am exploring Bleak Falls Barrow for what seems like the millionth time. There are bandits at the entrance and I nail them with fireballs when they attack me. To my surprise, one of the bandits actually runs away and doesn’t return to attack again. I go into the barrow and find a few more bandits inside. They have a camp set up and a couple maps, apparently these bandits have heard there is a valuable treasure somewhere in here and they hope to claim it. They attack me on sight and I take them out with fireballs just like the ones outside.

      I feel like I’ve played this level a million times, but things seem a bit different. I’m not exactly sure what is different, but something is. Thoughts of it being different slip from my mind as zombies attack. There seem to be more of them than I remember. Maybe I just set the game on a higher difficulty. Yes, that must be the difference. I fight my way through the zombies using fireballs and my sword. It also seems darker in the dungeon than I remember. Did I change the brightness settings? Well this is more realistic… an ancient crypt would be pretty dark.

      I continue through the passages, fighting the zombies that attack and finally I reach the chamber with the dragon wall. It looks mostly like I remember it looking in my previous times playing this, and I think any small differences are due to an update on a static mesh improvement mod. I read the word ‘fus’ as it draws my attention right to it and then more draugr attack. There is the boss draugr that comes out of the coffin in front of the dragon wall and three others that I don’t see where they come from. They are all especially weak against fire so I let more fireballs fly.

      When the draugr are all re-dead I find the dragonstone map of dragon burial sites in the treasure chest along with some gold. I have to take this back to Whiterun. I leave Bleak Falls Barrow and head down the other side of the mountain towards Whiterun. But I am still on the way when I wake up.
    3. evil apple, practice, moderation

      by , 10-29-2019 at 06:00 AM
      I tried to apply advice from my mentor and it workout out well I think. I slept better than usual. And although the dream in the middle wasn't that peaceful, the dreams that sandwiched it had this kind of calm serene feeling.

      I wasn't lucid in my dreams. Maybe semi. Well I did get practice for AP/WILD inside the dream either way so I should be happy about that I think; As I recall a dream yoga book saying how "meditation in dream is 7 times more powerful," so by that logic practicing in dream should also be 7 times more powerful!

      Aping in class
      I was in a classroom, it was a Japanese classroom for sure. I felt like this was a high-school or middle school. Anyways I was not me in this dream. I was a guy who was somewhat a deliquent or something but I was also the class rep. I remember having an updo or something. The dream began sometimes in the afternoon after we finished school activities and I was ready to head back. But my class decided to do a sleep over or something inside the class and people just slept on their desk face down on the desk. As the class rep I had to watch over them and make sure everyone was okay. After checking on everyone else and making sure they were sound asleep I decided to sleep in class. My seat was to the front and left. I wanted to... do an AP/WILD there. I knew that I could do it so I laid my head down and quickly began to feel the vibrations. I left my body a little then I came back. I left and came back.. 2 or 3 times.

      One of the girls in the class wakes up and her parents came over to check up on her. Her mom was on the floor below and ws flexing her biceps like the ad of the working women in USA during the WW2. She put an onion atop her bicep to make it look like she had big biceps to show off. The girl and her dad was embarrassed by what she was doing.

      Evil apple jail

      I had thoughts about apple products before falling asleep and I dreamt about it. I'd given up on apple years back and switched to android but wondered if I should give it another chance. I think the dream was immediately influenced by this.

      I was in what looked like Y's house. But apparently it was my house according to the dream plot. Jack and little ones came over to play. We played VR stuff. We go outside after a while once we get bored. Arriving at a business buildling. It was a building of a tech company. Appeared to be facebook or apple. Looked more like apple since they had that white colored tech products. I find my friend Wolf there. We hang out and explore the building, they had some R&D stuff going on I think. Wolf had to go somewhere though, he said he'd come pick me up after. I thought ok and decided to go to the souvenir shop on the first floor and buy some stuff.

      I was picking out some buff and had bags of items. I checked the time and I still had some time before Wolf'd be back to I decided to look around more. I walked somewhere near the entrance and the staff thought I was stealing so they decided to apprehend me. They took me upstairs into the cells. They put some kind of transparent gear-mask that was white all over except for the parts around the face that was made of clear glass or plastic. They tied me up with similarly apple product colored cuffs and what not. I looked around the cell and there were others who were also captured unresonably. I asked them what happend and they were also captured unjustly in a similar manner. It was all too suspicious and it was kind of like we were being kidnapped to be used for experiments later. I'm noticing my breath and it's uncomfortable having my breath press against the plastic cover, the warmth of my breath and all reflecting back to me was unbearable.

      Suddenly there was an explosion or something that destabilizes the stuff that kept their electric doors and cuffs online. I tell the others this is a chance but they were afraid to move out. So I decided to go by myself. I remove my shackles and head out the fortified glass cell doors. I turn to the right hall. There was some kind of mysterious technology there, I forget. It was something top secret though. I am noticed by security and aroudn here I find X there. He was among the security officers here and they were out to get me. An explosion? My flesh is scorched away and so are my skin. With only a little flesh surrounding my skull I appeared like a skelton, like an undead. I keep proceeding and I beat X so I can proceed further, and get out of this place.

      I am outside and find Wolf there. We drive away on the highway for about 30 minutes. But someone was chasing us.

      Older Jap classmates, Moderation

      I'd worked on the uneasiness I felt before this dream and it appears that I'm back in a similar location of the first dream.

      I was in a Japanese school. There were some classmates from back in elementry and they'd gotten older now. It wasn't the same school but somewhere nearby. I was hanging out and playing with the other students since the class had just ended and did not start yet. The teacher did not come so I decided to keep on playing. We get a call to the phone inside the classroom. A girl who was one of the more responsible out of us decided to pick it up and the call was telling us to head to a class 2 floors below since the one we were in was now cancelled.

      We head down and I find a round donut like table that went around a cylindrical pillar that supported the structure. It was about half a meter in diameter, while the table around it donut-ed around it another half a meter. The class had not started yet so I decided to rest at this table for a bit. There were some blank papers and stuff there and I realized I didn't have any paper or binders to take notes for the class. Some of the girls whom I were acquainted from elementry, whom were now a bit older were kind enough to share me a binder and some paper. Relieved.

      I decided the it would be the perfect time to AP or something and I closed my eyes. I got some vibrations and left my body. I practiced it for a bit. And the class was now beginning.

      We entered a classroom that no longer appeared like a Japanese school now. More western. The classroom was liek a lab and a chemistry class. My dad was apparently teaching this class now. I sat beside one of the girlfriends from earlier. They were curious, and asked me how I'd done my AP. I just told them it was easy. I had trouble finding sheets of paper again and got some more from the girl next to me. My dad had left and we were now having another teacher as the class began.

      Our teacher was a dark haired russian woman who was an expert at LD subjects. She began to teach the class. I was doodling pictures in my notebook. The topic began with something about male anatomy and stuff. She handed pictures around for the class to see. I took a look at the photos and handed it to the boys to the right. After a while she begins to talk about a new topic. She wrote some sorts on the blackboard. She wrote meditation and some vegetables and stuff on the board. She asked the class what was the common denominator of all the things she'd wrote. I thought I knew it and I raised my hand here. Some people in front of me did too. Oh yeah my seat was at the very back, a few seats from the most left.

      She picked me! So I just stated simply that everything she wrote made your mind too active if you did or ate too much. As the vegetable, I forget what it was now, was abundant in vitamin b6. She agreed with me. So my teacher now tells me in a tone as if to remind me...

      meditation shouldn't be over 50 minutes... and etc about other stuff

      Maybe she was subtly hinting me moderation. Moderation is key.

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    4. a better week.

      by , 10-29-2019 at 03:11 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      First one. The dream is entirely white. In a white bedroom and Jamie visits and reassures me that everything is okay and she's still around.

      Later in the week I dream i go to visit her, but she treats me like a stranger. She has a completely different look and basically tells me to get lost... hmmm.

      almost lucid

      Just with a group of people outside on a street during daytime. Everything feels fake and I announce this is a dream. everyone around me scoffs at the idea but we keep going about our business which I forget what it was.

      C again

      Something to do with C wanting to talk to me. I forget what it was about.


      Was hanging with D from work. We were in a crowd of people I had to make some excuse to leave. But D didn't believe me and started following me home. We walked and wound up at some park that is similar to one I remember in chilliwack. We start doing something with a branch of tree which makes sense to us at the time I guess.


      I just woke up from this one but it's freshness is gone. I was staying with someone in olds, A girl was there but can't remember who it was. Something about not being able to smoke in the house. We are both waiting around for... I don't know what. eventually we have to leave, and walk around olds for a bit.

      I wind up in some classroom or something with lots of children playing strange games. I one there are 5 sections of kids seated in a few rows of chairs. One kid is given something like a bright coloured shoe horn or something. the kid with the thing is supposed to get up and walk around until he/she picks someone and then hands them the object. So I get picked, at first i wonder why I'm an adult playing this game, but just go along with it. I go a section over and give some girl the object and then sit in her place. I don't really see the point in the game.
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    5. 28/10/19

      by , 10-28-2019 at 09:36 AM
      had a dream that my mum wanted to go hajj. then later while talking to my dad he told me that she had left. then i said, in a shaky, almost crying voice that why hadn't she said bye at least. then i ran in to the toilet and some weird stuff happened. i looked in the mirror and then some green goblin appeared. i got so scared. then more weird stuff came up in the mirror then i decided to try put my finger through my palm and i forced it to happen and it did happen. so then i found myself inside water with a whole bunch of fishes just trying to stay calm so i don't go out of this supposed lucid dream. then i tried to change the dream and make some hot woman appear. not happy at all about that since one of the main reasons i decided to not learn lucid dreaming many years ago when i first heard about it was because i thought it wasn't right to just imagine girls and start doing inappropriate stuff. oh well.
    6. Bad area, flying ship, name

      by , 10-28-2019 at 04:15 AM

      Should practice a stabilization technique

      maybe the theme about ID, or names is that I have trouble identifying who I am.

      drawing comic
      2 guys and 1 girl were drawing some kind of comic. One of them was really good at drawing, an expert!

      *I think maybe I dreamt this because I was trying to draw stuff

      Exploring, Fusion
      Have trouble recalling dreams because my first thoughts upon awakenings were to go the bathroom and pee. I do recall exploring and people fusing into 1, was I part of the fusion? I don't think so.

      *I think the dream topic about fusion was inspired by DBZ

      Bad Area
      I was on the road on university. I think I was near that specific part of the road with 7-11 and an autoshop. I was walking down there and a black kid with dreads show up in front of me. He's pretty young, maybe 11? He throws something above me and my eyes follow the object by reflex and I already realized I screwed up. Part of me slightly aware. I knew the knife was coming after he caught my attention. And my thoughts did manifest immediately, he held his knife against my neck to the left and wanted my wallet.

      I told him that I'll give him whatever cash's in it but leave my IDs and stuff since they are such pain in the ass to reapply. I take a look inside the wallet and he takes it. He walks down the sidewalk and I remind him to leave my IDs! He drops my wallet to the side and leaves. I go and pick up my wallet and he didn't take anything really. There was everything in there and most of the money was there too.

      *Had pain in the butt renewing ID while wake

      I head down south to one of the house apartment I lived in university there. I am there and am greeted by some delinquent guys. They start beating me with sticks lol. And their senior or boss or something shows up in a moment. I beat them.

      ~Maybe an FA here

      I switch to a different body. I was in a brunette girl's body as I entered the house that appeared to be their home base. I decided to exact my revenge from not too long ago. I enter inside and- eventually end up in the backyard. I was planting some flowers and strawberries grew there and forgot about the revenge.

      I noticed sync - I don't know or forgot what this means, just a note.

      *I met the dreads kid before in another dream; he stabbed me in a dream that was in New york, also near a 7-11 where he stabbed me through under my left rib and got me there. I remember it felt hot, I was being robbed and I died not too long after. He didn't stab me this time though.
      *IDs and wallets theme continues from recent dreams
      *The did dream of the house there before. I think there was someone selling.

      More Fights

      Just more fights. Perhaps related to fights from previous dream.

      Library, Picking out names

      I was inside a library, or was my awareness was within the library. I forgot the earlier part of the dream atm, but eventually it's the library scene.

      There was a girl and 2 guys there sitting on a library table. They were facing eachother and discussing something. The girl there was apparently the protagonist of this particular story. She had long black hair and appeared to have a genuine set of eyes. Apparently she was also rich according to the plot. Anyways they were discussing and trying to come up with a name. What name? I don't know. My new name, or dream name.

      AP fails
      Failed some ap. I guess AP rather than wild, since it did not transition into a dream scene immediately. 2-3 times.

      Got some vibrations, tried to leave bed. I did leave the bed by the right side, but I didn't have vision. Just felt my legs touching the floor below as I walked.

      Back to body.

      I try again. To the left this time, before I get-

      Back to body

      I try once more, to the left this time. I was in some kind of apartment now and looked out the window. I had doubts whether the experience would last any long and I lost focus.

      DJing on TECH

      Train, president, flying ship
      It began in some kind of a large building. It had wide halls and there were some vips meeting there. I had a friend there, I forgot who it was. I'm just exploring the building and I met a lady who was a guide there. She was dressed like a stewardess. I am heading down the hall and in one of the smaller halls down there I meet some old man. He had short white hair and was a bit chubby but he carried a very friendly aura. I got the impression that he was an old US president or something similar. An already deceased one likely. I'm not sure who exactly though. I hit it off with Mr. President and we are just buddy buddy now.

      Head outside the room. I was suppose to meet up with my friend and pres somewhere. I looked for them and had a little trouble finding them. The building was like a dome, like a baseball dome or a stadium. I am walking and end up at the docks, at the very last and edge of the dock were the 2 I been looking for. I was greeted and then was invited by the president to ride on this ship.

      * I'll just call the president bill now, since he kind of looks like bill clinton but is kind of different but I'll do it for the sake of convenience for now.

      Anyways I look at Bill and he had a pretty wholesome amount of people around him. They were dressed like mechanics or blacksmiths kinda folks from the olden days and they were the crew of his ship. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to ride the ship since it would be a slow travel. The location I was currently in from how I felt, was in Japan. And to get back to home it would take forever, and we'd probably be visiting the nearby countries. But I thought why not... what do I have to lose anyways? So I take up on his offer. My friend is riding too.

      We set sail on the ship and it's dark now. It's been dark since the earlier scene. All the crews are there and forward we went. Eventually we end up somewhere in China. The ship! It flew. Bill had now explained to me it was a flying ship. and We ended up somewhere that felt like in the middle of the mountains or the country side, nowhere near the sea.

      I saw a beautiful scenery though. It looked more like Japan but the dream told me it was China. It was somewhere far from the city and the air was pretty nice. The sky was clear and not foggy- was the air clean and without smog here? There were bright lush green grass and beautiful white stone pavements on the ground. It was beautiful and I was in awe for a bit. Where was this really? We keep going forward and arrive at a train station. We were to ride the train here now.

      Pretty large train station. Looked like an airport inside. I head to the bathroom. I did that since I felt the urge to pee in waking. I find myself in a strange bathroom. I head inside and pee or something. A guy challenged me after I finished going to the bathroom. He thought I looked weak so he challenged me. I took up his challenge; I pushed him with ease against the wall and I won. It was a sort of gambling thing they did there and whoever that won would take the other's money. The atm or bank machine behind him spat out money for me to take. I was also taking a picture there since we needed to get an ID or visa here before we could ride the train. I also take that guy's pictures and stuff.

      I walk across some bridge. I needed to find my picture that I took earlier so I can proceed further. But I'd won so many times from previous events that my wallet or purse or whatever I'd carried was full of pictures. I took out the bunch of photos one by one but I had trouble finding mine. People around were looking at me. I guess I'd been too greedy. I wondered if Bill and my friend was still waiting for me at the train stop...

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    7. Lemonade Explosion

      by , 10-27-2019 at 01:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #532- DILD

      Cutting through a field on foot. I'm looking for a fishing hole but I only have a shovel. I hear something like a lawn mower. I see a guy on a small riding mower doing the fence line. I don't want to be seen because I am trespassing. I turn another direction cut across open grass. My son is following me. I come to a barbwire fence. I have to move logs and random boards. I feel really strong. The ease of it makes me realize it's a dream. I realize the mower sound is probably the fan in the bedroom and my worry of getting caught dissolves.

      I decide to try flying but it's like my mind cant generate the view and I get stuck and come down. I around and see and old farm house. I decide jumping on top of the house would give me a good visual. When my feet hit the roof and push off again. I am able to Hoover a bit several yards above the house. I notice how the sun is glinting off metal parts of the drip edge and roof vents. I see a forest in the distance but I cant seem to control my flying. I settle back down on the roof. There is a girl in yard looking up at me. I tell her In flying. She just watches me. Then I see 3 girls at a lemonade stand. I jump down to the ground to investigate. I get a fun idea. I run full speed and drive into the girls and lemonade stand. Ice and water from the ice chest and lemonade from several pitchers explode all over the girls and myself. We all laugh. One of then runs to a large fridge that's sitting in the yard. She goes all the way in then comes out with a half full pitcher of pink lemonade. Shes going to pour on me but I wake up at that moment.

    8. 10/26/19

      by , 10-27-2019 at 04:27 AM
      I am in what appears to be an alleyway. It is kind of dark and dimly lit with street lights. I am here with about three other people. I am here with two strangers and my girlfriend in the dream named Kiara. Kiara is petite and of japanese descent. She has a bubbly and energetic personality. Anyway, the two other people and I have been informed that we have been accepted into medical school. We received a bag of supplies that we will need during our simulations in school. The bag was a black messenger bag with a vinyl case in which you can see the supplies that are within. There are a bunch of needles, bandages, and suture equipment, as well as several bottles that resemble vape juice bottles that contain various medicine like insulin. As we are all opening and inspecting our bags, we try on our uniforms. It comes with a sash, kind of like one you would see on a swat agent except it held medical supplies. A sense of awe came over me as I couldn't believe that I was here. My girlfriend then begins to rifle through the bag saying something about big money.
    9. Summoned monster, trial of mages

      by , 10-26-2019 at 06:07 PM
      I'm going to add info if the dream triggers some memory. I think it helped a lot before so I'll do it again.

      I think I should do RC or something on each awakening. Should help.

      Ebay, root selling
      It was about some investors buying up p root farm and to make some cash. Their wives were taking care of the crop fields and they decided to lease the land out to someone else on month-to month basis but the renter decided to scam them by selling the land while they didn't notice.

      ~The land appeared to be somewhere in southern states or mexico. I remember being in that location before in a dream on a roadtrip dream. A journey to my ex's place or something in a farmland and I just hanged there for a couple of days.

      * Maybe I'd dreamed about ebay and the stuff since I've been looking at ebay. The dream about the crop field might be from a desire to own a durian farm.

      I was on the bed. I got a very faint amount of noise or induced it myself, I forget which. I focused on the noise and decided to move my eyes around. It worked and I went outside. I wasn't too sure if I was awake or not; I looked around and it was snowing and there were some snow under my feet outside. I decided to do a handstand for some reason and I was pretty sure I was dreaming since I can't do handstands. I saw lights on a house to the right, was someone looking at me?

      *maybe saw snow since it's cold outside.

      Back on bed. Noise. Tried again, moving eyes around but no cigar.

      Lucid a little,

      I was with my friend Y and Mike at the entrance of an amusement park where you'd buy tickets or they'd check for tickets. I lost my wallet and was looking around for it. There were some small tables and chairs outside like a cafe or a lunch place. I found my wallet on a chair, it was black.

      ~This was an old wallet I used years back.
      *I think I was looking for my wallet since I was looking for it 3 days ago. I found it but I guess the desire to find it carried on to this dream. I guess I found my old black wallet while looking for my wallet so maybe that's why it showed up in this dream.

      I went to grab my wallet and someone tries to grab the wallet as well. They claimed that the wallet was theirs but I said I know the name of the ID inside the wallet. I stated the name and we opened it up. It was weird and the wallet did have my info but IDs of other people as well. It was strange and an officer came over to check what was up. They were suspicious of me for some reason and began questioning me or something.

      I was on one of the outdoor lunch tables with Y and Steven. Waiting for it all to be over with. I was kind of suspicious of the environment though, wondered if I was dreaming or something. Somehow I kind of knew. I told Y and Steven that it was a dream and that I could prove it. I told them to hold my hand and I'd show them; I looked across the street on the other side. I wanted to teleport us somewhere and I thought it'd be easier to teleport where I could see. I couldn't see very far away into the dream so I decided to teleport to the street across, to the right.

      *The road was like a road down to a certain small plaza that had a bus stop.

      They grab my hand and I closed my eyes and believed that I can teleport. And we did. We were on that street and threaded further forward in the direction of that street. Steven was trying to be the first one so he ran a little to get into the front. I closed my eyes and teleported in front of him immediately though. We walk a little more and he tells me he's having trouble with women but I interject and argue how he's surrounded by girls though.

      *dream influenced by memory. I recall a memory of Y, telling me that Steven was a player, perhaps dream is a shadow of that memory.

      Perhaps an awakening here or scene just changes

      Festive temple

      We get to a some kind of Asian festival at a Japanese temple like place. It looked like Japanese temple but felt like a Chinese event at the moment of the dream. There's a high rise to the left and I enter it. I find my cousin living there on one of the upper floors.

      *may have visited this kind of temple in Japan

      She and I hang out and stuff. I look out the window and the area below was super crowded so I was wondering how I was going to get through. I decided to throw bombs down there like bomberman. It just displaced people by the force of explosion didn't hurt anyone really, not sure if it was a real bomb or just some kind of wind producing bomb. Streets got cleared a little and I thought I'd be able to get through now.

      *Haven't seen my cousin in a while. I do recall hearing about her so maybe.

      School fake Laptop
      I was in a classroom and there were some delinquents there. There was a kid there with a laptop but it was fake or something. He was being bullied or something so I decided to help him out.

      * I recently got a chromebook and maybe the laptop but not laptop thing was a chromebook that manifested into this dream.

      Something else happens I think but I forget. The dream does go on longer.

      May have awoken

      Magical school, summoned Evil
      I am in a Magical school now. Maybe I was here the while time since before, but just figured it out now that it was a magical school. There was an evil force or something trying to take over here, some kind of necromancer or something summoning a monster of sorts. Just going around the school, exploring. There's lime a coming of age or initiating ceremony for newbies and I was suppose to attend that a little later with the other new students.

      There was an evil summoned being I had to defeat first though. I think it was kind of like a big eyeball with a kind of fuzzy trail that followed its directions. I grabbed a bunch of friends from this school to fight it. It did not die; I tried casting magic and it would split into more monsters. It split into thousands of bugs and whatnot as we cast spells on it. I told everyone else to get away as I was alone with the being in a narrow corridor. I cast some frost magic to freeze it temporarily. Did I defeat it? I forget. I remember it taking advantage by trying to attack me while I was preoccupied trying to save someone but it worked out OK. I think I remember finding some kind of ritual spot or summoning circle inside a cave and maybe that was the source of it.

      Trial, Fly
      I went outside the school. We are in some kind of empty garden or yard and there was a little girl there. I guess it's the school yard. I recall her dressed like a witch or something. I was suppose to go to that trial from earlier with her, so I grab her and we fly up the sky and towards the ceremony. Open skies maybe some big creature in the sky that we had to get past.

      * I think I flew because I had desires to fly the other day, the day before or the day before that. I just visualized flying for a few min.

      We get to the trial. It was in some kind of forest, there was a river there. We had to fight against others there as it was some sort of survival event and only the survivors would be worthy.

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    10. Archive: two dreams from 20+ years ago

      by , 10-26-2019 at 05:37 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Wrote these in a thread so may as well paste here. Old dreams: I have had a bunch. I experience what seems to me to be actual travel to other realities. Figure this means, I believe I sometimes astral travel and run into DCs who I believe are real conscious entities. I mention this because my belief makes the events more frightening. In one I was held in place as if I was stuck to a wall with spider webs. Someone I felt was more than a DC started examining me closely. I tried to see past the visuals my mind provided to understand what the thing was. I kind of pierced some veil of illusion and the being looked right into my face and was clearly very alien and sci-fi looking. I struggled in fear and felt I had no choice but to wake my body as an escape.
      In another I was trying to navigate (decades ago when all this was new) and discovered the medium in which stable areas/realm were connected was visualized by me as water. I assumed treating it like water was a place to start. I had been in a set of caves and had just had my first experience of a long calm conversation with things that visually came across human, but could not grasp the meaning of what had been discussed. They had shown me the liquid in a kind of tube/pool. I dove in and planned on swimming, but was swept under and away. Lots of swirling helplessness until I surfaced in kind of a lake. It was in a giant cavern and I saw buildings on the shore. I left the liquid near the buildings. They were not normal structures but similar in a sense. Suddenly some sort of alarm and commotion starts. It becomes obvious I am the cause as small creepy aliens sort of like Star Wars Jahwas pour out of the buildings and surround me. They are hostile and I struggle to get away. I decide this sucks and attempt to change the scene through dream control but nothing I do mentally effects anything. I feel a intense presence coming through some building as if the thing radiated energy. I am effectively captured now. Around a corner comes something many times bigger than me, perhaps the size of a school bus. It was visualized by me as perhaps a robot monster. It has me now and I decide to end the dream. However, I am unable to end the dream. Luckily all it does is throw me back into the lake and I am swept under and away.
    11. Foggy

      by , 10-26-2019 at 04:09 AM
      Foggy memory. Slept few hrs in the beginning was awake, felt body fall asleep but still just lay there and arms hurt from not moving, felt refreshed though.

      Vague memories of aliens and being molested or something. Was somewhat pleasant though.

      Happy birthday to me! omnilucidity!
    12. 25/10/19

      by , 10-25-2019 at 08:10 AM
      woke up JUST in time time for fajr today after many days and plus had an interesting dream so i might as well write dream journal about it.
      so me and arham are just walking around school and then muminah start walking pretty close to us. arham and i go up to some toilets in which there is a drinking fountain. arham drinks water and finishes and then i go to drink. and then i see muminah is there in the toilets. i say "well well well look who it is, its muminah...in the boys toilets". then zakaria ali ibrahim(the somali one) shows up in the toilets aswell and well and then i start telling him how he had come in my dream yesterday. altho technically he had come in my dream day before yesterday on 23/10/19 in which my dream was that i was in the hall talking to muminah and arham was like to me to stop because i was taking the mick and then i started talking to zakaria from outside the assembly hall to end of school gates.
      anyways zakaria and muminah didnt seem interested in how i had dreamt about them "yesterday" and then just made weird faces and looked at me like i was a weirdo. then we started walking downstairs and at this points it started to look like we were in a mosque. and zakria had taken my 15 cm ruler. he thre it down a few stairs. i told him to go get it and he threw it down a few more and then i threatened him and he kept throwing it. unttil i got really pissed and then takedowns started. arham and zakaria started playing takedowns. then me and zakaria played. zakaria got absolutely demolishes and then we saw that some teacher is coming so we had to leg it upstairs. arham picked up zakaria who was absolutely demolishes and ssrated running up with him. i went to pick up my ruler and them muminah picked me up and started running up the stairs with me. and as we climed our second flight of stairs, maria came out of the thirs flight of stairs and we rushed maria into a a near by room and told her that she had seen nothing. i said it to her in some weird french accent. we were all laughing at the situation. then we went up and saw ther jamaat that was here, we had jessica, maria and some kid who looked exactely like gaurav. then maria turned very short and muminah held her of the top banister and i satretd screaming so much thinking she would fall so muminah pulled her back. maria was like 1 metre tall in my dream at this point.
      later i also dreamt i saw divdeep when i was walking past kings spice and i talked with him a little, he looked way older and he was getting home schooled.
    13. October 24, 2019 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-25-2019 at 05:17 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was with a bunch of people, everything was a bit purple and dimly lit. We were fighting a boss and the boss was pennywise. I was going to be going through the tough part of the fight while everyone was fighting as well. We're in this cube shaped room and the fight is about to begin. Pennywise is more of this thing warping, he warps next to me and explains what is about to happen and what I need to do, then the fight starts. The cube is bouncy and everyone is on the ground. My part in the fight is dodging pennywise as he morphs into these smaller little blobs of himself that are bouncing around the room. Every time a blob of him gets near me I'm supposed to dodge it, so I'm trying to time where I'm going to jump next to avoid the blobs, a few times they get really close to me but I dodge, at some point a blob starts to expand really close to me but contracts as it gets in my face. At some point I witness this guy decked out in gear killing pennywise's true form as he looked like some sort of demon.

      The dream turned to what seemed like the end of a movie involving pennywise. My view is flying in the air looking at this empty forest with hills and possibly a cave, I see pennywise's head in the forest and I wave towards him, his head slightly looks at me. There's no music involved but more of an ambient wind and I hear this faint laugh which meant pennywise was never killed. The movie was supposed to end but I felt like I was sort of trapped in that dream and what would happen next would be him returning so I was panicking to get out of the dream before that happened.

      Another scene was this free space where people could create things, there were these tall structures and someone was creating this rollercoaster or maybe a water slide.
    14. Rough nights

      by , 10-25-2019 at 03:32 AM
      Internal turmoil... Resolved?

      I want to be better at meditation. Thanks skipper.

      I want to be more loving and lucid. In both realities.

      I want to 'know'.

      Kindly nudge me awake if you see me sleeping in dream world.

      Be lucid now! Right now!

      Rough notes:

      Oct 22

      Did not sleep too well.

      I was in old mansion with Jack's and my family. there's a tornado there's a tornado or something going on and we had inside a mansion . the first years and stuff starts to get blown away towards us and I'm blocking some of them. But Jack's mother gets hit in the head. She said she need to get somewhere. House breaking apart. Furnitures, big rectangular takes keep flying I'm blocking but house comes apart. We're sent flying in the air. I grab my mom and hug and cover her with my body. There are cars on the road driving, other houses were stripped bare by the wind . We're circling around and I don't let go. I land head first and felt my nose break and taste the blood through my nose, it keeps on rushing out of my head as I'm spun around. I'm dying. I accept my death and begin to let go of my life, I truly felt a sense of ease of death but I still hold on to my mother. Maybe she could still live. I keep getting pushed by the wind slowly losing my consciousness and hit my head against the pavement. My nose hurt even after I was wide awake. It hurt for a good 15 minutes until I decided to rub/crack it a little.

      Oct 23

      Rich family raided by police shut in hot away some family died. On track to get family back. Some siblings spy.tapped house spider bots. Sister helping. Her seat to the secret room but raided by
      *minipool* squatters. Shot and other ppl come shoot. House. value down. Grandpa helping to rebuild family. Rival family trying to host dinner. Not as good. They may be culprit. Guy learning law to get back home.

      Words transform to pictures better learning then Transform to women spiral subliminal learning.

      Hanging with people they want to go to party. Girl didn't want to go. She was popular and others wanted her to go. I tell her I might give her a chance at making love if she comes and she decides to go. Orange vodka.

      Oct 24

      Slept 1 hr

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    15. Skyrim: The Endless Loop

      by , 10-23-2019 at 12:18 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-22

      Skyrim: The Endless Loop

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am on my computer, sitting in my own living room. I am reading a web comic called Cookie and Rose by Cobi van Leeuwen which follows the adventures of two Pusheen sisters named Cookie and Rose and their friends and family. This episode starts out with the ladies entering into an Egyptian pyramid to explore. It is night and the headlights of their jeep provide the only light revealing the entrance. The ladies and a couple other Sheens enter the pyramid. One of them has a map showing the layout of an expansive series of passages and chambers in the pyramid. Shortly after they have entered the main corridor there is a loud noise and the ground disappears from underneath Cookie’s feet. Cookie drops out of sight along with the torch she is carrying. Everysheen gasps and Rose reaches for her sister, but it is too late. Cookie is gone and nosheen knows where to. This is where the episode ends. I leave a comment that says, “COOKIE! NO!” with a shocked emoji. Well that’s enough Facebook for now, I take out my VR headset and start up Skyrim VR.

      The game starts up and goes directly to the beginning sequence. I am back in the cart with Ralof, Lokir, and Ulfric. This stupid thing has looped again! I quietly curse at the Thalmor, who I blame for the loop. Then I find myself singing a song from Silent Hill 4 called Tender Sugar… “Not again, not again, not again, this dream I can't awake. What is real, what is real, what is real? It's getting hard for me to take. What I need, what I need, what I need, a little something I rely. And the white sugar gently hides me. Oh the sweet sugar saves me, it's the room that confines me…” The driver of the carriage calls back to stop that singing. I stop singing and I realize Ralof, Lokir, and Ulfric are all staring at me. Can they hear me? This game wasn’t supposed to have voice recognition… Ralof tells me to go ahead and keep singing… what are they going to do? Execute me twice? This sets Lokir off, he says it’s all Ralof’s and Ulfric’s fault that he got captured and if he had his way he would see both of them burned alive over a low fire so it would take a nice long time for them to die. Then he emphasizes that he doesn’t include me in that, he knows I’m no foul Stormcloak and… I tell him to cram it. He does a double take, but then for a wonder, he shuts up.

      We arrive in Helgen and go in. I see Elenwen on a horse not far off. I mutter to myself that I will definitely fus her straight to Oblivion this time. A fus, a ro, and a dah and she will go flying off of the highest cliff I can find into the endless abyss. Then I realize I’m thinking aloud and Ulfric is looking at me and I shut up. Now I am in front of the Imperial captain who orders my unjust execution and the lyrics of Metallica come out… “Die, die, die, my darling! Don't utter a single word! Die, die, die, my darling! Just shut your pretty mouth, I'll be seeing you again. I'll be seeing you in Hell!” Then General Tullius is giving his monologue. Ulfric is completely ignoring him and looking at me. This seems to frustrate Tullius a bit, his monologue seems less confident and he finally walks off. Ulfric keeps staring at me. Now Evanescence lyrics from the song Taking Over Me come out, I don’t seem to be able to stop myself… “You don't remember me, but I remember you. I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you. But who can decide what they dream? And dream I do…” The lyrics trail off as I ask if Ulfric somehow DOES remember me… no, that’s impossible. This is another loop.

      Everything goes normally from there. They try to have my head off and then Alduin attacks. I follow Ralof and the other Stormcloaks into the tower. But then it hits me that I’ve lost all of the progress I’d made in my previous game. This feels extremely depressing and I just drop to my knees under the weight of the depression. I ignore Ulfric when he says we need to move now, he’s not talking about me. Ralof tells me to get up the tower, but I ignore him, too. I say I think I’ll sit this one out. Ulfric asks what I’m waiting for. I look up, wondering why Ulfric would be addressing me when there are Stormcloaks who need to get away safely, including a wounded Stormcloak near me. I focus healing energy and he recovers. It must have been him Ulfric was talking to. I return to waiting to see what happens if I just sit here. Then someone is pulling me to my feet. I look and see Ulfric. He says he doesn’t know why I have decided to give up so easily… I say I have done this sooooo many times… Ulfric continues and says there’s no way the Dragonborn would give up, we’re leaving now. Then Ralof is also pulling me up. If I don’t go I’ll probably get Ralof and Ulfric killed… but how does Ulfric know I’m Dragonborn? That hasn’t been discovered yet…

      I get up and go along with Ulfric and Ralof. Aside from Ulfric being with us everything is following the normal course. I get separated for a bit and have to follow Hadvar until I find Ralof again. I don’t see Ulfric. Ralof says they got separated. The rest of the intro quest goes normally. I take too much pleasure in setting the Imperial captain on fire, the one who ordered my execution even though I wasn’t on the list. Ralof and I get out of Helgen just as Alduin is flying away. Ralof wants to get my promise that there will be no more talk of giving up. I realize my depression has lifted some and I no longer feel like giving this cycle up. I tell Ralof it was a passing depression, and it has passed now. I thank him for helping me. He says we are both safe, that’s what counts. We make our way to Riverwood before I wake up.
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