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    1. Black Bloc Grocery Store

      by , 09-23-2019 at 10:59 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Fragment 1: I was browsing E621. It was kind of as if I was in VR as I was doing it because it was entirely enveloping my vision.

      Fragment 2: I was at a store getting ready for a furmeet. Me and my mom happened to find ourselves in a more anarchist sector of a city and I was messing with VR on my phone, specifically NeosVR. Eventually, I joined in on creating graffiti with some anarchists in the store, doodling ACAB, the anarchy symbol, and other things. I saw one guy who was doodling something on a low shelf, had a brief conversation with him, and wanted to take a picture of his creation, which was abstract, featured jagged lines, and resembled a cityscape almost, although it was about the height and width of a square. Unfortunately, it was spraypainted over by some other guy, which caused the entire area's color to invert. We headed back home, and I saw the phrase "type III" on my wall somewhere, to which my mom commented on how fat my dog Rex is (He isn't really that fat, maybe a little chubby though).
    2. Sunday, September 1

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:18 PM
      I am at work (though it doesn’t really look like it - it does look like a retail store, but not necessarily JCPenney). It feels like I am upstairs, and I am with two unfamiliar others, one guy and one girl. We are sitting and playing a board game. The board is larger and sitting atop something. I think there are a few pieces, one being a longer, black piece of food (like a brownie?) Apparently when it is your turn you tell another player what to do and they are supposed to do it. I say this because the guy has told me to go count all the hangers in the store, and I am going to do it. I think it’s going to be hard to impossible but that’s just how the game works. I start on it, in what looks like the hallway to our employee entrance. I am counting and thinking of a strategy to not miss any when I see Mairin putting out some new clothes. They are men’s long sleeve button ups, in blues with subtle patterns, and I kind of like them. She is telling me and one other something as she fills an empty rack with a handful of the shirts. Now, a black man comes in and asks a simple question. I answer it, and he is super excited and impressed with me. On his way out, he gives me a pretty long hug. I had went for a handshake, but adjusted to a hug. He tells me thanks again, etc. I call him brother, and then hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way - it seems like he doesn’t. He asks if I like some orange beer? I’m not sure at first but then he specifies and I realize what he’s talking about and say “oh yeah.” He leaves and comes back in with a bottle of one and a glass. He gives them both to me, and I notice the glass has a little bit of what looks like peanut butter inside of it. I think that it’s gross and it’s probably just been sitting in his car or something, but that it’s a very kind gesture.

      I am in some kind of cabin. There is a counter to order food and large paper menus hanging above it. I have to get kind of close to the counter to read the menu, and the younger looking employees are all looking to me as if I’m ready to order. To signal that I’m not quite ready, I start looking at the bookshelf below the counter. I notice a few stacks of books, one stack being maroon and antiquated looking books. I notice that every other ‘book’ isn’t really shaped like a book, but more like a box for a nice pen or something that shape. It looks like they’re in a series or all go together. I notice a girl off to the left poke a note out from behind something sort of secretly. I assume the note will be something about me ordering food. I go over and she hands me a different note, a full size paper. I glance at it, having no idea what it could be about. I think it could be about me or that it could be some kind of petition. I just fold it and hold onto it to look at it later.

      I am at a small (rock?) beach at what looks like a large, clear pond. Emmy’s mom? sits next to me, and I notice Emmy swimming. I want to show her a picture of Makayla because they look so similar. As I talk to her, I am forgetting Emmy’s name, but remember it right before I have to use it.
    3. Monday, August 26

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:16 PM
      I am on a road trip with Dad and Makayla, with Dad driving. We are going to Texas, and I see that we’re currently driving through a corner of Utah. It is like I am seeing a satellite map of a moment, and I notice that there is snowfall on the ground right above where we are and will be travelling. It zooms and pans to the right a bit. We pass by many lakes in a short amount of time. They are all fairly small, but they are beautiful. The water is clear enough to see the bottom of an entire lake as well as all the light colored and large rocks within.

      I am in a store with Sage when I grab off of a shelf at about eye level a bottle of Lagunitas beer. I think I had been looking for it and am excited to have found it. I tell Sage how good it is as I open it up. I grab a glass from the shelf and pour the beer fairly vigorously into it, producing only a small, snow white head. The beer has the appearance of carbonated white grape juice and smells of the same. I take a sip and it is good. I pronounce Lagunitas funny and kind of laugh about it. Now, I am parking on the side of a residential street behind another car. Dad is on the lawn of this front/side yard, faced away from me; I have come to meet up with him. I think I have brought the full glass and the remainder in the bottle, each in a cup holder. I get out and start talking with him. I ask if he’d be offended if I just stayed at Mom’s while I’m going to school. He hesitates, almost as if taken aback, and then replies, “no, of course not.” He says I can do whatever I need to focus on school. I notice we’re under a large oak? tree that splits near the bottom. I’m now in the house here (Dad’s?), I think with Mom and Makayla. There is indication of past activity, though no one is currently here. There are two boxes of Panda Express open on the counter, each with a glass of white wine sitting too near the edge. I notice about five of the Lagunitas beers, all opened and partially finished. It makes me a little mad because he all of them without asking
    4. Sunday, August 25

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:14 PM
      I am at work when Charmi comes to visit. It almost looks more like a house. Scott is here and begrudgingly gets up to get the door for her. He opens it and immediately turns away from her. He talks to her detachedly but doesn’t really look at her. He is sitting and, for whatever reason, I notice his mustache moving slightly as he speaks. Now I think it is just Charmi and me. She asks if it’s been pretty slow, slightly derogatorily. Just as I say ‘yes’, I notice a group of two girls and one guy about my age what definitely look like they’re trying to steal. They all look clean cut and put together, but I notice the one girl carrying a stack of Levis and wearing a pretty full looking bag. The other girl is carrying a small armful of merchandise as well. They are just past what seems to be an opening in the floor for an escalator. I think they notice me eyeing and walking towards them. I walk up to them and don’t even need to say anything before they start tossing the merchandise down onto shelves and displays and walking out. I sort of wander around now and just so happen to walk up on the guy coming back in, on the phone. He notices me, but continues walking and walking with only a slight hesitation. I hear him casually say that he’s just gotten pinched/fucked? (or neither of those, but something similar?) I wonder if he is really trying to come back for something.

      I am with Melissa in what seems to be the ocean, right about where the waves are breaking. We are waiting for them to come in and are riding them for a ways before going back out to catch another. It is simple yet fun. A few big ones start coming in and I fear that they’ll break on us, but they do not. The beach is a slightly sloped expanse of golden sand, upon which I notice only our towels and stuff set up. Everything seems to be lit, though the sky seems to be dark.
    5. Saturday, August 24

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:10 PM
      I walk up to a small bar counter in a small room. The room seems mainly to be for some standing space and the counter. I think there is a window with a view behind the counter or a little off to the side, adding some hazy sunlight. A few moments after I situate myself at the counter, a clean cut and conventionally attractive bartender turns his attention to me. He makes eye contact and lifts his chin as a way of asking what he can get for me. The menu seems to be hanging and is in two sections. Each option is a wine, but each is the name of a place. I tell him I see that the options are names of places and not varietals, and I ask what he would recommend given that. I am confident in what I am saying, but I’m still self conscious of my voice. There are people on either side of me, and it feels like their attention is on me and what I’m saying. The man asks what I’m looking for, and I say a white because of the hot weather. He asks what kind of flavors, and I say probably something more creamy than tart and something more sweet than not, but not cloyingly so. I end up saying quite a few flavors to where it still makes sense but is not very specific. He asks me to narrow it down, and I say ‘just not a red.’ he and the couple to my left start laughing. Self conscious, I ask what’s so funny. Amber from Sephora is here now and telling the man “babe, be nice.”

      I am in a smaller house that seems to only have basic furniture and no adornments. There is a couple that calls me (from the house across the street I think). The woman is describing a ‘medical emergency’ that really doesn’t sound like one. They want me to do something about it, but I’m trying to talk it down and get out of it. They still end up coming over here, into the bedroom I am in. the woman, with dark hair and eye makeup, starts reprimanding me about the nature of the ‘emergency’ and my reluctance to remedy it. It sounds like the guy, what is here but not saying anything, only scratched his finger, I think from the pin part on an EAS tag. I apologize, empathize, and just nicely tell her what she wants to hear. She’s fairly understanding but still comes off like she thinks she is so in the right. I let her think that but still think it’s puerile. They then leave, I think on good terms.

      I am in an unfamiliar city, on a bike. There are buildings either way I could go on this street. I know I need to go somewhere, but I’m not sure where and I’m not sure which way to go. I just follow my gut feeling and it turns out to be right. I am riding along the sidewalk, slightly downhill. It looks like the road is turning into a bridge over water. The sidewalk is divided down the middle by little white markers standing up. Everyone is to the right, and they all seem to be going slow. The bridge seems to be more of a flat expanse now, the road blending into the sidewalk, blending into a smaller barrier at the edge. We seem to be right at water level or just barely above it. The water is bright and clear, soft sunlight brilliantly reflecting upon it. The whole scene is beautiful and slightly surreal. For some reason, I think this is London.
    6. "The Drop," and its Processing Factors, 1

      by , 09-23-2019 at 01:31 PM
      Sunday, 22 September 2019.

      Reading time: 4 min 24 sec.

      “Something coming down,” when witnessed by my dream self, is the passive form of “the drop” (unless I simultaneously experience vestibular modulation to a discernible degree) when the subliminal, liminal, or supraliminal anticipation is projected instead of inherited. The causal factors and its potential for control revolve around several dynamics that include the level of melatonin, ultradian rhythm (and time spent sleeping up to that point), vestibular system activity, muscle tension, heart rate, reticular activating system nuances, cortical arousal, and sleeping position. I have studied the process extensively since I was six years of age.

      I will go into specific details about dream events of this type already posted, for comparison purposes. I may include details here that will not be present in the original entries. For this series only, I will look at induction factors for some experiences to check for correlation of the cycle as complete or not. (I rarely include this as it is often too similar from dream to dream even over 50 years.)

      February 4, 1972. The moon (subliminal association with awareness in dreams) becomes a giant crow that crashes through our roof (the drop) into the sliding-door closet in the southwest bedroom (preparedness for return to consciousness and getting dressed for school). It then seems too fat to fly (my dream has ended), cartoonish (not real life), and puzzled (“Am I dreaming?”). The bird’s position matches mine (partly on my stomach), and there is very slight vestibular modulation (stomach-based). Induction: Neighbor girl peeks from around tree but hides again. (My focus on a tree represents associations with how my physical body cannot move while asleep.) Is the process complete? Yes.

      September 21, 2019. I get on a bus with my two youngest children. A teenage girl will be driving it (induction as anticipation of vestibular processing with a female personification of it). She deliberately steers the bus off the edge of a second-level parking lot so that it drops to the perpendicular street below. I vividly feel the motions and momentum of the drop with an increase in perception of my physicality. I am unconcerned. Is the process complete? No, because I instinctually use it to vivify and sustain my dream and it continues for at least fifteen minutes with other scenarios (toward cognitive arousal as opening and studying the contents of a suitcase of which represents lesser consciousness while dreaming similarly as a cage represents the lack of controlling the physical body while sleeping).

      June 13, 1978. The drop does not complete in this dream, but I am placing it here for comparison with the previous summary. I get on an airplane (anticipation of vestibular processing) with a teenage female pilot. She has difficulty flying it as I vividly feel the motion and momentum. We go under the Eiffel Tower before rising into the sky. (There is no uneasiness because of my liminal awareness of modulating the process.) Induction: The typical Naiad factor (water induction) that in this case, transitioned into hippopotamuses swallowing swimmers and people in a competitive rowing contest. Is the process complete? Technically no, as it transitions into the rising experience instead of the drop.

      August 23, 1987. In this dream, a helicopter falls from the sky while a friend and I are fishing (seeking consciousness emergence after water induction and the Naiad factor). After crashing, it transforms into a digging machine, with the helicopter rotary blades throwing dirt everywhere as it goes a little lower into the ground. My friend looks on with puzzlement (“Am I dreaming?”). Is the process complete? Technically no, as the event stems from anticipation or expectation of a return to slow-wave sleep.

      September 17, 1978. A navy jet drops from the sky at the south side yard of our house but somehow “freezes” in midair before hitting the ground. The pilot cheerfully talks to my father as if asking for directions. I assume he will continue (though my puzzlement, “Am I dreaming?” results in waking without discernible vestibular modulation). Induction: Generic Naiad factor, neighbor in a pool, though my father is seen as a sea captain for a short time before the next process. Is the process complete? No, but it still resulted in (a soft) waking.

      November 4, 1972. As I am in bed (in my dream), an airplane flies over the area where I live. A cage falls to the ground from high above into my front yard. It contains the cartoon version of the Tasmanian devil, but I do not feel threatened or afraid at any point. (Induction was the Naiad factor that shifted into this stage.) Is the process complete? Yes, but the perception of my real physicality has not correlated at this point. A cage typically represents the inability to move the body while sleeping.

      February 18, 2019. A drone that I assume belongs to either the government or a local business slowly gets close to the ground (though it was first high in the sky) as I am in our backyard. Although it looks like the Galileo shuttlecraft from “Star Trek,” I do not associate with it as such. In a later scene, I am holding it in my arms. There is a movement that feels as if an animal may be inside (unverified). Induction stemmed from water from a broken light bulb in the bathroom. Is the process complete? No, it continues through cognitive arousal (attempting to read the writing on the spacecraft) and a more intrusive preconscious presence. (A red light, the most extreme waking alert factor typically from sleeping too long, moves through my son’s head as a result of a laser from the drone.)

      April 8, 2013. Jets fly overhead, as well as a small UFO that soon looks like the original Romulan Bird-of-Prey I got for Christmas as a boy (though bigger than my model). It comes closer, but crashes to the ground, sliding a short distance. I approach it without fear. There is no pilot. I pull out a computer chip that slides out and is about the size of a stick of gum, though thicker. Is the process complete? No, as by taking out the computer chip (autosymbolically disconnecting the emerging consciousness and emerging physicality), it extends my dream, and as a result, becomes a more dramatic preconscious scenario with the military. I later hit an MP on the head with the handle of a screwdriver as an association with consciousness emergence. (Induction was two Naiads trying to solve a typical square maze.)

      I will continue from here, on additional pages, to reveal many more extraordinary and wonderfully unique examples of the same processes.

    7. Purification!

      by , 09-23-2019 at 05:10 AM
      I have slight trouble recalling the first Dream

      Mexican shroom
      I was on a school trip of a sort down to Mexico. I was with my friend Mike and we were walking the dry yellow dusty road of somewhere near the country side. May have been close to the slums. We were just walking along and find a little convinence store to the left side. We enter it and Mike notices that they are selling mushrooms in a box right below where the cashier was. They were selling an ounce of the mushroom for a dollar. Mike immediately takes up on the offer and buys the mushrooms, and proceeds to eat the whole thing immediately. I thought I should buy some mushrooms too since it was so cheap and all. I reached for my wallet to find a dollar. I am looking through my wallet and find a dollar, well a couple of dollars, as the clerk stares at me. He had long black hair and long beard, he was wide faced and chubby not in plumpness but the sort of fat distribution you would find from one who drank often that sagged near the cheeks.

      I take out the red dollar bill and I discover that it was a special bill made in a specific state from US. It was red inked rather than green and was in marvelously good condition of cotton paper. I had trouble letting it go. I thought it was worth alot more than a dollar for a certain and as I rummaged through my wallet for other dollars, they were all some sort of unique or special bills. So I let the red dollar go in the end and handed it over.

      The clerk carried a stern expressed and said that it's no good. He believed it was a fake dollar or something and wouldn't sell me the mushroom! He also commented how you shouldn't eat the whole thing at once. So I headed out the convinience store to find mike. I caught up to him and asked him if I could borrow a dollar or his credit card. No Bueno as-

      Time was running out and we had to head back to the airport as we headed forward to onwards the direction of it. There were some suspicious looking alleys ways and before you know it we were surrounded by shady looking bunch.

      Warcraft update
      I was in someone's house, looking d like the older stevens apartment back then. I was logging onto steam, the game client while there was a dinner party going on. I was also editing an article in the meantime, while I also talked to a few other young guests. After a while there's a news of the newest wc3 patch.

      *perhaps wc reforged


      Purification! Lucid
      I was headed too towards the mall in M city with my mom in the car. We were driving by and find a electronics store and decided to stop by.

      It was a very old fashioned electronics store. Actually their products were old fashioned too; cube shaped old tvs were being sold there arranged in 2 rows. They were pretty small and old. I wonder if this was the past. While browsing the tvs we meet a mother and son duo. We talk for a while and find that the mother and I and my mom and the son had similar world views respectively which were opposite of the other. We talk and leave them be.

      We are now heading towards the counter at the end of the store. There were some more tvs there and I see the mom and son duo again before getting to the counter. There were some tvs and stuff at the counter too but I just begin to question it all.

      "why am I here?"

      I am lucid, looking around once more. I notice a kind of an open entrance to the left side of the counter. I decided to go there to see what's there.

      It was a small gym. There were small gym equipments there and two women were there. I found a huge plastic bottle (1meter+) and decided to check my dream control. I imagine a fine and conjure a tiny blaze on my right palm top and release it against the bottle. It lights up slightly. They were pretty impressed. I decided to stop the fire before things burned so I conjured water. But maybe water wasn't enough so ice. And the thing looked pretty chilled now and had a sheet of ice covering its exterior. The 2DC noticed my powers and asked for my help; they were running the gym and there was a sort of an underground dungeon below us that gave off negative energy, affecting their business.

      I decided to help them. They walked in front of me towards the wall. There was a secret passage way that opened up to the dungeon beneath. I follow them down.

      It was pitch black in the dungeon and I couldn't see much. I decided to cast fire again but the light was too dim. I decided to cast light and it flashed a dim light in front of me. I felt like it wasn't enough so I added another one with my left. The girl in front of me decided that I had everything covered so she just ran forward very quickly before disappearing from our sights. The one behind me was wiser though and knew better. She asked me if we should just turn on the lights I agreed. She flicked the switch to the right and it was brighter.

      It was pretty big though and I couldn't see the end in sight. Just a Rocky cave like road in front. I was starting to get bad vibes from the place and I wanted an easier way and thought of one. I shouted "purification" or "cleanse." forgot which but, the idea was to purify the whole place in one go. But my vision becomes blank.

      I am teleported to some sort of small warehouse, mostly wooden. The place reeked of bad vibes. Scary. I was feeling awry and decided to summon a holy staff! Yes a holy staff could beat evil spirits! So I summoned a long wooden stick. It wasn't all That magnificent and looked like just a bunch of wooden boards nailed together, but it was long. Taller than me at least.

      I decided to go forward, and opened the door to the left. There were some creepy looking dolls made of cotton materials among other old articles. I decided to make good use of my staff.

      I "purged" the doll by simply swinging the staff against it and cutting it apart. So I decided to head out and went to the next room. There were more of the dolls and I swung my holy staff to purge it of evil. Hopefully it was working honestly.

      But I was getting bad vibes again. A foreshadowing of something bad. So I decided to purify the whole place.

      "Purification!" I yelled,

      And a white light blinding.


      Short ones
      Just waves of monsters, being tested I feel like as I fought them off.

      Was dodging bullets and shooting.

      Woke from sensation of moving wrists, perhaps FA though

      Black room
      I saw a white room in front of me. It was so typical and I wanted to see something else more graceful. I walk through the wall to the left and I appear to have teleported to a black room.

      The walls were pitch black and it was tastefully equipped with elegant and subtle furnishings. Something about it felt so beautiful to me.


      2 beds Lucid
      I was in an apartment building and was trying out vr in the bedroom of it. I took off my vr headset and looked around; it looked similar to the bed next to my room but somehow it was an apartment though. Looked kind of downtown ish feel.

      I was very suspicious of this place and think I am dreaming. The bed looks exactly how it should be - am I wrong? I walk pass to the bed and down towwrds the hallway, I look back and there were 2 beds now. OK it's a dream. I head towards the windows that were leaking out white rays of the sun, to look outside.



      My dream awareness appear to be getting sharper.

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