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    1. Pulling a Rope (Buckboard Wagon)

      by , 10-05-2019 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of October 5, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,283-02. Reading time: 1 min 15 sec.

      I am in an unknown ambiguous setting with the common factor of indoor-outdoor ambiguity. The area is not well-lit. While it is implied to be outside, I also sense it is inside a big building with a high ceiling. The floor/ground is smooth.

      I am pulling a rope from a horizontally-oriented reel on a buckboard wagon. I vividly feel the movements and sensations in my arms as I pull the rope. The wooden vehicle is at least six feet away (facing away), and the reel, its width nearly that of the wagon, is under the seat. The rope is coming from up and behind the reel.

      I am guiding the rope at about waist-level to an unfamiliar man who is standing about six feet beyond a cattle fence. He, in turn, is guiding the rope to an unseen man farther away (whom I sense may be sitting or lying down). I am unaware of a backstory that might explain why I am here. Eventually, the end of the rope prevents farther pulling as it is attached to the reel.

      The unseen man is my potential emerging consciousness. The man I am guiding the rope to is my preconscious (the personification of my reticular activating system and vestibular cortex) though here as a subliminally summoned vestibular witness (for correlation and potential coalescence). The buckboard wagon is autosymbolism for my physicality while in the dream state (as all single vehicles often are). The rope, attached to the reel/“real” ends because my dream self’s fictitious mental model cannot move my real physical body. In this case, the fence is autosymbolism for the virtual division between subliminal and liminal space, though typically the division between subliminal or liminal space and wakefulness. The reel is under the seat of the wagon as an association with being able to get up. (In this case, there is no drop or anticipation of one.)

    2. back on track!

      by , 10-05-2019 at 05:41 AM
      I had some inner demons or something, but I had help dealing with it and now I'm back on track for lucid dreaming!

      Avocado, Beach
      I was on a beach. There were 4 of us there and we we replaying some sort of sport 2 on 2. The ball was an avocado and the goal post were made up of avocados too. Basically the objective was to throw the avocado to try to land it between 2 avocados of the other team's avocado goal post. It was played on shallow shore. Pretty interesting sport. I ate avocado upon awakening just to humor this dream.

      Amos x2or3 lucid

      I was at the apartment on amos. I wilded into dream and was lucid immediately. I felt like the dream wouldn't last so I closed my eyes just to see what would happen. I was FA'ed back into the same apartment. I think the first scene may have been the outdoors of the place but now indoors. I looked around and there was a sofa there or a couch. And it looked like how it'd looked like before. Perhaps another FA here. There was a new tenant here it seemed. And there was an awful smell here. It was a cigarette. The cigarette was burned to the end whee it sat on the arm of the couch. It smelled really bad. The scent of stale cigarette was incredibly vivid and nauseating. I wanted to leave here and I probably should have planned where I'd go in terms of dreams cape rather than just leaving because I'd awoken.

      Bus Japan/city, morphing candy

      I was riding a bus on the way backhoe. It was the road I'd taken to walk back home while in the Japanese school by the countryside. I was riding it with some friends in HS. But as I kept looking at the outside from within the bus, the scenes perhaps changed into a different city. I'd feared that I'd got off too late and missed my stop. I suppose this is a past fear of missing bus stops manifesting in my dreams. Eventually Id ended up the the bus terminal which was like a mall that was under construction. I'd been in this construction site before. In a previous dream where I'd also missed the bus stops, the entire place was under construction. The theme that time.... a lot of construction workers and stuff, and some secrets about the place. This time the construction was mostly done and the dream area appeared to be much more broad. I could see more of the city. I got out of the bus with my friend and a new friend. I don't know who she was but she was nice so we became friends. We stopped at a stop somewhere in the city, felt like a downtown or some busy place. It was near a bus station and there were some strange stuff going on. There were some vending machines that were selling some new food or something. But the people who ate it were transformed. If you ate the food with the corresponding animal on it, you would kind of become partially that animal sort of thing. Very interesting.Everyone took some of those. They all turned into some weird thing. I took one and was temporarily somewhat giraffe like. With a long neck and stuff but not really a giraffe when I looked at myself after I entered a bathroom. I was back to normal eventually but not the others. We needed a way to get out. It seemed the rest of the people in the city were getting transformed and becoming hostile from this thing. We got on a helicopter and get away.

      Elves vs orcs


      I was In a mall and were shopping around with someone who was a friend, carl. We looked around the mall for stuff. This mall appeared to be somewhere in the city from the previous dream. Close, I'd say south? No it was more like northeast from the bus stop previously. I think there was also frank there. I forget some eventful stuff that happened in the dream but I remember that my cousin was there. He was kind of mean to me while I was maybe 3-4 years old and I remembered this. I told him I'd forgive him if he let me kick him. So I took my stance to get ready for a spinning kick. He ran away a couple of times though. Oh well. Carl steals something from the store. I think frank from earlier was working at this store. I told frank that carl was stealing something and carl is enraged. I just leave the mall.

      Primordial cats, strength

      Just some vision about primordial strength of humans. How human were pretty strong like other animals but they just gave up their primordial nature, unlike the sabertooth tiger that I was in the vision.

      Church, secret knowledge

      I was in a church or something similar. I went in there with someone. I forget who. I think she may have been the friend that I made in the bus dream earlier. I think it's her.We went to grab something to eat at the cafeteria and I went to sit down somewhere deeper into the building. I had a laptop with me and I began to type some kind of story. The screen was black and it had bright colored texts. Kind of like a cmd prompt or a dos interface but on a laptop. I began to type some kind of story about the hidden knowledge of something, as a story or a novel, I have no idea. One man who seemed like a pastor comes and tries to delete the stuff. But I go back to typing it again after. Another woman comes and she is offended by what I am writing and calls it blasphemy. She's like a nun or something. The pastor couldn't stop her and she chases me and my friend. We drive to get away from them and the roads to seems like the location is the same dream-city as in the previous dreams. There were police cars everywhere and they were blockading the road. Apparently the church was now after us. Can we get away from it all?

      Location wise I think it was closer to the mall than the bus stop. Well I'm not sure..

      Additional notes:

      Church was near a large body of water like a lake I think.

      Perhaps the lake was the beach scene from the avocado dream!

      Let me try MS paint...

      that automatic window that pops up to send a new user a PM-dreamscape.jpg

      S = school

      B1= beginning bus stop

      MB= missed busstop

      g/t= gas station/terminal

      C1/C2 = likely church location

      Helicopters - I been dreaming helicopters lately. Yesterday too was about mcdonalds with helicopters.

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