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    1. Hamster Aliens

      by , 08-07-2022 at 06:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was vacationing with my father and stepsisters. We are driving/camping in an 18 wheeler gasoline truck and I am the one who is driving. We are on the interstate when we arrive at a section of road that is under construction and I am forced to turn off the highway in this massive and nonsensical spaghetti interchange. I am worried that I will end up driving off the end of an overpass/bridge as I see several that just end. Instead I somehow find myself driving into traffic that is going the other way. But I am a big truck and I lay into the horn. It is stressful but we manage to get out of traffic and onto a side road.


      We are approaching in a small town about ten miles off the freeway. There are nothing but farms and forests all around I tell my father to use his phone GPS to get us back on the highway and towards our destination and he says that his phone isnt connecting. We then see that there is a cell phone tower but it fell over. There are three big black spaceships landed in a farm field.

      The whole town is taken over by aliens. They are short and fat and look like gerbils or hamsters but are wearing military gear. Its kind of hard to take them seriously when two of them come up to the truck as we drive into town and tell us to pull over and get out. They take us into the town hall where they have gathered all of the humans and are holding us hostage.

      My stepsister freaks out and gets into an ambulance and tries to drive away. There is an alien sniper on the steeple of a church. This one looks like a classic "alien" (skinny, gray skin, big eyes, etc) with a ray gun that shoots green blobs of plasma. Each time he shoots it he destroys like a one-foot sphere of the ambulance, leaving it molten around the edge. Most of his shots only hit the back part of the ambulance which doesn't stop it from driving but then my stepsister crashes into a fire hydrant and causes water to spray out.


      We are in the supermarket. The aliens tell us we are being taken prisoner to become slaves and we must gather food that we can eat when I become

      "Im dreaming. It's been a long time since I've been lucid."

      "Hey buddy!" One of the hamster aliens yells, pointing his rifle at me. "Lucid dreaming isn't allowed."

      Initially I was going to beat the crap out of him, but I have resolved to not annihilate every irascible dream character with powers. Instead I reach into my pocket. He tensed up and thought I was reaching for a weapon. I pulled out something that was like a business card though Im pretty sure it was blank and showed it to him.

      "I have my lucid dreaming pass."

      "Oh, ok then." And he walked away.

      The fortunate thing is most dream characters dumb enough to attack a lucid dreamer are also dumb enough to fall for things like that. I tried a teleportation spell several times and had no luck so I decide to look for Manei. I call her name and one of the people in the supermarket comes up to me. She chides me for being unable to recognize her, but in this form she is much shorter and wearing an odd outfit that looks like a medieval bard with a lute and axe and stuff. She changes to her default form.

      We go back outside where the gray alien is talking to two of the hamster aliens. The gray jumps up and down and screeches.

      "Theres no such thing as a lucid dreaming pass you idiot! Kill them! Kill them right now!"

      The gray alien is supposed to be their commander but he sounds and acts more like a tantruming toddler.

      So after 10+ years of dealing with Manei I have finally figured out how I can get her to fly. Ive tried carrying her but that is logistically complicated considering I tend to fly by projecting fire jets from my hands and feet. Ive gotten really good at this over the years and its become a common schema. I still have problems sometimes getting enough thrust to get significant altitude or speed when i want. If I don't have all four limbs free to vector my direction of travel I tend to do a lot of crashing or flying out of control. But I intuitively discovered that by holding her hand I can somehow share the ability to project fire jets to her. Then as long as we can stay in "formation" we can fly much more conveniently.

      We lift off. No real trouble with thrust or gaining altitude. Which has been an issue the past few years considering how out of practice i've been with this stuff. The aliens try to shoot at us but their aim is actually egregious. The gray alien screams again

      "Shoot them! You have stormtrooper aim, you idiot hamsters!"


      We are flying for awhile when the flying cut out. Ive had issues where it gradually putters out but this time it just immediately shut down for both of us. I grabbed onto her and landed on my back, even though I we weren't flying very high and I have seen her survive far worse than a fifty-foot fall into grass. To be completely fair I dont think the aliens were much of a threat once I became lucid, but it was better to not be distracted by them. When we land she begins sharing a power with me to walk across water as we have landed in next to a remote pond. When we get to the shore we see a long bridge in the sky. Its some kind of highly advanced mag-lev train system.

      "You must be really out of practice if you can't teleport."

      "What are you talking about? I was never good at it to begin with. Most of the time I would just end up waking myself up."

      --we did discuss more after this but it turned into a highly personal discussion. I woke up not long after.--