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    1. M looks for his love

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:39 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I do not participate in this dream directly and I see everything happen in the 3rd person, like I am watching a movie. There is a tall muscular man with long black hair (I will call him "M"), and he is working as a bodyguard for a gangster. It is night time and the gangster's entourage is driving slowly along a road by the sea. There are many people out walking along the beach and many are drunk or having wild parties. The town not far away is a tourist destination with many shops and historical buildings, but those are only fronts for the many criminal activities that go on. There are many gansters vying for control of the area and right now the one M works for is on top.

      The limo goes to a mansion by the sea and the gangster throws a huge party filled with celebrities, drugs, and prostitutes. All of the other bodyguards partake in the indulgences but M sneaks off to have a look around town. The town is empty and the shops closed and the silence is only broken by M's footsteps on the cobblestone roads. He is looking for someone, a woman with red hair whom he loves, but he does not know where to find her.

      M returns to the party and his boss insists that he have a woman for himself that night, so he picks one from a line-up that is presented in front of him and takes her to a room upstairs. M knows that she is a sex slave in a trafficking ring and doesn't want to be there. He has not desire for sex with the unwilling or drugs and offers the woman some food until she falls asleep on the bed. M stares out the window until morning comes.

      Early next morning, while his gangster boss and fellow bodyguards sleep off their hangovers, M heads to town again to ask shop owners if they have seen the red haired woman. No one can help him but he indadvertantly stumbles upon a rival gangster's sex slave trafficking ring behind one shop and finds a woman he knew long ago in other country. He buys time with her from the rival gangster and takes her to a room where he wants to ask her how she ended up there.

      The woman knows that the gangster is having them watched and tells M to be quiet and that they have to have sex or they will both be killed. M tries to fake it at first but the woman is insistant that their intercourse be as real as possible so M complies. After they have both orgasmed and collapsed from exaustion, the rival gangster's goons come and take the woman away before M can ask her anything.

      M is very angry and after redressing himself he goes back to the slave shop and beats several of the goons unconsious before confronting the rival gangster, who gets away on a motorbike. M's boss shows up and congratulates him on driving the competition away and offers to promote him from bodyguard but M refuses. His boss leaves and M can finally talk to the woman he knows and she tells him that she was kidnapped and forced into slavery while looking for her husband who went missing after visiting this town. She says she does not know where the red haired woman is.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    2. 9th July 2011

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:11 PM
      Dream 1 ((fragment))

      I had a dream about me & some men, there were about 2 or 3 of them. I also remember something about body guards, i'm not sure if the men were body guards or if someone was talking about body guards.

      Dream 2

      I was in my old bedroom from when i was 16 in my old house. I was there with my hubby. My hubby found an explosive that was attached to the strap of my shoe, the time was ticking down, it went from 16 mins to 3 mins then to 61 mins then down to 1 min, i panicked big time then thought "what the hell" ((I missed that sign grrrr!)) My hubby pulled the explosive off and quickly threw it out the window. I went downstairs and said to my eldest daughter "where's Cookie?" ((thats my dog)) she said "i put him outside" I went ballistic and screamed "GET HIM IN NOW!!" I went and got him and steered him away from the bomb as i guided him inside. I then thought about where my youngest daughter was ((her bedroom was above where the explosive was)) I screamed to her "GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM NOW!!" I ran upstairs and grabbed hold of her and quickly dragged her out of the front door
    3. Throwdown with Rhianna

      by , 04-05-2011 at 05:41 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I find him with some girl who looks like Rhianna, complete with bright red hair. She's crawling on top of him, licks his chest then goes in for the kiss, at first he responds, but then realizes I am watching and pulls back. I come out of the shadows and call the bitch out, telling her to come down (from the loft bed of some sort) and fight me. My man asks if I am seriously going to fight her and I tell him for sure I am, and that I will probably lose.

      I get ther first sucker punch in and she looks surprised. I land another hit and she's hurt. Seeing that she's losing, she calls in some burly looking men to help her. There is a Flash forward to me and her and her men at some sort of door. They are all squished up against eachother as if there is no space. I warn them to stay back or I will pull the fire alarm. They seem a bit freaked out by this, then they actually point out to me that I don't have my hand positioned correctly, and show me how to do it properly.