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    1. Time Is What I Need.

      by , 03-05-2015 at 04:29 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #418 - MILD - 5:13AM

      Coffee (Caffeine) 2tbsp brewed. 4tbsp sugar and about 1/8 cup milk
      I wake about 3:45am from a vivid dream and decide it's too close to my 4:00AM alarm to go back to sleep so I go ahead and get up just long enough to drink my coffee. I return to bed thinking about the dream I just had and what it would have been like if I had become lucid. I quickly drop into sleep.

      I wake my daughters up to get ready for school. There is some conversation and I randomly climb out a window in a hallway. The house is a two story and I come out on a low part of the roof. I am trapped because a woman who looks like Michonne in a Sonic uniform is on a ladder that is some how blocking my exit. I tap her on the lag and politely ask her to move. She tells me to hold on so I just find away to squeeze past. As I climb down off the roof I tell the woman and her associate that I am leaving for work so if they have any questions ask my wife. I tell them to just call for Janice (That's my mom's name... awkward.) I feel like this isn't the right name so I start to tell them they can just call for Mrs. Coon but I stop myself because they might thing I am trying to make an inappropriate joke. I wonder why they are here and what they are working on. Oh they must be installing tile. On the roof? Maybe it's something else.

      I as I drop down I land inside the house. There is a ladder on a wall that is made of tape measure. I fiddle with it noting how flimsy it is. I decide it probably won't hold my weight so I leave it alone. I remember that I should be getting to work so I check the time on my cell phone in my pocket. 11:25am. Wow I am really late!

      I look up and find myself at work. Robert M. is saying something about taking a half day vacation then says he better clock in. I think it's a little late for half day so I check the time again. 10:10AM. I become confused about the time and decide I better just clock in. I start typing my employee number and pause as I recall how I was just in my 'house' and suddenly I am at work. Then there's the time thing...Then, it finally dawns on me. I must be dreaming. I feel a wry smile come on my face and I step away from the computer. The dream collapses at this point, but I manage to get things back in order by focusing on what I should be seeing. Things are a bit unstable now but I think I can work with it.

      I wonder about goals, but when I see a bulletin board I think I should try reading it. I do my best read out loud the wobbly and changing words. [something][something] on a cob. That make absolutely no sense. Now the dream is really unstable so I try rubbing my hands then the carpet. I notice it has a red and gold pattern.

      Things get a bit more stable so I decide to walk outside while still rubbing my hands. I can't help but feel that I am literally holding the dream together by pure concentration. I tell myself there is plenty of time and I should relax. I feel my shoulders drop a bit and become at ease. Because of this the dram instantly fades away. I try DEILD with the phase method, but I am too wide awake. I decide to spend some time meditating before I get up.

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    2. Going For A Swim

      by , 02-16-2015 at 12:20 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #412 - DILD - 6:35AM

      I am walking up a hill with my younger daughter and son. For some reason I am going to some apartments to take a swim. I tell myself that if I am going to live here, I need to figure out how to park on the other side so I don't have to walk so far all the time. Some triggers semi-lucidity and the walk up the hill feels hard and slow. I realize that this is all a mental thing and tell myself to just pretend that it's all super easy and it will be. It works for a second and gets difficult again at the last few steps.

      I am inside the apartment but it all looks really odd. I feel this is normal for a dream so I let it go and try to ignore it. I have my son in my arms and for some reason think I need to put him down for a nap. There is a door way that I think leads to his bedroom, but when I open it, it is just a broom closet. I know this is all pointless so I unceremoniously toss my son into the darkest part of the closet and walk way. I feel a mental tug to do it right, but I don't want to get caught up in mundane tasks in a dream. I am still really caught up in going swimming so I try to find the back door. As I make my way outside, I pass though some tiny kitchen that I recognize to look like a small version of the duplex I used to live in.

      Outside, my lucidity raises as I look around for a pool. I see an above ground pool to the right, but quickly reject that. I look to the left and see my younger daughter jumping into a large in-ground pool. Excited, I run and jump and yell, "JEEEERRRONIMOOOOO!", as I belly flop into the pool. As I make impact I worry that my vision will get distorted and I end up in the void. Of course, this thought manifests as I see a blur of blue and air bubbles and the dream fades.

      The lights come on and I wake up with my son in the bed with me and my wife. He's crying and some liquid has pooled up all over the sheets. Not sure if he peed out of his diaper, I ask, "Why is everything so wet?"
      My wife just says, "He's been crying." I realize that there is no way a kid can tear up that much and remember that I was just now dreaming that I was swimming. The lights do out and I roll over and make swimming motions in the dark until I reach my wife. I start kissing her and decide maybe some sexy-time would be nice. The light returns and my wife stops me. She asks, "Right now? [in front of R?]
      I tell her that it doesn't matter [in a dream]. We continue to enjoy each other, but I wake up before we get very far.

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    3. Tuesday 27th November 2012

      by , 11-30-2012 at 02:45 AM
      This Mornings OBE and Lucid

      I am lying in bed and nod off for a few seconds. I wake up now and keep my eyes closed and don't move. I can feel the vibrations and hear the cracking and crunching noise. I think to myself "ok, I'll try and sit up now" but I wasn't ready yet so I relax again, after a few seconds I know I'm ready. I now begin to sit up and my Astral body sits up. I open my eyes, but realise that my real eyes have opened so I quickly shut them again.
      I now feel my Astral body separate fully, so again I open my astral eyes and this time I have astral sight. I look at my bedroom window and just fly out of it hands first. I'm now flying over the green outside my house. I also remember flying around the woods opposite and flying around the streets behind me, it's fantastic and so exilerating!
      My sight now goes a bit blurry around the edges ((I've never experienced this before)) I call out "clarity now!" My voice echoes a little. I rub my hands together and my scenery stabilises.
      I love being fully conscious and in flight, I feel so free. I fly for ages and end up at a beautiful place where the fields are luscious green, and the flowers are beautiful and enhanced. I now see my 2 Daughters "L" and "S", they are flying and I call over to them, they see me and wave. I shout over to them "girls you're dreaming, this is just a dream!" "L" isn't too sure but "S" comes over to me and has a fly with me. I now wake up in real life and "L" and "S" are still in bed fast asleep
    4. Tuesday 20th November 2012

      by , 11-29-2012 at 01:21 AM
      Last Nights Lucid Dream

      I feel vibrations after I wake up and I decide to will myself out of my body. I now hear my 2 girls in my bedroom and as my dream self gets to the bedroom door I see L giving S a piggy back. I say "L, can you see me?" She says "no" and shakes her head as if I've gone mad! I say to her "I'm dreaming, look". I now touch her sides and say "can you feel that?" L now says "yeah, but only because you're not dreaming!" She now looks at me again and says "you're awake".
      I'm floating, but because of what my Daughter said I wonder if actually I'm REALLY standing on the landing in my real body, I think "I wonder if I'm real and something in my brain is telling me that I am dreaming and making me feel like what is real is actually a dream!" ((I feel like I'm going mad at this point))
      I now see my other Daughter S in her room and L now goes downstairs. I now think "nah, I must be dreaming" and I go into S's room. I lie down on the bedroom floor, but instead of actually lying on the carpet, I'm floating just above it in a lying position.
      I say to my Daughter S "look S...it is a dream because I'm floating. I now float across the bedroom floor to show her. I say "I couldn't float like this if it was real could I?". My Daughter watches with fascination and says "you are dreaming, it must be a dream!". I now wake up in real life while still feeling small vibrations going through me.
    5. Huge Storm, Dude Where's My Car?, WILD *LUCID*

      by , 07-16-2012 at 10:41 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Aids:1/8 tea peppermint oil before bed
      Methods:DEILD/WILD - FA
      Morning Suppliments:500mg L-Lysine, 500mg C, 595mg Potassium Gluconcate, 1 Super B-Complex
      Sleep Quality: Light, wakefulness, RLS

      Huge Storm 1:12 AM
      Huge storm coming. Riding with dad. I see storm shelter. I hear some song that reminds me of someone. And then another song. I remember an ex-girlfriend.
      "I say I hate all songs."
      I see Jeremy and Jess in the car with us.
      "What song? I say do tunes to what you want."

      Dude, Where's My Car? 3:15 AM ish

      I am at my parents sleeping in a recliner. It is dark and I can't sleep.
      I went to my parents with the kids. I am leaving. But I can't find my car. I see a white car that is stripped down. The kids think it's mine but I know better. We run down the street looking for it. I feel tired and weak and can't run well. I see white cars everywhere but none are mine. I don't want to call the police yet because I keep thinking that I remember that I parked in a strange place and I knew I would not remember. I tell the kids this.

      Now we are in some nursing home and wondering around. Not sure what happens here. Something about me not being a good enough Christian. How I let bad things into my life. Thats why bad things happen. Some old woman? I feel guilty for lucid dreaming like it is a sin.

      We leave. I tell my kids we got to look some more before we call the cops. Deanna says that Dalynn already did. I asked her about that. It was when I was holding her and she blew into a strange balloon.
      She says, "Well that lady scared me. So I called the cops."
      We run outside but I feel overwhelmed and too tired to walk. I lay down in the grass and dirt. I curl up on a mound of dirt. I tell the kids I just want to close my eyes. My body relaxes and I wake up.

      WILD 3:30AM ish
      When I wake up I am in the recliner that I moved to because of my RLS. I don't move a muscle. I relax myself and I roll my eyes into the back of my head and focus on my skull. Sleep Paralysis almost immediately kicks in.

      I hear the familiar strong wind sound laced with rinings of the ears. I feel the familiar vibrations and windy sensations. I noticed this time that the sound and vibrations increased and decreased in intensity like waves on a beach. I make a quick note of this. I can feel my legs moving up. It feels like something has me by the ankles. I become afraid and I have to remind myself it is not real. I try to enter the dream but I get stuck in SP for longer than I wanted and because of the last dream I thought I was doing something evil. I keet telling myself that it was ok. And it wasn't real. You do this all the time and its always been fine. No good, the feeling was persistent.
      I try to ignore the thoughts and visualise anything to move on. I my mind wonder and my dream eyes see.

      I see a road. I am flying low and fast down a vivid and brightly lit road road hugged tightly by evergreen trees. I enjoy this but my eyes begin to opened and I see the dark living room with one eye and the road with the other.

      I go back into full SP. Still the same feeling of guilt. I think that this is getting no where and I want to go back to my bed. So I suddenly and forcibly make myself get up. I stumble back to my bedroom. I heard and felt my loud footsteps.

      I think how odd this is. I was feeling the vibrations like wind on my body. The loud sound of wind and ringing. Typical SP. Was it possible to not be truly paralyzed in sp?

      I now find myself tangled in my blanket. I am standing by my bed and I can't find my way out. I am unsure of what happened. I feel so confused and my mind feels numb.

      I say, "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming." But my voice sounds odd. It is weak and unsure. Almost like I am asking a question. I am not convinced. Then I throw myself in the bed. Now I can find my way out. I feel half asleep and strange.

      All my actions have woke my wife up. My wife mocks me. And complains how this is not good what I'm doing. She is pissed I woke her. I feel embarrassed and say nothing. She gets up to go the bathroom. I close my eyes and relax. But instead of going to sleep I wake up still in the recliner. God dammed FA!

      I was so sure I was awake.

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    6. Fish Dog, House Sitting

      by , 07-15-2012 at 03:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Aids:12.8mg menthol before bed
      Methods:Attempted WBTB WILD - Failed
      Morning Suppliments:500mg L-Lysine, 500mg C, 595mg Potassium Gluconcate, 1 Super B-Complex
      Sleep Quality: Heavy sleep. No RLS. Tired still this morning. Pillow not comfortable

      Fish Dog
      I am walking outside and the world is flooded up to my calves. I have this fish that is following me. It is my pet but it is behaving like a dog. It is jumping up at me and swimming around me and wanting my attention. I smile at it and continue to walk. I look up briefly and check the sky to do a sky RC like I do in waking life. I see nothing unusual or odd so I shrug it off and continue.

      Then I get an underwater view of the fish swimming. Like a camera is following from behind. The water is clear. The fish looks like some sort of evolved fish with legs and large teeth. Kind of alligator-ish. It is just dog paddling and half turns its head to acknowledge me.

      Then I am inside my house. Or a house. I am walking around and the Fish and the water are still present. I wonder how I could have all this water in my house and not rot everything out. I assume it is built to handle it. I look closer and start to see odd things like there is carpet and the floor is not level. I think that this really needs to be fixed and I worry some about it. I am really questioning why there is water everywhere but I just don't think about testing reality.

      Then I am looking at a fake rock pond. I see a large golden Cichlid. I recognize it as one of the same fish that I had in an aquarium long ago. (I feel guilty because I remember that I flushed it down the toilet because I got tired of it. It wasn't even dead.) I add more water with my mind because I notice the fish didn't have much room. It keeps trying to swim upward.

      Damn lazy ass didn't write it down!
      Damn lazy ass didn't write it down!

      House Sitting
      My mom and I are going over to my Aunts house to check on it since her and her family are gone on a long trip. We go in the front door and look from room to room. The house is familiar but different. I tell my mom it looks a lot like my first house I bought but they really changed a lot of stuff and it looks really nice. The kitchen has a door and it is partially sealed. We get it open and the first thing I see is dirty dishes that have bee sitting for days. I half expect it to stink but I smell nothing. I look and see really nice title floors and counters. I look down a hall and see a bath tub and linoleum. I am turned off by that and go back the other way. In the living room we decide to leave.

      We get outside and I see a man in a truck in the yard yell at me to let him in. He is the exterminator and needs in. My mom and I wonder why an exterminator would come so late in the day. It is about to get dark. Before I could do anything I get distracted by my older daughter and my two mini dachshunds. We all go back inside and I worry that one of the dogs will pee. I tell my daughter not to touch her because she will get too excited and pee on the carpet.

      Interpretations: None at the moment

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    7. Thursday 28th June 2012

      by , 06-28-2012 at 09:16 PM
      Last Nights Dreams

      Dream 1

      I had a dream about feeding my birds but can hardly remember it ((REM Dreamer fell off aswell lol))

      Dream 2

      Myself and my 2 youngest Daughters S and J have been to the shop and i'm carrying 3 bags of shopping. J is on her bike and S is on her scooter. As we are walking back home we see some lads infront of us on bikes.
      We are walking through an underpass and it's dark. There is a steep hill we have to walk up, I try and push J up it on her bike but it's too steep and I can't do it. We now have to turn back and go through the underpass again and we end up in a warehouse type place.
      One of the lads on bikes is no longer a lad now but a man, this man is behind me and jipping me and bullying me saying he wants my shopping. I am holding S's scooter and think "I'll spin round and crack him round the head with this scooter" as I'm thinking this his work-mate turns up.
      The man I wanted to crack round the head is of a stocky build and has short blonde/brown hair, he also has a bit of stubble. His work mate is tall and thin, has short black hair which is brushed back and has a pokey face.
      The man with blonde hair now says "I need sugar but I wonder if she knows what a blow is?" I knew instantly that he meant a blow job . I really panick and feel sickened that he would say that infront of my little girls. I now grab J who is next to me and I shove her behind me to protect her from these monstrous men! S is standing by the doors so I give her a nod to run away.
      I now say to the men "here" and give them my purse, I now say "you can have all my money, it's not a lot but take it all" I am petrified that they will do something to me or more-so my little girls. I now take the purse back for a moment and count out £4 and give it to him, he says "I suppose that'll have to do then!" at this point they both walk away, but the blonde one turns back to face me and says "I'm watching you ya know!!" .
      Me and J now search about this place for my shopping bags. I see a woman sitting at her desk working, I hadn't noticed her there before and thought "why the hell did she just sit there carrying on with her work while those men done that to us!!"
      While we are looking for my shopping bags I see 2 silver packets on the floor, J says "pick them up mom" so I do without the woman noticing. I rub the packets and feel coins in them and quickly put them back in my pocket. I now look for the way out when suddenly the lights go really bright then back to normal again, then they go bright again, then back to normal again. ((was my REM Dreamer)) I wake up to my REM Dreamer flashing in my eyes
    8. 9th July 2011

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:11 PM
      Dream 1 ((fragment))

      I had a dream about me & some men, there were about 2 or 3 of them. I also remember something about body guards, i'm not sure if the men were body guards or if someone was talking about body guards.

      Dream 2

      I was in my old bedroom from when i was 16 in my old house. I was there with my hubby. My hubby found an explosive that was attached to the strap of my shoe, the time was ticking down, it went from 16 mins to 3 mins then to 61 mins then down to 1 min, i panicked big time then thought "what the hell" ((I missed that sign grrrr!)) My hubby pulled the explosive off and quickly threw it out the window. I went downstairs and said to my eldest daughter "where's Cookie?" ((thats my dog)) she said "i put him outside" I went ballistic and screamed "GET HIM IN NOW!!" I went and got him and steered him away from the bomb as i guided him inside. I then thought about where my youngest daughter was ((her bedroom was above where the explosive was)) I screamed to her "GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM NOW!!" I ran upstairs and grabbed hold of her and quickly dragged her out of the front door
    9. Silver-Face and Three New Daughters

      by , 02-22-2011 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 22, 2011. Tuesday.

      I am shaving in what seems to be an unusual manner relative to location and distance from the bathroom(?) mirror. (It may actually be a mirror just outside our bathroom, although our house seems unfamiliar, but is like a composite of a few houses I have lived in with some features being of our present home.) There are several short periods of contemplation - through which seem like about twenty minutes total - when my face becomes a bright, shiny silver plate all around. During these times, I have various thoughts. These thoughts include ideas about not needing to shave over smooth silver. I also have trouble focusing my eyes to shave at times, because my face is so bright, as it distorts and reflects so that I can not see where I am shaving. My entire face is of a solid, polished silver “skin” that augments any light in the area exponentially. My eyes are there, but as outlined shadows of a lesser brightness against the “mask” of my “real” (in my dream) skin.

      It would seem to be a transient condition that may be related to either reflected light or mood or even the time of day. Later, I seem to be back in my old apartment and shaving there as well, but my facial skin is bleeding everywhere. Over time, I start to worry that I have lost too much blood to live, although there is not that much bleeding from particular areas during a shorter time. There are only a few extremely thick and hard hairs left along the sides of my face, reminding me of tree stumps.

      Again, there are times when my face is a silver, polished plate, with shadowy outlined eyes only - no discernible nose or mouth. I am vaguely worried I may die (during times when my face is otherwise normal), but nothing dramatic happens.

      A connected dream, in which my face is also sometimes the silver glowing “mask” of “real” skin, involves three new daughters. Oddly, they seem less than nine months apart, the oldest being perhaps a year and a half or two years old at the most and the youngest maybe six months old or older. I am not sure of the ages, but I still question if this closeness of ages would be possible. It is also possible that the youngest is newly born. The oldest is named Rowena. The middle one (by age) is Tillie. (The name “Tillie” might have come from a comic book character I was familiar with for a time - “Tillie the Toiler”.) I am not sure of the name of the youngest; it seems we may have not given her a name yet.

      The middle one (by age and on the northernmost end - the oldest, Rowena, resting to the southern-most side of the room, the youngest in the middle) keeps trying to stand, but falls over and bumps her head several times (but is not injured in anyway, although I have concern). They are all on the floor on a large blue mat. I am sitting on a (white?) sofa on the east side of the room.

      Later, I am aware of our real-life children, but their ages do not reflect the time differences of my dream relative to the “newer additions”. My youngest son had not aged the two years or so my dream would require to be consistent.

      We did have another daughter later on, but the name “Rowena” was not used as planned. Instead, we used the name I was “given” in a clearer-than-usual seemingly external “pulsing” event on November 22nd, 2012. It seemed to be some sort of communication of energy from the actual unborn child (in “wanting” and “saying” the name), but also seemed “rerouted” to some extent - it also seemed to simultaneously be in my own “voice” as if in reaction to something. It was also found to have happened at the same time a younger girl with that name died from a fall in the region (with the usual life-long “clustered” associations). It was on the 22nd of the 11th month. It was a 22-storey fall. Her last name was very similar to the brand of lantern (light-giving) my family used when I was young, and part of the area’s name was “Paradise”. I also saw the name several times after in different synchronous events seeming to validate our naming decision several times over.

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