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    1. 3 Dec: Incan descendants living inside a mountain

      by , 12-03-2019 at 07:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magic convention, meeting point is the base of some mountains. As we gather at what looks like a door carved in the rock, with images and writing on the tab around it, the rock starts glowing and bursting into flames and becomes a portal to an underground world. Those that do not deserve entering are crushed at the entrance by falling slabs. I and my friends, we enter without issues, by crossing the flaming rock and inside we follow a corridor leading to an underground city of Incan descendants. It basically consist of gigantic chambers, carved in the stone, connected to one another. Some look like temple rooms, with beautiful carved walls and ceilings and a giant empty space in the center, where people just gather. Others have buildings inside. Their rulers are considered demi-gods and they are white as snow, but the people are dark skinned, like the original incans. I actually understand the light skin on someone living for ages underground, I have more trouble understanding the people who retained their dark skin tone living there.
      When they see us the first time, they look at us as invaders and become defensive, but then they notice we are white and I am particularly pale, so they think we must also be gods, so we are taken to their rulers, who welcome us in their chambers.
      A baby comes out of nowhere crawling in my direction. He is quite big and heavy despite being an infant - has the size of a 3-4 year old. I pick him up and he wants mothers milk. I point it out to someone and they say he is the queen's son and they will call the queen. But she takes ages to come and the poor baby is desperate. I almost offer my breasts but I have no milk so makes no sense. Meanwhile he starts to poop on me. He makes a helluva pile of poop, about half his body size. But his poop is basically a large string of kefir like white substance, nothing dirty, just weird.
      The queen finally arrives and picks him up. They organize us in different groups, according to age and gender and some guides/ chaperones are appointed to tour with us. They assign a group of three 20 year old girls to keep me company. We are close to a majestic building (looks very modern though, not ancient Inca) and they point out some handsome blond dude coming out of some kind of vehicle, being escorted to the building. I say he looks exactly like the actor Ryan Phillipe. They have no clue whom I am talking about. They tell me he is the crown prince and they sigh at just how dreamy they think he is.

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    2. 5 Dec; Shoes, shoplifter and a Korean movie

      by , 12-05-2018 at 10:00 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Once again at my friend Zilla's home, actually her mom's. I go outside on the neighborhood for a walk and find lots of new shoes from a shop discarded by the dumpster. Some are still in the original boxes, but I will need bags to carry them with me. My friends, Zilla and Licas, they come by and we arrange to go get bags at home to rescue those shoes. At some point I am there guarding it so that no one else takes it and a couple of policemen comes ask me what I am doing. They think I am responsible for all those shoes on the ground and I could get a fine for it. But I explain what I am actually doing and ask if they can wait for my friends to come with bags.

      Later on a department store, a vintage thing, looks like it's the 1930's. I am with a friend, a cute curly blond lady. She sees another lady she dislikes, paying for some very luxurious towels and leaving them unattended at the cashier's balcony. In a moment of distraction of the cashier, she steals the towels and runs towards me, so we go away before anyone notices. I become accidentally involved. We head to an elevator and she acts all paranoid as we descend to the garage level. I actually think she might have gotten away with it. I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie. I go home by train. Unfortunately there must have been witnesses or something, because days later I receive a notification to pay for the towels she stole - they considered me accomplice - and they even charged me 9€ for a pen I took by mistake that I had used to sign a cheque.

      Some epic story, I think in China , but could be in Korea, Mongolia. This one felt a bit like a Bong Joon-ho movie. It was about some invaders, from another kingdom or tribe, and some people being driven out of their lands and persecuted. Their rulers are probably dead but there is a prince and a princess whom they believe are still alive but were captured. They escape through the mountains and reach an arid plateau. they are walking in two parallel lines along a path crossing the plateau, when their prince and princess appear at the end of the lines, running, looking beaten down. They rejoice, happy that they escaped. Unfortunately they were being followed by the enemy army, which is coming ready for an ambush. They have like a giant white sleeve-like trap they pull along the line of people, capturing them like fish in a net. I don't know how it is possible, but it works. And I am trapped with them.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. I was no one until I became a prince

      by , 09-30-2018 at 09:01 PM
      I was no one until I became a prince

      I remember that I was waiting for my childhood friend since our mothers had decided to let us meet, without telling us about it first. My friend was late so I went outside the mall for a walk. But as soon as I stepped outside the building I felt dizzy and every step I took made me feel even worse. It even felt like I was going to vomit or even faint as I tried to get to my way back into another entrance of the mall. Just right outside of the entrance I felt so ill, so I sat down on all four and that’s when I threw up. In front of other people. They looked at me, saying things and then kept on walking. I got up and noticed that I felt way better! But now I needed to freshen up before meeting my old friend so I went to one of the bathrooms but there were so many other girls a head in the line. When it was finally my turn I took a shower and then got escorted to the meeting by my dad and sister.

      They opened the door to a large room, this is when I noticed that we were not in the mall anymore. Everything and everyone looked like they were taken straight out from the 1600s, even my friend had changed. She had a beautiful pink dress, with blushy cheeks and a white wig. She looked so shy this is also when I noticed something strange about my own appearance.
      But instead of wearing a dress I had male clothes and a white wig. Everyone was referring me as the prince and wanted me to dance with my childhood friend. I took her hand and bowed very gracefully. She smiled. I glanced at her and then at everyone else. They looked at us and I could tell someone even whispered that we were such a lovely couple.

      This is were I thought the whole thing was really odd and woke up.

      Note: Me and my childhood friend was bestfriends in the past but as we became older we just grew apart. We would talk everyday and now I don't even see her once a year even though we live 5 minutes in walking distance away from each other.

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      Tags: faint, prince, vomit
    4. 12/28/2017

      by , 12-28-2017 at 12:45 PM
      Something about Noah, maybe V and my sister too. Woke up with Raspberry Beret stuck in my head.
    5. 17/01/2016

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:25 AM
      We've been in a house.

      I come back from the hall of Bv Roca. I salute Daniel who was living there in Depto 7. He was thin. Outside, in the streets it was night already and there was a friend called Peru and i saluted the parents of Franc.

      Then i dream about being in a camp, like a Oxford university campus, and i dreamt about guitar and weed. I plug it in and find myself "hacked?", they wanted to destroy the amps. I was at that time Brandon Stark. I look at front of me and there was like the royal crown in the building in front of me, in a balcony of stone, and i was like on a trial. There comes to my right Rickon and to my right Arya Stark riding a horse with armour. She was against me, and Rickon blamed me.

      Briene gives le a horse to pass through the people. I was like humilliated, and that horse really helped me to get away quicker from that scenario, but anyways i was in the city like imprisoned. We went far anyways, the scenario was like street Ituzaingo in Cordoba but also looked like England. There was nobody there, and i was like an observer at that time or probably the character itself, but now i have turned into Sansa Stark. I cut my hair so i could look like a boy and put a headband, like a pirate. I was walking on the street, or observing Sansa walking on the street (as she being my sister) and a prince comes down from a limousine with evil intentions, like to kidnap her. So she took a kitchen knife out of her pockets and she stabbed him. I ran to her and we ran together. Nobody on street saw that so we reached where we have to be to travel, and we travelled.

      We reached our house, Baigorria in Rio Cuarto, and we were the earliest people, the brothers. Sofia was also at home. She was in danger although nobody knew about this. She wanted to scape for the day, so we went through the hall and upstairs. Then she opened the left door and went out through the roof. I wanted to do the same, and like fly maybe, but i didn't realized i was dreaming. I came down and the door was opened. There i find my sister and my grandmother already there. I was like limited in my moves, i wasn't free, so i had to find myself an excuse to go upstairs again. I had to find dirty clothes to wash. There were none on my room. So i went downstairs to the living room. There were people inspecting the luggage. They were like police or private guys actually. I asked them and they didn't reply, and they even acted like authoritary. I went to the small desk on the cushions and asked there if those sockets were clean or dirty. The guy didn't know how to reply, after a long time of looking at it he didn't know what to say so i concluded they were clean. More people came already and they were like taking drinks already. My parents were part of the court, and for the situation (whatever the situation was) they were like the ones to blame in the court (but not by those outside, so i was kinda safe when i was with them but i didn't trust them). My mother tells me something about my older sister, that she went with her friend that what else could we expect, early in the morning already. I said something like yes, and nothing else. People still weren't aware of the death of that prince, that by the way the mother or aunt of him was there, in the house. I thought that everyone knew but they didn't want to expand the news, not for some days at least. I went upstairs again and my aunt, Analia, shouts from downstairs calling me to have desert. I said no, im going to take a shower and she calls me again and my mother as well. They really wanted to things go by their intentions, but i was firm in my position no matter the stupid consequences, so i said No!. And i probably went to take a shower so i had dirty cloth to go upstairs and wash the cloth and close the door of the roof.

      All of the time i was like hiding, imprisioned, suspicious, and like lying to myself and others with my attitude probably, because of what my sister did, and i wanted to "protect" her from the consequences, something impossible to do. Nobody scapes his/her karma.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Prince and the River

      by , 11-16-2014 at 05:39 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a field. There are many people. It's really crowded. There was a young prince we're supposed to protect/attack. A child? There's a decoy.

      The "prince" was on a runaway horse, and it went directly to traffic/the highway. I chased after it (not sure how; skateboard?). I was able to get rescue him and avoid dangerous cars. We kept going.

      The prince is a puppy (or some sort of small animal). I was in a forest-like area. People are making offerings there for safety and wishes. I wished that the pet/prince have a peaceful life in a farm. Something about organic.

      I was talking with a small group of people. One is the scientist Reina. We were in an area close to the Pasig river. We were talking of making river "buses" to go throughout Manila. Reina said this isn't viable.
    7. The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake // Zukin's Library // Future Society // Mom's Shop

      by , 09-15-2014 at 10:22 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 07, 2014

      The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake

      I was the main character in a Disneyesque princess story. I and my mother were taken into the castle and treated well, since we were poor, and the prince fell in love with me and gave me a beautiful necklace. I was working in the nursery/child-care facilities and one day there was a rumor that the prince was sleeping with a redhead. I trusted him and didn't worry about it, but a little girl took my necklace to play with and I got frantic and she broke it. I was angry and just wanted to be alone. While I was trying to fix it, the evil mother of the redhead had basically spread rumors that the prince and the redhead were to be married and that he thought I was trash ()it turned out the evil redhead-mom was the one who started the first rumor, too. The prince denied it all and ran away because he apparently couldn't handle all the drama, and the evil mother took over. The prince's best friend had been making a potion to track my feelings or something, and people had called me his kitten but then when I was all depressed someone told the Prince's bestie, "your kitten has issues," and he replied with "my raccoon apparently..." (he thought I was like a raccoon?) And the potion was reacting to a bottle of some liquid, acting like a magnetic liquid they have at the Hands-On Museum in my town.

      Flash forward a year or two, and I am in a room with a ton of bunk beds. All the old nobility were forced to sleep in there and work their asses off, even the redhead daughter. I woke up from a nightmare one early-morning, and the Prince's little sister had comforted me, and so I hugged her. Then, as I walked back to my bunk passed the redhead's bunk, I pulled her hair. And then felt bad about it because she wasn't a bad person. She was actually pretty nice, I had learned. It was just her mom that was evil.

      Then I find out a way to find the prince and stop the mother. I cut my hair and put on a baseball cap, and head out to find my own mother, who had left the castle to become a cake-baker.

      My perspective changes rapidly from my mother's and the prince's here, so I'll just describe what happened:

      The prince saw my mom one day, and there are flashes of hope in his eyes and he runs to her to ask about me. His bestie is with him and tells him to calm down, but he's too excited and tries too eagerly to help her lift a huge crate, and the contents all spill. They were all her cake ingredients, basically her living. People gathered but the bestie tells them there's nothing to see and calmly picks up half a chocolate cake. I become him at this point, and look down at the chocolate cake. It looks really good so I take a bite and it's soooo yummy. I take bite after bite until it's a little sliver of cake-crust in my hands. My dream self has really enjoyed eating things lately.

      The prince payed for new baking materials, and then walked away sadly when he found out my mom didn't know anything about me. Then, he goes off into the field next to us, and starts singing in Adam Levigne's voice about how sad he was that his love is gone. But I saw me (I am still in the Prince's Bestie's POV) come up to my mother just as he started singing and everyone was all gushy and I, as the Prince's Bestie, was thinking "wow, I really missed something not having watched this movie!"

      Or something like that, at least.

      Zukin's Library

      I was in library after a huge storm with Zukin. I think her room was somehow in the library. Either that, or her co-op had suddenly added a library in most of the rooms.

      We decided to go to a theater to watch some kind of show... Maybe it was a presentation about a group? The girl next to me starts climbing the wall assassins creed style (or maybe it was more Legion-Style). She ties a curtain in a knot at the bottom and top so that people can climb up it. And then people start climbing it like crazy. One after the other. Kinda creepy, like moths to a flame...

      I realize Zukin's not there anymore so I snapchat her "where you at?" and go to find her... But I go around the building and where her room should be there's just another library and I'm like "WTF" and I get really confused. I walk around looking for her room but can only find libraries and workout rooms (?!)

      Then I realize that I'm at the library on campus, not Zukin's house. I was walking down the stairs to find her and stopped in the stairwell to look out the window at another storm coming in, and two Asians are in the stairwell and I scoot around them at the corner when I am suddenly in her room. She had gotten my snapchat and summoned me there. Except then I realize I just woke up in her room and it was a dream. A lot of my stuff was in her room too, and she was telling me to wear my brown Mary-Janes with my long brown pants so it would match AND my pants wouldn't get ruined on the ground. She's telling me about a dream she had just had where she was in the library, and I was there, but only for part of it.

      I'm like "OMG me too!" and I tell her that she summoned me from the dream and that we had shared it or something.

      Futuristic Society

      I was in a futuristic society where classes were extremely uniform but drastically different. There were the well-to-dos, who were all the same, and the rogues, who were more like our society today, all different and colorful and lively. I was Iron-Man for part of the dream, and learned a secret code for a group that wanted to demolish the classes and make everything the way it used to be. I was in a rogue market that had the same vibe as the fish market in Seattle. A family came in and the little boy sat on the Iron-Man-Spot of the couch, and I said the secret code I had learned previously to the dad. He knew the code but was weary and cautious because the group was radical.

      Then I heard a large boom and everyone started panicking. Next thing, I was flying through the air, watching this HUGE piece o' shrapnel that had fallen from space. It was a piece of a spaceship and it had collided directly with the huge church tower in the center of the well-to-dos city. I woke up just as the impact had started. I got to watch what bit I did see in super slow-motion. I could see the ripples and waves as the shrapnel completely obliterated the huge church spire.

      Mom's Mall Shop

      I was in an old mall with my mom and apparently she had a shop there. But it had been closed for a long time.

      She opened it up and apparently it sold lotions and scents and shampoos and there was a little room for massages or something. The main part of the store had a lot of random items. A lot of people started coming in and shouting, "it's open again it's open again!!"

      It reminded me of a shop downtown... There was also a hotel behind it that my mom ran. There was a little girl who went through the door to the rooms, so I followed her to bring her back to her mother, but she got lost in all the rooms. The hallways were tall and wide and all antiseptic-white, and the lights were blue-tinted; it was like in some kind of abandoned hospital or something. I wandered around the creepy-ass halls, looking for the girl, and then woke up.


      I must have dreamed that I had written down another dream from that night, because I couldn't find it when I woke up again.
    8. Sleeping in the Oven.

      by , 06-04-2014 at 04:49 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      March 12, 2014

      I am a traveler in some olden Europe-esque land. I met Zukin on the road, and we decided to travel together. We talked a long time as we traveled, and I found that she, like I, could not live in her own country anymore because of some political strife.

      Along the road, we met with Kebab (who is actually someone from the group we both went backpacking in Texas with. The whole group appeared in this dream), who joined us in our travels. I think he was some sort of dwarf or mine-worker. We were walking along a wide open field with hills when we met a Japanese (Or at least, this dream's equivalent of Japanese) Prince. He traveled with us for a few days and then asked Zukin to marry him. She said Yes right away, and we all four traveled back to his home country.

      We almost got lost at one point, while we were traveling at night (Sound familiar, Zukin?) because we were behind schedule, but luckily the Prince knew where he was and was able to find the road again.

      We got to his palace, and the wedding was planned for five days from our arrival. The main hall was long and tall, with huge windows lining one entire wall. There were red and gold tapestries hanging from the ceiling along the entire length of the hall. The kitchen was at one end of that hall, through a concealed door.

      Zukin learned Japanese (again, dream equivalent) really fast and was texting the Prince all the time, even though we were in the same building (also, I don't know why we had cell phones...). For some reason, I was put up in the kitchen; my bed folded out of the Oven (haha!). I started thinking it was strange that with a whole fracking castle full of rooms, they put me in the kitchen instead of a real room. It was then I realized I must have been under some sort of spell, and so I started snooping around. I got Kebab to help me by keeping an eye on Zukin while I stalked the Prince.

      Then, I overheard him speaking with his attendant saying some really horrible things about me. I got even more suspicious, because he was always perfectly normal and kind to me, even when Zukin was not around. I did some more digging around and it turned out he was soooooo fracking corrupt; he extorts money from people, is abusive to his subjects, and apparently he needed to marry within the week or else his inheritance would be withheld from him.

      But by now it's the day before the wedding, and there's not much I can do to get Zukin to stop the wedding, because she's been brainwashed or put under some sort of strong spell. I was plotting in my Oven-bed when I met another member of the backpacking group (Let's call him Ivan), who turned out to be a spy from another country who was there to overthrow the Prince and reveal his corruption. We decide to work together to stop the treachery of the Prince, and at intervals, the rest of the backpacking group also ended up in my bedroom (aka the Kitchen). They were all from different countries and all were trying to stop the Prince. they'd all pretended not to speak English to infiltrate the Castle as workers. They were all under cover, and so well all devised a plan to save Zukin and stop the Prince.

      My role in the mission was to go on a "Double Date" with Zukin and the Prince, with Ivan as my date. (Can't say that wasn't self-serving, as I had a huge crush on him in the Waking World). While we were all on the date, the others would get what they needed from the Prince's royal office/bedroom or where ever he kept his incriminating documents.

      I woke up as Ivan and I met up with Zukin and the Prince.

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    9. 26th May 2013 Eastern prince, Controlling puppets, Dreamviews

      by , 05-26-2013 at 10:17 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I recall some area in mountains, and some jumping around.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some very eastern/Japanese looking area and there was something i was searching for. Later i was trying to give some kind of text list to the prince, but he didn't wanted to take it and went to the palace. I was following his coach and on the way i was gathering the team of some kids. We all had abilities of some kind related to controlling wooden puppets of some kind, some crazy girl also joined the team. We were practicing and at one point we had problems with puppets breaking. When we were done we started searching for a good way into the palace. I recall seeing strange map.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was browsing dreamviews and there were some threads, someone posted something about recalling dream in dream and i was going around doing usual dream guide stuff and posting. Then we were responding to alot of SP related posts... And then back to that discussion about dream/recall.
    10. Vicious mob overthrowing brutal prince

      by , 05-14-2013 at 02:17 AM
      In this dream a brutal prince reigned, who enjoyed killing people for fun. Then a mob rose up to overthrow the brutal prince. I was part of the mob. I remember there was a lot of gore, a lot of people died brutally on both sides. Toward the end I think the prince was overthrown, but I could not be sure because I was too far to get a good viewing what was happening. But there was a procession of sort, and the mob was not attacking the procession. I remember seeing a modern looking woman as part of the procession, and my dream self identified this woman as Eep. Upon waking I at first did not remember where I got the name Eep from: it's the name of the daughter of the cave men family in the movie The Croods. But the woman in my dream looked modern, well more modern than a cave man, and more modern than most of the mob anyway. In my dream I knew she was an influential leader of this revolution.
    11. Brother of Mine

      by , 03-02-2013 at 02:20 PM (Strange Dreams Indeed, Petticoat)
      The setting was old historical, renaissance I think. There were many people in the room, but I couldn't see all of them for whatever reason. I just knew there were people behind me, but I couldn't see them.

      My family in the dream was seated at one end of this huge table. My brother and I sat next to each other on one side and our mother and father on the other. We were at the castle because our parents had begged a word with the prince. The prince sat in a throne against the wall closest the head of our table, where we were. His people stood on both sides of him and near the exits of the room. I got the sense that the people behind me were his too.

      Father began speaking to him of a child that was his in our family, my brother to be exact. He said he would no longer raise the child as his own because it wasn't. The prince should take him.

      The prince declined saying what good is the son of a common woman. Did my mother think she was the only common woman to bear him children? There were many children in this kingdom from the prince's loins, but he would not lay claim to any. All women should thank him for blessing them with his seed.

      Mom shrieked at him. Begged him to take my brother and give him work or teach him something. The prince wasn't having it. He ordered for us to be killed.

      We ran, all of us. My parents pushed away my brother saying no, he's not coming, let him to die. That's the way they said it, let him to die. I grabbed hold of my brother's hand and looked him in the eye. I said, "You're still my brother. You will always be my brother. I don't care whose son you are."

      Together we ran, nearly tripping over things our parents had thrown down behind them.
    12. pac-man reincarnation; two troubled princes

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:55 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was watching my oldest nephew playing a 3D version of Pac-Man. The view was almost like the old version of Gauntlet, where you could see thed action from above. The maze seemed to be made out of blue bricks, with a slightly darker blue stone floor. The corridors were full of pellets -- not just a line of pellets, but tons of pellets throughout the corridors.

      Pac-Man was a kind of small, yellow sphere that wobbled all over the place. Pac-Man almost seemed as small as the large power pellets. The ghosts were also small. I watched Pac-Man eat a couple of ghosts early on in the game. Something about the view at that point reminds me very much of the old arcade version of Pac-Man.

      After Pac-Man ate the three ghosts, he ended up getting chased by a number of other ghosts. He very narrowly escaped getting caught by a ghost. I'd even thought he had gotten killed. He then meandered through a few curves, then along the top of the maze.

      Finally, Pac-Man went down a long, straight corridor. First, the corridor was just stuffed with pellets. Then it was stuffed with both pellets and ghosts. The ghosts stood still, just like the pellets. The ghosts were big, too. They were almost like statues.

      Pac-Man could move past them, even touch them. He only had to make sure he didn't get their attention somehow. If he did, they'd come alive. Then he'd either have to evade or fight them.

      At the very end of the corridor, things kind of emptied out. But Pac-Man found two ghosts. Both ghosts were blue (maybe all the ghosts in this long corridor had been blue). These two ghosts were Pac-Man's friends. One seemed to have a French-sounding name. Another seemed to have a Japanese-sounding name. They both spoke to Pac-Man with kind of high, digitized voices -- kind of like Robocon, telling Pac-Man they'd defend him.

      An enemy suddenly appeared. It was kind of small, maybe as big as or a little bigger than Pac-Man. It appeared to be a ghost or spirit wearing armor. The body looked like a normal body. But the head had huge horns (also armored) coming out the sides. The armor was bone-white. The enemy looked a little like an enemy in an original Nintendo game, like Ghosts 'N Goblins.

      Pac-Man shot the ghost with some kind of jelly-sphere bullets. The enemy may have touched Pac-Man's ghost friends, causing them to turn transparent. Eventually, Pac-Man defeated the enemy. He now got to advance to the next level.

      The next screen looked like a blue mansion in a dark blue night. The mansion looked run down. It was probably a haunted mansion. The view closed in on the balcony of the mansion.

      Something happened, and my nephew explained it to me. He said that Pac-Man had been something in his first life and something else in his third life. It was like Pac-Man was in his second life right now. He needed to come here to either fulfill or change something in his second life so the destinies of his first and third lives would be okay.

      Dream #2

      There were two different princes in two separate kingdoms. The two princes seemed to be living in medieval Europe. Thed two princes may have known each other. They had both gotten in trouble in very similar ways, and they were both getting to a point in their lives where if they didn't change soon, they'd never be able to live up to their full potential.

      The mother of the first prince explained the prince's situation to him. The mother and the prince were in the prince's room. The mother was brutally frank with the boy, who was probably in his late teens. The mother then left the room.

      The second mother was now in the second prince's room. This prince wore a strange, big, puffy headdress, like fortune tellers or genies in movies sometimes wear. The headdress had alternating strips of black satin and multi-colored, possibly flower-printed satin.

      The second mother and second prince were almost joking with each other about what a mess the second prince had made of things. But the mother then got serious. She told the boy he really needed to change his life before it was too late. She also said something like she would discuss what she meant in more detail later. She then left the room.

      The boy's father walked into the room. He was Billy Dee Williams. But he acted very feminine, and he may have been a little skinny. He may also have been wearing a tight, black sweater and tight, black pants, like a modern dancer, completely out of character with this medieval setting.

      The father seemed to be in love with his son like a woman would be in loved with a man. He got really close to the boy, almost as if to kiss him, and asked the boy what it was that got him in trouble, and what the mother had told the boy. But the boy couldn't quite say what the mother had said. He was actually waiting for the more serious discussion she'd have with him.
    13. April 20 2011: The assasination of a prince

      by , 04-27-2011 at 02:33 PM (The path to Lucid Mastery)

      Note: I haven’t updated my DJ in quite some time so here are three entries at once. Enjoy!

      In this dream I was in some kind of pyramid-shaped palace (an Incan pyramid, not an Egyptian one). There was a guy there wearing expensive golden ornaments who called himself the prince. He was really rude and told me to go away. I walked outside and set up a plan to kill him to become the prince myself. I dug a hole in front of the door of his palace and when he came out he fell in.

      Now I was the prince, but I was sure someone would try to assassinate me too. My oldest little brother came into the palace and started working on my nerves, telling me to watch out and heavily implying he knew I was the one who killed the old prince. I ignored him but soon after he left and came back with two men who started asking me questions. I denied everything and acted really insulted, but my little brother didn’t buy it and went away to investigate. Then he came back with one of my sandals that was in the bushes next to the hole I dug for the old prince. Then I woke up.

      The dream wasn’t exactly fun but not a nightmare either. And even though my little brother appeared in it I failed to do a reality check and become lucid.
    14. 04/26/11 A Night of Healing

      by , 04-26-2011 at 09:54 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Asuka in a Bed of Flowers
      I am inside MoSh's inner world, I am in the living room with MoSh and Asuka. I remember that MoSh wanted me to check on Asuka to be sure there is nothing infecting her or causing her any kind of harm, and I agreed to do that. I ask Asuka if she has any problems with that, and she says to go ahead, though she has been feeling fine. MoSh comments that there won't be any harm in checking. I transport the three of us to the healing glen, it seems that the glen is the best place to do the healing check. Asuka is lying in a bed of flowers, she seems to like the garden very much. The instrumental version of the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack is playing as golden light comes out of the flowers themselves and surrounds Asuka in their healing energy.

      Asuka is floating over the flowers with the golden energy flowing all around and through her, it seems to be cleansing her. I don't notice anything strange, no parasites being washed out, no dark energy being purged. If there is any of that, it's being completely destroyed. I figure I might have been here earlier to heal her, I might have done that during a dream I don't remember since my recall has been really crappy. After the healing is done, MoSh asks if I want to come back to his place for a party. I say I really don't want to sit around and watch the activity MoSh and Asuka most likely want to engage in. MoSh says they don't have to be doing that, but I tell him I will be having more dreams.

      Heir to the Throne
      I am in a city I don't recognize, it seems to be a cross between a futuristic city and a medieval village. The combination results in buildings that look futuristic, but the layout is that of a small village from an RPG of some kind. It also seems that there are problems going around, everyone looks very nervous. It really feels like I'm in a RPG, so I act like I would in a RPG. I start moving around the town and listening to people talking, talking to a few people I see… and I find out there has been a tragedy recently. I finally am able to piece together the horrible recent events. Some unidentified attacker has just killed the king and queen, brutally. It seems the assailant, sick enough to be on a Criminal Minds episode, had tied up both the king and the queen, raped both of them repeatedly, then brutally butchered them both. Also the 14 year old prince had been hiding in the closet, he saw the whole thing. The boy is very traumatized, and he has been unresponsive ever since… the killing was two weeks ago. With the king and queen dead, even though the prince is only 14 years old, they need him to be fit to accept the crown. But he can't do that if he's catatonic, so the legal provisions have that a very unpopular and greedy asshole would become king. So, I'm a healer, and I go to the palace which is a very interesting blend of futuristic and medieval architecture.

      It takes some convincing, but I manage to get in to see the prince, who is sitting near the back of the throne room with a pillow, holding it like a teddy bear… the pillow smells of perfume. There is a portrait of the king and queen hanging on the wall, so I figure it is the perfect way to reach him… I transform into the queen's form and use the song spell My Last Breath by Evanescence. When the boy comes out of his state, he fingers the asshole who killed his parents… the same asshole who stood to take the crown! Well, that's a rather cliché motive, but it works.

      Gilligan's Island Lost
      I am on a tropical island that immediately reminds me of the old television series, Gilligan's Island. It is a very beautiful place, it is also very peaceful there. I can hear the birds singing in the trees, I see animals moving around in the bushes and trees, a nice breeze is blowing in off of the ocean. Wandering a bit farther, I find a crystal clear stream running past some huts made out of wood with grass type roofs, it seems there are people living here. I go over to the small homes and I see the cast from Gilligan's Island all going about their daily business, that is until they see me. Gilligan sees me first, he stops and stares at me for a couple minutes before saying anything at all.

      He finally calls the skipper, who calls back, "What?" Gilligan just says there's a girl on the island. The skipper responds that of course there is, there are three of them! Finally the skipper comes out, along with the others, and they see me there. Questions are asked, including how I came to be on the island, do I have a boat, am I here to rescue them. I tell them I can take them to the mainland. They are all thrilled at that news. Everyone is getting some things together to bring with them, I hear Mr. and Mrs. Howell talking about opening a resort on the island. I tell him I hope he is kidding. He says no, he is serious. I say that means I'm going to get them off the island so they can come back and destroy it? He says of course not, he wants to improve it, get rid of some of this wildness. I tell him I can't take them home and let them come back to destroy the island, it is pristine, it needs to stay that way. Gilligan says he really wants to go home. I get an idea on what to do. I tell them to say goodbye, they won't be seeing the island again. Mr. Howell says he's sure he will. I open a portal to get all of them to the mainland, then I return to the island. A bit of magical protection is in order. Some magical wards, spells that cause ships or planes to veer around the island without realizing they have changed course… moving the island into a parallel dimensional pocket… summoning some powerful pokémon that will be able to blend into the environment without harming anything, but they will be able to protect the island… Once I am satisified that the island will be protected I spend the rest of the dream exploring it.
    15. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-11-2011 at 08:59 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Prince (DILD)

      Blurs. Orange and dark, everything fades: out of existence, into existence. This room is my prison, and my mind, my thoughts, my will, they lay suppressed, fighting for air, life, and the ability to soar. A callous laugh rings about me; my soul is his, he says, my struggle futile. . .

      I disagree.

      This dream, this state, I will overcome it!

      A flash.

      Light greets my eyes as I rise above the strength of my captor, as I rise into lucidity.

      I've been here before.

      A Demon Lord smiles at me blackly, ethereal, flowing, seated on his throne, behind his servants, their detailed malevolence and dark beauty equally as vivid as the one they serve. I cannot best him, he informs me, for I am nothing.

      Uninterested, walking away, through the open courtyard, I spot my betrayer, a Monkey King who had led me to this place. But for what, I wonder. He seems stricken, upset I have seen his true colors. Is that regret in his eyes?

      The Lord rises from his throne, following after me, through the throng of laughing demons, all in their higher forms. Are they laughing at me? Or at the incompetence of their Prince? I can't be sure, but his taunting is starting to annoy me.

      The wind blows through the short, pale, snow-dipped grass as I turn around to face this Lord, Prince, whatever he might be. He sneers, and turns his back on me. He really knows how to push my buttons.

      I raise my hand, but my mind can't make contact. Is my TK useless here? No, surely that can't be, not at my level of control. I try again, this time with two hands, remembering how powerful my TK has proven itself in the past. The Demon Lord seems horribly surprised when his head jerks violently to the side. But it's not enough; he's resisting. Pouring on the pressure, another 60 degrees, but still he stands. Again and again, I throttle and wind his neck on its axis, rotating it in circle after circle, but all I earn is a disgusting look of wonderment.

      I decide to take a different approach, taking to the air, and raising my arms up above my head, letting loose a primal shout. A yellow, pulsing aura bursts from my body whilst my hair, now bright and golden, spikes downward, extending into an impressive, body-length mane. Above me, a yellow, glowing orb starts to grow. I feed it my rage, imbuing the ball with a dark red energy. Swirling now, yellow and red, it grows as I scream, as the Demon Lord approaches me, licking his lips.

      In moments, I've grown my attack large enough to vaporize my foe in one fell swoop. So why does he look unconcerned? Is this really all I can do? He seems to think so, but I feel like I can make things more interesting. . .


      Blue electricity shoots up my arm and fuses with the ball, coating it in a spiral of jagged cerulean lightning. The Demon Lord smile fades. He asks me what I've just done, but the only answer I give is cryptic, even to me. With a cry, I bring down my arms, hurling this orb of death at my enemy, who appears to me now as Frieza. To my surprise, he simply stands there as the blast hits his plated chest. Does he really think he can absorb that?

      I watch as he finally realizes what the chidori fusion was designed to do: penetrate his defenses like a knife through taught paper. But by then, it's too late; his last ditch effort to evade the technique only saves a fourth of his body. Part of that fourth, still floating in the air, looks back at me, forever set in an expression of despair and confusion.
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