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    1. Fuck off Satan

      by , 10-20-2016 at 06:54 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall is vague and disjointed. This had been a thing for the past few days, but hopefully things will get better once I fix my sleep cycle.

      I recall being in some sort of manor with walls of wood. There is a wall of concrete, which has a window on it leading to a room inside the manor. I try to open the window but the entire thing detached, leaving a square hole in the wall.

      Going into the hole, I find myself in an underground slum, with the ceilings made out of metal and machinery, the walls made out of scrap, and the ground is made out of paved concrete. The hole had turned into a metal door. The place is a long, cramped hallway, with openings into various rooms. I go in a vacant room to rest. I hear the sound of flesh hitting ground and a person telling the people living here to eat the dead bodies. I hide.

      I recall my dream transitioning, and Satan is hounding me while I ward off my bed. "Satan" in this case looks like Star Butterfly from Star Vs the Forces of Evil. At some point I am tricked to leaving my bed, and Satan says that my soul is hers. I am so annoyed by her underhanded tactics that I realize I am dreaming, but I am also too annoyed ot make any use of that fact apart from telling Satan that I'm not playing her game, and waking myself up.

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    2. Cards, aliens, and cannibals

      by , 02-11-2014 at 01:15 AM
      I'm reading cards for an off-duty cop or detective - it's about his case, and it's not official. The Hermit - that's the criminal. The Emperor - that's him. And then a minor card that indicates cooperation between the two of them, and things going smoothly.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm talking to this alien I'm traveling with and my first instinct is to call her Red - she's red from head to toe - but I stop and think about how nicknames work in alien cultures. Best case scenario, everyone's going to wind up calling me Pink, not sure I'm up for that. Me and another alien head outside on some errand, crossing this huge field, and as we're walking I ask him about nicknames. He says, "You don't want to say my name?", and I don't know how to interpret his tone - maybe bewildered, maybe hurt, maybe I've just accidentally proposed marriage, I don't know. We're still crossing the field, but we've wound up walking on top of/sliding down a pile of giant, motionless serpents.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are these people trapped in a cabin on a mountain by a group of killers, and they're wondering if their two friends who left earlier made it off the mountain okay. The scene changes to a group of people standing around a car parked near the base of the mountain, across a field of tall grass - the killers, a 'family.'

      I switch to the POV of the father figure of the group, and I'm looking at the two young boys with us who are new to the family, keeping an eye on them. Not too worried though. Someone spots a figure moving out of the forest and into the field - the figure shouts to us when she sees us, waves her arms to get our attention. I'm thinking, huh, we missed one. We'd found a guy in the forest earlier, I hadn't realized there was still another one out there. That was sloppy.

      Me and those two boys go to meet her, and she starts talking about how she needs a lift. Walking her back towards the car, we get to the part of the field near the road where the tall grass is all flattened down from what we'd done earlier, and there are a few things, plastic bags and such, scattered around on the ground. She's looking at the things on the ground and looking a little uncomfortable, she asks what we were doing out here. Having a picnic, one of the boys says. The rest of us laugh. It's technically true.
    3. beat up in apartment; cannibal hamburgers

      by , 04-18-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in the hallway of my apartment buidling. I was at the other end of the hallway from my apartment. There were two black boys, one kind of tall, both probably in their early to mid teens. One of the boys saw me and wanted to do something disrespectful to me, so he spit in the hallway, near the top of the stairwell going down.

      I was now in my doorway, yelling at a few adults, who were also all black. I asked why people needed to keep doing this kind of stuff, not only to me, but to the whole apartment.

      Somehow a really big, thuggish-looking adult possibly dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt, black bubble vest, backwards cap, and slightly tinted eyeglasses began to beat me up. He pounded and pounded on me until I was lying on the floor. Something may have been really wrong with my left shoulder, as if the man had almost torn it off.

      But I may possibly still have stood up after this to run after one or two of the adults who were now walking away, down the hallway. I told them that I wasn't going to stop complaining just because of what they'd done to me.

      Dream #2

      I was out on some lawn which may have been surrounded by some kind of small building, like a wide villa. It was a kind of pale, slightly overcast day.

      I had possibly done something bad, and now some woman possibly wanted to get me in trouble for it. The woman may have been a few years older than I, with a kind of thin, rough-looking face, pale blue eyes, and very short, red hair.

      The woman was really taunting me. I finally felt so threatened that I grabbed the woman by her ankles, swung her around, and threw her up in the air. She went pretty high, then she landed. She seemed injured. But now I just wanted to kill her. So I lifted her back up, spun her around, and slammed her back down to the ground. I did this a few times, until the woman had been smashed so much that she was finally dead.

      During the last few throws, I saw that there were two men watching me from a porch. On the woman's last fall, her body bounced up onto the porch, then actually tumbled down into a smallish, plastic cooler that was full of ice and sodas. I slammed the lid down on the cooler.

      The guys were still staring at me. One was younger. The other was very old. They both looked kind of grizzled and wore worn old clothes and cowboy hats.

      I thought I'd impress them somehow, so I opened up the cooler and pulled out a Dr. Pepper. I sat it on the porch and made some weird comment about how the woman's body had become a Dr. Pepper and how it would taste so great to drink because of that.

      The men "told" me that I had killed the woman because I didn't want her to tell on me and get me in trouble, but that now the police knew the woman had been killed, and I'd be getting in even more trouble. I should probably get out of here before the police came around.

      I agreed. I started taking body parts out of the cooler. But the body parts, mostly just a bunch of shapeless chunks of meat, were all inside of white paper bags from Wendy's. I sat the bags up on the porch. I asked the men if they would hide the body parts for me, so that the police wouldn't find them.

      I was now leaving. The two men were sitting in a room back from the porch. The room was dim. The two men sat side by side, with their backs to the wall opposite the doorway. As I walked away, on the lawn, I asked the men if we would still be able to cook the woman's body parts and eat them like a hamburger. The men said that we would be able to do it.

      "In fact," the older man said, "You've already eaten a hamburger made out of humans."

      I thought back and realized, with surprise, that the man was right. There was a man just a while back. His body had been turned into a hamburger, and I had been fed his meat without even knowing it! I had been tricked into cannibalism!

      I was now in some bathroom that looked like an outhouse or a bathroom that you might see at a camp in the woods. I was in a stall. I kept coughing and pulling meat out of my mouth. The meat was yellowish and looked kind of like fish or curried chicken. It had the texture of fish. I had apparently not yet swallowed any of this meat. I hadn't even chewed it very much.
    4. 11/25/2010 - "Ex Box", "How to Cook (for?) People"

      by , 11-25-2010 at 05:56 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Ex Box"

      I was with MJ. There was a lot that went on, toward the beginning of this dream, that I don't remember. It had something to do with boxing and/or martial arts, though. Somehow, I'd ended up getting a call from Mike Tyson, and he said he saw me fighting somewhere, and that I had potential. He said that he wanted to teach me a couple of things. We met him at a gym somewhere, and he started training us. There was a long period here, of us being taught by him, but I don't remember much of it. I do vaguely remember walking back out of the gym, later on in the day, and going over a few last minute details with him.

      Later on that night, we were all back at my house, including Mike. He was teaching us to scramble, touching on the idea that most fights end up on the ground. He had placed 4 buttons/switches around my driveway (which sits on a hill at probably a 45-degree angle); one at either side. This was to be a bare-knuckle match, between MJ and I, with the objective of keeping the other person from hitting the switches. The first person to hit the most switches, within the time limit, won. It was absolutely insane. We were just completely beating the shit out of each other. MJ had apparently been training before this, also, because she was doing her thing. I had her outmatched, though. I felt like I was pulling my punches to her face, little; going kind of easy on her. It just felt too weird, punching her in the face; even though it was just the natural course of the dream. The hits were still solid, though - especially the body blows - and we were just scrambling all over the place, running from side to side, top to bottom, as if doing sprints. I would hit a switch, and then she'd tackle me as I changed direction, and we'd roll around on the ground punching the shit out of each other. Then we'd scurry to our feet and rush across the driveway to another switch, tripping and punching each other along the way. There was one point, where I got penalized because they said I threw a kick at her, but I don't believe I did.

      MJ kept having trouble with the switch that was at the bottom of the hill. Since my driveway is so steep, our forward momentum, while running, was so great that it would make us tend to overshoot the switch. I got the hang of it, before she did, and I would baseball-slide toward it, hit the switch, and then trip MJ on her way by. She'd fly down the last leg of driveway, hit the pavement hard and roll to a stop. This gave me more time to get up and push another button, before she could recover and get back into the fight. I remember one particular moment, when we were both on the ground, and I was just punching her in the ribs, over and over, as hard as I could, trying to wear her out, a bit.

      (Don't really remember anything after this, but that was a crazy dream. The fighting was just so frantic and realistic. Reminds me of the dream where I was sword-fighting with my other ex. Lol. Except, in that one, we were actually trying to kill each other. Much less fun. This one just felt more like a spar.

      Also, I had read/seen THIS story, about what happened to Christy Martin, in the news last night. I was also talking to MJ for a while on FB. I'm guessing that's what brought this dream on.)

      Dream Two:
      "How to Cook (for?) People"

      I was in a restaurant being run by Todd's parents. I don't remember much of this dream, but I somehow got tipped off that this was a cannibalistic restaurant, Todd's parents were serial killers, and we were all about to inherit our own places on the menu. Immediately, my instinct was to get the hell out of there. I stood up, and made my way toward the door. This was just at the time when Todd's dad was about to lock it, to keep us from getting out. He tried to stop me, when I approached, but I slipped passed him and out the door, before he could close it. I saw the fury in his eyes, at my escape, and watched him open the door again and follow me into the parking lot. Not wanting any part of whatever the Hell was going on here, I hurried away from him and got in my truck, speeding out of the parking lot. Todd's dad, never breaking stride, stalked over to a big rig and climbed inside.

      He began chasing me in the rig, and I remember going the wrong way, trying to exit the parking lot, and nearly getting stuck in deep sand. I was able to double-back and around him, though, making my way onto a main road. After driving for a while of driving, without incident, I got this lumbering feeling of something huge coming up from behind my truck. The road was now dark and, otherwise, deserted. I don't think I ever got a good look at what this thing was, following me, but I know that it was not a big rig. I remember a vague sense of the silhouette, and I believe it was some kind of mix between machine and living creature. I know it was massive, and I do think it had wheels, but I have no idea what it could have been. I was scared as hell, though.

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