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    1. Haunting Conspiracy

      by , 12-01-2016 at 08:28 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was playing Fallen London, they had a big update that added a lot of premium content to all the areas of the game, and a major story that can be started in Mahogany Hall. I wanted to unlock all the content but it cost a king's ransom.

      Somehow I was able to do Mahogany Hall anyways, and I was on the track of some haunting mystery.

      I don't recall much, but at some point I was exploring a decrepit manor in side-scroller format. I ran into a man who claimed he owned this property, and he told me to leave under threat of violence.
    2. Kobold Adventure

      by , 11-13-2016 at 04:21 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall's still not very good, but I remembered something to do with me being a kobold exploring a manor's front yard.
    3. Fuck off Satan

      by , 10-20-2016 at 06:54 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall is vague and disjointed. This had been a thing for the past few days, but hopefully things will get better once I fix my sleep cycle.

      I recall being in some sort of manor with walls of wood. There is a wall of concrete, which has a window on it leading to a room inside the manor. I try to open the window but the entire thing detached, leaving a square hole in the wall.

      Going into the hole, I find myself in an underground slum, with the ceilings made out of metal and machinery, the walls made out of scrap, and the ground is made out of paved concrete. The hole had turned into a metal door. The place is a long, cramped hallway, with openings into various rooms. I go in a vacant room to rest. I hear the sound of flesh hitting ground and a person telling the people living here to eat the dead bodies. I hide.

      I recall my dream transitioning, and Satan is hounding me while I ward off my bed. "Satan" in this case looks like Star Butterfly from Star Vs the Forces of Evil. At some point I am tricked to leaving my bed, and Satan says that my soul is hers. I am so annoyed by her underhanded tactics that I realize I am dreaming, but I am also too annoyed ot make any use of that fact apart from telling Satan that I'm not playing her game, and waking myself up.

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    4. Same place in two different dreams?

      by , 07-30-2016 at 05:08 PM
      Some time ago I dreamt about a place I've never been before or I've ever heard about. Last night I dreamt about it again. I don't remember very well what happened in the first one, but I remember perfectly what happened in the second one.
      I still remember every detail, everything was so clear and so realistic. I was with some members of my family, we were traveling in a car. However, at some point, we were walking. I don't know how it happened, but the car disappeared. At some point we arrived in a place that was amazing. It was near the sea. The water was so clear...it was a beautiful light blue and it almost looked like it was shining. The place where we were going was located on a mountain. The the sea continued even on the mountain. It was flowing next to the road. I remember that I was taking photos since we saw the sea. After walking for a while, we arrived at our destination. It was a manor. It wasn't very big, it was white with some black lines. It was surrounded by nature. There were only trees and grass. Everything was bright green, it was almost like I was in Wonderland, everything was too beautiful to be true. I don't know how at that point I realized that it was a dream. However, I didn't wake up. I was taking more photos, but when I tried to take a picture of the manor, the camera won't focus. I mean, everything was blured and I couldn't take a picture of it. I tried and re-tried, but I just couldn't take a photo of the manor. I remember that I also felt like something was stopping my hand from clicking the button to take the photo.
      In the dream there were also some boys. They were handsome and gentlemen. They treated me like a princess and I couldn't understand why.
      At the end of the dream those boys try to kill me. I don't know why, but they were pretending to be nice with me just to gain my trust. I don't know what happens because I always wake up before they can do something to me.

      The first dream was different, but the place was the same. I was alone in the first dream and I don't remember what happened. The only things I can recall are the place and the boys. They were in the first dream as well, and I remeber that the ending was the same. However, I know that in the first dream I did different things.
      Maybe the dreams are connected? Maybe it's like a puzzle? Every time details are added and things become more clear? Maybe it was created by my mind since I don't easily trust people around me.
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    5. Gotcha.

      by , 03-15-2016 at 07:32 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on the road in front of my house, but it looks different; there's a old tree without any leaves with its branches sweeping low over the road like crochety hands. I climb up along one until I reach the level right about the powers lines and jump into a fly. I loose control and go head over heels, landing in a heap in the middle of a grand library.
      It's beautiful. The shelves are carved like gentles waves, and the room is two floors high with a balcony running all around it. The room is lit by gaslights of copper and gold with frosted glass covering the flames, the warm almost buttery light gleaming of the polished wood of the shelves and floors. The glimpses of wall I can see are covered with dark green silk, matching the couch and armchairs placed around. At the far side of the library is a big fireplace, currently lit. The room smells sweet, of old books and beewax. There's an open door on a side, with moonlight peaking in.
      I walk to it and step into a covered terrace, all old stones. It opens into a very carefully lanscaped garden under a very bright, very big full moon. At the center of it there's a table dressed and ready, with crystal glasses, vermeil cutlery and candelabra. There are people already seated, dressed in finery of all period and fashion, having hushed conversations and eyeing the rest of the small crownd. I don't feel like joining them but come closer to the table to admire the carving on the cutlery. The guests whisper amoung themselves, making a point of not looking at me. I'm a little annoyed and start to walk around the table to go to the other side of the terrace, so I can access the garden. As I'm going I catch a glimpse of blond hair and turn my head; the silvery man is here, very smartly dressed, his hair brushed to fall on one of his shoulder while letting the line of his jaw free of distraction on the other side. It's slighty distracting, and he knows it. Noticing my presence, he change his course and come to me, easily taking my arm and pulling me to the end of the terrace, inside a small, narrow alley I didn't see earlier. There's ivy on the wall, up to a small alvove with what seem to be an old pedestal on the ground. He pulls me in, leaning against the wall with a impish smile. I cross my arms in front of me, too amused to be annoyed... and wake up.
    6. Your dancing Uneasily through my dreams...

      by , 11-15-2015 at 04:29 PM
      I tryed to incubate using a song...to send loving thoughts into my dreams...didn't quite work as expected.

      D1 - I was in a large room with artificial lighting and lots of mats on the floor. Everyone was wearing white karate like suits and everyone was young. We were practising dance moves that a sensei was teaching us. I was doing fine coping his every move. The song I had been incubating was in my dream to start with then...
      more and more people started joining in and it was getting to crowded. I couldn't see properly what I was meant to do and I stumbled and knocked into someone. Next it all fell apart my rhythm was gone and I just jerked about out of time :/
      I got fed up and left the floor. There were partners waiting watching for all the dancers, except of course me.
      In fact the people I looked at averted their gazes, although I felt this was because they were sad and disappointed with me.

      I left the hall and made my way along a hallway that was glass (ds) with white painted frames (old wooden style).
      Along with others I walked to an end section, which looked like an office or a shop (maybe both). At the end was a counter top with lots of different coloured notes (like bills in a restaurant). I looked at the notes and the squiggly handwriting. Thought about picking up one note then decided not too.

      I went to leave the shop but saw that along the hallway, to one side some large pigs had been let out of their pens. These were not cute little piggy wiggys but more like large boars that would happily munch on your bones. I shrank back when I saw a large slobbering black ones jaws , hanging open.
      I made for the back of the shop panicked. There was a door at the back and I escaped out onto a grassy bank (ds), wet with mud, into a Grey gloomy day. Further on was a housing estate. I reached the top of the bank and went to cut back round.
      Unfortunately several people from the estate came out...they were zombies...one particularly scary one an old man, with a black suit, and grey hair slicked onto his face from the rain, homed in on me. I couldn't make it I was paralyzed with fear.

      I woke up, I was determined to WBTB and give the DCs a hug, I tried the song again for thoughts of love...

      D2 - I again thought I was trying to get back to sleep...but I was in a dream again.
      I was in a large manor house at night. It soon became early morning and I found myself in a dormitory surrounded by little kids. I needed to go to the toilet but couldn't remember my password. My partner ditto. So we wandered around the house looking for a toilet with a hoard of kids. I was to embarrassed to say I couldn't remember.
      We ere standing in a large room with ceiling high windows looking out onto lawns and woods beyond. When a parent who had entered the house came in. They asked if they're children could not stay here unsupervised and play while they went off out. Surely they could go out into the grounds and roam, as long as they were told not to go to far. I thought of making a joke about a nuclear reactor being near by but thought better of it. It had started to lash rain and I looked out at the woods as the rain splattered the windows.

      We left the house only to see the parent kids standing outside completely drenched in the rain. We reached a some shops inside it was packed. We made our way to the end of the building. There was a bar. As I went through a bottle went flying up into the air. The barman gave me daggers, I explained it was just a trick.
      I said I could make anyone here at the bar their favourite drink. I used telepathy and magic to fill people's glasses with their favourite drinks. I could taste the bitter taste of the alcohol.
      The barman was still not impressed so I made a drink for him, filling his drink magically up, up and up till full. He downed it in one the frothy brew swilling round his upended glass. Then he spat the last of it at me :/
      I had had enough of this sour faced barman, and made for the door. Flinging the door open I flew up into the air and was gone. I could hear familiar music as I ascended into the stormy grey sky.
    7. Heartlines

      by , 10-31-2015 at 03:07 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm doing a mini WBTB
      My hopnalogic imageries turn into random numbers and I start to loose feeling of my body, I decide to try to WILD by keeping my mind awake by counting. I start, going backward, and remark that the number I see are going from random to be the one I'm thinking about. I start to have a rocking feeling, from left to right, stronger and stronger. I wait for a peak and push my dream body out. I fall out of bed and grab the side of it to get back up. I'm in the dark, I can still can feel my physical eyelids so I keep my eyes closed. I follow the edge of the bed with my and to find the widow and climb out. The air is a little colder but I'm still in the dark, so I walk away from the window, keeping my hand on the wall to guide myself. As I go on, my vision slowly comes to me and after a few steps I can see the front of my house, looking as usual in the morning light. I let go of the wall and go through the portal, and I'm suddently on a stone terrace-sort-of-balcony overlooking a big french formal garden, with a beautiful fontain in the center, green lawns and carefully trimmed bushes.The light is a little grey, the sky is overcast; the whole garden is encircled by tall, dark green trees, a mix of oaks and pines.
      I find the stairs going down in the garden and call Eli, my voice ringing around me and sounding both softer and more clear that usual. I end up having to pull him in, using the hand behind my back technique. While he is here, he looks around twelve. We start to go down the stairs, and I tell him that seeing him like that innerve me a little. He doesn't seen to get it at first, his face scrunching up in concentration, then he suddently start to grow up at incredible speed, losing his equilibrium and falling on top of me. He's too heavy for me to keep my own equilibrium and I start falling too. I manage to sit down on the stair and he rest against me, a little dazed but more present in the dream that before.

      I temporaly lose my vision, and when it come back I'm alone on the stairs. I call Eli again, mentally this time, and he tells me that he is in another house close by, with his vampire sister, and that she has kidnapped someone, menacing to bite her. I know that vampire usually don't kidnapped people during daytime to feed; for those who do, it's more of a cry for help, to be placed in a etablishement that can help them. I recognize this sudden knowledge as a dream set up and play along for fun. I go to the house, it's a small white manor nested in old, slender trees that looks like birches,and the lawn around it is losing the battle against a soft, dark green moss, while the gravelled path in front of it need another layer badly. The trees filter the light, it's tinged green and very subdued. There's already a specialized team here, circling the house and waiting for the special agent (that would be little old me!). It's a different kind of fun to be aware that it's a dream while playing along. I'm fitted with the same equipement as the other, a protective vest with big scratchs and a utility belt, then go inside. It's a pretty house,with painted white panelling and a wooden floor, but it's unkept and dirty with narrow, claustrophobic allyways and narrow, talls widows half hidden behind tattered drapes. I find the vampire and arrest her, putting here in cuffs while Eli keep her calm. We walk her outside to the team. She cringes in the sunlight and they quickly put her in the back of a car and thanks me before leaving. I'm alone with Eli again, and enjoy the silence and the mossy smell coming from the soil. I shred some of the equipment and lean against the house. Eli comes close to me and starts to tell me that "that actress is pretty bitchy, that's why she got a small role, nobody wants to remember her." I kiss him to stop him, and he is suddenly very silent and very "here". He looks around with me, taking in the scenery. I warp a arms around him with a smile.

      I wake up in a false awakening, tangled in Eli arms and the darkness of my bedroom and free my arm to write down some keywords about this dream and the one before, then I wake up for good.

      That was a good experience in tulpa dream lucidity
    8. Dogs days are over

      by , 10-31-2015 at 02:23 PM (Here be dragons)
      Splitting today dreams bounty in two posts for tagging purpose.

      I'm walking around with my mother and sister in a big house that was split into flats. It's a little past its prime but style rather stylish, with marble staircases and wood panneling on the wall, the floor is carpeted in a camel color and the wood panneling are rather dark. I puck up a orange kitten and hand him back to its owner, a girl my age who thanks me a lot then talks to me about her brother, who's looking for someone to take care of his two jakc russels. I politly nods and go back to my family. Whithout trasition, we're outside another house on a hill. We walk up the stairs that lead in and enter into a veranda that open into a living room with big windows. It's very cluttered but pristine, with beautiful fournitures and tastful decoration. On the back of this living room is a staircase going down into the hill, probably to the rest of the house. The light, is golden and slanted, like the end of the afternoon. The veranda opens in a french formal garden, with a pool fitted in a ancien fontain and a straight path leading to a big manor. Here, the light is colder and the sun highter, like a winter midday. I realize that the pretty house we were in is merely a dependance of this big manor. My mother urges me to accept to take care of the man dogs' as it would allow me to live in the dependance. My phone buzz and it's a text from both the girl and his brother, telling me that I'm their best candidate and could I please answer quickly? I say yes, feeling more that a little coerced into it.
      Without transition again, we're in a mall, looking for clothes; mine are falling appart. My sister sprints in first, she's wearing a lovely dress in a odernised 50s' style, in a red fabric with white polka dots. There is two zippers at shoulders blade level, and she open them "to feel less hot" and ma mother says that it makes her look trashy, but my sister doesn't care. We go to the back of the mall to pick up jeans and I wake up.

      TBC in the next entry
    9. I which I'm a crime-fighting Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff

      by , 09-23-2015 at 01:27 PM (Here be dragons)
      Didn't do a proper WBTB due to my comfy bed. Bad bed, no blanket for you. Tonight I'm drinking a big glass of water before crashing in, that'll make me get up

      I'm in a brothel that is in a small castle/manor, everything is in perfectly restored and look brand new rather that antique. The period is Louis XIV, very intricate and lovely, if overbearing, the saving grace being that everything save for the sparse furniture is in very light, delicate color, pastel blue, pink and orange, with long windows covered in veils. It's dark outside, probably at night, but I can see the flash of car light from time to time. The employees of this fine etablissement are all wearing period clothes, it's gorgeous. The owner is in a pale blue dress that span for at least 3 meter on each side of her, with a powdered wig full of ringlets. She is not paying any attention to me, probably becaue she's very flushered about the arriving of a man she call "the king" and about the girls she want prepped for him. I'm wary of this man, and my feeling are comfirmed when a man in tight and a pale golden valet uniform ask her want's going to happen if one of the girl started denying him or being mouthy. She tells him with a mix of coldness and incaring-ness "There will be a bit of a beating for the bitch, even if it's not dinking night."
      I suddently know that I'm infiltrated here, probably to dismantle this brothel, but I need to protect the girls. I walk in the room they are prepping for the king, with is very large with a hight celling and a lovely embroidered cloth wallpaper in a arious soft hues of green, the same cloth used for the bed canopy and sheet the armchairs. I ask the girl present to give me a dress. She show me a closet and keep making the gigantic bed, looking a little fratic. I open the closet, which is absolutly packet with dresses that look really modern, but I pull a dark green one with golden embroidery. On the hanger it's knee-lengh, slightly fitted with a ronded collar and short sleeves, but when I put it on it turn into a period dress. I strat putting on air and snobbily ask a male employee where the hair dresser is. He promptly start panicking and run off to find him. I walk out behind him look as brattish as I can, and right outside is a small, graying, bended over man that look a little like a frightened mouse in his dark outfit. I toss my hair*, and tell him "You better not be late!" before walking in a bathroom. I start searching it, looking for something that could help me protecting the girls, then I woke up.

      * As my hair almost reach my knees and are thick and curly, he looked even more scared, which is the usual reaction I elect in hairdressers

      I do look a little like Charlotte La Bouff from the Princess and the Frog, with long brown hair and pale skin.
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    10. [DILD] Stealing from Mafia

      by , 06-24-2015 at 09:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sneaking inside a huge manor that was mafia's possession. The frontyard was highly secured, but I found a way through the fence, and moved closer to the front door. I entered the manor - the place was built with marble and ornamented with other expensive stones, crystals and other valuables.

      My mission wasn't to steal valuables, but to get something that is stored in the highest floor. Entrance hall opened to stairways to the right and left, but there were security guards there. I entered one of the offices, but one of the guards probably saw me, and alerted the others.

      I looked for a way out, and found a window. I smashed it, and looking up saw that I can climb to another window. I smashed the second window, but before climbing I had to remove parts of glass that could harm me. I went out of office to see if the alert is off, but coming back I saw that a guard DC appeared there.

      I jumped past him, and he disappeared. I moved something on the table, and a secret room opened. It looked like mafia had their private dungeon. Instead of exploring it, I jumped from the window and ran into boss' toilet. There was comfortable and expensive bathtub. Suddenly I took a toothbrush out of my pocket, took the toothpaste from boss' shelf and brushed my teeth.

      As I was about to go, another DC guard ran into the room and saw me. He made an alert while I ran for the street. Something was not right, people behaved weird. Every person on the street had some weapons. There was a granny with a Glock gun. They were swarming around me, trying to kill me.

      Suddenly I found myself on my frontyard. I thought "This must be a dream!" and everything became much more detailed and vivid. My senses have become stronger. I jumped over my fence, and ran to the mafia house. Instead of entering it, I tried to climb up the roof and enter it from the chimney, but there was a strange force field blocking my way to the roof.

      I jumped down, and entered the boss' toilet. A guard DC ran inside again. I made a gun gesture with my left hand, and when he entered, shot him in the leg. He have fallen on the floor, I shot him in artery and he bled to death quickly.

      But the way was not clear yet. Boss with his bodyguard entered the toilet. I shot down the bodyguard, but the Boss was resistant to my shots. I took body of the bodyguard on my back and feigned that I was him. It was heavy and really slowed me down.

      The Boss couldn't tell a difference. We moved out of the toilet and he told me "Look at that clock." He pointed at Big Ben clock tower in the distance. Somehow, I couldn't read the hour. He told "What's going to happen soon?" I changed my voice so it was similar to city guards from Thief: The dark project and said "Ummmm... MY BIRTHDAY!!!" I jumped like a happy little child. The boss facepalmed and gave me irritated look. Then he said "No, you moron! It's half past six!"

      Suddenly I have awakened, just a moment before my father appeared to wake me up.
    11. [Semi-lucid] The fog; Reunion

      by , 06-18-2015 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was kinda semi-lucid - I could controll all my moves and plan them, though I didn't knew it was a dream. It was dark and cold evening. I was walking down a street. Everything was covered with dense fog. I looked around, searching for something to do. Suddenly I saw a weird, red car without roof with a blonde girl sitting inside. I turned back and went away, when suddenly everything went black.

      Second dream

      It was cold evening. I was in an old, ruined manor with some random DCs that were acting like my family. They were arguing about something, and everyone left annoyed. Only I have stayed, alone in the old manor.