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    1. 13 March: Electric tornado at a stadium

      by , 03-13-2019 at 12:06 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a stadium, an electric tornado approaching. It is like an F3 but pink and purple and appearing to be electrically charged. I first spot it and suggest to people some hiding places, but there aren't enough safe places so I think of the children and suggest their parents to hide them inside some lockers nearby. But too late I notice they are made of thin wood and leaned against a very fragile fence and not against a cement wall as it appeared. So with the first winds, it all blows up and the kids get exposed. Then it is each person for itself.
      With a friend we run through a door we just noticed and seems to lead to an underground level. We do go down one floor, but it is still above ground and we see through the windows the tornado breaking everything in its path. Then a strange calmness and we think the worst is over, but actually the tornado keeps coming, never really hitting and we keep looking for a safe place but we never find one.
    2. 29 Jan: Underground lab, prostitution ring and my dog turns into a man

      by , 01-29-2019 at 09:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My attic turns into an underground lab where a large team of crazy people are doing experiments with different gases. I have a little room in there, don't know why, but I leave when I start to see that their gas containers are not containing the gases and many different ones are escaping. A few are affecting the scientists and technicians minds, they laugh and make even more mistakes. I get as far away as possible, but there is a huge underground explosion that affects the entire city nearby. The gas spreads though the subway tunnels and the hole city implodes. The floor underneath me also sinks, but I am fine.

      I am hostage and being exploited for prostitution, but an elite ring of prostitution. We are drugged with a blue liquid and mentally enslaved. There's a new virgin girl of only 16 years old being sold for a million. I get a nice girl as a client, we talk a lot, she tells me all she knows about the whole scheme and how she is trying to rescue us, buy she paid for me and has to keep the cover, so we have some kisses and cuddles. Meanwhile, a black girl has some kind of small explosives and tries to kill her client. She is punished in front of me and maybe killed when they take her away.

      My dog Hachi is lose and fighting a wolf on the neighbor's land. A couple of men get in the scene before I do, he runs away and the wolf disappears. I look for him, the men tell me he is hurt. I find him kind of lost in the nearest town, I call his name and he sees me but keeps wandering around for a while. Then he becomes a man, a pretty sexy guy with long hair, a bit scruffy. He finally lets me approach him. I see he has blood in his arms and a couple of horrible bites. I tell him he has to go to the hospital or some clinic and we look for it. I hold him tight, very protective of this big man and feeling very attracted to him, but he is my dog and very innocently he calls me mom and I feel awkward.
    3. 10 Jan: Barbarians invade my kingdom

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magical realm, where I am part of the nobility of a kingdom and I am also like Wonder Woman. We are invaded by hords of barbarians. When they strike, I am outside the fortress city with the peasants that care for the lands. Some of my warrior friends manage their way back, but I am shut down outside. I get some Japanese swords to fight, but the invaders are just too many. I realize I can't survive a fight with them all, so I opt out to dwell in the underground maze of artisans shops and their homes because there is a way to access the fortress through some underground tunnels that connect with this place.
    4. Fuck off Satan

      by , 10-20-2016 at 06:54 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall is vague and disjointed. This had been a thing for the past few days, but hopefully things will get better once I fix my sleep cycle.

      I recall being in some sort of manor with walls of wood. There is a wall of concrete, which has a window on it leading to a room inside the manor. I try to open the window but the entire thing detached, leaving a square hole in the wall.

      Going into the hole, I find myself in an underground slum, with the ceilings made out of metal and machinery, the walls made out of scrap, and the ground is made out of paved concrete. The hole had turned into a metal door. The place is a long, cramped hallway, with openings into various rooms. I go in a vacant room to rest. I hear the sound of flesh hitting ground and a person telling the people living here to eat the dead bodies. I hide.

      I recall my dream transitioning, and Satan is hounding me while I ward off my bed. "Satan" in this case looks like Star Butterfly from Star Vs the Forces of Evil. At some point I am tricked to leaving my bed, and Satan says that my soul is hers. I am so annoyed by her underhanded tactics that I realize I am dreaming, but I am also too annoyed ot make any use of that fact apart from telling Satan that I'm not playing her game, and waking myself up.

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    5. School

      by , 09-15-2016 at 01:01 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a classroom not aware of this yet as I am blacking in out consistenly on the classroom floor. After awhile of this, I regain awareness of my surrondings looking with my eyes. I see kids going to their proper classes and parents infront of me helping their child calm down. I felt slightly embarrassed as I knew I had been moving around dramatically through the ordel. I begin to wonder how did I get here exactly? That is when I see a co-worker of mine working around the classrooms. Still on the floor, I figure I must be at work. As I get myself up from the floor and walk toward to the co-worker.

      I came to another question. Wasn't I schedule to be off on thursday? That's when I stop my walking at the back end of the school classroom. I look at my two hands and could see that one of my fingers were glued to the other one for a moment. I smile cause I knew I realize that I am currently dreaming. Now I wanted to prove it to myself. I see the back dark red door infront of me that I figure would lead me outside. I walk right through it like nothing was there. Now I knew for sure that this is a dream. I am outside, the sky is dark grey as if it's about to rain with the puffed up clouds but unusually it's not.

      I say to myself so this is how my world is now. I could see grass all over the school building I was just in. I begin walking/exploring and not long I found this underground passage way in the middle of the grass. It was dark but I proceeded as I got down to the bottom I see another underground tunnel that was glowing blue. I figure I might as well go further then . There is only one option of getting down through this blue underground tunnel and that was to slide on the walls that are built on the side. I did so for awhile as it felt like a rollercoaster and eventually got to the bottom when I got stuck in mid air. I jump off and could see to my left there were two huge doors.

      I open them and was now inside an office. I look around with my eyes while placing my hand on one of the chairs. I could see no one, it is empty with a small tv playing hang on the upper right of the wall. That is when I hear a voice of someone asking if I weret here. I go to where I hear the vioce the loudest and greet them. I then went further down the department and saw all the other co-workers I knew. One of the employee's look very angry at me for some reason that I did not know. I continue observing as I see some in a rush to leave, I spent a minute looking around before waking up. Lucidity Time: 4 minutes
    6. #157: Underground

      by , 06-14-2016 at 01:32 PM
      I'm in what I guess is supposed to be Amsterdam, though it doesn't resemble reality at all. I'm somewhere underground with a group of people. It is some kind of excursion. To what seems to be the north is a long, steep road, with a significant amount of water running down from it, as it seems to be currently raining. Because the road is made of asphalt, the water cannot permeate the surface. Somewhere at the end of the road, at the low level, the ground is natural soil, which is soaking up all the water and actually starting to flood. We have nowhere we can go, as we're underground. There is one small square building, not even 2 x 2 metres. The room has a ladder in it, going straight up. I decide to check it out, to see if we can exit from there. At the top is a window through which we'll have to exit, after which we have to exit through another window. They're both very small though. I tell the person in charge that we may be able to exit, but that either a smaller person will have to check it out since I'm too big to fit, or that I will have to break both windows. I have an idea how to prevent floods in the future: trees. The road needs a lot of trees. They will stop the water from running off and will soak it up. The asphalt will have to be removed though.
    7. Back to work

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:30 PM
      Dreamt I had old boss and we were at work, but then something happened and we all had to go down a lift shaft of a building that was a very narrow tower with lift at its centre (had a dream about that before).
      We went underground, all that was there was lots of wooden crates. It was weird what were we supposed to do?
      We had no work to do. What would our new roles be? It seemed that we were unable to adept to our new situation...

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    8. [Non-Lucid] Onions and Alligators

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:18 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm with a guy, apparently my boyfriend(?) , at the train station/prison hybrid where he is being kept prisoner. I'm pretty sure I'm there to ask him about alcohol to take with me out with my friends, since I'm fairly broke and haven't got enough money to buy my own and It's a necessity if I'm not going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. He tells me there's some in his apartment and I go upstairs, there are scumbag inmates all over the place calling to me, mocking me and whatnot.

      "Hey, what room was yours?" I call down to him over the railing of the upper floor.
      "It's 505!" He shouts back.

      A woman slides up beside me and opens the door slightly, presumably to demonstrate that It's unlocked.
      "Does he always leave his door open like that?" I ask her, and wonder if she even knows him.

      She shrugs, and I push open the door. There are no drinks any-where, I look over counter tops and inside a bedside table before determining that they must be under his bed for some reason. Surely enough I'm right, and I pick up a small flask of vodka, a larger bottle of whiskey and some absinthe and stuff them into my bag. I leave the apartment, but now I have a new problem. On the ground floor, right next to my boyfriend and the staircase down, there's a warden patrolling. I walk low, and try to descend the staircase without drawing any attention to myself. It's no use, and I am caught. He rummages through my bag, not seeming to care that I don't belong here, and finds a tube of skin cream. He accuses us of using it to get drunk, which we vehemently deny. He takes it away, and sentences me to prison with the rest of them. I jump down off the platform and onto the train tracks, stretching out ahead of me is a dark tunnel. I begin running down the tunnel, the warden screams at his officers to capture me, but I manage to evade most of them
      I run as far as I can before I can't run any further, two officers blocking my path, a nasty looking woman and another man.

      "Make sure you close the door up ahead, the one that's unlocked. We wouldn't want him reaching the last gate and getting free."

      I am dragged off to a separate section, which is for some reason a patch of outside, like a park or something. I go inside, and there are other prisoners there, none that I have previously met or know in reality. I sit down on a park bench, and notice there are horses and alligators everywhere. I talk to the other prisoners, I think there's a woman, a larger man and one or two other people with no distinguishing features. The warden of this section of the "prison" talks to us, and begins throwing out different colored pieces of garlic, which attracts all the alligators to us. I sit on the very back of the park bench and put my feet up, there's the female inmate beside me and she does the same. I ask the warden how long I'm going to be here for.

      "Thirty years." She replies bluntly, throwing a purple onion my way.
      "Thirty years?!" I ask in disbelief, and she nods.
      "That's right, you're not getting out here until you're one hundred and thirty."

      So apparently I was already one hundred years old but looked and felt like I was in my twenties. I became friends with the inmates around me, but felt very upset at the prospect of being stuck in this place. As far as I can tell I woke up soon after.

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    9. Lucid #8: Warring nations and climbing stairs

      by , 01-02-2016 at 06:39 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      Another DILD. Will say when I get lucid as always.

      So, as I remember, I dreamt of this one man who was being told that he was under threat by some nation or another. Then it skipped to a kind of map thing where this young Queen who had inherited the queenship from her mother was being told about three potential nations above hers on the map being a threat, and the one nation beside her being one (that nation was run by the one man).

      She dismissed the claims that the man was a threat. I think she said that they were strong friends/allies. Anyways, she decided to get out the aqueducts--a new invention! That amazed the people around her. They were a bunch of tubes (unlike real aqueducts) that could be used for transportation of people somehow? Anyways, soon the Queen and her assistance went off into the aqueducts to do...stuff. I don't know.

      Soon afterwards, some blackish stuff went through the green glass of the aqueducts and it started to rain inside the building. The rain was kind of acidic, so it burned, but not badly. People were running around panicking, and it was then when I was aware that I was running along a platform on a large bunch of stairs.

      I paused and then realized that I was in a dream, and so becoming lucid, I went down the stairs to investigate things. I ended up approaching a hole/stairwell to the underground--a thing which I often go down in non-lucids. So I went down a bit, and I looked to the left. There was a kind of hole and at the end, a boy was peaking out. I think he waved. Anyways, I went further down the other hole/stairs and ended up meeting him. I stayed there for a bit, but I soon got worried that I couldn't get out again--the tunnel was vertically quite steep at the part I was in. So I tried grasping onto the dirt but it was hard to get a handhold. Knowing it was a dream, I figured maybe I could just will myself up or phase myself up onto the less steep part.

      I forget what one of those I did, but I think I did get out of that part of the hole (or I gave up and woke up), and I soon opened my eyes. I think the lucid part lasted around 5 minutes or more? Anyways, that's all.
    10. The Worst Comic Book Ever

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:04 PM
      I dreamed about 3 planets. One was Earth and one was Mars, maybe the third was actually the moon? Anyway, Mars and another one were revolving around Earth, and they all had personalities (which I don't remember anything about) and were having some kind of conversation that I don't recall. Except maybe Mars was jealous of something?

      Then I dreamed about... a house that only had a living room and kitchen... and there was an underground part to it, like a basement. The basement was dark and full of buried zombies. They were marked by little circular markers on the floor that were digital markers, and you could navigate through them with something that looked like a mouse pointer cruising on the surface of the ground. But if you got too close to or hit one of the markers, then the zombies would all awaken, and you'd have to fight all of them at once. Some other person (I don't recall what they looked like or sounded like, or if they even had a physical appearance at all) was telling me that he wasn't as good at it as I was. I tried to cruise between two points, but it woke the zombies up. Then, a team of people - young people, late teens or early twenties - who were sort of like X-men all ran into the basement to fight the zombies. They were all doing this at the behest of an old scientist (no, nothing like Prof. X) who looked a lot like a cross between Bill Nye and Ian McKellen, except much skinnier, and he was dressed in kind of a grey tweed suit...

      Anyway, once the zombies were all defeated, he started to construct an underground complex beneath the house where he would house everybody. Constructing it was kind of like doing so in The Sims 3. Anyway, it was all dark down there, so he added a bunch of lights, and then in the dining hall he started adding fake windows that had lights behind them so it looked like fake sunlight, and then some HD screens that projected pictures of outdoors, so the whole place felt less "underground" and cooped up, and more like a regular above-ground dining room. I recall that it worked out pretty well.

      Then suddenly, there were pigeons everywhere. Just tons of them. And he had a favorite pigeon that did some sort of special thing (I don't remember what) and was super useful. It looked just like a regular gray pigeon. He wanted to breed more of them, because of how super useful this particular pigeon was.

      Then I was standing on the edge of a boat... or maybe a dock... but there was a metal railing. And he had created a new kind of shoe that allowed him to walk on water, as long as he walked very carefully and in a certain way, and he was explaining how revolutionary it was even though I completely understood how important it was to be able to walk on water. I began to think about the possiblities (such as building cities on water) but also how annoying it would be to misstep and suddenly fall into the water.

      And then I was waiting for a bus. I wanted to go to some kind of concert. I think it was for The Village People. I'd asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go, and he said no, which actually kind of surprised me because I thought he loved them. But I decided to go on my own, even though I wasn't sure if there were still going to be tickets available when I got there. Except that the bus I needed to catch disappeared as soon as it pulled up. I remember the bus driver was a lady with short curly hair. I don't remember what she said to me. But suddenly the bus was missing, and I was irritated because I had to wait for the next bus. So the bus pulled up (it was bus 15) and then it disappeared AGAIN. At this point, I was really starting to reconsider going to this concert, especially since I kind of didn't want to go anyway because my boyfriend wasn't coming with me. So I didn't think I'd enjoy it very much, and I'd be pissed if I got there and there were no tickets.

      So while I was waiting, this young-ish woman... late teens/early 20s... started chatting with me, and all she wanted to talk about was some kind of manga/comic book called something like UltraGoth, and which had two of the most annoying main characters I've ever encountered. And it was way overdone, very "buckles and zippers everywhere", and both of them were supposed to be angels or something, and they were involved in a turf war, and one of them was supposed to be something like the king of heaven and the other one hated him. The first guy had super spiky ridiculous looking hair and was shorter. The second one had long hair and was arguably more of an asshole, but not by much. And each issue was just them yelling at each other and having ridiculous battles, Dragon Ball Z style, along with some extremely melodramatic drama thrown in.

      Anyway, she REALLY LOVED THIS COMIC and made me read through an entire issue with her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I suffered through it and pretended that I thought it was an awesome comic book even though it was stupid as hell.
    11. Blood-Skinned

      by , 09-13-2015 at 05:33 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I find myself beaten and battered on the crags of some blighted cliff. I am underground, as it seems. All around me there is fire and brimstone. I stood high above, atop rocky platforms. A river of lava passed below and fire blazed in the air. I am crawling on my knees; I distinctly remember the long cuts on my back, the rips in my skin from some kind of animal. I leap across crag and crag, evading spouts of fire. There are many winged creatures flying in the air. I remember their opposition to me, several tried to push me off. I struggled with them, broke their wings, and threw them into the fires below.

      At the end of my path is a man, though he is not possibly human. He is unnaturally tall and skeletal. The eyes of the skull glow red and bats swarm from out of his rips. Once I reach him, he holds out a hand and I am lifted into the air. My body immediately begins to burn, I bleed from every orifice on my body. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, even my anal regions. Blood consumes me. In that instant my blood hardens to my skin, as I remember it. I have new skin, which is scarlet and curious. I drop to the ground with extreme force, yet I remain unharmed. With this, I am suddenly filled with a strange urge to jump off the cliff which my feet are planted. I inevitably jump...

      In that moment, my heart races. I feel as though I have died in my dream. But I look, I have not fallen. I am skipping through the air as though there is a glass floor there. I levitate, I am invincible. The winged creatures fly towards me once more and begin firing at me with darts of flame. I am unaffected, my body moves in an array of powerful contortions even a skilled acrobat could never muster. My arms slash the creatures in half and they dissipate as clouds of ash. The power of my body is undeniable. Finally I drop myself, I am falling into the lava below. As I crash, I am engulfed in red. I am not singed by fire, rather I am frozen in place. I find my body evaporating and beginning to disappear. In that instant, I am gone.
    12. Medical Trash

      by , 05-26-2015 at 10:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I just woke up from a dream where I had to sift through piles of trash looking for medical trash (bloody bandages, amputated body parts etc.) so I could then take that found trash and put it in the “proper” trash piles. Also something about lots of poor and destitute people living in underground parking garages that had no working lights.
    13. An Adventure to the Underground

      by , 01-10-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trail with a "party," a group of adventurers. Some of us were knights, one in particular is out for revenge. One of their knights (or was it their king?) was killed. The other knight there is his best friend. He wanted to stop the other from doing something reckless like going off on his own. He went after him, so there were fewer of us. The two knights is reminiscent of two game characters from a Gameboy RPG I played years back.

      On the road, we passed met a group of characters... anthropomorphized animals riding regular animals. They were passing flyers to their event/celebration. They're from a nearby city/town.

      Backtrack: I was talking to a wizard of sorts (unclear image and personality) that gave me a quest to destroy a small collection of towns/cities (10 in all) and the crystal sphere that... holds them together? They're all on a bridge. I imagined their cities destroyed, by something like meteors.

      I also remember the place being so colorful and happy. Then when I went to their celebration, I was almost overwhelmed by the barrage of colors. It was a fun, happy place. I started thinking that wizard was a bad guy who just wants to destroy the place but can't do it himself. The townspeople are already wary of him. So I set out to make it my mission to help out the 10 towns.

      I "woke up." I was on my bed, and I was writing the dream so I won't forget. I was excited, thinking I should make that dream into a game. My bed position was different, closer to the door, and I was looking at myself wearing a white shirt and blue shorts.

      I was in our hometown. I kept going back to the city, for some reason, every few days. I also kept panicking about the clothing I was supposed to bring. I remember my stuff were near our deep well, and I keep dropping some of them off, but I have to hurry already. A friend, C, was already almost out of the gate. I ran after her.

      I was on a train. It was night. I remember worrying that if I lean too much inside the train walls, I might get hit by some object outside. We reached a station (underground). I saw C ahead of me. I was still trying to organize my stuff and realized I brought only one pair of (black) socks and they don't match. They also look too big.

      We stopped by an eatery. It's morning or at least daylight. I wasn't planning on eating, but then I saw the nice-looking fried chicken. I decided to order one: thigh and leg. There were a few tables in the open area (no indoors). The guy brought the chicken to our table. The guy on a nearby table was leaning too much towards us, so I moved a bit. I checked my money just in case I left that too. Then I saw the guy behind us (a bit of long hair, white shirt, and looks messy) drag C away. I ran after them but he opened a door to the "underground." The "door" is right in front of and kind of below the doorway of a house. I was about to go in but I got scared. It looks like a room, but colored... reddish? There were a few people inside, and they don't look threatening. There's another door across the room that leads to a dark place. (literally dark, and I can't see beyond it)

      The few people who were there look like they're just lounging about, not guarding anything, but I was afraid of going in. I decided to call a nearby policeman. I guided him to the house, and we went inside the house to the other room, but then I realized it wasn't supposed to be inside the house. There was a skinny guy there (he lives there, I think) who didn't seem to mind we came in. He has a bit of a long hair too. The police was skeptical of me.

      When I realized it's outside the house, I went back out and pulled up the door in front and below the doorway. I told him he has to call backup since it might be some sort of underground network of criminals, not just the basement. He ran in anyway, all confident, and I was beside myself in frustration. I thought of calling other police. I imagined where C was taken (I saw her going up and down a muddy place) after a few days, and I also saw a kidnapped kid.



      - I felt scared during the "awake" part of my dream.
      - I slept around 7 pm. I set my alarm to 1 hour and 44 minutes (or was it 3 hours and 44 minutes?), but I fell asleep again after I turned it off. I woke up around 10 pm.
      - My eyes were so tired when I went to sleep.
      - I still have pending work.
      - I inked a sketch I had that I labelled "Charlie."
      - I was thinking of buying chicken from Chooks To Go earlier today.
      - I think this dream shows how reckless my superego is at the moment.
      - It might also signify that I have to once again meet my shadow. It's been years since I felt scared and helpless in a dream.
    14. Basement Storage/Seeing Myself in the Past, Elmo Toothbrush, and the Long Beach Honeymoon

      by , 08-19-2014 at 03:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was talking to this lady about this storage area that was underground. If you wanted one, you'd have to go underground and put whatever it was that you wanted under there in this basement/sewer like area. She was telling me something about some test as well, though I can't remember much of that part. I saw pictures of the storage area, and people down there storing things.

      I was then talking to someone else, maybe my mom. She told me that the pictures were bright, but it was pitch black down there.

      I decided to go to the storage area and put some things there. I was then in my car sitting in the back seat to the far right in the parking lot of the storage area at night. I was with some other people; someone else was driving. We were in the past for some reason. The parking lot was quite crowded, with many people bustling about. I then saw a group of my friends walking up. I was in the group towards the back speaking with a friend. I had a pixie haircut (which I've never had IWL). They approached our vehicle, and I said
      "They can't see us, or there'd be a time paradox!"
      I tried to be quiet as they walked past us, but the other me looked in the back window. She now looked like me normally, without the pixie cut. She saw me and we both looked at each other. It then looked like her head had phased through the glass of the back window. She smiled; she looked excited. I wondered how this would affect the future, and also if maybe it did happen in my past as well, but I didn't remember it.

      We then were down in the storage area. It was storage area 6. I had thought that when you wanted to store your things there, you got assigned an area. That wasn't the case, however. People just kept storing them in open spaces until that particular unit filled up, and then we'd go on to the next one. I had actually used this particular area before for storage, at the time in my past of when I saw myself walking in the parking lot. Everything still seemed intact.

      I then was thinking about the other storage spaces. I was worried about getting into a sewage area. I then saw in third person, kind of like a video game, me (though it didn't look like me) being in storage space 1, which was just pure sewage. I was in the middle of it and covered in it. It was so gross. I felt grossed out like I was in first person, even though I was in third person. Then, it went onto storage area 2, which was still kind of sewagey, but not as bad as 1. It then continued, and got less and less gross as we went on.


      I was looking through old things of mine to sell or donate, things I had as a baby. I got together an old Elmo kid's electric toothbrush with an oversized-looking brush and some other things. I needed to give them to Caitlin.

      I then was in my brother's parked car in the daytime in the back. I was getting something out of there when I saw a gallon of milk underneath the passenger's side seat. I wondered how long it had been there, and if my brother knew about it.

      I then was giving my things to Caitlin. They were in a white plastic shopping bag. She said something about my donations...nobody would want a used toothbrush.

      I also remember being inside a store that I used to work at that is now closed. I saw signs about it being final clearance because they were closing.


      I was on honeymoon with Dallas. We were in a nice hotel overlooking a beautiful beach. We had been there for so long, Dallas had gotten a temporary job while we were there so we could pay for everything. Today was his last day, and then we would have to go home.

      I was outside by the pool area on a beautiful sunny day. I don't remember anything else about this part of the dream.

      I then was inside the hotel, thinking about how long we had been there, about how every day we anticipated the next day, and now, we were finally on the last day. I then thought about how long we had been there. We had been there for almost the entire month of June (it was June 27th in the dream). Dallas was there getting ready to go to work. I then realized that I hadn't gone to the beach once since I'd been. I asked Dallas if he wanted to go. He said he had already been. What?? I didn't know he had already been to the beach. I asked him about it, but I don't remember his response.

      He was then gone for work. I was wondering if maybe we could just move to the beach since he already had a job there. I didn't want to go home. I don't remember if I asked him about this or not via text. I then "remembered" that a woman from my old job, Tanya, and her husband, had gone to Hawaii for a honeymoon, and wanted to move there as well, but the feeling eventually faded when they had been back for awhile. I then saw an image of her in my head of her walking around with a shopping cart full of something, though I can't remember what. She was in a grocery store. It had to do with moving to Hawaii. I then decided to take a nap. My hair was wet; I guess I went swimming or took a shower. I had it pulled into a loose bun.

      The next thing I remember is waking up and getting out of bed, ready to go to the beach. I walked by a mirror, and was shocked at what I saw. My hair was now dry and SUPER curly, with many beautiful ringlets. It looked short, like a little boy's haircut that I see frequenting the bakery with his mother IWL. My face also looked different too. I had to keep looking at myself. I thought people would mistake me for that little boy. My hair was then much longer, but still curly. There were little straight parts in it too. I figured my hair got this way from sleeping with it wet and pulled back. I actually really was liking it! It was quite different. I wanted to take pictures to show Dallas, but I remembered I wanted to go to the beach. I looked out from the balcony at the beautiful beach below. The day was bright and sunny, and the water was blue and beautiful. It looked like schools of small fish were swimming in it. The waves were pretty big as well, and you could see the undercurrents flowing through the water. They must be quite strong. Nevertheless, a few people were in the water.

      I then went to go find sunscreen. I then saw that Dallas's sister was there. She asked me if I could tell that she had put on sunscreen everywhere. I looked at her hands and saw small white streaks of sunscreen in between her fingers. I then looked and saw lots of white patches on her chest that weren't rubbed in. I told her about them.

      I was then alone again, I guess. I already had my bathing suit on under my clothes. I had my shirt off; I looked down and noticed the bikini top I was wearing. It was white with maroon floral patterns on it, similar to one I own IWL with blue and green floral patterns. I was thinking about all the bathing suits I had. I then thought about whether or not I should take my 2DS with me or not. If I wanted to go in the water, I probably shouldn't, or someone might steal it if it was just laying about. I was still looking for the sunscreen, and then I was trying to take my pants off, but I couldn't get them to come off my ankles.
    15. 7-19-14 Russians, lollypops, senior citizens and a poke fight.

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:49 PM
      There was a ship stranded out on a stormy sea at night. The wind blew incredibly hard, and it seemed as if the ship would fall apart. A strange tentacled seaman fell overboard with his pet squid. They began to sink. Suddenly, a bright light shone down on them from above the water. They began to float upwards. They broke the surface of the water and looked up in astonishment. A huge spaceship was floating over the wreck of the ship, beaming them up. The spaceship was owned by these crazy Russian dudes.

      Then I had driven into a small town on a stormy night to pick up something at the grocery store. I picked out what I needed and went up to the cash registers. I saw one staffed by two giggly girls, so I went over there. At the checkout, I decided I wanted a lollypop. I selected one and bought it. The girls told me that buying it made me elligible for a prize if I drew something from a hat. An old hillbilly came up behind me and watched. I drew the winning thing from the hat and won a prize. Then there was a grand prize and I won it too! It was a picture of a tick really really close up. It was framed and everything. It was disgusting.

      Then I was driving the car with grandfather and some other people through a neighborhood. Suddenly he really freaked out because someone was getting out of a parked van next to the road. I put on the brakes and watched. A lady opened a door on the side of the van, and all these really weird and disgusting-looking nursing home inmates walked out and across the road. Man, but they were spritely! They jumped and leaped across the road.

      Then we arrived at our destination. It was like a weird fancy underground place with nice lights, polished woodwork and chandaliers. There were small babbling streams running through it sometimes, and there were fancy bridges over them. We wanted to see an underground church that branched off from there. We got to a huge ornate door that would lead into it. The senior citizens were already there, and out of kindness we told them to go in first. But they insisted WE go in first. It suddenly turned into a fight. To my astonishment, a man I know walked up to me and started to fight me. I poked him.

      Somehow we all got into the church. It was very nice, but sort of modest. There were balconies all around the room, so I went up there and sat down. A bunch of children I didnt know were there.
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