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    1. Kidnapped

      by , 07-21-2011 at 08:12 AM (Trial and Error)
      Me, 2 of my roommates (S and L), and a whole bunch of other people were being held captive by this older woman at her home. Everyone in the dream except for the woman, were pre-teen to teenager age (for whatever reason). There was no kind of security or fence or anything to keep us from leaving...we simply couldn't. It was the feeling of being trapped and having no alternatives than to stay and bide time, with no idea what

      On the ground outside I find a piece of paper I printed out the last time I tried to escape and I have a false memory. It was of me frantically running away from the woman in a ripped up white shirt and was blocked by a group of policemen that physically forced me back into her captivity. I tell someone in a great state of fear that she owns the entire police department for a 20 mile radius and can use them at her whim. (I somehow knew that there were thousands of policemen in the 20 mile radius and that they could easily over power everyone she was keeping captive).

      On the paper is the address of the house we are being kept in. I figure this information could prove useful so I tear of the address and put it in my pocket, almost getting caught by the woman telling us to go back inside. I get sudden anxiety hoping she has not noticed me. It seemed almost like she had but was not going to make a big deal out of it and we went inside.

      I go inside with a bunch of others, all wearing white shirts, and my roommate S (dressed normal) was there and she started to try and convince me that we needed to leave and there was nothing in our way. I knew of the police ready to catch escapees, so I told S we needed to bide our time. Since S and L were not cooperating the woman made me lock the in this strange cell in the wall. L lays on what I amuse is the bottom bunk of a bunk bed with the expression of a gangster not caring what happens as long as you look cool doing it. (Which is hilarious since that is NOT her personality at ALL XD) I was not concerned because I knew that when we had I plan I would be able to open the door. The door was composed of bars as well as thick transparent plastic. I put my hands on the plastic (or glass or whatever) and she does the same on the other side. I tell her we just need to bide or time before we get out, and I walk away.
    2. Pokemon, kidnapped, and x-men frags

      by , 07-17-2011 at 11:51 PM (Trial and Error)
      Dream fragments from the last week or so...

      #1: I was sitting with my roommates in what almost seemed like Muni seats but were in a building. A creepy guy comes and sits near us (common on muni) and we all get tense, wishing he would go away. My roommate L however, goes and sits next to him, whispers something in his ear, and the creeper leaves the area. We are all confused, but happy he is gone. Later in the same dream I was bitten by the pokemon Gastly on my left arm. It hurt a lot but I kept my cool because I didn't want the Gastly to think I was an enemy. There was something involving money I don't remember.

      #2: Most of the dream is gone..... (sad because it was awesome!) but we were climbing through vents to save a group of our friends who had been kidnapped.

      #3: (The repercussions of watching over 7hrs of x-men cartoons and going directly to sleep. lol.) There were many different vignettes of scenes from x-men (totally fabricated dream scenes) One was Professor X persuading Nightcrawler to come back to the institute and stop hiding in his closet at home by bribing him with pizza. Another Wolverine was jumping of some kind of man made cliff onto helicopters. And the last one was Scott and Jean crashing a helicopter belly up and their seats sliding out of it upside down (with massive complaining as the characters often exhibit).
    3. Pregnant Roommate

      by , 03-31-2011 at 05:12 AM (Trial and Error)
      I had at least 5 fragments, but only remember one

      My roommate L was pregnant. Me and another one of my roommates S were trying to get her to take a sexy picture of herself naked with a blanket when she got further along, for the sole purpose of making her uncomfortable. She says "noooooooooOOooOooo" in her whiny voice, and we keep messing with her and laughing.
    4. First Lucid Dream Ever! :D

      by , 02-20-2011 at 03:11 AM (Trial and Error)
      This whole adventure stared with a normal dream that I can't remember the details of, and lead into a false awakening.

      I woke up the same place I had fallen asleep, on the couch, to my roommates L and S and S's family getting home from the Chinese New Year Parade. I turn to tell S my dream, but in stead she mocks me for falling asleep instead of doing my homework. I told her I didn't plan to sleep for long, and she asked when the paper was due on the story I was reading. I told her there was no such paper, I just had to read the story. She gave me the face of "sure there is no paper" and began to walk away. I decided to write my dream into my dream journal and that reminded me to do a reality check.

      I pinched my nose shut, closed my mouth and was able to take a full breath. "Oh my God! I am dreaming" I say with excitement. For awhile I was just nerding out that I knew I was dreaming and the dream began to shift. I looked through the house and saw sections missing. Not like the walls just weren't there, but a loss of detail in the dream. I if I had painted white over it with photoshop. Not many of the things in the room were retaining their detail. I thought it might be because I was not able to retain all the information within my conscious mind.

      I began to wonder what I should do. I could do anything. I turn to see my roommates S and M on the couch. I turn to M and say "hi" in a silly way. (It almost a ritual irl to keep saying it over and over each time getting more silly) She turns and looks at me with a blank, neutral stare. Clearly not interested in socially interacting with me. I am not phased (for I am used to that irl) I say hi again in an even more ridiculous way. She smiles and says hi back, waving in a cute way. I start to tell her that I am in a dream. I decided not to try and convince her she is not in a dream, I just feel like I needed to tell someone . I open my mouth to speak, and words come out in a soft raspy whisper. It was very similar to loosing your voice. I thought of a speech from a brain scientist I say on TED.com where she has a stroke and is analyzing herself from the inside out. There is a particular part where she is unable to understand language that reminded me of it. (which I found interesting upon awakening that I was drawing from my rl memories) I try to talk a bit longer and words become a bit clearer, but I decide to move on to try other things before my dream collapses.

      I turn to see M's computer in the living room. It is playing mabinogi (her fav MMO RPG) by itself. I think, that maybe she is just set on follow, since we have made the mistake before, but at a closer look it is actually fighting and wining. After deciding that that was awesome I step away from the screen to find that nearly the entire living room has disappeared. I feel exhausted, and I begin to have trouble focusing my eyes. I decide to concentrate, and begin to think of what everything looks like so that nothing collapses. It did not take long for me to feel back to normal and for the house to be restored. I again decide to move on.

      As if to answer the question of what to do next I begin to float in the middle of the room. I smile, totally thrilled, because that is the main reason lucid dreaming is appealing to me, flying. I continue to float until I bump lightly into the ceiling. I giggle at the amateur nature of my flying, but decide to try anyway. I open the window, and begin to soar into the peaceful, foggy city of San Francisco. I almost start to cry I am so happy. I am lead into another false awakening.

      I wake up on the couch again to everyone coming home and I begin to tell S about my lucid dream. She does not seem as excited as I expected, but I am having trouble telling the story because I am super hot and fumbling over my words. I feel sick and she seems to think I am also. She makes the comment that if I ever think she looks like she might be sick it is because I am sick. I remember saying that earlier (not irl) and realize I must be running a fever. I am unable to move most of my body very far, so I ask her to help me up. She grabs my hand and pulls me to a sitting position, but I only fall back down again because I can not keep my body erect. I try to get off the couch, only to sort of slither with my blankets onto the floor. I still can't move. S then asks me bout my lucid dream. I tell her about how I did a reality check. I actually went through the motions, but purposely left space so that I could really breathe. (I wish I hadn't because then I would have known that I was dreaming ). After I explain about how the world was not there, it seemed like it had been photoshoped away, she begins to say how I am sick because I am working to much, and how I need to slow down, yada yada yada. I begin to defend myself and wake up on the couch.

      I do a reality check immediately to find I am awake.
    5. School Trouble

      by , 01-29-2011 at 04:20 PM (Trial and Error)
      The second of two dreams, but an alarm killed the first one.

      I come home to all of my roommates and on of my roommates teachers (not home in real life but roommates/teacher in real life). Everyone looks really sad. "What is it?" I asked. L, my roommate, explains that she messed up with a simple mistake on an animation assignment, and holds it up to me to show me the error. She continues to say that in a different part of the assignment the teacher wanted the drawing bigger. I am confused because I still don't see why everyone is so sad. Her teacher is drinking some hard liquor and seems even more depressed.

      I soon realize that her teacher, Trey G, has been fired and that she herself was academically terminated. I become enraged and begin to yell about how the assignment should have every little to do with her GPA and that the assignment should not be that bad of a grade anyway. I realize that Trey is there because he must have gotten fired (I know it is a separate issue that is just happening at the same time). I say to him something like "You know that I could rally up students for you with no problem at all in protest, people love you." (true in real life ^_^) His expression melts and he says "really." He never acts that way in real life so it surprised me. He is the tough as nails, nothing bothers him guy.

      We decided that we had to do something about everything that was happening.

      Suddenly a tour of students from our school walks through the hallway. (For some reason we can see them, it is like we have an archway instead of a front door). They are going to see the school RA for a tour, one of the new students I have meet in the film program runs in to say hi to me and gives me something, (I forget what it is), then runs out. since L used to be an RA her heart sinks even more because she feels like she lost everything.

      Dream cuts to us in the car I look out the window to see a baseball field where the grass is starting to die in places, I think we are going to protest and try to get L back in school and Trey his job back.

      I think after I wake up that it might be my anger toward current school budget cuts in reality, since tons of good people are getting fired.