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    1. 1 Apr: Coughing out a parasite, biology breakthrough, eating out

      by , 04-01-2021 at 10:03 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am coughing a lot. Feeling lots of mucus down my throat. I go to the bathroom and spit a lot of mucus out and then feel something coming out up my throat into my mouth and I grab it. Turns out it is some kind of worm and I have to pull it hard and I think I rip it apart and only get the head out. Disgusted and worried, I go to the doctor and while there I have another cough attack. I explain what's going on and the doctor mobilizes a couple nurses to help me with puke it all out to some container. I puke a lot of mucus again, but no more worms. The doctor analyses the worm that I brought in in a jar and says it is really just the end of a long tapeworm still inside me. He prescribes me a pill to kill the worm - although probably already dead without the head - and for my body to expel the rest of ot, but even the doctor isn't sure if that's gonna work.

      I am with Riverstone at some foreign country to help a couple scientists who we know and are in trouble. The world thinks they are dead, but turns out they were just hiding. They are an old gay couple and look cartoonish, with big curly mustaches and strange shaped heads, also one is tall and thin as hell and the other is basically a dwarf. Thy also wear early 1900s clothing style. I have so many questions, but what matters is that they are ok. They have been staying in the house of a lady scientist, who gave them shelter. We meet them at some mall but then they take us to her house and when we arrive there, her kitchen floor is flooded with water. But apparently it is on purpose, she is fostering some odd looking ducklings and leaves the water running. She tells us on the phone that she has a drain under the cabinets that keeps draining the water so it doesn't go after a certain limit.
      They then take us along with them to the university, where she is presenting the discovery they made that is the reason they went into hiding. Nobody in the audience knows what she is going to show. It's just some lecture about cell biology.
      She basically shows microscopic videos inside cells and everyone is amazed at the quality of it, totally mind blowing. People want to know the technique. Then she points to some very small structures I have never seen in a cell and ask us all if we cab guess what that is. Riverstone jokes that it is the Instagram logo and in fact it looks like it. Nobody else seems to have a clue to what it is, but I do. I say "it is an eye!", to which she confirms it is in fact a synthetic microscopic eye that can be planted at the cellular level, is totally organic, functions like an organelle and can watch anything inside the human body at the cellular level, but also somehow sends out an input to a computer interface so that we can actually see what they see. Everybody is mind blown.

      I go out to eat something with someone, but everything around is so expensive, we decide to go to a small fast food deli with good vegan burgers. One of the cooks is Beta, a lady that was one of my educators when I was a kid. She and a colleague are baking some delicious orange cakes and they get a bit annoyed when we order burgers and fries, like that was not on their plans. But they manage actually pretty fast. They ask if we want dessert to complete a menu and I say I want one of those orange cakes. They say no because it is some important order for someone to pick up and are not available to other costumers. I insist on just a small piece but Beta is adamant and very protective of her cakes so I settle for something else. I also notice somehow the cost of the menu is now 3x higher than what they said it would cost at first, but I don't say anything.
    2. Sad Cell and Entertaining Exchanges

      by , 06-10-2017 at 04:40 PM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Cell Fragment of Sad Place (nl)

      I'm viewing an odd-shaped hairless humanoid figure sitting in a cell. It is sad. A man is with it and he's concerned about her wellbeing. Few thoughts in my head: is that me? why is it sad? what happened to cause this? was she locked up? am I being emotionally distant or is this really someone who is not me?

      Some moments later after intense and focused staring I conclude that the person is not me, that it was locked up and now it's not, and that likely the person only feels trapped and the cell is a creation of its mind to demonstrate internal emotions. There is some sadness from me for it; imagine being free but not feeling free, that must suck. That is worth feeling sad about.

      Neither seems to notice me and I don't want to interrupt their exchange so I slip out, seemingly unnoticed.

      Bed Play (ld)

      I'm in some room that I don't recognize. Rectangular, nothing noteworthy. I'm trying to make it a comfortable environment to sleep, but there's no curtains, too large an entry point, it's just ... not conducive to my sleeping preferences. A bed appears I lay on it to sleep. A man appears from nowhere and belly flops on me. He laughs. He's definitely not a threat, but his goofiness is almost contagious and I need to stop this emotion before it gets out of hand. After shoving him off, he flops on me; more laughter....and the comforter is blocking my annoyed facial expression and I don't say anything because I don't talk a lot. I send him thought-daggers instead because somehow that makes more sense to me. He's still trying to wrestle so I manifest a secondary bed and head in that direction, but the dream shifts instead.

      Woman (DawnEye?) (ld)

      I'm with a woman I've never seen before, but she's adorable. We're at the mall, I think, and she wants to shop for shoes. I'm not doing anything in dreaming and I guess the bed wrestling wasn't worth managing, so--shoe shopping it is. I try on some shoes while she and I chat about stupid stuff. It's not really stupid stuff, it's important to her to communicate and talk and this sort of talk is easy. She reminds me of a younger sister; a simple and enjoyable relationship where the only pressure is to hang out and laugh.

      I put a pair of platform shoes on--they're surprisingly comfortable. She approves but isn't excited. I don't even think she's shopping for shoes as she's just sitting beside me watching me put on pairs, haha. This is HER dream, she wants to dream of being in a shoe store but has no interest in trying shoes on. How weird is that? I'm not shopping for shoes either, but if we're going to be in a shoe store, I can't escape putting shoes on my feet. I take off the platform pair then reach for a pair she's sitting in front of. A colorful butterfly sequin pair. They're quite beautiful, but not as shoes. I point to them as I raise my eyebrows at her, clearly asking for her opinion on the pair. She giggles and I can tell she's trying to be polite by not saying they're hideous. Her concealment is hilarious and eventually, she leaves.

      There's a small fragment with her where I think we're also looking at keyrings but I can't remember what we were saying about them. Basically, I think she was moving the conversation into an interesting direction as she was holding a couple of keyrings. I don't remember if the dilemma was about the keyrings themselves or if they reminded her of something. We chatted a bit about it though. She was pleasant; an easy person to talk with.
    3. Charlies Kitten, Nat Mc Decision (27.05.15)

      by , 05-27-2015 at 11:08 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      (Details are sketchy due to going over notes to late)

      Charlies Kitten
      I'm seeing this crazy dude, he seems pretty unstable. He ends up going into a cell.
      I'm looking at a naked female on a chair. I soon realize she is a transgender as he begins to hump some kind of bird cage looking thing. I only got a quick glimpse of the bird cage and I was anticipating when he would reintroduce the cage again.

      I'm at a random location inside somewhere. I can see my cat Charlie up on his scratching post. He sees me and begins to get off the post, but I quickly walk over to him so he would stay on it. He eventually jumps down. I notice a small kitten, it must be Charlies baby. Its a lot smaller then it should be. Charlie rolls over onto his stomach, and I place the kitten near his stomach so it could feed. I look over into the poach that's connected to his post and it seems worn down, to the point where I could see some plastic thing sticking up. I fill the poach with some powdery substance, with a bit of laundry powder. Either someone or Charlie was telling me that I shouldn't do that, but I did it anyways. Charlie said that's how he's done all his pregnancies. I noticed that there is more kittens around Charlie, and that they're bigger then before. Dad mentioned something about only being able to have 2 kittens out of the litter.

      Nat Mc Decision
      I was at someone house playing poker with Nat Mc, and brother was watching. At some point someone decided to go ALL IN against Nat. She wasn't sure what to do, and asked me for advice. I told her he played the hand well, as there is a flush on the board, which would beat her hand. I said I would fold, but said to go with your instinct. As I said that, she instantly calls and ends up winning. I had a feeling of not liking that I was wrong.

      I'm messaging the guy that has to do with horses ?Name?. I can see a man standing on his horse? I begin to think of asking him what he was up to for new years celebrations, but didn't want to ask cause I hardly knew the guy and he would think I was trying to organize something with him. I can see UFC spoilers, and I try and avoid it.

      Side Notes
      Even though I remembered one dream last night, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I remember all my dreams tonight.
      Even though I forget to recall my dreams upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I recall my dreams upon awakening tonight.

      I remembered to recall upon awakening once or twice, but not straight away.
    4. Pseudo-concentration camp dream and quick lucid dream

      by , 12-20-2014 at 06:59 PM
      It began that I was commanding some army in a building, we were setting up lines of defense on different floors, an abraham ford was one of my commanders. I told him and his squad to relocate. Eventually we were being overran by some force, and so we called a retreat. I was racing down stairs to get to the bottom of the building, but stopped for some reason. Then I kept on going but the enemy troops were closing in. They were gaining too much ground on me, so I entered a room, it was grey and was elevated above another room and had stairs with reddish brown railings. There were three other smaller rooms, I hid behind the door of one of those rooms. I saw the shadows of nazi soldiers running down the stairs, but then a nazi officer swung the door open (or closed in this case) and captured me.
      Suddenly for whatever reason I'm several years younger. No older than 12. I'm in a little cell (probably 10 feet by 10 feet) thats in the corner of this room, its of medium size. It has two doors on either side parallel to each other and one was parallel to our cell. There was also a window lighting the room.
      There were several officers that talked to us, and the oldest and in charge said something to me, and I retaliated with "Whatever, wrinkle face". But then I decided that I was going to try to talk my way to freedom, and insulting them would be a bad start, so then I complimented him on his wrinkly face. There were three other kids in the cell with me, two boys and a girl. They didn't particularly know what was going on, but for w/e reason the nazis favored this one kid and let him come out of the cell once in a while. One time he came back neutered (he told us) and he started to become quiet. And then I noticed my computer was in the cell with us, and I turned it on thinking "man, I could load a previous save to before I got caught!", but I realized I didn't have a monitor and turned the computer off and went back to plan A. They eventually put a white curtain over our cell, though it didn't cover us completely and we could lift it up, we usually did this to talk to the guards. Suddenly there was a poster with a happy man and woman on the wall, and so I thought that if I could get them to bring up my parents, then I could convince them that my lineage was not what they were wanting to exterminate. Though, they never did. I was always worrying about the showers, it stressed me out badly and I wanted to get out before they tried to kill us. I even contemplated ways of suicide, like snapping my own neck. But I feared I would mess up and only give myself a spine injury or live the rest of my life as a vegetable. I then wanted to embrace the death by shower, but I knew it wouldn't be an instant death and so I just tried to find a way to get out.
      Then some man came in, he had huge eyes with dot pupils, and a mouth with spikey teeth. He didn't look realistic, though, so it wasn't freaky. He took the other kid and took him to a backroom. We were worried for him, and suddenly we heard him screaming, and something in my mind knew he was getting castrated. Eventually, I got stressed enough to were I was freaking out and I was like "this can't be real, it has to be a dream!" and I yelled at myself to wake up and I did.

      But on a lighter note, before this, I had a dream that me and my mom went to go pick up my black grandmother (even though my grandma irl is not black), here name was Guilimero, and she gave me a lot of food. We were driving in some grey car. That's all I remember.

      I also had a lucid dream, I was in my room and I tried some dream control, I tried summoning a dream character to come in my dreams and tell me I'm lucid as I've read someone did before. It didn't work, they weren't there. Then I rubbed my hands together, and began spinning. The world went all crazy and I felt my body feel all weird, like mass shaking. I was outside in some field. That's all I remember of the lucid dream, but I know there wasn't much more (I didn't even remembered it when I woke up, I somehow remembered)
    5. Kidnapped

      by , 07-21-2011 at 08:12 AM (Trial and Error)
      Me, 2 of my roommates (S and L), and a whole bunch of other people were being held captive by this older woman at her home. Everyone in the dream except for the woman, were pre-teen to teenager age (for whatever reason). There was no kind of security or fence or anything to keep us from leaving...we simply couldn't. It was the feeling of being trapped and having no alternatives than to stay and bide time, with no idea what

      On the ground outside I find a piece of paper I printed out the last time I tried to escape and I have a false memory. It was of me frantically running away from the woman in a ripped up white shirt and was blocked by a group of policemen that physically forced me back into her captivity. I tell someone in a great state of fear that she owns the entire police department for a 20 mile radius and can use them at her whim. (I somehow knew that there were thousands of policemen in the 20 mile radius and that they could easily over power everyone she was keeping captive).

      On the paper is the address of the house we are being kept in. I figure this information could prove useful so I tear of the address and put it in my pocket, almost getting caught by the woman telling us to go back inside. I get sudden anxiety hoping she has not noticed me. It seemed almost like she had but was not going to make a big deal out of it and we went inside.

      I go inside with a bunch of others, all wearing white shirts, and my roommate S (dressed normal) was there and she started to try and convince me that we needed to leave and there was nothing in our way. I knew of the police ready to catch escapees, so I told S we needed to bide our time. Since S and L were not cooperating the woman made me lock the in this strange cell in the wall. L lays on what I amuse is the bottom bunk of a bunk bed with the expression of a gangster not caring what happens as long as you look cool doing it. (Which is hilarious since that is NOT her personality at ALL XD) I was not concerned because I knew that when we had I plan I would be able to open the door. The door was composed of bars as well as thick transparent plastic. I put my hands on the plastic (or glass or whatever) and she does the same on the other side. I tell her we just need to bide or time before we get out, and I walk away.