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    1. drat.

      by , 05-18-2020 at 07:32 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      nothing much this week. I was visiting family in MVC drank a lot of beer so it affected my recall.

      No Jamie dreams... hm. Unusualy to have a whole week without a jamie dream but i'm not worried.


      Just a dream about a co worker. We are on a couch watching tv. She starts doing sexual things in front of me. Not sure f it's directed at me or not.. hm.
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    2. Wednesday, March 6

      by , 03-13-2019 at 07:04 PM
      I am with Dad and Makayla in an unfamiliar house, on the brown couch. I have a pair of athletic looking Hanes underwear that are on clearance that I am folding and clipping onto a hanger. It is pretty dim in here, and there is something on the TV. I’m not sure if it’s a movie or what. The scenario is Ted? and some middle aged men (on a sports team I think) getting drug tested. They have to lay down and their outline is sort of outlined or saved on the ground. From toe to head it then fills with color seemingly out of nowhere, the colors indicating drug use. The problem I notice (and they don’t?) is that this is being tested on everyone at once, so you’re not able to see who it was that tested positive. I’m thinking that Ted will test positive because I smoked with him just the other week. The people notice the color indicating drug use, and it then comes out that it is the coach what has been using marijuana weekly (for pain?). He seems slightly defensive and like he thinks testing for it is stupid. Now, I notice that I’m in only a tan bath towel as I get up. I think there are others here, as I am apparently addressing them as I say/shout something like ‘there is a war and you might as well accept it.’ No one responds, so I feel slightly self conscious but still supportive of what I’ve said.
    3. Magazines, Screws, Hinges, and a Metal Uterus

      by , 08-05-2018 at 11:09 AM
      Morning of August 5, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 36 sec. Readability score: 68.

      My dream features several ambiguous transitions, as is often the case. A thread of my dream self identity that links to my current awareness of being with Zsuzsanna is present, but not much else.

      The setting is mainly the living room of the Loomis Street house. The couch (near the south window as it was in reality) is not the couch of that time, but like the one from Cubitis when I was a teenager. (This is the one where the back dropped down to make a single bed.) Additionally, despite my lack of viable memory of my current conscious self, it also has the essence of the couch from our current home. Three-way ambiguity is a typical feature of my dreams. This setup does not “mean” anything other than the usual subliminal awareness of being in bed. Dream state indicators of this nature have occurred throughout every sleep cycle all my life.

      A thread of potential consciousness initiation emerges. There are several piles of magazines in the storage area in the bottom of the couch. It reflects my desire to become more aware in the dream state (by focusing on printed text), but I remain non-lucid. Zsuzsanna is with me and seems very cheerful. I am somewhat puzzled by how so many magazines could fit under the couch seat, as they seem higher than the top of the storage area by several inches.

      My desire for conscious awareness increases but shifts to a different scene. Now I am sitting on a blanket on the floor, still an association with subliminal knowledge of being in bed. An unfamiliar girl is sitting on the floor near me. Later, an unknown male is also present.

      I am sorting through various items that had been mixed in with the magazines (even though all the piles were flat). There are many loose screws and metal items. Some seem to be part of handyman kits. I start to gather pieces that go together, thinking that I could sell them. There are some singular hinges, but not all the screws are with them. One screw I try to match with the other is too different. (This all relates to my non-lucid dream self trying to build cohesive conscious self awareness in RAS mediation.) One set of hinges, when open, looks somewhat like the 2009 Chrysler logo. (This is probably this dream’s vestibular system correlation, as it resembles wings as well as having a doorway association.)

      Once again, there is a change in awareness. The Loomis Street living room now takes on the typical essence of bilocation. My dream self is indoors and outdoors at the same time. On one level, it is still the Loomis Street living room. On another level, it is in an outdoor rural area near an unfamiliar farm. An interconsciousness avatar is present as a farmer. The farmer’s origin is the Loomis Street house’s northeast bedroom, which is simultaneously an open section of a barn.

      I am looking at a metal uterus, considering it is part of a V8 engine. It is rather light. It has what seems like small multicolored scales over most of its surface. I say how it is “ragged” as I move my fingers over the scales, thinking of it as an analogy to long-term use and becoming rusty. I give it to the farmer to look at, and it seems he may buy it for a V8 tractor. It is still in good condition according to him.

      The last part of this dream, in part, comes from our youngest daughter’s T-shirt that features sequins which change color when moving your hand over them. They also feel like small “ragged” rough scales. Another association stems directly from many years ago. A highly intoxicated unknown male had stopped at a rummage sale on Loomis Street and bought one of my father’s hole cutter drill bits even though its surface was mostly rust-covered.

    4. Phone on Fire

      by , 06-04-2018 at 11:27 AM
      Night of June 3, 2018. Sunday.

      This brief vivid lucid dream was triggered by a lapse into unconsciousness while I was contemplating liminal space while still semi-conscious. I was actually thinking about a telephone and its autosymbolic meaning in representing potential communication between dream self and conscious self, though was visualizing a rotary telephone sitting on a table with my dream self in the room and my conscious self on the other side of the wall. It is rendered as a simple sketchy diagram (with the correct waking orientation layout, the dream self room with the telephone on the left and my conscious self’s room on the right).

      Eventually, I am within a vivid lucid dream. Zsuzsanna’s cell phone is sitting on the top of the couch and very soon catches on fire for no discernible reason. I find this intriguing and immediately wake.

      No mystery here, as waking processes of shorter dreams since early childhood have often involved fire suddenly starting as consciousness initiation autosymbolism, not quite as common as vestibular system correlation though sometimes combined in waking process synthesis with such as a meteor or falling and burning airplane and many more forms of inherent autosymbolism of which is unrelated to waking life in most cases (other than when prescient or as a literal carryover).

      This is additionally validated by the cell phone being in the fictitious location atop the couch where I had just otherwise had my head in reality prior to going to bed (thus my lucid dream self was focusing on the last place my physical brain was before being in bed in addition to thinking about communication through liminal space of which the cell phone represented).

    5. Dream - Magical Mayhem

      by , 04-27-2017 at 04:47 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 APR - 2017

      Dream No. 102 – Magical Mayhem

      I started off in some large room on a wooden ship, the most prominent feature of this room was lots of round wooden tables. Apparently there was going to be some sort of party in this room as all these items began to appear out of nowhere. Most of the items were food but there was other things like plates and cutlery. I didn't stay long for the party though, I don't remember why. I went over to this spiral-like ladder, wrapped around a wooden post, shaped like a log.

      When I climbed out of the ship, I ended up going back to my house. I was then in my garage but the difference is that there was brown leather couch in there... In real life, the garage is solely for cars. I was sitting on that leather couch and my dad was talking to me about something, I forgot what about though. Apparently we were having people come over and I had to wait for them on the couch so that I could greet them when they arrived.

      After that, I went off somewhere unknown and one by one, these strange, glowing creatures were starting to surround me... Each creature adopted a colour, either red, green, yellow or blue. Once all eight of them had spawned, they started attacking me. I was helpless at defending myself, so I ended screaming for WB louder and more distressed than in any of my previous dreams. She came over a hill in the distance and was quickly walking towards me. She then approached the glowing creatures and one by one, she picked them up and tossed them all the way over the hill from where she came.

      I have forgotten the remainder of the dream.

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    6. 17-04-11 Chilling With Others & Past Self

      by , 04-16-2017 at 07:09 PM
      I was sitting on couch with a few others, talking. Across from my sat my "past self". I guess we were time-travelers or something. I gave him a 'knowing look', and knew
      we could do some serious damage together.
    7. Felicia Day and Ketchup Reggae

      by , 01-28-2017 at 11:04 AM
      This dream was very creativity oriented. Felicia Day was visiting at a house/apartment where Peg and I lived. I asked her if she could recommend any good new video games to play. I mentioned that Peg was becoming bored with World of Warcraft. Felicia answered, “Oh anything.” Which I did not find helpful and which made me feel less connected with her, like she was aloof. The three of us were sitting on a big white couch watching something on TV. I was sitting in the middle. At one point Felicia re-positioned herself so that her head was resting on my knee. This made me feel more connected with her. But I was concerned that Peg would thing she was being overly familiar with her husband.

      Felicia shared that she had been feeling creatively blocked. I suggested that she tear up slips of paper, write down names of things on half of them and musical styles on the other half. Then pick one slip randomly from each half. This would produce results like ketchup and reggae. Then she should go and make herself write a song about ketchup in a reggae style.

      I think she liked the idea. I started considering using the idea myself. Then I was experimenting with art techniques like using static electricity to create patterns of strands of hair or fabric on a canvas. And I was walking through an art gallery where the paintings were large soft pastel-ish caricatures of rock musicians and I was thinking about doing a painting in a similar style.
    8. At a Friend's House

      by , 01-10-2016 at 08:50 AM
      Me and my boyfriend were staying in a room in someone's house. It had a couch and a litter box. My boyfriend gave me a bag of potatoes to eat. He started kissing me as I was lying on the couch. He had a black tattoo with black block letters on his shoulder that isn't there in real life.
    9. Missing and broken glasses

      by , 06-19-2015 at 03:15 PM
      As the dream starts,I'm standing in a room with some girl I don't know and another I have a rl crush on,Lily. The two of them were talking. I was glad to see Lily was alright after some unfortunate circumstances. She had on a black tank top and dark jeans. She was wearing glasses,but not the ones she usually wears. Lily asked the other girl if she knew what had happened to her other glasses. "They told me after the accident they were picked up by two guys,Joey Edwards and Bugg," I heard the first name and it set something off in me. I growled loudly,not caring how weird I looked at that point. Lily asked if I knew him and I told her about him telling me to back off trying to get with her. "Yeah,he told me you might say something like that," she said. From the tone of her voice,it didn't sound like she believed him. I stood there a moment,formulating a plan in my head to go on Facebook and hit the guy up,asking him to return the glasses. If he wouldn't,then I was determined to track him down and do what I had to,regardless whether it was just him or him and this guy "Bugg",whoever that was.

      The next part,I'm laying on my couch asleep. I hear noise in the room next to me. Two dogs come running out of that room,past me. My nephew and his wife were over for a visit and I guess they had brought their two dogs along. I looked at the stool next to me where I had set my phone and glasses while I slept. I noticed a square reflective object. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a lens from a pair of eyeglasses. I picked mine up and looked at them. The left lens was broken out and this,I realized,was a piece of it. I looked up at my sister and said,"Really? I gotta wake up to this??" She explained what had happened,that they had gotten knocked off and accidentally stepped on. I thought about calling the shop where I had gotten them to see about getting them replaced but I wasn't sure if they would since it had been longer than six months since I got them. I knew I had my old glasses I could still wear until they were fixed,but I didn't want to do that if it could be avoided.

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    10. Lucid Dreams

      by , 05-28-2015 at 06:01 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I got home early, before everyone else got up, and rather than go up to my room, I decide to nap downstairs on the couch. The stairs are loud, and I don't want to wake the dog and have the dog wake everyone. It's just an hour and a half before everyone normally gets up, so I'll just nap on the couch until I hear someone, then I'll go to my room and go back to bed. That's my plan.

      I find myself walking down a hallway, and come to an opening where I stand with a big group of people around a fountain or some other centerpiece. It occurs to me that I was just asleep on my couch, so I am definitely dreaming right now. Everyone looks at me. I look at everyone. The DCs look oddly familiar, but all just wait for me to do something. Rather than do anything, I just generate a loving feeling toward all of them. Then I make it stronger. I look at each DC again and feel a blissful tingling all through my body. It's like the more I love them, the stronger it gets. I enjoy this feeling for a while, then wake up.

      Well that was nice, but I'm still tired, and it's still early, I think I'll close my eyes and rest until I hear someone again.

      Now I'm standing up in my living room, and my sister (who is out of state) comes in, but 10 years younger than she is now. She's really upset at me for some reason. I'm not sure why. But I am sure that I was just laying down, and that she's older now, so I am definitely dreaming. I let her yell at me as I enjoy the relaxing peace of being in a dream where there is no reason to be offended, upset, or defensive about anything. I generate some love in my mind for my sister, and make it stronger and stronger until everything feels just amazing. She calms down, stops yelling, and I wake up again.

      I hear someone in waking life this time, and get up to move to my hammock in my room. I wonder if my plan to get up and move when I heard someone was the main reason I had these lucid dreams, or if it was just due to the easy circumstances within the dreams themselves such as remembering I was just laying on the couch and now I'm not, or that my sister is in fact older than a toddler now. Maybe the plan to wake up at the first sign of noise put me in a lighter state of sleep that is more conducive for lucid dreams. I don't know.
    11. Digging Through the Couch

      by , 05-19-2015 at 10:52 AM
      Morning of May 19, 2015. Tuesday.

      Scenes in dreams like the following, related to digging through something like a couch, the floor, or a mattress, have not been that uncommon throughout my life since childhood but are usually fairly different in detail. Also, finding stuff in our house that had been left behind by any previous tenants or landlord (not necessarily requiring any digging in every case) is also recurring - though again, with different details, including previously “hidden” rooms or furniture we somehow had not noticed before. In addition to the fair amount of time spent in-dream looking for and finding things, there is often a mild sense of disappointment as well as having wasted time in some cases upon waking; a mood I usually do not acquire from a dream. In fact, as a child, when I did not know any better, I had a habit of holding onto the last item I found steadfastly in a futile attempt to wake up with it and have it in reality, though obviously, that never worked. I sometimes woke gripping my pillow or the sheet; other times just making a fist.

      This dream has the recurring “couch filled with dirt” situation. My wife and I are in our present home on W Street and at one point I develop a vague curiosity about what may have been left behind by any previous tenants. It does not make all that much sense due to the fact that the couch, of the type that becomes a bed by the back dropping down (rather than the type we have in reality that folds out into a larger bed from under the seat) - and of the kind I had in Florida as a teenager for a time - is apparently our furniture in my dream (and thus moved here from a previous house regarding any in-dream back story, rendering my dream’s situation invalid). I start by ripping back the material near one end and digging through the dark dirt filling. At some points, I am able to go around the edges near the floor and find more items. Apparently, unlike in reality, there are no cushions; just “dirt bedding” within that goes all the way down to the floor.

      What I find is typical of my in-dream “treasure hunts”. I find a few old random paperback novels; some science-fiction, some romance, and even a western or two (all unfamiliar). I find a couple board games that likely have missing tokens. There are some old magazines, larger documents that look like order blanks from A4-sized catalogs, but not any comic books that I can see. Being buried in rich soil for however long has not ruined anything, it seems. I eventually notice what may be some of our own paperback books (and some other items) close to the wall but behind the couch and stacked loosely on the floor, but am not exactly sure where our books end and the previously hidden items begin at one point since the dirt had become looser and some items came out from the back of the couch.

      At one point, I find a longer mostly yellow commercial cardboard container (about one and a half feet by four inches high by eight inches wide) that apparently contains something related to sexuality or the enhancement thereof, though there are no graphic images on the box, just a few printed images of smooth paintings of the backs of a pair of female hands. For a short time, I think that I would probably not want something that belonged to someone else in this case, though the box turns out to be empty other than having two smaller additional featureless gray empty cardboard boxes inside. I am not sure what was in it - possibly only perfume containers or massage oils of some sort.

      Eventually, after sorting out mostly the paperbacks into stacks, I also find a number of children’s cardboard frame tray puzzles farther down but do not see the pieces at first (just the shallow cardboard trays). I do eventually find most of the pieces in another area when almost all of the dirt has been moved and I am down to the surface of the wooden floor. One puzzle seems to just utilize a large piece with a drawing of a person’s head that fits in the frame tray (which has minor details of the shoulders and neck, etc.), though others are more complex and “realistic” in nature and including pieces shaped like stars, apples, houses, etc. I notice that some of the pieces have been ruined by someone’s attempt to pull the different layers apart (as younger children sometimes tend to do), some with thin parts of the layers or strips still attached and a couple missing the imagery ply. I decide to keep them to sort out later (for our children) to see which ones are still complete and undamaged.

      After a long exploration and setting aside newly found items, I am somewhat frustrated over having reached the wooden floor via the couch, wondering if I should keep going with my quest, though which would require pulling up the planks to get to anything underneath them (which does not make any sense as in reality our house is up on posts and you can actually see through the floorboards to the ground below). I am also puzzled over what had happened to all the dirt since the couch seems somewhat “hollow” at this point (at least on one end) and I do not see any piles of dirt nearby. I do start to smooth over what dirt is left at the other end in the attempt to make the couch “solid” and evenly surfaced as it was, so that it is properly comfortable again. (This is somewhat illogical as the upholstery I had ripped and damaged in my quest would still need to be repaired.)

      Finally, I seem to be able to look down under the house and beyond (towards the back of our house) and under a different room; some sort of odd viewpoint that would not be possible in reality (though which may otherwise imply some sort of open space between the lower part of the wall in the next room and the floor, similar to the setup way back on Rose Street as a young child). I see that there are a very large number of small wooden containers under the house in a (fictional) enclosed storage area, each filled with a very large number of vertically arranged seed packets, which I am aware are likely mostly edible plants including carrots, celery, lettuce, strawberry plants, and so on. I start to consider planting them everywhere and anywhere, as there are so many, we are bound to get something edible over time, and for a long time, as there seem to be thousands of packets. I wake up feeling slightly annoyed at having wasted time finding everything.
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    12. The Importance of Being Earnest

      by , 04-11-2014 at 05:39 PM
      4/11/14* Not a high-level LD but my previous one launched me too high that it took me a while to find my way back and break my dry streak. I thought dry streaks of more than several days were in the rear view mirror. This was my longest in 9 months! I got over confident and complacent among other things. I started to get my recall back up to respectable levels over the last few days and noticed my awareness was up before my LD early this morning. I also had a 2am and 1:30am bedtime last Friday and Saturday night that didn't help. During the dry spell I had a "false" lucid about a week ago where I was in a room with a group of other people and I was trying to do telekinesis and saying to the others "see it is not working" before floating up in the air and saying oh wow, at least that is working...but not a lick of self awareness...it was as if I treated the whole affair as real life in which I can do these things...dreaming of lucid dreaming powers with no true realization that I was dreaming and that I can make the TK work if I really want to.

      In dream WILD (DILD) or DEILD: I am laying on the couch and the TV is on, my wife and nephew are nearby also. I can see that my eldest nephew is coming around to get the remote and change my "boring show" and I retrieve it. I vibration is felt in the room like when our surround sound system hits a low note and my nephew looks scared. I get the impression that he is scared because he experiences vibrations at night and I tell him that vibrations are nothing to be scared of, that they are just a sign of entering or exiting sleep and if you maintain that thought through them you can have a lucid dream! I start to feel the very type of vibrations that I am talking about and realize that I am dreaming and basically am exiting one dream and have the chance to enter another and I take my own advice to heart. (I had repeated a mantra several times at WBTB that I would recognize vibrations since that had worked off and on in the past.) Various images like HI's come into view and I treat them as HI's but in hindsight they may have been all part of the same dream...either way I was resolved to remain patient having recently read someone describe two types of vibrations, mild and heavy, with the former only being signs of heading into sleep but not necessarily directly into the dream...these vibrations were kind of in between but on the stronger end of the spectrum. A lot of the images were nice scenery and the last one was like a peep hole that grew and grew until I was inside an apartment with a man and a topless blond woman (maybe influenced by Scarlett incubation, looked a little like her). They both look at me like, haha, he showed up at an opportune time, catching you topless and all. She stands there with her hand on her him in a sassy pose knowing that I am liking what I am seeing. I decide to ignore the guy and pretend like he isn't there and I know that usually makes a DC disappear and make my way over to her but unfortunately I seemed to be at the end of REM and probably could have easily exited REM at the time of the vibrations if I hadn't been paying attention to them.

      I had a couple of normal dreams with no awareness and a couple with some awareness including an interesting one that was along an underground river/sewer system (no smell, just creepy in spots) and one of 3 people were being fired or sent home early. I had to inspect the system on my own (not my job IWL!) and at first I start off in a canoe but later I am in the water and thinking about how they said it is 7 feet deep in spots. As I travel along I think to myself "I hope I don't run into any bodies in the water" and shortly after see an odd looking skull, must be an animal skull but it looks alien. The water gets shallow in spots and I am horizontal floating on my stomach and can feel a soft-sandy-like surface just below the water before waking up.

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    13. Sleeping on Robert's couch/lap, and then some! O_o

      by , 10-31-2013 at 06:08 AM
      First Entry!
      Sorry if this ends up being a bit graphic towards the end- I'll try to keep it relatively clean.

      In the dream, I remember being half asleep on Robert's couch in the den. I believe the television was on, though I can not be sure what was showing. In his den, there are five light bulbs- there is a single one in the center, and four larger ones placed around the room. Only the center one was on, so it was rather dimly lit. The door to the den was closed at first. I was trying to fall truly to sleep when my friend Robert came into the room. He tried to wake me, but I was being stubborn- half asleep, and deciding that I would continue to feign sleep, to see what would happen. I wanted to see what he would do- would he be sweet and tender, maybe cuddle me or cover me with a blanket? Or would he just let me sleep undisturbed on his couch? His attempts to stir me were somewhat rough at first, talking loudly and prodding me, as we generally do to each other. I felt his hand on my backside at one point, and I remember being distinctly pleased by this. But I was still determined not to stir. He began to speak softly, touching me gently and trying to get me to rise from the couch. I remember thinking that I could no longer feign sleep, and so I rose halfway into a sitting position and got to my feet, feigning grogginess. He sat down on the couch and I simply stood there for a minute before sinking to my knees and resting my head on his knee. I remember at that point believing that I could pretend to plausibly doze like that in a sly effort to get close to his "junk." Not to try anything, but just to be in close proximity to it. All I remember after that was him being mildly amused at my position and apparent sleepiness before he undid his zipper and started to play with himself with long, rapid strokes. After that, I do not remember anything of the dream. I do, however, recall waking up somewhat, acknowledging to myself that I had just experienced a strange yet satisfying dream, and slipping back into oblivion.
    14. Human remains inside couch (recurring dream theme)

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2013. Wednesday.

      This dream uses a fairly recurring idea of human remains being inside a couch (sometimes inside the cushions).

      In my dream, I am sharing a place with the actor from the television series “Lost”, Josh Holloway, that I vaguely dreamt of only once before as his Sawyer character (in a representation of Tom Sawyer in that particular dream). In this dream he is also his Sawyer character, but instead, named Sylvester (even after waking, “Sylvester” seemed to be his “real” name or “identify”). The apartment seems to be one I had in real life at King Street when I was in my late teens, the one where I also had a noisy refrigerator in one of two larger closets and which was an “expensive” $25.00 a week. (I had, in total, three different apartments in that large historical house during those years; the smaller L-shaped one in back, the one in front with the rocket-like cupola on the east side, and a larger one near the middle of the building as in this dream.)

      He is sleeping on the couch in our apartment, but wakes up because the couch seems to be moving inside. A large nail is sort of moving out from its position along the top area of the frame of the seat area in front, near the middle, but closer to the west end. This is very mysterious as if from some sort of ghostly activity. The nail slowly moves out as if representing some sort of approaching eerie revelation. Sylvester seems a bit nervous. I mostly find it curious and not really frightening in any way.

      Eventually, there are bluish-green fingers visible, of a sort of ghostly nature that continue to work in moving the nail. The fingers are the only thing that is visible at the time, seeming to come out of the surface of the wood around the nail. (Some sort of odd play on “fingernail”?)

      A little later, the east arm of the couch opens up from the front (I think we both may have pulled the upholstery off) - on my left when facing the couch - showing it to be somewhat like a two-level shelf. The bottom area holds a human skull, the second “shelf” or part of the internal couch frame holds a bowl of old human eyes and hair, and a skeletal hand is also inside the arm.

      Sylvester is rather alarmed and of course, people must be told. There is no idea at all of whom it may have been or what happened. I am thinking that the bluish-green hand may be part of an arm that was kept in another part of the couch and acting somewhat like ghostly “remains”.

      It is easy to determine here that the “ghost” inside the couch (a dream sign, as one can sleep on a couch) is a subliminal distorted perception of my sleeping body. But why Josh and why is he called Sylvester? He played a character that was on an island (dream state within sleep as water represents sleep). I associate the name Sylvester with the cartoon character Sylvester the Cat. A cat is a circadian rhythms feature (as well as a liminal space element) typically based on nighttime activities (such as dreaming). (Even though a cat seems to sleep a lot, they are of course active in the daytime.) The skull on the shelf represents lesser critical thinking skills (such as reading books) while in the dream state.

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    15. Sextopia - Dream Adventure 101

      by , 06-18-2013 at 05:39 PM
      Sextopia - The Dream Adventures is a class of my dream series that I'll post only the best and most detailed sexual endeavors of my subconscious. Strap yourself in (or down) as I take you into the different rooms of my sex kingdom, because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

      Level of Lucidity: 4
      Level of Clarity: 8
      Level of Realism: 9
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Adventure 101: I am sitting in a very fancy apartment lounge. Suddenly I see an exotic looking girl cross the hallway in front of me.

      I said hello to her and as she turned I noticed it's a girl that I know. She's Indian-American so she has a fair slightly dark skin tone and brilliantly tuned features.

      We begin to talk for a bit and then I look her dead in the eye and say "Sex."

      She smiles a bit and tells me to wait a minute. She walks off and walks back in with her cousin, who is also Indian-American, and definitely very attractive.

      Her cousin eyes me up for a moment and we step through a doorway which leads to a small box shaped room. There's velvet on the walls with golden flakes, and a single long couch.

      We passionately embrace, and begin making out.

      As things progress I start to lift her shirt and move in for some mouth to boob action. I notice that one of her nipples is pierced, which doesn't bother me too much. As I move over to the other boob for more comfort, I notice she has several piercings along her breasts and stomach, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

      As I'm going at it she let's me know, subtly, that she's ready for more. I whip out the good stuff, and she tells me how large I am and that she's not sure if she can take it all, and to go easy. She holds up a strange sort of plastic tube that looks similar to a graduated cylinder.

      Without any lubricant she sticks my dick into the tube. I look down and notice that my dick, is extremely pointy on the end, and is almost sharp to the touch. I didn't think much of it and continued my sexcapade.

      After giving her a demonstration with the tube I toss it aside and move it in for the kill. After a few brief thrusts I see everything from the dream flash backwards very quickly and the dream scene changes to something else.

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